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😷 | Another Titans player positive for new corona, Sunday game is uncertain

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Another new Corona positive from Titans, Sunday game is uncertain

If you write the contents roughly
"I heard yesterday that the forfeit against the Titans was not discussed.

The date has changed, and Tennessee Titans has another new positive coronavirus (COVID-19) positive ... → Continue reading

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Confiscation game

Confiscation game(Bossujiai, Forfitted Game,British: Forfeited game) Is a match in which, in a sports match, if it becomes difficult to start or continue the match due to some reason caused by one team, the team that caused the match is automatically treated as a defeat.Assuming that one team has abandoned the start / continuation of the matchAbandoned gameSometimes called (broom).

Forfeit match in baseball

Official baseball rules7.03 stipulates that it is a "forfeited game".A forfeit game is declared if one team does the following:

  • If one team still does not enter the stadium within 5 minutes after the umpire declares play at the start time of the match, or refuses to play the match even if it does.
  • When one team clearly uses measures to prolong or shorten the match.
  • When the umpire refuses to continue the match even though he has not declared the suspension or the termination of the match.
  • If the ball umpire does not resume the game within one minute of declaring play in order to resume the suspended game.
  • When the referee issues a warning, but deliberately and relentlessly repeats the offense.
  • A player who is removed from the match by the referee's order is not sent off by the team within a reasonable time.
  • Double headerIn the second match, if the player does not appear on the stadium within 2 minutes after the end of the first match (except when the ball umpire in the first match extends the time until the start of the second match). (The above is the official baseball rule 1 (a))
  • If one team is unable or refuses to have nine players on the playing field. (Same as 9 (b))
  • Even though the ball umpire ordered the stadium manager to make necessary preparations for resuming the game (ground maintenance, spectator exit measures, etc.) after the game was suspended (bad ground condition, spectator intrusion, etc.), the order was given. If the game is not played intentionally, which hinders the resumption of the game (does not apply to amateur baseball, in which case the visitor team wins). (Same as 7.03 (c))

If a forfeit match is declared due to these, the team that caused the forfeit is treated as a "0-9 defeat" on record.In principle, if the match is forfeited in the middle of the match, the personal record will remain as it is, but if the match is forfeited while the perpetrator team is leading the match,Winning pitcher-Defeated pitcher-saveIs not recorded.If the perpetrator team wins and ends the match, the forfeit match will be applied later, and if the match is defeated by the perpetrator team 0-9, the record of winning pitcher, defeating pitcher, and save will be recorded as well. It will be canceled.

Also, if the match is forfeited before the bottom of the 5th inning is completed with the leading team leading the top of the 5th inning, or the leading team is leading the XNUMXth inning, all records in that match will not be included as official records ( →No game).As mentioned above, if the match is forfeited, it will be a match with a score of 0-9.

A forfeit match may be declared due to the appointment of a player who violates the player registration rules set by the organization in charge of the match.This is because the rule that the player cannot participate in the match means that the player who is excluded from the match by the referee's order in Section 7.03 (a) (6) of the official baseball rules is not sent off within an appropriate time. This is because it is interpreted as corresponding to.However, in some cases, a simple mistake in member registration resulted in a forfeit match (#Nihon University Baseball OfHachinohe Institute of TechnologyversusAomori Chuo Gakuin UniversityBattle,Tohoku Institute of TechnologyversusSendai University(Battle, etc.), has issued a notification to avoid forfeit games due to minor mistakes, such as allowing corrections on the spot if noticed when exchanging members.[1].. 93stNational High School Baseball Championship Hiroshima TournamentAtHiroshima Shinjo High SchoolversusSoutoku High SchoolIn the war, it was a forfeit match if the rules were strictly applied due to the inadequacy of the pitcher change of Soutoku High School, but the Takano Ren of Hiroshima Prefecture had educational implications and resumed the game without allowing the pitcher change.[2].  

Japanese professional baseball

  • In the Japanese professional baseball league, the cases of 10 games so far are applicable.TaiziIs a defeated team.
DatesApplicable match (venue)Reason for application
1946May 5 <br>• Pacific
 <br>• Senator
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
PacificFujimoto definitionThe manager was playing in an existing team before the warKatsumi Shiraishi(Giant),Fujii IsamuDespite the investigation by having (Hanshin) added to the official game registration members, Pacific was forced to forfeit the four games (defeat 2-4) because they were allowed to participate in the game. It was.Of these, in the match on May 0, Pacific had won 9-5, but the victory and defeat were reversed.This one win led to the first victory of the Great Ring.
1946May 5 <br>• Pacific
 <br>• Great ring
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
1946May 5 <br>• Pacific
 <br>• Hankyu Army
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
1946May 5 <br>• Pacific
ʉۢ Great ring
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
1946May 9 <br>• Senator
 <br>• Gold star
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
Senator'sNishinomiyaAdjacent toTakarazukaI was staying at[3]However, it was raining near the Senator's dormitory on the morning of the day, and most of the players immediately decided to "cancel the game" and went out.However, it rained around 11:13 at Nishinomiya Stadium, and the game scheduled to start at 12:9 was ready for performance. After 13 o'clock, several Senator's players entered the stadium, but nine were not available, so Uichi Shimizu, in consultation with the Japanese Baseball League, put the Gold Star players on the defensive before the match. He delayed the start and waited for the arrival of Senator's players, but did not appear and was sentenced to a forfeit match at 27:5,000.Senator's was fined 10,928 yen and reimbursement for fans was XNUMX yen.[4].
1947May 6 <br>• Hankyu Braves
ʉۢ Nankai Hawks
(Korakuen Stadium)
HankyuMatsudo-shiI was staying at[3]However, it was raining heavily near the Hankyu dormitory on the morning of the day.阪急のマネージャーが状況確認の為に早朝に後楽園球場近くまで出かけたが、最寄のThe Hankyu manager went to the vicinity of Korakuen Stadium early in the morning to check the situation, but the nearestSuidobashi StationBelieving in the station staff's words, "I think it's impossible," I went to the stadium and returned to Matsudo without checking.この日は変則This day is anomalousDouble headerIt was, but the first match (Tokyuversus巨人), The weather will recover and the match will be held as scheduled.The second game, Hankyu vs. Nankai, was scheduled to start at 2:15, but Hankyu Nine did not appear after all.Hidenosuke ShimaThe ball umpire declared a forfeit match at 15:35.Hankyu was fined 7,000 yen, but there is no record of the repayment imposed on Senator's the previous year.[4].
1950May 8 <br>• Nankai Hawks
 <br>• Daiei Stars
(Prefectural Toyama Baseball Stadium)
In the bottom of the 9th inning, Daiei from the second and third bases without deathMasao ItakuraHit the ball in the Nankai center fielderKuroda KazuhiroCatch the ball, but Nobuyoshi Hasegawa, the second base judge, decided that it was a hit as "a one-bound catch."これに対しOn the other handYamamoto alonedirected by[5]Nankai protested that "(Kuroda) is catching the ball directly", and 40 minutes later, even though Takayoshi Tsunoda urged the game to resume, Nankai was on the defensive. Because he refused, he was sentenced to a forfeit match.At a later date,Pacific Baseball FederationA fine of 10 yen was imposed on the Nankai baseball team, but Yamamoto was "admitted to be banned for a considerable period of time, but this time the incident will occur. There are many things that should be taken into consideration, and Yamamoto's director, Jinde, has taken an unusual measure of imposing a fine after refusing.さらに南海球団は独自に入場料払戻しの対応も行ったIn addition, the Nankai baseball team also provided an admission refund.[6].

The first forfeit match (abandoned match) in accordance with the official baseball rules that were just established in the same year (the regulations at that time were Article 24, Paragraph 3).[7].

