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😷 | Attention to Fujii's double crown mask Mikawa Kiko Group's summer products Lightness of wearing Features Presented through the Shogi Federation

Photo: Souta Fujii in the 70th King War Challenger Decision League (5th)

Pay attention to the mask of Fujii double crown Mikawa Kiko Group's summer products Lightness of wearing Features Presented through the Shogi Federation

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In the same group, "Given through the Japan Shogi Association.

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The Chubu Keizai Shimbun was first published in 1946 (Showa 21) and has a track record of over 70 years, and has earned the trust of many years.
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Japan Shogi Federation

Japan Shogi Association(Nihon Shogi Renmei)ShogiOperate the Go player activitiesPublic interest group corporation corporation[1].

XNUMX steps or morePlayer,Female player,Coach playerOrganization by[1],Go player general meetingOperated by officers and staff elected every two years in[2].. The purpose is to "promote the spread and development of shogi and improve its technology, contribute to the improvement and transmission of Japanese culture, and promote goodwill with other countries through shogi, thereby contributing to the improvement and development of traditional culture."[3].



In 1612The first Sokei Ohashi Tokugawa IeyasuからShogi place(celebrity)[Note 1]It is the origin of the current professional shogi world that was entrusted to.

Edo PeriodThe first Sokei was established inOhashi Honke, The child of the first SokeiOhashi branch family, Son-in-law of the granddaughter of the first SokeiThe first Muneyoshi ItoWas establishedIto familyAmong the three Iemoto families, a person with excellent chess attacked the rank of masterEdo ShogunateHas led the shogi world against the background of the authority of.

However, when the Edo Shogunate collapsed in 1868, the three Iemoto families lost their backing and the shogi world was confused. In 1879 of the Ito familyYashiro Ito MuneinReconstructed the shogi troupe and attacked the master, but died in 1893 and the Ito family was cut off.Prior to that, in 1881, the 1898th generation Ohashi Soyo of the Ohashi branch family died in prison and was cut off, leaving only the Ohashi head family.The XNUMXth generation of the Ohashi Honke, Sokin Ohashi, was poor at playing, and in XNUMX he was a student of the Ohashi Honke.Gohei OnoBecame a master, and the era of the Iemoto system was over.

From the formation of the predecessor group to the unification of the chess world

Due to the loss of authority of the Iemoto, various shogi groups began to rush in the shogi world after this, and they began to repeatedly disperse and gather.The influential person who was regarded as the next master candidate of Ono is the Yashiro Ito Soin.Kinjiro Sekine, Of OsakaKobayashi Tohakusai(Originally a student of the Ohashi branch family and later the Ohashi head familySoho AmanoWas active in Tokyo under his disciple)Yoshio Inoue, Sankichi Sakata, who was also active in Kansai under Kobayashi (at that time)Miyoshi Sakata) Was three people.These three people and their disciples will form a shogi group that will be the prototype of the current Japan Shogi Association.

Founded by the Tokyo Shogi Federation1924 May 9Is designated as the anniversary of the founding of the Japan Shogi Association.[4]..According to this date, the Japan Shogi Association is celebrating its 1999th anniversary in 75, its 2005st anniversary in 81, and its 2014th anniversary in 90.[5].

It is as follows when arranged in chronological order.

