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Employees from the Tokyo head office headed to Takinoe Town to help solve the labor shortage during the harvest season.

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An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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Lack of labor

Lack of laborWhat is (personal dazzling)?CompanymanagementOccurs inproblem.

This is what a company needs to do its job.Human resourcesIt refers to a situation where (especially young workers) are not gathering and are not able to perform their work as expected.


recent yearsJapanIn Japan, there are labor shortages in some companies and industries, which hinders the operations of all companies.

There is such a shortage of manpowerCauseAs a result of childbirth and childcare avoidanceYoungerOf middle school and high school studentsEmployment rateThe number of young workers is decreasing due toBlack companiesWith the spread of words such asService overtimeIncreasing number of cases of (long working hours) and hard work[1].

The lack of manpower meansPart-time jobIt occurs a lot when recruiting,PermanentHas also occurred in the employment of, especially with the transportation of heavy goods or operating XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a weekTransportation industry(EspeciallymovingSupplier),Manufacturing industry,Earthwork(Civil engineering/construction work)Blue collarIt has become noticeable in general.

Part-time jobCompanies that do not gather even if they are recruited for are listed in the recruitment guideHourly wageAmount ofTimeHowever, simply increasing the hourly wage does not eliminate the fundamental labor shortage. It has become. Some restaurant companies and convenience stores with many chain stores have closed about 100 stores or closed 24 hours due to lack of manpower.[2].


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外部 リンク

Takigami Town

Takigami Town(Takinouecho) isHokkaidoOkhotsk General Promotion BureauLocated in the northern part of the jurisdictionKamikawa jurisdictionTouchtown.

Of Takigami ParkShiva cherry tree(10 square meters = 7 times the size of Koshien) is also famous. The best time to see is from late May to early June.

fairy taleWe are also promoting town revitalization as a village.


Topography surrounded by mountains on three sides except the east. AdjacentMonbetsuThe boundaries of other cities, towns and villages are in the mountains.


YearPrecipitation amountIs as small as 879.6 mm. The cold of winter is very severe,Drift iceIt will be the coldest in February due to the influence of.

Origin of the town name

Flowing through the townNagiri RiverJust below the confluence of the Sakuru River, there is a waterfall now called Rainbow Dragon Waterfall, and upstream of it is the current city.[1]..It is paired with Takishita in the same town downstream.



Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

The core industry isforestry.

other than thisdairy, Upland farming is also done.

Long time agoMintOrigin of. Currently only about 10 hectaresfieldAlthough it is made only in Japan, it produces 95% of the national production because there is no other area where it is cultivated.

Agricultural cooperative

Financial institution


  • Super Nakagawa (formerly A Corp Takinoue store)
  • Super Sakae
  • Super Iwasa



post office
  • Takinoue Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Nigorikawa Post Office
  • Takinishi Post Office

公共 機関



Monbetsu District Firefighting Association Fire Department
  • Takinoue branch

Educational institution

high school
Junior high school
primary school

Sister cities/partner cities


Population distribution of Takinoue, Hokkaido, Japan.svg
Takinoe Town and Age-Specific Population Distribution (2005)Takinoe Town Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Purple-Takinoe Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Takinoe Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Disappearing village

According to the 2015 Census, the following villages have a population of 0 at the time of the survey:Disappearing villageHas become[3].

  • Takinoe Town-Ueyuhaku, Takuo, Male Back Cow




There are no railway lines running through the town. The nearest station when using the train isJR HokkaidoIshikita Main LineKamikawa Station.

Abandoned railway

Long time agoNagisa lineWas passing,1985 (Showa60 years)3ToWaste lineIt has become.Hokumon Bus Alternative busOperates the line.



Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events


  • Ukishima Marsh
  • Kaori no Sato Herb Garden
  • Kinsenkyo
  • Takigami Park (moss phlox)


  • Shibazakura Festival May-June

Famous people

Phone Number

Until the end in JapanFixed-line phoneEtc.Area codeIs a 5-digit "(0) 15829" (0 is not part of the area code, so it is 5 digits) and there was no city code, but2006 (Heisei18 years)May 3Same asUnit charge area内 のMonbetsuIt was integrated with the area code "(0) 1582" and became "(0) 158". As a result, the city code "29" was assigned to the town for the first time, and the city code was assigned to all of the country.


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外部 リンク


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