1954May 7 <br>• Osaka Tigers
 <br>• Chunichi Dragons
(Osaka Stadium[Note 1])
In the bottom of the 5th inning, when Chunichi led 2 points in 3-10, he was appointed as a pinch hitter in the attack of Hanshin this time.Shigeo SanadaHowever, pitcher ChunichiShigeru SugishitaChunichi catcher hits a ball that foul-tips from a count of 2-2Yasuhiko KawaiShoichiro Sugimura decided that the ball had fallen, but the Sugimura baseball umpire overturned the decision because there was a protest from the Chinese-Japanese side that "Kawai caught the foul tip directly and should strike out." Declared Sanada's strikeout out[8]..これに対して阪神側が猛抗議し、その最中にThe Hanshin side protested against this, and during that timeFumio FujimuraWas sent off for assaulting the Sugimura baseball umpire (striking his shoulder or protector).この際にAt this timeKenjiro MatsukiThe director also sent off to the Sugimura baseball umpire[Note 2]An excited spectator entered the ground and the match was interrupted for 1 hour and 7 minutes.The Hanshin Tigers resumed the match on the condition that they filed a lawsuit with the federation, but Fujimura was not well informed of the exit sentence and tried to stand at bat in his batting order.Audience Hanshin fans rushed into the ground again because the matter was not fully explained.The referees decided to win Chunichi by forfeiting the match, saying that the organizer, Hanshin, was responsible for the fact that it was out of control.この一件でIn this one caseCentral Baseball FederationHas been suspended for 5 days and a fine of 3 yen for coach Matsuki due to insufficient game management, and for Fumio Fujimura for 20 days of suspension and a penalty of 5 yen for "the responsibility that caused the abandoned match is serious" , Acted as acting director after leaving MatsukiMasayasu Kaneda"I couldn't prevent Fujimura from re-entering," he said.In addition, due to this disposition, Fujimura's record of consecutive games played stopped at 1,014 games, and Matsuki's hard work was not rewarded.
In addition, the official record at that time is a system that is established only after both the front and back attacks of that time are completed (Cold game(See), so in the 10th inning, Chunichi's attackSugiyama SatoruIs Hanshin pitcherKeiji Komada2 points hit fromHome runAlso had a bonus that was invalid.In addition, Kenjiro Matsuki of Hanshin resigned as a manager after the end of the season in the form of taking responsibility for this abandoned game.Yamato KyushiIn his book "Professional Baseball Sangokushi," he described this trouble as "the location of Osaka Stadium."NambaIt is named "incident".
1967May 9 <br>• Hanshin Tigers
 <br>• Ocean Whales
(Koshien Stadium)
The attack of the ocean in the top of the first inning, the ninth batter who entered the turn at bat with two dead basesChika Morinaka(The starting pitcher of the ocean on the day) missed the pitch after two strikes.その球を阪神捕手のThe ball is a Hanshin catcherToru WadaCatch the ball with a short bounce and misunderstand that a strikeout batter out has been established, and do not touch play to the batter (Morinaka) or throw the ball to the first base I rolled it to the mound.それを見た大洋ベンチが打者走者森中に「振り逃げが成立するからファーストへ走れ」と指示、また三塁走者のThe ocean bench that saw it instructed the batter-runner Morinaka to "run to the first because the uncaught third strike is established", and the third base runner'sMakoto MatsubaraGoed home and added points to the ocean.この間のプレーについて阪神監督の藤本定義が「打者アウトでスリーアウトチェンジではないか」とRegarding the play during this period, Hanshin's definition of Fujimoto said, "Isn't it a three-out change with a batter out?"Taiji OtaniIn protest of the ball umpire, Fujimoto was sent off by piercing Otani ball umpire's chest at that time.After that, Hanshin refused to continue the match, so the match was forfeited.This matchSE LeagueIn addition to being the last forfeit match, Hanshin has become the perpetrator of the second forfeit match for the first time in history.The Central League has warned the Hanshin Tigers, and Fujimoto has been sent off for a fine of 2 yen. ,Tsuguo GotoThe coach was also punished with a warning.In addition, the Hanshin Tigers independently refunded the admission fee to 848 spectators.However, regarding this game, Otani baseball umpire played immediately after the declaration of leaving Fujimoto, and one minute later, he declared "game set", so the Hanshin side "although there was an intention to resume the game, Otani The Central League has partially acknowledged the claim that the ball umpire applied the rules to the ladle ruler, making the disposition of the forfeit game lighter than others.[9].
1971May 7ʉۢ Hankyu Braves
 <br>• Lotte Orions
(Nishinomiya Stadium)
Batter in Lotte's attack in the 7th inningShinichi EtoStopped the bat with a half swing from the count 1 ball 2 strike, and the baseball umpire Sunagawa once decided that it was a ball, but Hankyu's catcherKoji OkamuraWhen he appealed for the swing-out, the Sunagawa baseball umpire turned around and decided that it was a strike, and as a result, Eto was struck out.その判定を巡り、三塁ベースコーチのRegarding the judgment, the third base coachTakao YagamiProtested that he had called the ball once, and was sent off because he assaulted the Sunagawa baseball umpire.またロッテベンチも監督のLotte Bench is also the directorWataru NojinThe leaders continued to protest but were not accepted.その後ロッテは試合続行を拒否したため(これにはオーナーのLotte then refused to continue the match (this was the owner'sNakamura NagayoshiHowever, there was a voice of Tsuru saying, "I can't play a match under such a referee, so let's stop."また、中村のメッセージの伝令役となった武田一義球団代表もベンチで濃人らと共に抗議を行ったIn addition, Kazuyoshi Takeda, the representative of Nakamura's message, also protested on the bench with Nojin and others.[10]), Forfeit match (abandoned match) was declared[11].
Following the forfeit match between the Hanshin Tigers and the Ocean1968Since it was stipulated that abandonment and confiscation games are strictly prohibited and this game was hosted by Hankyu, the Lotte baseball teamNPBSanctions of 200 million yen[12]・ The Hankyu baseball team will be penalized for a total of about 300 million yen, which is about 500 million yen as compensation for damage to the bus used by the Lotte baseball team and loss of equipment. Payment of compensation (amount unknown) will also be ordered[13]In addition, a fine of 15 yen was imposed on the dark people.なお、この責任を取り濃人は二軍監督に降格しシーズン終了後にスカウトに異動、後任監督には入れ替わりに二軍監督だったIn addition, taking this responsibility, Nonin was demoted to the second army manager and transferred to the scout after the end of the season, and was replaced by the second army manager as the successor manager.Keiji OsawaWas promoted and signed a five-year contract the following season, but withdrew in one year due to poor results.事態の発端を作った江藤も首位打者を獲得したにもかかわらず、シーズン終了後に大洋ホエールズにトレードされたEven though Eto, who made the beginning of the situation, also won the top hitter, it was traded to the Ocean Whales after the end of the season.[14]..At the end of this match, no abandonment or forfeit match has occurred in the official NPB XNUMXst Army match.

The above is an example of the official battle of the XNUMXst Army, and othersWestern leagueAnd in 1968Chunichi Dragons-Nishitetsu LionsChunichi Dragons refused to continue the match because of the referee's decision in the war, and in 1980Hankyu Braves-Nankai HawksTwo cases have been recorded in which Nankai Hawks refused to continue the match because of the delay in the referee's decision in the match.

Japanese baseball

Since many players in the club team play while having their main job, nine players did not gather on the day of the tournament, and the game that was originally organized on Saturday and Sunday was postponed on weekdays due to postponement of rainy weather etc. There are still cases where the game is abandoned without the players gathering.In addition, there are registration rules for professional baseball (including independent leagues and overseas professionals), student baseball, and transfer from other teams in adult baseball, and it may be forfeited if it is discovered that it is contrary to this.The forfeit games for registration violations in recent years are as follows.