  • August 1909, 8 --The Sekine faction and the Inoue faction, who were active in Tokyo, joined together to "Shogi AllianceWas formed.
  • October 1909, 10-"Shogi Alliance" is "Shogi AllianceWas renamed to.
  • January 1910-Inoue faction withdraws from "Shogi Alliance" and "Shogi Comrade AssociationWas formed.
  • October 1910 --The Sakata faction who was active in Osaka said, "Kansai Shogi Study GroupWas formed.
  • 1912 --From the Inoue faction to his subordinatesKumao Osaki(Originally under Sekine) The group of Tora splits.Osaki / Tanito faction withdraws from "Shogi Comrade Association" and "Tokyo ShogishaWas formed.
  • Around 1916-"Tokyo Shogi-sha" became "Tokyo Shogi Study GroupIt becomes.
  • 1917-From the Sekine factionIchitaro DoiThe group split. The "Shogi Alliance" became the Doi faction, and the Sekine faction withdrew from the "Shogi Alliance" and "Tokyo Shogi ClubWas formed[Note 2].
  • Around 1919-Under SekineKinjiro KimiWithdrew from "Tokyo Shogi Club" and moved to Kansai, and later "KiseikaiWas formed[Note 3].
  • 1920-Inoue dies. The "Shogi Comrade Association" disappears naturally and the players who belong to it join other groups.
  • Around 1921-Tanito died. The "Tokyo Shogi Study Group" belongs to the Osaki school.
  • 1921-Gohei Ono, a master, dies.In response to this, Sekine took the position of a master with the consent of Doi, Osaki, Sakata and others.[Note 4].
  • 1923 --The Great Kanto Earthquake has boosted the momentum for unifying the Tokyo shogi world.
  • September 1924, 9 --The Sekine school "Tokyo Shogi Club", the Doi school "Shogi Alliance", and the Osaki school "Tokyo Shogi Study Group" merged.The shogi world in Tokyo is unified.Sekine became the Honorary Chairman and Doi became the Chairman.Tokyo Shogi FederationIs formed.
  • 1925-Sakata of the "Kansai Shogi Study Group" claims to be a Kansai master and is banished from the "Tokyo Shogi Federation".After that, he will not be able to participate in the Tokyo-based shogi tournament.
  • 1927 --The Kimi school "Shogi Kai", which was active in Kansai, joins the "Tokyo Shogi Federation".Since it is no longer an organization only in Tokyo, "Japan Shogi FederationWas renamed to.
  • 1932-From the Sakata factionTatsunosuke KandaThe group (formerly Kimi) and others split.The Kanda faction withdrew from the "Kansai Shogi Study Group" and "Eleventh partyWas formed.The Sakata faction is effectively the only Sakata[Note 5].
  • 1935-Sekine announces the introduction of a talented master system.It is decided that the first talented master will be contested by the eight-dan shogi player.
  • 1935-Kanda of the "XNUMX-day party" plays with the top shogi players of the "Japan Shogi Association" over the XNUMXth dan.Although he achieved good results, he was not allowed to move up to XNUMXth dan.
  • November 1935-Supports Kanda's 11th Dan promotion (right to participate in the Meijin War)Chotaro Hanada(Mr. Sekine)Kingorō KanekoA group of (Mr. Doi) and others withdrew from the Japan Shogi Association.Joined Kanda's "XNUMX days party" and "Japan Shogi Innovation AssociationWas formed.Taking responsibility for the uproar, the executives of the "Japan Shogi Association" resigned entirely and the chairman was absent (Kanda case).
  • 1936 --- Turned into a businessman and politician under the sect of Soin Yashiro (a brother of Sekine)Kennosuke KosugaBy arbitration, the two parties settled by allowing Kanda to participate in the Meijin War. "Japan Shogi Association" and "Japan Shogi Innovation Association" merged to "Shogi Taiseikai".The chairman is Sekine.
  • February 1937-Former Chairman of SekineYasujiro KonParticipation in Sankichi Sakata's "Shogi Taiseikai" is permitted through the mediation of.As a result, the world of chess, which had been divided since the collapse of the Iemoto system, is completely unified.

