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😷 | New Corona 16th Newly infected 2085 people in Miyazaki prefecture 1 people died 6 clusters Bed usage rate 52.3%


New Corona 16th Newly infected 2085 people in Miyazaki prefecture 1 people died 6 clusters Bed usage rate 52.3%

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A total of 6 new clusters have been confirmed, including elderly welfare facilities in Miyazaki City and educational and childcare facilities in Miyakonojo City.

On the 16th, 2085 new infections and 1 death of a patient were announced in Miyazaki Prefecture.new… → Continue reading

 MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting

This is a news account of "MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting" (JNN series) in Miyazaki Prefecture.We will tell you the latest information on Miyazaki.

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Elderly welfare facility

    Miyakonojo City

    Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Kakashi no Sato YupoppoImage providedplease.(April 2021

    Miyakonojo City(Miyakonojo) isMiyazakiLocated at the southwest end ofCity.Miyazaki CityNext to the prefecture's secondpopulationIt is a major city with.


    Miyazaki CityAbout 50km west-southwest fromKagoshimaIt is located at the southwestern tip of Miyazaki prefecture, about 90km east-northeast.It borders Kagoshima Prefecture from the northern part to the western part and the southern part of the city, and is a major city at the midpoint between Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

    OnceSatsuma DomainVery close to Kagoshima dialect because it was a territoryVarious prefecturesSatsuma's culture is strongly preserved.HugeMiyakonojo BasinIt is located in the city and is the base city of the Miyakonojo basin area.Near the north and south of the center of the cityOyodo RiverFlows, the westKirishima Mountains, EastCrocodile mountainsIt is surrounded by.

    In the entire city planning areaUrbanization promotion areaUrbanization control areaIt is also the only city that has abolished the delineation of the city, and it is a spacious townscape.


    Located in an inland basin, the average annual temperature is 16.5 ° C, which is about 17.4 ° C lower than Miyazaki City (1 ° C).The annual rainfall is around 2,000-3,000 mm every year, and although it is heavy, the rainfall is slightly less than that of Miyazaki City.

    • Temperature-up to 39.4 °C (2020(2nd year of Reiwa)8/18, Minimum -9.8℃ (1970(45)1/18
    • Maximum precipitation-429.0 mm (2005(17)9/5
    • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-51.4 m (1951(26)10/14
    • Maximum number of summer days-169 days (1998(10))
    • Maximum number of summer days-90 days (2016(28))
    • Most hot days-14 days (1994(6))
    • Maximum number of tropical nights-24 days (2013(25))
    • Maximum number of winter days-101 days (1943(Showa 18))
    Climate of Miyakonojo Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Ayamebarucho, Miyakonojo City, altitude 154m)
    Highest temperature record ° C (° F24.3
    Average maximum temperature ° C (° F12.1
    Average daily temperature ° C (° F6.1
    Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.9
    Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−9.8
    Precipitation amount mm (inch)66.1
    Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)7.68.812.711.
    Average monthlyDaylight hours167.2155.2169.4173.9169.2103.1168.2183.6149.1172.4158.5164.81,934.5
    Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1942-present)[1][2]

    Adjacent municipalities

    Place name

    Place name of Miyakonojo Citychecking ...


    Heian periodTerminalManju3 years(1026)OsamuOf the captainNormal seasonIs later Japan's largestManorBecomes "ShimazusoDeveloped as a customs territory,1185In thatBossJob, next1186Soji JitoBecameTadahisa ShimazuIs the name of the manorShimadzu"ShimazuHistory starts.

    Muromachi PeriodFrom the Shimazu familyMr. HokugoRuled, even in the Edo periodSatsuma DomainMr. Kitago (Miyakonojo Shimazu) continued to rule as one of the private territories (autonomous territory of the clan's honorary vassals).

    Since the territory of Mr. Kitago was less than 4 stones and was vast even in the private territory, the castle of Miyakonojo was divided into 5 units, Yuba Taguchi, Kuruzumiguchi, Oiwataguchi, Takaoguchi, Nakaoguchi, and Yasunaga, Yamada, Shiwaike.・ Six of Nonomitani, Kajiyama, and UmekitaOuter castleThere was a system that could be called the mini Satsuma domain, which controlled the territory with a five-mouthed six-outer castle system that added (town). (This was a very special form in private territory, but MiyakonojoClanOr the Satsuma domainSupporterIt is also one of the reasons why some people misunderstand that it was.)

