😷📹 Video | How to make a mask pouch that can be made without a sewing machine, Housewife's sewing machine #Mask #Daiso #DIY



From YouTube channel "Housewife's Sewing Machine"


All materials are Daiso 100 uniform products, material cost 250 yen
A pouch that can be made without a sewing machine ❣️
It is a pouch with a zipper pocket,

👇 Handmade mask videos are summarized below 🤲

Cold and hay fever goods will be collected,

Besides the mask pouch,
Can be used as a multi-purpose pouch such as a pen case, passbook case,

Daiso 100
Drawstring purse, vertical 31 ✖️ horizontal 21 ✖️ bottom gusset ⒑ Hello Kitty
1.5 cm width double-sided tape
20cm zipper, 2 kitty zipper

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