  • 2006May 3The first round of the 41st Fukuoka Prefectural Baseball Federation President's Cup Competition Spring Tournament, held inFukuoka Misaki BlossomsversusOki Data Computer Education AcademyFormer professional baseball player who has not registered as a player in the bottom of the 4th inning of the gameTakayuki marketOki Data pointed out that Oki Data had sent a pinch hitter, and at that time Oki Data was leading 8-1, but it was a forfeit match according to the regulations, and Oki Data won 9-0.
  • 2006May 5The 60th held inJABA Kyushu Tournament2nd round,SEGA SAMMYIn the 8th inning of the match against Oki Data Computer Education Academy, when Oki Data sent an unregistered player to a pinch hitter, Sega Sammy's coachMakoto SasakiMade an appeal.As a result, Sega Sammy led the match 2-0, but Sega Sammy won 9-0.Oki Data Computer Education Academy became the winner and loser of the forfeit game in about a month and a half.
  • 2007May 6The 32th held inAll Japan Club Baseball ChampionshipTohoku area second qualifying round 2,Iwate 21 Akabeko Baseball CorpsAt the end of the 4th inning, the Iwate 14 Akabeko baseball corps took a large lead at 0-21, but in the 5th inning, the Iwate 21 Akabeko baseball corps beat an unregistered player. The referee declared a forfeit match because of the appeal of the Koriyama Baseball Club, and the Koriyama Baseball Club won 9-0.
  • 2011May 5Made inThe 82th City Counter Baseball TournamentShiga 1st Qualifying Round 1,All Otsu baseball teamAt one point, the Seta club took a large lead with 11-0, but the All Otsu baseball team was sentenced to a forfeit match with unregistered players, and the Seta club won 9-0.
  • 2013May 4Made in84th City Opposition Baseball Tournament Nara Prefecture 1st Qualifying1nd round,Tezukayama UniversityThe match between OB Club and Nara Friend Baseball Club was won by Tezukayama University OB Club 4-3, but after the match, Tezukayama University OB Club won the previous year.Kansai Independent LeagueSince it was discovered that a player who could not be registered for one year was participating because he belonged to the club, the match was forfeited and the Nara Friend Baseball Club won 1-9, and the Tezukayama University OB club was excluded from the tournament. (I will not be allowed to participate in the repechage).
  • 2018May 9The 25th JABA Miyagi Prefectural Baseball Association President's Cup Competition (Club Team Division) Semifinal, 8th inning against Tohoku Marks, Osaki Triple Crown made unregistered players participate in the middle.Osaki Triple Crown was leading 5-3 in the match, but the match was forfeited and Tohoku Marks won 9-0, and Osaki Triple Crown participated in the official match from the same day until the end of the first qualifying against the city the following year. I was banned.

Nihon University Baseball

It can be seen that the match will be forfeited due to mistakes such as player registration.In many cases, it can be said that the cause is that the operation is student-centered.

  • 2004May 5Made inKansai Student BaseballSpring leagueDoshisha UniversityversusKansai UniversityIn the first round, Kansai University made an unregistered player participate as a substitute, so it was a forfeit match due to the agreement of the federation, and Doshisha University won.
  • 2006May 9Made inKeiji University BaseballAutumn leagueKyoto Gakuen UniversityversusHanazono UniversityIn the 3rd round, Kyoto Gakuen University pitched a pitcher with a different uniform number from the 4th inning, which was 1-8. Therefore, it was a forfeit match according to the regulations. GotHowever, the federation decided to rematch because the cause was a mistake in filling in the member list of the manager of Kyoto Gakuen University.May 9In the rematch held in Kyoto, Kyoto Gakuen University won the reverse goodbye in the bottom of the 9th inning, and Kyoto Gakuen University got points contrary to the original result.
  • 2006May 10Made inNorth Tohoku University BaseballFall league 1,2st and XNUMXnd qualification match,Hachinohe Institute of Technology(Part 1) vs.Aomori Chuo Gakuin UniversityIn the second round of (Part 2), the Aomori Chuo Gakuin University side mistakenly entered the player's name on the member list, and the opponent protested when the player pitched one ball.It was a forfeit match according to the regulations.The replacement game was a two-game first win system, and Aomori Chuo Gakuin University had won in the first game that was held the day before, but Hachinohe Institute of Technology also won the third game that was held immediately after the second game, which was a forfeit game. , The match result was 2 win and 1 losses at Aomori Chuo Gakuin University, and the result was that he missed the promotion to the first division.
  • 2006May 10Made inKyushu University Baseball Championship(Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentQualifying tournament final of (a tournament held by the top teams of the three federations in Kyushu) to participate in the university division,Kyushu Kyoritsu UniversityversusNippon Bunri UniversityIn the match, the Kyushu Kyoritsu University baseball association announced that the match will be forfeited, saying that a special coach (former professional baseball player) of Kyushu Kyoritsu University was instructing the players directly on the bench and bullpen during the match.Kyushu Kyoritsu University won the match 4-1 but Nippon Bunri University advanced to the final tournament by this measure.In college baseball, former professional baseball players can conditionally coach students during practice, but coaching during a match is not permitted.
  • 2007May 9Made inSendai Roku University Baseball FederationAutumn leagueTohoku Institute of TechnologyversusSendai UniversitySo, the Tohoku Institute of Technology mistakenly listed the player's uniform number on the member list.I intended to change the player's uniform number, but I wrote the previous uniform number, and the uniform of the old uniform number was left at the university.その選手はThat playerNominated batterSo, because of the rule that you can't send a pinch hitter until you complete the first at bat or the opponent's starting pitcher is replaced (designated hitter's)Scout playerIt was a forfeit match when the player of the third batter stood at bat.In just 3 minutes, Sendai University started pitching 13 pitches.In addition, it was possible to have the pitcher stand in the turn at bat instead of the pitcher even in the first turn at bat of the designated hitter (however, the designated hitter can no longer be used), and in that case the forfeit match was avoided.
  • 2007May 9Made inChiba Prefectural University Baseball FederationPart 2 Autumn LeagueChiba University of CommerceversusChiba Institute of TechnologyThen, Chiba Institute of Technology appointed a player who was not registered on the bench, and the referees declared a forfeit match because Chiba Institute of Technology appealed this, and Chiba Institute of Technology won 9-0.
  • 2011May 9In the second round of the Kyoto University of Education vs. Otani University in the Keiji University Baseball Autumn League, a player from Kyoto University of Education participated with a different uniform number from the registration, so the match was forfeited by regulation and Otani won two points. The university once got points.However, the federation decided to rematch because there was no provision that "if you participate with a uniform number different from the registered one, it will be a forfeit match".May 10In the rematch held in Japan, Otani University won, and Otani University got points as the original result.
  • 2012May 4Held at the Konan Central Park baseball stadiumSouth Tohoku University Baseball Federation1st Division Spring League 3rd Week 1st Day,Nihon UniversityFaculty of Engineering vs.Fukushima UniversityIn the first round, Fukushima University made an unregistered player on the bench in the bottom of the 1th inning with 9 deaths and 2st base, so it was a forfeit match, and according to the league regulations, the Nihon University College of Engineering won 9-0.
  • 2013May 10,Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentTohoku area representative deciding match first roundTohoku Gakuin UniversityversusAomori UniversityIn the match, Aomori University appointed a player who was not registered on the bench in the 6th inning attack as a substitute, so it was a forfeit match and hosted the tournament.Sendai Roku University Baseball FederationTohoku Gakuin University won 9-0 according to the regulations of[15].
  • 2015May 10ToMaishima Baseball StadiumMade inKansai Roku University Baseball FederationThe third day of the final round of the autumn league,Osaka University of EconomicsversusKyoto Sangyo UniversityIn the second round, Osaka University of Economics entered the bench with one death in the 2th inning, and the unregistered player was used as a substitute for a forfeit match. According to the league regulations, Kyoto Sangyo University won 8-1.[16][17].
  • 2020May 9Made inHokkaido University Baseball LeagueAutumn leagueAsahikawa UniversityversusHokkaido University of EducationIn the Hakodate school game, Asahikawa University entered a bench and let an unregistered player participate, so it was a forfeit game.それまで8-0で旭川大学がリードしていたが、リーグ規定により9-0で北海道教育大学函館校が勝利となったUntil then, Asahikawa University was leading XNUMX-XNUMX, but due to league regulations, Hokkaido University of Education Hakodate won XNUMX-XNUMX.[18].