After unification of the game world

  • 1937-The First Meijin Tournament is overYoshio KimuraIs the first of the ability systemcelebrityDecided on.
  • 1938-Kimura becomes a master and becomes the chairman of the Shogi Taiseikai.
  • 1947-namedJapan Shogi FederationYoshio Kimura was appointed as chairman.
  • October 1949, 7- CorporationBecomes
  • 1975- Female playerFirst Shogi Tournament, Phase 1Female mastersIs doneAkiko TakojimaBecomes the first female master.
  • 1987-Phase 1Ryuo BattleBegins.
  • 1989-As a sub-organizationFemale Shogi Player AssociationWas launched.
  • 1999 XNUMXstInternational Shogi ForumOrganized.It will be held once every three years.
  • 2005- Shogi worldPopularly referred to as "Board lifeTo celebrate the 81st anniversary of its founding, we hold commemorative events.
  • 2007-Some of the female shogi players said "Japan Women's Professional Shogi Association(LPSA) ”separated and independent.
  • March 2008-``Shogi worldIn the June issue of the magazineKunio YonechoThe chairman (at that time) said,Public interest corporation system reform'[Note 6]Along with this, he stated that reforms were necessary in order to aim for the permission of a "public interest incorporated association".
  • March 2009, 3 --Publications will be produced and sold from April of the same year.Mainichi Communications (currently Mynavi)Announced to be outsourced to.However, "Shogi worldThe magazine and "Shogi Almanac" will be edited and published by the Shogi Federation as before, and only sales will be done by Communications every day.[6].
  • April 2009, 4-A new "" including a female shogi playerGo playersWas launched.The first chairmanKoji Tanikawa..The Women's Go Players Association continues (however, the officer system unique to the Women's Go Players Association is abolished).
  • October 2010, 8- EncouragementFor the entrance exam,People's Republic of ChinaZhang Xin, who lives in Shanghai, passed the 6th grade and became the first foreigner encouraged member.[7].
  • November 2010, 11 --Resolved at the extraordinary general meeting to make female shogi players with 12th dan or higher and title experience as regular members[8].
  • October 2011, 3- Public Interest Certification CommitteeReported the transition certification of the Japan Shogi Association to a public interest incorporated association[9].
  • April 2011, 4-Become a public interest incorporated association[10].

Go player general meeting

The Shogi Player General Meeting is held as an employee general meeting of the Japan Shogi Association.Resolve important matters such as the expulsion of members, the appointment or dismissal of federation officers (directors / auditors), and amendments to the articles of incorporation.In the Japan Shogi Association, "employees" who attend the general meeting of shogi players are regular members (Player, And a female shogi player who has more than XNUMX dan or title experience[8]).Other female shogi players, encouragement members, coaching players, and branch members are not regular members of the federation and do not have the right to participate in the general meeting of players.

Regular general meeting is held once a yearPlace battleIt will be held in early June before the start of.An extraordinary general meeting may be held when other important decisions occur.

Major decisions made at the Go Player General Assembly in the past

  • 1976-At the extraordinary general meetingMaster gameIs approved to move from Asahi Shimbun to Mainichi Shimbun.
  • 2005- Seiji SegawaIt is decided to carry out a professional transfer test.
  • 2006-A vote on the transfer issue of the Meijin War.Under the conditions of the Mainichi Shimbun, the extraordinary general meeting will decide whether to continue the contract with Mainichi by a vote.At the extraordinary general meeting, the proposal from the daily side was rejected.In the same year, the professional transfer system for amateur players was officially approved.
  • 2019- Shogi KaikanRegarding the rebuilding problem, first of all, I gave up rebuilding Tokyo at my current location,Sendagaya StationbeforeHulicIt was resolved to proceed with negotiations in the direction of owning a part of the building in line with the rebuilding of the building owned byShogi Hall #Future PlanSee).

Board Member

The term of office of officers is approximately two years.Articles of Incorporation[11]Since the end of the general meeting every two years is separated by the provisions of Article 23, it may be less than (or exceed) two years depending on the schedule of the general meeting.Officers are appointed by a resolution of the Go players general meeting.

After the transition to a public interest corporation, a "primary election" was held around April prior to the general meeting, and a full-time director candidate consisting of professional shogi players, female shogi players and staff selected by members, and professional shogi players and female players recommended by the federation secretariat Part-time director candidates and auditor candidates consisting of Go players and outside experts are selected, and these candidates are appointed at the Go players general meeting.

