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😷 | [Seibu] Sho Ito is infected with the new Corona

Photo Seibu Sho Ito (East Sports Web)

[Seibu] Sho Ito is infected with the new corona

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There are no symptoms other than fever, and there are no team officials who are suspected of close contact.

Seibu announced on the XNUMXth that the training pitcher Sho Ito (XNUMX) was infected with the new coronavirus. I had a fever on the XNUMXth... → Continue reading

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    other than fever

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    Rich contact

    Rich contact(Noukouseshoku) isinfectionIt is a guide for judging the contact situation with a person.If this guideline is metRich contact personIs considered as.

    JapaneseNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)In infection control, the day of contact with an infected person starts "two days before the onset of illness", and the standard for determining close contact is "contact within 2 meter and 1 minutes or more".National Institute of Infectious DiseasesDefined a close contact[1].

    1973 yearsTokyo Communication HospitalIn the case of smallpox, a doctor who came into contact with the patient and a technician who inspected the patient's blood were treated as close contacts, and measures were taken to temporarily isolate them with the consent of the patient.[2].

    2019 New Coronavirus Infection

    In the 2019 active epidemiological survey of patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the close contacts are the infectious period of patients (confirmed cases) (including asymptomatic pathogen carriers. The same shall apply hereinafter).[Annotation 1]Among those who have come into contact with the patient before starting hospitalization, accommodation treatment, or home treatment, those who fall under the following range.[3].

    • Persons who lived with the patient (confirmed case) or had long-term contact (including in a car, in an aircraft, etc.) ・ Person who examined, cared for, or cared for the patient (confirmed case) without appropriate infection protection
    • Patients (confirmed cases) who are likely to have come into direct contact with contaminants such as airway secretions or body fluids
    • Others: Individuals who have been in contact with the patient (confirmed case) for 1 minutes or more at a distance that can be touched by hand (15 meter as a guide) without necessary infection prevention measures (surrounding environment, contact status, etc.) Comprehensively judge the infectivity of the patient from the situation of


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    注 釈

    1. ^ According to the guidelines for conducting an active epidemiological survey on patients with new coronavirus infection, symptoms suspected of new coronavirus infection (fever, cough, dyspnea, general malaise) including acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough / dyspnea. , Sore throat, nasal discharge / nasal obstruction, headache, joint / muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting / vomiting, etc.) from 2 days before discharge or to meet the criteria for cancellation of accommodation / home care.


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