Japan High School Baseball

high school baseballThen at the national competitionSelection-ChampionshipAlthough there have been no cases of co-forfeit games, it is often seen that the games are abandoned or forfeited at local competitions due to troubles or a shortage of players.In a situation where there are few baseball team members, there are many cases where nine players participate in the tournament and the match is forfeited due to the lack of players during the match.There are also cases where one side has offered to abandon the match even though it is possible to continue the match for some reason.

Still more2020It is,New coronavirusDue to the influence of (COVID-19)The 102rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipIn the alternative tournament of each prefecture due to the cancellation of the game, the game was abandoned one after another due to the confirmation of a new coronavirus infected person in the participating schools just before the game.新型コロナウイルスが直接の原因となった試合放棄に関してはRegarding the abandonment of the game that was directly caused by the new coronavirusSeparate noteDescribed in.

DatesThe tournament / roundApplicable match
Reason for application
1959May 7Championship-West China Tournament
Shimane Prefectural Qualifying Semifinal
Daejeon High School - Taisha High School
(Ota City Baseball Field)
The same card that was held the day before was a rematch at sunset, and the tournament headquarters was supposed to start the rematch at 1:XNUMX pm, but probably because there was a judgment trouble the day before, the Taisha High School side
  1. Change of referee
  2. Do not let the director of Daejeon High School participate in the future
  3. Organizer's apology request

It is confusing because I added the three conditions. Four hours later, the match was forced to start at 3 pm, but the match was forfeited because the Taisha High School side, which was concerned with the three conditions, was not satisfied and could not defend.

1969May 7Championship
Nagano Tournament・ First round of the final round
Prefectural Nagano - Maruko Business
(Ueda Municipal Stadium)
With a score of 4-4extra inningsRush into. In the 11th inning, the batter at Nagano High School hit a two-point timely hit to break the third base line, but Maruko Mitsutaka insisted on a foul.Several people rushed in from the stand and interrupted for about 2 minutes.
In the end, the decision was not overturned and resumed, but this time Maruko Mitsutaka side took a delayed act aiming for a rematch at sunset.Therefore, it was a forfeit match at 6:45 pm.However, a part of the crowd on the Maruko real high side was angry at this procedure, and riots such as arson at the stand and destruction of the stadium facilities led to the dispatch of 130 police officers.It developed into a scandal in which two arrested persons were issued and converged at around 2:9 pm.
For Maruko actual heightTatsuo SaekiTakanorenThe chairman (at that time) imposed a two-year suspension of the external game (released after 2 months), and the supporters' association disbanded the responsibility.
Kyoto Tournament Round 1
Higashi Uji - Kyoto ShishoAfter the match, it was discovered that the player who was replaced by Kyoto Seisho on the way was unregistered, and the match was forfeited (the match itself was a 7-0 cold win for Higashi Uji).Kyoto Seisho was just founded this year, and this was the first official match.
Nagano tournament second round
Sonan - (I.e.A player from Sunan was injured and sent off, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Iida won.
2001May 9Autumn / Kyoto Prefectural Convention
First Qualifying Round / F Zone Qualifying Round 1
Doshisha International - Fushimi Technical High SchoolA player from Doshisha International was sent off injured, and the number of players was less than nine, so a forfeit match was declared and Fushimi Technical High School won.
2005May 7Championship
Northern Hokkaido Tournament / Asahikawa District Qualifying Round 1
Haboro - KamifuranoDuring the attack on Haboro in the top of the 4th inning, a player from Kamifurano was injured and sent off, and because the number of players was less than 9, a forfeit match was declared and Haboro won.
2005Autumn / Ibaraki Prefectural Tournament
Prefectural West Qualifying Round 1
Kamigo - YachiyoIn the middle of the third inning, the pitcher of Kamigo fell into a state where he could not pitch, so a forfeit match was declared and Yachiyo won.Kamigo had nine registered players.
2007May 4Spring / Osaka Prefectural Tournament
A zone qualifying round 1
PL school - Sumiyoshi ShoSumiyoshi Commercial's third baseman was injured and sent off, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and PL Gakuenchugakko won.
2007May 4Spring / Osaka Prefectural Tournament
D zone qualifying round 3
Flight building - SakuranomiyaThree times, the pitcher of the flight hall hits the ball directlyCardiopulmonary arrestFall into a state,AEDBecause there was an accident that saved his life by resuscitating measures byAC JapanAccident that also became an advertisement for).The flight hall side, which was shocked by this event, offered to make a forfeit match, and the forfeit match was declared and Sakuranomiya won.
2007May 9Autumn / Nagano Prefecture Tournament
Hokushin district qualifying round 1
Iiyama Minami / Iiyama - SakajoIn the top of the 4th inning, Sakaki's first baseman was injured and sent off due to a ball hitting his head, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Iiyama Minami and Iiyama won.
2007May 9Autumn / Hokkaido Hakodate Branch Tournament
B block qualifying round 1
Fukushima merchant - ChiuchiFukushima merchant players in the top of the thirdConcussionInjured and sent off, the number of players was less than nine, so a forfeit match was declared and Shiriuchi won.
2008May 4Spring / Saitama Prefecture Tournament
Northern District Qualifying Round 1
Kawamoto - ShinshukanAt the time of his death in the bottom of the second inning, the coach of Kawamoto High School offered to abandon the match, and a forfeit match was declared, which was a victory for Shinshukan.Kawamoto High School has only two official members, including players other than baseball members, and at the time of the abandonment of the game, it was a large lead of 2-2.先発投手の投球数が0球を超えたことから、選手の健康上の理由により川本高校の監督が試合放棄を申し出たAs the starting pitcher pitched more than 66 pitches, the manager of Kawamoto High School offered to abandon the game due to the health of the players.[19].
2011May 7Championship
Hiroshima tournament first round
Hiroshima Institute of Technology - Iguchi
(Mazda Stadium)
In the heat of the heat, players from both schools came one after another during the matchheatstrokeInjured and sent off.延長13回裏終了時点で7-7の同点であったが、先に広島工大高の選手が9人に満たなくなったため没収試合が宣告され、井口の勝利となったAt the end of the XNUMXth inning, the score was XNUMX-XNUMX, but Iguchi was victorious when a forfeit match was declared because there were less than nine players at Hiroshima Institute of Technology.[20].
2011May 9Autumn / Tochigi Prefecture Tournament
1 Round
Nasu - Hakuoh Ashikaga
(Tochigi Prefectural Stadium)
In the bottom of the 4th inning, a player in Nasu was injured and sent off due to a symptom of heat stroke, and because there were less than 9 players, a forfeit match was declared and Hakuoh Ashikaga won.[21].
2015May 8Autumn / Kyoto Prefectural Convention
1st qualifying northern 1st round
Dajiang - Kyoto KyoeiOe's player was injured and sent off in the middle of the match, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Kyoto Kyoei won the victory.
2016May 7Championship
Chiba Tournament Round 2
Gyotoku - Shorin
(Narashino City Akitsu Stadium)
In the bottom of the second inning, Gyotoku's player was injured and sent off due to heat stroke, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Shorin won.[22].
2016May 7Championship
Saga tournament second round
Kashima Minoru - Tara
(Green Forest Prefectural Stadium)
In the top of the 5th inning, Tara was sent off due to heat stroke, and because there were less than 9 players, a forfeit match was declared and Kashima Minoru won.[23].
2016May 7Championship
Aichi Tournament Round 1
Tsugeno - Iwakura synthesis
(Toyohashi City Stadium)
One player from Tsugeno was unable to come to the stadium due to poor physical condition, and the number of players was less than nine, so a forfeit match was declared and Iwakura won the victory.The forfeit match at the Aichi tournament is the first in history, at least after the war.
2016May 7Championship
Wakayama Tournament Round 2
Durable - Ito
(Prefectural Kimiidera Park Baseball Field)
In the bottom of the 5th inning, a player from Ito was injured and sent off due to heat stroke, and because there were less than 9 players, a forfeit match was declared and the victory was endurance.Ito has decided to close the school in 2016, and this tournament was the last championship.
2017May 4Spring / Okayama Prefectural Tournament
Western area qualifying
Tamano - Kurashiki Kojoike
On the day of the match(I.e.Because of this, the ferry connecting the remote island and Honshu could not be operated,NaoshimaThe Tamano side, who decided that the three resident players could not arrive at the match venue by the match start time, applied for abstention, so the forfeit match was declared and Kurashiki Kojoike won.玉野は部員3人でこの大会に臨んでいたTamano was attending this tournament with 10 members[24].
2018May 9Autumn / Okinawa Prefectural Tournament
3 Round
Okinawa National College of Technology - Tomigusuku South
(Koza Shinkin Stadium)
In the bottom of the first inning, a player at Okinawa National College of Technology was injured and sent off due to heat stroke, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Tomigusuku Jonan won.Okinawa National College of Technology had nine players in this match.
2020May 7Reiwa 2nd year Osaka Prefectural High School Baseball Championship
2 Round
Yao - Mihara
(Kura Sushi Stadium Sakai)
At the end of the 7th inning, Yao took a large lead 9-3, but Yao sent a player who was not registered in the member table to a pinch hitter, so the referee declared a forfeit match and Mihara 9-0. I won.Yao missed the pinch hitter on the pre-match member list[25].
2020May 9Autumn / Akita Prefectural Tournament
Prefectural north district qualifying round 2
Noshiro Matsuyo - Noshiro Nishi
(Hisashi Yamada Submarine Stadium)
After the bottom of the 2th inning, two Noshiro Nishi players were injured and there were less than nine players, so Noshiro Matsuyo won 9-9 according to the forfeit match rules.[26].
2021May 8Autumn / Chiba Prefectural Tournament
District qualifying round 2
Funabashi East - Shimizu
(Funabashi Civic Baseball Stadium)
Shimizu was sent off due to heat stroke, and because there were less than nine players, a forfeit match was declared and Funabashi Higashi won 9-9.[27]

