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😷 | Is it the impact of the cancellation of the Sumida River fireworks for three consecutive years...I'm worried about the deterioration of the quality of the TV Tokyo relay team (Tamami Hiyama)

Photo Sumida River Fireworks Festival canceled for 3 consecutive years ... (C) Kyodo News

Sumida River Fireworks canceled for 3 years in a row?

If you write the contents roughly
The camera work is not good enough, and the real thrill of powerful fireworks is not felt so much.

[Tamami Hiyama Let me say this and that] It's so hot that even a short walk makes it hard to breathe.If you don't wear a mask, it's still better... → Continue reading

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This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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    Camera workIt is,写真,Movie OfphotographGeneric term for technical terms, as well asPhotographersIt is a term that refers to the movement / activity itself of.

    TypicallyImageOften used as a term for photography techniques in works.The expression and psychological impression can be changed depending on the angle and movement of the subject, which is an indispensable technique for effective scene expression.

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