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😷 | 1116 people were infected in Saga Prefecture, and the number of home care patients reached 1, the highest number


1116 people infected in Saga Prefecture, the number of home care patients reached the highest number of 1

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On the 11th, he had a fever of 37 degrees, and an antigen test was positive.

Saga Prefecture announced on the 12th that 1116 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus.Three people in the hospital died, including… → Continue reading

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Rapid antigen test

Rapid antigen testWhat is (Jinsoku Kogenkensa)?Affinity chromatographyAntigen test method that applies.


Antigen-antibody reactionDetects the presence or absence of antigen using[1].


Specific binding to a specific antigenLigandWhen the sample solution is dropped on the filter paper on which the sample solution is fixed, it soaks into the filter paper.Antigen-antibody reactionIf there is an antigen, it binds to the ligand.At that time, the pigment is released and develops color.

Strong Points

  • No need for equipment to be installed in the test room
  • Results are usually obtained on the spot in 5 to 30 minutes.


Although this inspection method can be an important measure in the inspection of COVID-19, the latest research shows thatPCR testWithout a comprehensive testing system that includes follow-up and contact tracking, it is proven to be inadequate as a measure to control the new corona, and the possibility of false positives and false negatives has been pointed out.[1].



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37 degrees


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