Bye-bye due to infection with new coronavirus in 2020

As mentioned above, we will list the byes caused by the effects of the new coronavirus just before the match day in the alternative tournament.Schools that declined to participate in the alternative tournament before the combination lottery was not included here.

Date and bye decision dateThe tournament / roundApplicable match
Reason for application
2020May 72020 Summer Gifu High School Baseball Championship
D block 1st round
Chukyo - Mizunami 
(Toki City General Park Baseball Field)
Mizunami, who was infected with the new coronavirus in the school, declined to participate in the match due to a temporary closure on the 23rd, which is the match day, and became a bye in Chukyo.[28].
At a later date, a practice match was held between the two schools, and Chukyo won 12-5.[29].
2020May 72020 Summer Gifu High School Baseball Championship
A block 2nd round
Gifu Daiichi - Gifu Commercial 
(Ohno Rainbow Stadium)
Gifu Commercial, a prefecture where a new coronavirus-infected person occurred in the school, declined to participate in the game because the school was temporarily closed on the 24th, which is the game day, and it became Gifu's first bye.[30].
The school will be temporarily closed until July 7st.2020 Koshien High School Baseball Exchange GameThere is no effect on participation in.
2020May 7Reiwa 2nd year Aichi High School Baseball Championship
4 Round
solder - Toho 
(Kariya Stadium)
Toho, who was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in students who were not in the baseball club, declined to participate in the game due to the school closure measures, resulting in Handa's victory.[31].
2020May 72020 Summer East-West Tokyo High School Baseball Championship
East Tokyo 1st round
Toa Gakuen - Showa Daiichi 
(Toei Komazawa Stadium)
Showa Daiichi, which was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus among school officials other than the baseball club, declined to participate in the game, resulting in a bye at Toa Gakuen.[32].
2020May 7Reiwa 2nd year Osaka Prefectural High School Baseball Championship
South district 3rd round
Naniwa - Hannan University 
(City Shinkin Stadium)
Hannan Otaka, who was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in the school, declined to participate in the game, resulting in a bye in Naniwa.[33].
2020May 82020 Summer Kumamoto High School Baseball Championship
Kumamoto city semi-final
Kumamoto north - Kumamoto industry 
(Livework Fujisakidai Stadium)
Kumamoto Kogyo, which was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in the school, declined to participate in the game, resulting in a bye in Kumamoto Kita.[34].
2020May 8Kanagawa Prefectural High School Baseball Tournament
2 Round
Yokohama Suiran - Asano 
(Thirty Four Hodogaya Stadium)
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Asano decided to ban foreign activities in all activities and declined to participate in the game, so Yokohama Suiran became a bye.[35].
2020May 82020 Summer Chiba High School Baseball Championship
8th district 4th round
Kisarazu synthesis - Nobuhiro Ichihara, Tokai University 
(ZOZO Marine Stadium)
Nobuhiro Ichihara of Tokai University, who was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in baseball team members, declined to participate in the game, resulting in a bye for Kisarazu.[36].
2020May 8Reiwa 2nd Summer Saitama High School Baseball Championship
Southern district second round
Omiya Industry - Iwatsuki 
(Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball Field)
Iwatsuki, who was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in a student who was not in the baseball club, declined to participate in the game, resulting in a bye for Omiya Kogyo.[37].
2021May 8The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship
2 Round
Miyazaki Commercial - Chiben Wakayama 
(Koshien Stadium)
Five people, including a baseball team member from Miyazaki Commercial Senior High School, were confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus and declined to participate in the match.[38].
2021/8/17The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship
2 Round
Tohoku Gakuin - Matsu Shogakuen 
(Koshien Stadium)
One baseball member of Tohoku Gakuin was infected with the new coronavirus, but the school said, "By participating in the game, the parties will be identified, which may affect the future of the students." Was asked to decline to participate in the match, so it was a bye for Matsusho Gakuen, which was scheduled to play on the 1st.[39].