Current system

Full-time director

From 2019 year 6 month 7 day[12]

PositionNameDan / TitleResponsible
PresidentYasumitsu SatoKudan (Hulic Cup Kisei Match holder)
managing directorKenji WakiBadan[13]Kansai Headquarters General Affairs / Public Relations
Managing DirectorKeita InoueKudanKansai Headquarters Promotion Department
Managing DirectorMorishita TakuKudanGeneral Affairs Department / Business Department
Managing DirectorDaisuke SuzukiKudanExternal Relations / Dissemination Department Diploma Department
Managing DirectorShimizu CityFemale XNUMX-dan (Queen XNUMX-crown)Corporate Planning Office Development Department / Accounting Department / External Relations
Managing DirectorAkira NishioSeven stepsMedia department
DirectorHiromitsu IshibashiFederation Secretary-General

Part-time director

DirectorShosuke MoriPublic interest group corporation corporationKansai Economic FederationConsultant
DirectorSadahiko OkanoPublic interest group corporation corporationKeizai DoyukaiManaging Director
DirectorYasumine SatakePublic interest incorporated foundationJapan Opera Promotion AssociationDirector
DirectorRyunosuke EndoLtd.Fuji TelevisionChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board[Note 7]
DirectorShogi Federation Former Go Players Association General Planning Advisor
DirectorTeruhiko SuzukiEight steps (retired)
DirectorHaruko SaidaWomen's XNUMXth Dan
DirectorMasataka SugimotoHachidan [(2012-2014)]


AuditorsYukihide MatsuokaCertified public accountant
AuditorsYoshinori SatoKudan (retired)

Past system

Only after 2011 after the transition to a public interest incorporated association.


PositionNameDan / TitleResponsible
PresidentYasumitsu SatoKudan (Hulic Cup Kisei Match holder)
managing directorToshiyuki MoriuchiXNUMXth Dan (XNUMXth Master Qualification Holder)Dissemination Certificate Department / Accounting Department
Managing DirectorKeita InoueKudanKansai Headquarters General Affairs / Public Relations
Managing DirectorKenji WakiBadanKansai Headquarters Promotion Department
Managing DirectorMorishita TakuKudanMedia Department / General Affairs Department
Managing DirectorDaisuke SuzukiKudanExternal relations
Managing DirectorShimizu CityWomen's XNUMXth Dan (Queen XNUMX Crowns)External Relations / Business Department
DirectorNobuhiro SugiuraFederation Secretariat


(From June 2015, 6[14])

PositionNameDan / TitleResponsibleRemarks
PresidentKoji TanikawaXNUMXth Dan (XNUMXth Master Qualification Holder)Resigned on February 2017, 2[Note 8]
PresidentYasumitsu SatoKudan (Hulic Cup Kisei Match holder)Inaugurated on November 2017, 2
managing directorAono Teru CityKudanDivisionDismissed on February 2017, 2[Note 9]
Managing DirectorKazuo AzumaBadanKansai HeadquartersManaging Director from March 2017
Managing DirectorKeita InoueKudanInaugurated on November 2017, 2
Managing DirectorShimaroKudanExternal relationsResigned on February 2017, 2[Note 8]
Managing DirectorNakagawa DaisukeBadanDissemination Certificate Department / Accounting DepartmentDismissed on February 2017, 2[Note 9]
Managing DirectorDaisuke KatakamiSix stepsElectronic media departmentDismissed on February 2017, 2[Note 9]
Managing DirectorShuji SatoSeven steps


(From June 2013, 6, * indicates the term of office until 7)

PositionNameDan / TitleResponsible
PresidentKoji TanikawaXNUMXth Dan (qualified XNUMXth generation master)Culture and Arts Promotion Bureau
managing directorAono Teru CityKudanExternal Relations / Certificate Department
Managing DirectorKazuo AzumaSeven stepsKansai Headquarters
Managing DirectorShimaroKudanExtension Department
Managing DirectorNakagawa DaisukeBadanGeneral Affairs Department
DirectorDaisuke KatakamiSix stepsElectronic Media Department / Business Headquarters
DirectorToshiyuki NagashimaGeneral Affairs and Accounting Department, Secretariat of the FederationAccounting department
DirectorNoriyoshi Onogi *Federation SecretariatPromotion Department, Culture and Arts Promotion Bureau