    Boshin WarSometimes the first private territory was dispatched,Battle of Toba and FushimiからAttack on Aizuwakamatsu CastleServed until.After the Boshin War, the feudal affairs reform led to the direct control of the feudal clan.1869から1871 OfAbandoned DomainFrom the main clan to Miyakonojo JitoMishima MichiruWas dispatched to take outpost measures for modern reform.

    For over a year since November 1871MiyakonojoIs the prefectural capital ofCounselorToSaigo TakamoriHad a friendship withKatsura HisatakeWas dispatched.

    1877ToSouthwest WarWhen it breaks outKagoshimaPrefectural orderMt. Ooyama TsunayoshiAt the request of the local troopsSamurai,SquireIs collectedMetropolitan castle corpsWas formed and participated as the Saigo army side as one of the party Satsumi corps.Hisatake Katsura, who was a counselor in Miyakonojo Prefecture, is also serving in the Satsuma Rebellion.

    Pacific WarAt the endMainland decisive battleAs a base forTojo East / West AirfieldWas constructed,army OfShibutai Battle of OkinawaAtSpecial forcesSortie in the operation.

    Origin of city name

    At the current location of Miyakojima-choYoshihisa KitagoThe name of the castle built byTonojo"From."


    • 187111 --Birth of Miyakonojo Prefecture
    • 18722/18 --Miyakonojo Prefectural Office opened
    • 18731/15 --Miyakonojo Prefectural Office closed due to the birth of Miyazaki Prefecture
    • 18895/1 - Municipal systemWith the enforcement, Miyakonojo Town, Kitamorokata District, Okimizu Village, Isoichi Village, Shiwaike Village, Shonai Village, Nakago Village, Yamanokuchi Village, Takajo Village, Yamada Village, and Takazaki Village were established.
      • Miyakonojo Town ← Miyamaru Village, Shimonagae Village, Kaminagae Village, Nishimachi, Kaminagaecho, Nakamachi, Shitamachi
      • Okimizu Village ← Takagi Village, Kaneda Village, Kawahigashi Village, Korimoto Village
      • Tochi Village ← FiftyMachimura, sidewaysCityvillage
      • Shiwaike Village ← Iwaman Village, Marutani Village, Nonomiya Village, Sewage Village, Sewage Flow Village
      • Shonai Village ← Yasunaga Village, Nishidake Village
      • Nakago Village ← Umekita Village, Anku Village, Toyomi Village
      • Yamanokuchi Village ← Yamanokuchi Village, Tomiyoshi Village, Hananogi Village
      • Takajo Village ← Takajo Town, Oide Village, Sakuragi Village, Homanbo Village, Ishiyama Village, Arimizu Village, Yotsuya Village
      • Yamada Village ← Yamada Village, Naka Kirishima Village
      • Takasaki Village ← Tsumagirishima Village, Fusui Village, Ehira Village, Maeda Village, Nawase Village, Omuta Village
    • 19244/1 Miyakonojo Town enforces city system
    • 19245/1 --Shonai Village enforces town system
    • 19342/11 --Takashiro Village enforces town system
    • 19365/20 --Incorporation of Okimizu Village and Tochi Village
    • 19402/11 --Takasaki Village enforces town system
    • 19531/15 --Yamada village enforces town system
    • 19567/15 --Shonai Town and Nishidake Village merged (new merger)SonaichoBecome
    • 19573/1 --Incorporation of Shiwa Ikemura
    • 196411/3 --Yamanokuchi Village enforces town system
    • 1965April 4-Incorporation of Sonaicho
    • 19673/3 --Incorporation of Nakago Village
    • 20061/1 --Miyakonojo CityYamanoguchi Town-Takashiro Town-Yamada Town-TakasakiMerged (new merger)Miyakonojo CityLaunched
    • 20073/26 - KagoshimaZuo cityA part of Takarabe-cho Oaza Shimo-zaitahirashita was transferred to our city, and a part of Minamihara-cho of our city was transferred to Soo city (March 19, 3, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Notification No. 26).