Major league baseball

  • Major league baseballThen, there were quite a few forfeit games from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, but the number decreased as the authority of the referees increased and the means of transportation such as charter planes were improved.
    • 1934 OfWorld seriesThen.St. Louis Cardinals OfJoe Medwick Three basesWhen he released, he slipped violently to third base and his opponentDetroit Tigers Ofthird basemanHooked.その後のAfter thatLeft wingGarbage was thrown by Tigers fans during the defensive, and it became out of control and the game was temporarily interrupted.commissioner OfKenesaw LandisNotifies that Medwick will be forfeited if he does not miss the match.In the end, Medwick was sent off.
    • 1970Most of the subsequent forfeit games have become out of control due to the event for attracting customers.1974 Of10 cent beer nightAnd1979 OfDisco demonstration nightIs a well-known event.
    • 2013Currently, the last forfeit match in Major League Baseball is19958 month 10 dayLos Angeles DodgersAgainst St. Louis Cardinals.この試合ではドジャースに不利な判定が続き、9回裏に最初の打者のThe Dodgers continued to be disadvantaged in this match, with the first batter in the bottom of the ninth inning.Raoul MondeseeDodgers violently protested the ball umpire's strikeout decision when he fell into a missed strikeoutTommy LasodaThe director, Mondecy and others were sent off.An angry fan threw the ball into the ground.This day is often seen in Major League Baseball, "Give Away Day (a day when all the visitors or the first certain number of visitors are presented with team goods etc.)", and unfortunately there are quite a few balls with the Dodgers logo It was presented to the audience.試合の続行が困難であるため、審判団はホームチームであるドジャース側にこの行為を止めさせるように要請したが、ドジャース側はこれを拒否し、ボールボーイもボールを拾わなかったため、審判団はDue to the difficulty of continuing the match, the referees requested the Dodgers, the home team, to stop the action, but the Dodgers refused and the ball boy did not pick up the ball, so the refereesOfficial baseball rulesApply 4.16 and declare a forfeit match.This measure was controversial across the United States.このときのドジャースの先発はThe Dodgers starter at this timeHideo NomoSo, the first basemanBob DavidsonMet.It is often reported in the Japanese media that "the referee Bob Davidson has declared a forfeit match", but it is the ball umpire's authority to declare a forfeit match, and it is Jim Quick. ..
  • The following seven games have been confiscated since 1945.
DatesScore at the time of confiscationReason for application
1949May 8 <br>• Phillies2
 <br>• Giants4
(Shive Park)
Giants batter released in the top of the 9th inningMid-levellinerWithout catching the balldoubleBecame.
An angry Phillies fan threw a bottle into the field.
1954May 7 <br>• Cardinals1
ʉۢ Phillies 8
(Bush stadium)
BrawlCardinals in the top of the 5th inning afterpitcherTo replace 3 peopleCow tacticsBecause I took.
Player results were not included in the official record because the 5th inning was not completed.
1971May 9 <br>• Senator7
 <br>• Yankees5
(RFK Stadium)
The Yankees, who had lost two points in the top two outs of the ninth inning, won the victory.
Senators will start from the next seasonTexasToHeadquartersThe relocation has been decided, and Senator's fans have rushed into the field.
1974May 6 <br>• Indians5
 <br>• Rangers5
(Municipal Stadium)
Indians sold cheap beer in the stadium to attract customers.
9 out in the bottom of the 1thFull baseFrom IndiansSacrifice flyAfter tying the score, a drunken spectator broke into the field.
1977May 9 <br>• Blue Jays4
 <br>• Orioles0
(Exhibition stadium)
OriolesEarl Weaverdirected byRequested the referee to remove the tarpaulin laid out due to light rain because it was dangerous when defending.
The request did not pass, and Weaver withdrew the Orioles player to the dugout.1914It was a deliberate forfeit match since then.
1979May 7 <br>• White socks0
 <br>• Tigers0
(Comiskey Park)
Double headerAfter the first match, the crowd gathered at the White Sox crowd eventRiotCaused
The second game could not be started and was postponed once,American leagueChairman'sLee MacPhailIt was a forfeit match due to the ruling of.
1995May 8 <br>• Dodgers1
ʉۢ Cardinals 2
(Dodger Stadium)
The Dodgers protested violently against the strike decision of the ball umpire in the bottom of the 9th inningTommy Lasodadirected by,Raoul MondeseeThey were sent off.
Dodgers fans protested this and threw the ball into the field.

Korean professional baseball

Korean professional baseballSo far, it has occurred in the following two games.

DatesScore at the time of confiscationReason for application
1982May 8 <br>• Samsung Lions5
 <br>• MBC Seiryu2
(Daegu Civic Stadium Baseball Field)
In the bottom of the 4thdouble playViolent collapseslidingMBC's against Samsung's first base runnersecond basemanIs assaulted and sent off.
An MBC player protested this and declared a forfeit match 25 minutes later.
1985May 7ʉۢ MBC Seiryu 6
 <br>• OB Bears5
(Jamsil General Sports Ground Baseball Field)
In the bottom of the 6th inning, MBC tried to steal from XNUMXst base and XNUMXrd base, and the third base runner rushed to home base, but the OB managerThree foot lineTo leaveoutClaimed to be.
The manager withdrew all OB players to the dugout and a forfeit match was declared.

International match

In international matchesInternational Baseball FederationIn principle, the rules ofMajor LeagueSponsored by the OrganizationWorld Baseball ClassicHowever, although the match is played according to the unified rules, misunderstandings may occur when registering players to participate in the tournament.

20079Made in30th European Baseball Championshipso,チ ェ コAfter the tournament, it was discovered that the team had registered as a player that violated the rules of the tournament, and the two games that the Czech Republic won in the qualifying league of the tournament were both forfeited and lost 2-0.Czech Republic was 9th in the qualifying league with 2 wins and 3 losses, so it was 4th in another league.イタリアIn the 7th place playoff, the Czech Republic was 8th, but after the tournament, the Czech Republic was the lowest (12th), and the teams 9th and below automatically moved up one by one.

Forfeit match in soccer

International Football FederationDetermined by (FIFA)(English edition)[40]の第22条(Forfeit)に規定があり、選手がその試合の出場資格を持たない場合に試合を没収し(第1項)、当該選手が所属するチームに対して、11人制サッカーの場合は「0-3」、フットサルの場合は「0-5」、ビーチサッカーの場合は「0-10」の敗戦として取り扱う(実際の試合がそれ以上の点差での敗戦の場合はそれを有効とする)ものとしている(第2項)。ただし、内容によっては試合の没収以外の懲罰を下すこともあり得るとしている(第3項)。

Japan Football Association(JFA) stipulates "defeat at 4-2" as one of the disciplinary measures against the team in Article 0, Paragraph 3 of the Disciplinary Provisions.[41]..Scores other than 3-0 may be set according to individual tournament regulations.[Note 3]..Audience trouble (Hooligan) Is the cause, apart from the arbitrage of the matchUnaided matchIs often punished.

J LeagueFrom 2021, the entry criteria for holding a match will be set if 13 top team registered players can enter the bench, and if there are less than 13 players, an alternative date will be selected.If an alternative date cannot be selected, a "deemed holding" will be introduced in which teams with less than 13 players will be defeated 0-3.

In the event of a forfeit match, personal records are basically invalid.

A forfeit match may occur if any of the following cases occur:

  • When a team or player refuses to continue the match or abandons the match.
  • Mayhem in the stadium during or after the match.
  • Significant violations by the team.
  • dopingViolation.
  • When the number of players on the pitch is less than the specified number (FIFAAccording to the report, the number is 6 or less, but the number of people varies depending on the association and federation.Japan AssociationIs less than 7 people).
  • When a player who is not qualified to participate is allowed to participate (SuspensionMedium etc.).

In addition, if a case equivalent to a forfeit match occurs in a round-robin league match, etc., the forfeit match is not applied and it is treated as "the team declined to participate (or did not participate from the beginning)" and the match has already been played. In some cases, only recording is invalidated (AFC Champions League 2020 Group StageInAl Wahda,Al Hilal,Johor Darul TakjimSuch).