(From May 2011, 5, only those selected by voting are listed)

PositionNameDan / TitleResponsible
PresidentKunio YonechoEternalKisei(Die while in office)Culture and Arts Promotion Bureau
PresidentKoji TanikawaKudan (qualified 17th generation master)External relations
Managing DirectorKazuo AzumaSeven stepsKansai Headquarters
Managing DirectorTorahiko TanakaKudanBusiness headquarters
DirectorTadao KitajimaSix stepsGeneral Affairs Department / Electronic Media Department
DirectorToshiyuki NagashimaGeneral Affairs and Accounting Department, Secretariat of the FederationAccounting department
DirectorNoriyoshi Onogi *Federation SecretariatExtension Department
  • Nakagawa DaisukeHachidan became the managing director in charge of the extension department, but resigned in December 2011 due to personal reasons.

Successive presidents

Predecessor group

Tokyo Shogi Federation (1924-1927)

  • 1924-Ichitaro Doi

Japan Shogi Association (1927-1936)

Shogi Taiseikai (1936-1947)

Japan Shogi Association (1947-)

Go players

A new "Go Player Association" including female shogi players was launched on April 2009, 4.

Date of inauguration / changeHonorary Go Player ChairmanPresidentVice-president
October 2009th, 4[15]Nakahara MakotoKoji TanikawaShimizu CityYasumitsu SatoToshiyuki MoriuchiRieko Yauchi
October 2011th, 4[16]Yasumitsu SatoRieko YauchiOsamu NakamuraKeita InoueChiho Murata
October 2011th, 4[16]
2013 Osamu NakamuraKeita InoueChiho Murata
October 2015th, 6[17]Kubo ToshiakiMurota Io
October 2017th, 1[18](absence)
October 2017th, 2[19]Osamu NakamuraKubo ToshiakiMurota Io
October 2017th, 5[20]Hatakeyama Town
October 2019th, 6[21] Osamu NakamuraHatakeyama TownTetsuro ItotaniToyama Yusuke

The term of office of Honorary Go Player Nakahara is up to 70 years old.However, he declined the honorary shogi player chairman on April 2011, 4.

With the establishment of this Go Player Association, the officer system unique to the Women's Go Player Association was abolished.Harue TanikawaOfficers such as the chairman of the female shogi player have retired.

The policy of the first chairman, Koji Tanigawa, is as follows.[15].

  • Discuss at the meeting the ideal way of technical study and dissemination activities
  • Deepen exchanges with fans by holding events led by the Go Players Association

Headquarters / Shogi Hall

The headquarters were set up in three locations, but with the establishment of the public interest incorporated association, the Tokai headquarters was renamed the Tokai Promotion Federation, so there will be two headquarters.The location is as follows.


Extracurricular activities

There are several club activities as voluntary activities of Go players.

Online shogi game

Japan Shogi AssociationShogi Club 24Operated byShogi warsCertified,81DojoIs sponsoring.We also issue diplomas based on the results of these online games.[31]..Of these, Shogi Wars can use the substitute function by software by charging (partial, not unlimited).[32].

Guidelines for using game records

In 1999, the Japan Shogi Association made a "request" to refrain from distributing game records because it could lead to income problems even though it has no legal basis (the game records have no copyright).[33].. In September 2019, as a "request for the use of game records", we started requesting advance application for the use of game records beyond the scope of private use.[34]..Usage fees differ for commercial and non-commercial[34]..After that, after saying that there were various legal discussions about the copyright of the game record.[35], Guidelines were enacted[36]..As an illegal act under the Civil Code in the pastAsahi ShimbunRegarding the shogi tournament jointly sponsored by the Japan Shogi AssociationSota FujiiShogi system that relayed the game record ofYouTuberHowever, there is a case of requesting the cancellation of distribution as an infringement of rights.[37], In the case of a famous Go player game, it depends on the namePublicity rightsProblem occurred,Restitution for DamagesSubject to[38].


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