    Successive mayors

    Former Miyakonojo City[3]

    Sanehide Takarabe1924-1926(1st term)
    Morisakokuma City1927-1929(1st term)
    Mt. Ooyama Tsunaharu1930-1933(1st term)
    Shigeki Soki1934-1938(2st term)
    Sanehide Takarabe1938-1941(1st term)
    Shigeki Soki1941-1945(2st term)
    Masuki Fujii1945-1946(1st term)
    Morisakokuma City1946-1946(1st term)

    Successive mayors

    Former Miyakonojo City

    Mitsuo Setoyama1947-(1st term)
    Hideaki Arita1949-(1st term)
    Shigeki Soki1953-(1st term)
    Masasaku Gamo1954-(3st term)
    Hideaki Arita1966-(1st term)
    Hisao Horinouchi1969-(2st term)
    Tadashi Takiuchi1976-(2st term)
    Tatsuya Iwahashi1984-(5st term)
    Nagamine Makoto2004-(1st term)

    New Miyakonojo City

    Nagamine Makoto2006-(2st term)
    Takahisa Ikeda2012-(Current position)


    Municipal merger due to the great merger of Heisei


    公共 機関

    National office


    Fukuoka High Court Miyazaki Branch

    Incorporated administrative agencies and special public corporations, etc.

    Prefecture administrative agency

    • Miyakonojo Prefectural Tax and General Affairs Office
    • Southern Welfare Children's Center
    • Miyakonojo Health Center
    • Northern Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Bureau
    • Miyakonojo Civil Engineering Office
    • Miyakonojo Police Station



    Major companies headquartered in Miyakonojo

    • Handsman
      DIYHome improvement chain.The only public company headquartered in Miyakonojo (JASDAQListing).
    • Southern Japan Dairy Cooperative
      Manufacture and sale of daily milk and milky carbonated beverage "Skal".Operation and management of Takachiho Farm.
    • Kirishima Brewery
      Manufacture and sale of authentic sweet potato shochu "Kirishima", "Kuro Kirishima" and "Aka Kirishima".
    • Yanagida Shuzo
      Manufacture and sale of barley shochu "Koma", "Aka Kage" and "Beisun".
    • Miyakonojo Sake Brewery
      Manufacture and sale of sweet potato shochu "Hitomebore for you" and "Pride of Hinata".
    • Gyoza Maruoka
      Manufacture and sale of "Gyoza" and "Gyoza with ginger".
    • Kyushu Kato Co., Ltd.
      Food wholesale business.Kato Sangyo(Headquarters: Matsubara-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo)2014(26) It was absorbed and merged on February 2, and disappeared, and was organized as the Miyazaki Sales Office of Kato Sangyo Co., Ltd.Inheriting the base and function of Kyushu Kato[6].
    • He runs a conveyor belt sushi restaurant "Sushi Tora" and a seafood Japanese restaurant "Nakamura".
    • Oura
      Tojo DaimaruOperates (department store) and goes bankrupt in 2011.
    • Hazama Ranch
      Agricultural corporation. Breeding of "kinako pig". The food recycling factory has been in operation since 2009.Manufacture of pig feed from food residues.Processing capacity: 50t/Day.DIY home improvement Handsman headquartered in the same Miyakonojo cityPrivate brandRipe for sale atCow dungcompostWe also manufacture products.
    • Country
      Fattening, sales and wholesale of own brand beef "Ayame beef", operation of Ayame beef specialty restaurant "Log Terrace Country" (Miyakojimacho).
    • Yamae Food Industry
      "Yamae miso""Yamae soy sauce"Manufacturing and sales.
    • Miyazaki Energy Create
      Professional basketball team "Miyazaki Shining Sands"Management and operation.
    • BTV
      Operation of a cable TV station.
    • Takachiho Silas
      Manufacture and sale of 100% natural healthy building materials Shirasu wall "Satsuma Nakakirishima wall" and "Super Shirasu Soton wall W".
    • Miyazaki Takasago Industry (former:Kitamori PrefectureYamanoguchi Town
      GifuToki CityAn affiliated company of Takasago Industry Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells roof tiles and bricks.For bricks, we make "new bricks" using the ashes of Shinmoedake, which caused enormous damage to the city, and "niconico bricks" made as figurines by making holes in the shape of eyes and mouth, using bricks as faces. ing.
    • Bobcat Kyushu Co., Ltd.
      It sells Bobcat brand industrial machinery, especially skid steer loaders needed for the livestock industry in the Southern Kyushu region.
    • N more Co., Ltd.