Case (soccer)

  • 1989May 9ToBrazil-Rio de Janeiro OfMaracana StadiumWas held atFIFA World Cup Italy Tournament-South America qualifying3 sets of the last sectionBrazil national teamversusChile representativeWar.チリ代表のChile national teamGK,Roberto RojasBleeding head for the purpose of interrupting the gameFabricationIt was discovered that he had done so, and the forfeit match resulted in Brazil's victory 3-0.
  • 1995ToQatarMade inWorld youth Of NetherlandsversusホンジュラスWar.ホンジュラスの選手4人がXNUMX Honduras playersDischargeIn addition, there were injured sent-offs and there were 6 players on the pitch, so it was a forfeit match.[44]..この試合の主審はThe referee of this matchMasayoshi OkadaMet[45].
  • 2003May 3, Rio de Janeiro Championship Bangu Atletico Cluve vs.Olaria ACWar.後半35分にバングーに与えたGave to Bangoo in the second half XNUMX minutesPenalty kickAll the Oralia players who dissatisfied with the game stood in the penalty spot to protest and interfered with the PK, and all 11 players were sent off for a forfeit match.
  • 2004XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,UEFA Champions League 2004-05Group League B Section 1,Rome-Stadio OlimpicoMade inRomeversusDynamo KievIn the match, when players and referees tried to pull up to the locker room during half-time, what was thrown by a Roman supporter hit the referee and was seriously injured, so the match could not be continued and was terminated.
    • UEFAIt was treated as a forfeit match by the ruling of, and Dynamo Kiev won 3-0.ローマに対しては多額の制裁金とホームでのLarge sanctions against Rome and at homeUnaided matchWas imposed.
  • 2005May 4UEFA Champions League 2004-05 Quarterfinals Round 2,Milan-Giuseppe Meazza Soccer FieldOpened inInter MilanversusAC Milan(Milan Derby).後半26分、インテルのXNUMX minutes in the second half, IntelCambiassoScored a shot, but a foul resulted in no goal.納得が行かないカンビアッソは抗議するも逆にCambiasso protests but converselyyellow cardReceived.Immediately afterwards, Intel supporters threw flares during the match, one of which was Milan goalkeeper.ZidaThe game was temporarily suspended due to a direct hit. 20分後に再開されたが、再び発炎筒が投げ込まれ暴動は収まらなかったため、1-0でミランリードの後半30分にIt resumed XNUMX minutes later, but the flare was thrown again and the riots did not subside, so XNUMX-XNUMX in the second half of Milan Reed XNUMX minutes.Markus MerkThe referee declares the match to be cancelled.
    • 15 days, UEFA treated this match as a forfeit match (Milan won 0-3), and Intel 30Swiss francFines and UEFA-sponsored international matches (CL,UEFA CupAbout home games (including) for 3 years (including2006-2007Sanctions were imposed on four conditional games (until the season) as unattended games.
  • 2005 year 10 month 9 dayNational High School Soccer Championship Tokyo TournamentShutokuversusNihon DaijiIn, the person in charge of Nihon Daiji forgot his ID card, so it was decided that Shutoku would win 3-0 in the forfeit match.
  • 2007May 6 OfEUROQualifying group Fデンマークversusスウェーデン.. 3-3のスコアで試合終了直前、ファンデル主審が、スウェーデンFWの腹部を殴ったデンマークのJust before the end of the match with a score of XNUMX-XNUMX, referee Van der hit the abdomen of a Swedish forward in Denmark.C. PoulsenWas sent off and sentenced to PK, but a local Danish spectator rushed in and hit the referee.The referees, who saw this situation seriously, declared a forfeit match.
  • August 2010, 10,イタリア-GenoaHeld at Luigi Ferraris StadiumEUROQualifying group CイタリアversusEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu..試合前にセルビア代表が同国サポーターから襲撃を受け、GKのSerbian national team was attacked by the country's supporters before the match, and the goalkeeperStojkovicThe match was held in a disturbing atmosphere, such as being injured.Before the start of the match, Serbian supporters had been violent, such as destroying stadium facilities, and this delayed the start of the match by about 30 minutes.After that, although the match started, Serbian supporters continued to sabotage and smoke bombs were thrown on the pitch.The referee took a serious look at the series of actions and declared that the match would be interrupted six minutes after the start of the match.Then, UEFA, the Ryogoku Football Association, and the referees discussed and the forfeit match was declared.
    • UEFA then made the match a 3-0 victory for Italy and home to Serbia for a match.Unaided matchDisposition and fine 12EuroA ruling was made to impose (about 1300 million yen).In addition, he ordered Serbian supporters to refrain from purchasing admission tickets for matches in enemy territories in future European Championship qualifiers.Meanwhile, Italy will be fined 10 euros (about 1100 million yen).In addition, both sides said that if a similar situation occurs in the next two years, the number of unattended games will be increased by one.
  • 2011May 7とMay 7Was carried out in2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying OfSyria national teamversusTajikistan National TeamBattle (Home and away), Although the Syria national team won both games, it was later revealed that the Syria national team had an unqualified player (a player with a history of representing other countries) participating, so both games were forfeited (Syria national team 2- It was treated as a defeat in 2), and Tajikistan national team will participate in the third qualifying instead of Syria national team.[46].
  • 2012May 11Made inRussian Soccer Premier League OfFC Dynamo MoscowversusFC Zenit Saint PetersburgIn the war, a spectator who seems to be a Zenit supporter throws a smoke bomb, and Dynamo Moscow goalkeeperAnton ShuninWas injured, and the match was forfeited (Dynamo Moscow won 3-0) and the following two matches were unattended.
  • 2014May 9ToYokohama International StadiumMade inGiraffe challenge cup(International friendly match)Representation from JapanversusVenezuela National TeamIn, both teams drew 2-2, but the Venezuelan national team was the same.May 9Made inKorean representativeIn battleRed cardIn response to this, he was sent off, and the forward who could not participate in the match, which is the next match,Jose Salomon LondonIt was a forfeit match (Venezuela's 0-3 defeat).
    • In addition, this match is from JapanJavier AguirreIt was the second international match under the posture.
  • 2014May 10Was done inUEFA EURO 2016 Qualifying Group I・ In the match between Serbia national football team and Albania national football team, just before the end of the first halfGreater AlbanianismWas raisedDroneFlew on the pitch of the stadium, which triggered a brawl in which both players and supporters were mixed.The match was discontinued with a score of 0-0, and turmoil triggered by this incident occurred in various places.
    • On October 10, the UEFA Commission on Management, Ethics and Discipline banned the match (Serbia's victory 23-3) and fined both football associations € 0.Both Serbia and Albania Football Association have filed an objection to this,Sports arbitration courtWithdrew UEFA's ruling and ruled in support of Albanian claims.
  • 2016May 8,AFC Champions League 2016In the quarterfinal round 1Al Nasr SC Al Jaish SCWon 3-0.この試合に出場していたヴァンデルレイはインドネシア国籍ということになっていたが、偽のVanderlei who participated in this game was supposed to be Indonesian nationality, but fakepassportIt was discovered that he was using the game, and it was considered a forfeit match (el Jaish SC's 3-0 victory).
  • UEFA Champions League 2020-21 QualifyingThen, due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, the following two games were forfeited.
    • Preliminary qualifying finalFC DritaversusLinfield FCWas a forfeit match (Linfield FC's 2-3 victory) as two Dorita players were unable to play due to a positive reaction to the new coronavirus.
    • In the first qualifying roundKÍ KlaksvikarversusÅ K Slovan BratislavaWas a forfeit match (KÍ won 1-1) as one staff member and one player of Slovan Bratislava were infected with the new coronavirus.
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2020PlayoffsAl-DuhailversusAuckland cityAl-Duhail won 3-0 in a forfeit match as Auckland City declined to participate due to the quarantine measures required by New Zealand authorities due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • The 2021th meeting was held on May 5, 9.Yamanashi Prefecture Soccer Championship Spring TournamentandEmperor's Cup JFA 101th All Japan Soccer ChampionshipIn the "Yamanashi Prefecture National Team Final" finalYamanashi Gakuin University PegasusIs 4-1Nirasaki AstrosWas once decided to represent Yamanashi Prefecture in the Emperor's Cup, but in a subsequent investigation, he became a player of Yamanashi Gakuin University Pegasus in this match.Japan Football Association "Rules for registration and transfer of soccer players" of (JFA) "Athletes participate in official games for two or more teams in the same domestic championship (excluding league games) or cup games during the same period. By May 2, 2021, the Yamanashi Prefectural Football Association Disciplinary Commission said that the match would be "Yamanashi" because some players violated the provision "must not comply with individual competition rules". Nirasaki Astros won the Emperor's Cup qualification after deciding to treat it as "5-24 defeat of Gakuin University Pegasus"[47].
  • Done on September 2021, 6J1 Section 18-Urawa RedsversusShonan BellmareBattle (Saitama Stadium 2002), Urawa lost 2-3, but in the subsequent Urawa investigation, Urawa said "(()" in the match implementation guidelines for this year.Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) The J-League Disciplinary Committee said that the result of this match was "Urawa 0- Decided to change to "3 defeat" (substantially cancel Urawa's score)[48]..In this case, all personal records in the match are usually canceled, but all personal records are valid in view of the fact that it is a simple procedure mistake on the Urawa side.Regarding this matter, Urawa filed an objection to the JFA Appeals Committee, saying that the content of the disposition was unreasonable. Rejected as not meeting the requirements of[49]..In addition, of the gameMatch commissionerFor Toshio Takabayashi, he neglected the entry check work that the match commissioner should do.Civil lawupperDuty of cautionAs a violation, the match allocation will be suspended indefinitely.[50].

