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😷 | In Oita Prefecture, 2,183 new corona infections hit a record high on Saturday


2,183 people infected with the new corona in Oita Prefecture set a record high on Saturday

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There are 4 new clusters, and outbreaks have been confirmed at facilities for the elderly and welfare facilities.

In Oita Prefecture, 13 people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the 2,183th, the highest number ever for a Saturday. → Continue reading

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    Facilities for the elderly

    Facilities for the elderly(Koreishashisetsu) isSenior citizensHousing facility for.

    The United States of America

    Independent living (IL)
    Apartment housing with common space and various activities for elderly people who do not need long-term care and can lead their daily lives on their own[1].Retirement homeSee also
    Assisted Living(Assisted living, AL)
    Meal-bathing-cleaning-WashingFacilities for elderly people with mild need for long-term care in daily life[1].
    Nursing home(Nursing home, NH)
    A facility for people with severe long-term care who need daily care and 24-hour medical services for physical and mental reasons and who have difficulty living an independent life at home.[1][2]..However, not only elderly people but also young people with severe disabilities will move in.[1].
    Continuing Care Retirement Community(continuing care retirement community, CCRC)
    A facility that integrates the functions of Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home to provide continuous medical and long-term care services.[1].


    Elderly apartment (logement foyer)
    A type of facility for the elderly requiring long-term care, which is a collective living style consisting of private rooms and shared spaces for the elderly who can live independently.[1].
    Elderly home (maison de retraite)
    A type of facility for the elderly requiring long-term care, which is a residential facility for the elderly with a relatively high degree of long-term care.[1].
    Houses with private care (residences)
    A condominium with care run by a private for-profit company (long-term care company or real estate company) that the resident pays for himself, called a "residence"[1].
    Group home (cantou)
    A facility called "Kantu" where a small number of elderly people with dementia and professional staff live together[1].



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      welfare facility

      welfare facility(Fukushi set)lawAccording tosocial welfareA facility created for The staffcare worker,Social worker,Mental health workerIn addition to 3 welfare officers,Part-time job(Some facilitiesFull time)ofDoctor,nurse,The instructor,ChildminderAnd so on.

      Child welfare facility

      Child Welfare ActDefined byChildren, A facility that provides social welfare. Basically, if you are 18 years old, the deadline specified in the Child Welfare Act as a childbirthdayHowever, depending on the condition of the child andDisabledIt can be shortened (from 16 years old independently) or extended (22 years old-23 years old). Children with intellectual disabilitiesEnvironmentThere are many facilities for people with intellectual disabilities because they are vulnerable to changes.


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