    Operates a ramen specialty store like Tomato Pasta, The $ nooup, and a chicken nanban specialty store, NERDBIRD.There is a head office in Miyakonojo, and there are 12 stores in Kyushu.


    post office

    • Shiwaji Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
    • Takashirocho Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
    • Japan Post (Collection and Delivery Bureau)
    • Yamanokuchi Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
    • Takasaki Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
    • Miyakonojo Kaneda Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Takagi Post Office
    • Miyakonojo River East Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Korimoto Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Kitahara Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Ichimanjo Post Office
    • Chugo Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Higashimachi Post Office
    • Umekita Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Imamachi Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Himegi Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Matsumoto Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Takao Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Yokoichi Post Office
    • Post office in the villa
    • Takazaki Ehira Post Office
    • Maeda Post Office
    • Japan Post
    • Yamada Post Office

    Simple post office

    • Sanyabaru Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Tohoku Post Office
    • Hayamizu Post Office
    • Ayamebaru Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Wakaba Post Office
    • Shimonagae Simple Post Office
    • Oiwada Post Office
    • Miyakonojo Enokihara Post Office
    • Simple post office in front of Gojitcho station
    • Shibita Post Office
    • Miyakobaru Post Office
    • Otobo Post Office
    • Natsuo Post Office
    • Sewage flow simple post office
    • Nonomitani Post Office
    • Nawase Simple Post Office
    • Mangatsuka Post Office
    • Ishiyama Post Office
    • Shika Simple Post Office
    • Simple post office at the foot of Yamanokuchi
    • Japan Post
    • Kei Igawa Simple Post Office

    Sister cities/partner cities




    Population distribution of Miyakonojo, Miyazaki, Japan.svg
    Population distribution by age in Miyakonojo City and the whole country (2005)Miyakonojo City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
    Purple-Miyakonojo City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Miyakonojo City (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



    College of technology

    Higher Nursing School

    high school


    Public elementary and junior high school

    Special school

    Child independence support facility

    TV/Radio broadcasting

    Since it is located on the prefectural border, radio waves from both Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures can easily enter, but in order to watch Kagoshima commercial broadcasting depending on the area, it will be described later.BTVYou need to subscribe to.

    Broadcasting stations in Miyazaki prefecture

    tv set
    • NHK radio first 1
    • NHK radio first 2
    • MRT radio

    For the above three radio relay stations,Miyakonojo Radio Relay StationReference

    Broadcasting stations in Kagoshima prefecture

    tv set

    Cable TV

    • BTV(Miyakonojo Bureau / West Bureau)
      • In the service area of ​​the Miyakonojo station, all four Kagoshima commercial broadcasting stations (MBC, KTS, KKB, KYT)Rebroadcast outside the areaIt is carried out.
      • Only the former Takasaki Town is a service area for the West Bureaus.


    Air route

    • Nearest airportMiyazaki Airportas well as the Kagoshima AirportThere is a direct bus from Miyakonojo Station or Nishi-Miyakonojo Station to Miyazaki Airport (both are located about 45km straight from Miyakonojo City Hall), but you need to connect to Kagoshima Airport by train and general shared bus.

    Railway line

    The central station is Miyakonojo Station (the nearest station to the city center is Nishi-Miyakonojo Station).


    High-standard highways (Highway national road
    Regional high standard road
    General national road
    Main local road
    General prefectural road
    Road Station

    Bus route

    Express Bus/Express Bus

    A highway bus that connects Miyazaki City and various places via the Miyazaki Expressway is on the Miyazaki Expressway.Miyakonojo Kita Bus StopStop at.Nanpu issueIn addition to Miyakonojo KitaTakasaki East Bus StopTakajo Bus StopAlso stop.The limited express bus between Miyakonojo and Miyakonojo (West Miyakonojo Station) connects various parts of Miyakonojo city area with Miyazaki Airport and Miyakonojo City, and stops at Takashiro. It connects the city area and Miyakonojo Kita.

    There used to be highway buses that depart and arrive in Miyakonojo city area, but now there are no highway buses that depart and arrive in Miyakonojo city area except for limited express trains.

    General route bus


    Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

    Sights/historic sites/tourist spots


    • The Snooup

    Festivals and events

    Famous people

    Historical figure


    Civil servant

    Culture / Academic

    Business / economy



    Sports / education


    • People from Miyazaki prefecture and neighboring prefectures refer to "Miyakonojo"MiyakonjoIs often called.


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