Forfeit in basketball

  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKumamotoMade inJapan League OfMitsubishi Electric vs Kumagai GumiWar.It was a forfeit match (Kumagai Gumi won 20-0) because Mitsubishi made a mistake in the color of the uniform.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYokohama Cultural GymnasiumMitsubishi Electric Dolphins vs. Japan League Playoffs First Round at Toyota Motor AlvarkRound 2Seven minutes into the match, Mitsubishi's Tom Kleinschmidt and Toyota's Howard Wright were sent off due to a quarrel.At this time, all eight Mitsubishi and two Toyota on the bench were sent off because they had left the bench.As a result, Mitsubishi had only four players on the court and was forfeited (Toyota won 7-8).
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayThe Palace of Auburn HillsMade inNBA OfIndiana Pacers vs Detroit PistonsWar.Due to a brawl during the match, the match was terminated with 1 minute left, and it was decided that the match would be a sunset match.

Forfeit match in ice hockey

  • 2006May 12ToKobe City Port Island Sports CenterMade inAsian League OfNikko Kobe Ice Bucks vs Choharu TomiokuRound 4第2ピリオドにIn the second periodBrawlThis happened, and both teams were sent off 13 people in total.However, the Changchun side dissatisfied with this decision and all the players and staff left the match venue, so it was treated as a forfeit match (Nikko Kobe won 0-0. Personal record is invalid).
    • After that, 13 people who were involved in the brawl were suspended for one or two games.
  • 2008May 9In KoreaGoyangMade inAsian League OfHigh1VSAnyan HarlaRound 2第3ピリオド19分59秒にHigh1のアレン・クリス(ALLEN,Chris)のゴールでHigh1が6-6に追いついたが、いわゆるHighXNUMX caught up with XNUMX-XNUMX with a goal from HighXNUMX ALLEN, Chris at XNUMX:XNUMX in the third period, but so-calledBuzzer beaterTherefore, Halla protested that it was a goal after the match.Because he abandoned overtime, it became a forfeit match (High0 wins 0-1. Personal record is invalid).
    • Since then, Harula coach SHIM, Eui-Sik has been banned from entering the bench for two games.
  • 2009May 12ToTochigi Prefectural Nikko Kirifuri Ice ArenaMade inAsian League OfNikko Ice Bucks vsHigh1Round 4At 2 minutes and 12 seconds in the second period, the goal judge judged the goal against the goal of Takahito Suzuki, but the referees Choi, Yoon-Young and Sotaro Yamaguchi (YAMAGUCHI, Sotaro) on the day decided the goal. The match continued without noticing the goal judge's ramp, and the goal was recognized by the protest of the Nikko side and the score was 24-2, but the High0 side who dissatisfied it did not come out of the locker room after a fierce protest, and the forfeit match was declared ( Nikko won 1-0. Personal records are invalid).
    • After that, High1 coach Kim Hee-woo was tentatively banned from entering the bench for two games, and finally banned from entering the bench for five games.

Forfeit in volleyball

  • 2003May 12Made in,All Japan Volleyball University Men's and Women's ChampionshipMen's quarterfinalsNippon Sport Science University vs Asia University..Nippon Sport Science University won 3-2, but due to the discovery of fraud in the combination lottery, this match was forfeited and Asia University advanced to the semi-finals.その後日本体育大学には男子6人制において1年間の対外試合禁止処分が下され、総監督のAfter that, Nippon Sport Science University was banned from playing external games for one year in a six-man system, and the general managerJungo MoritaHas resigned from the post of Kanto University Federation.
  • 2009May 8Made in,National bodyBoys and girls division Kanto block tournament representative deciding match Tokyo vs Ibaraki.It was a match that Tokyo won 2-0, but it was a forfeit match (Ibaraki won 2-0) because it was discovered that Tokyo had a player who was not qualified to participate.As a result, Ibaraki got the right to participate in the National Athletic Meet in place of Tokyo.
  • 2009May 11 OfChallenge leagueIn the women's opening roundKUROBE Aqua Fairies vs Ohno Oil Hiroshima Oilers(Kashiwa City Central Gymnasium) was a bye of KUROBE (treated as a 3-0 forfeit match) because some players of Ohno Oil were infected with the new influenza and the number of players was not uniform.
  • 2012May 1Challenge League Men,Toyota Sunhawks vs Tokyo Verdy(Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Kinki University Memorial Hall) was a forfeit match because Tokyo Verdy misunderstood the match start time and did not appear at the venue by the start of the match, and Toyota Motor Sunhawks won (3-0). ..
  • 20211 month 7 dayAll Japan High School Volleyball ChampionshipMen's 3rd roundHigashiyama(Kyoto) vs Takamatsu Crafts(Kagawa) (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) had symptoms that seemed to be fever in some athletes in Higashiyama (later)New coronavirusWas found to be infected) and abstained from the tournament, resulting in a bye (0-25) for Takamatsu Kougei.[57][58][59].

Forfeit match in sumo

Forfeit match in martial arts


注 釈

  1. ^ At that time, it was the home of the Osaka Tigers.Hanshin Koshien StadiumSince no night lighting equipment was installed in, the game was played as a night game by borrowing the Osaka Stadium, which is the home of the Nankai Hawks.
  2. ^ This was to avoid a penalty for Fujimura, who had taken the brunt of himself and continued to participate in consecutive games.
  3. ^ For example 2018Hokkaido Soccer LeagueSo, the treatment of the score when abstention occurs is 0-5.[42],Hokkaido Iburi Eastern EarthquakeDeclined to participate in one game due to the influence ofToyota Motor Hokkaido Soccer ClubHas been treated as a 0-5 defeat[43].


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