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😷 | Kumamoto citizen's feet, infection prevention Hurry, streetcars, buses, etc. Air conditioning filtration / disinfection / ventilation ... New corona, influenza alert

Photo Kumamoto Electric Railway has applied a coating agent with antiviral effect to all vehicles including its own route buses (provided by the company).

Kumamoto citizens' feet, infection prevention hurry, streetcars, buses, etc. Air conditioning filtration, disinfection, ventilation ... New corona, influenza alert

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At major stations, droplet infection prevention sheets are installed at the Midori no Madoguchi, and when selling reserved seat tickets to Shinkansen users, priority is given to seats with vacant surroundings.

Before the influenza epidemic season, transportation in Kumamoto Prefecture is looking ahead to a simultaneous epidemic with the new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Daily Newspaper

The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Reserved seat ticket

Reserved seat ticketWhat is (Zaseki Shiteken)?seatHave the right to secure that seat by designatingSecuritiesone of.Generally, transportation and hallstheaterIssued by specifying the date and time and seatticketRefers to.

In a narrow senseticket-Limited express ticket-Admission ticketIn a broad sense, it includes not only such tickets but also tickets, limited express tickets, admission tickets, etc. that also specify seats.

TrainOther thanPublic transportIn the case of, it is prohibited by law to carry more passengers than the capacity.Therefore, it will be issued when there are more passengers or when it is expected.Whether or not to issue is ultimately left to the transportation operator, but if the transportation operator approves, one person or one group will be assigned one seat and issued.

Train reserved seat ticket

In the case of railways, it may be issued depending on the type of train or whether or not there is a schedule.

local trainIn the case of, trains and seats are generally not specified,Group travelIn some cases or in some casesTourism列車In the case of, trains and seats are often designated.In the case of group travel, it is for premises arrangement, but in the case of some tourist trains, it is regarded as a service in terms of "securing seats", and it is often collected as compensation for this.

In a narrow sense, tickets, limited express tickets,Express ticketIn a broad sense, it refers to a limited express ticket, etc., in which the seat designation is included in the limited express fee, etc.However, even in a broad senseFareThere are only a few cases where the ticket includes seat selection and the ticket makes seat selection.


JRIn the narrow sense (in the narrow sense)Express trainas well as the local train(Rapid train(Including) of ordinary car reserved seatsReserved seat ticketRefers only. Since the JR express ticket itself does not have the effect of seat selection, a reserved seat ticket is required in addition to the express ticket when using an express regular car reserved seat.[Annotation 1]..A reserved seat ticket is also required when using a reserved seat in a regular car on a regular train.

ShinkansenincludingLimited express trainWhen using a reserved seat in a regular carSpecial express ticketIs a type ofReserved seat limited express ticketBut,Honor train・ Regardless of ordinary trainGreen carWhen using reserved seatsGreen ticketIs a type ofReserved seatGreen ticketBut,SleeperWhen usingSleeper ticketis necessary.In a broad sense, the entire ticket for designating these seats (sleepers) can be said to be a reserved-seat ticket.Reserved seat limited express ticket,Green ticket,Sleeper ticketFor details, refer to the relevant item.

Basically take a capacity systemHome linerEtc.Liner ticket / numbered ticketHowever, depending on the train, the seat number is specified, so in this case the liner ticket / numbered ticket can be regarded as a kind of reserved seat ticket, but due to the business measures of each JR passenger company, the liner ticket / numbered ticket is Not included in the reserved ticket.

You can board the Shinkansen and limited express trainsSpecial plan ticketThen, the seat is not specified at the time of purchase, and the seat is specified before boarding before use.The reserved-seat ticket issued at this time is sometimes called a "finger flea ticket".

In addition, even when connecting two or more trains on the Shinkansen without exiting the ticket gate, a limited express ticket for all sections (so-called "seatless limited express ticket") and a "finger flea ticket" may be issued in combination.In this case, "Reserved-seat ticket issuance" is displayed on the limited express ticket.When passing through the automatic ticket gate, pass only the ticket and limited express ticket.


The reserved-seat ticket for JR express trains and ordinary trains (“ordinary trains” in a broad sense including rapid trains) is 1958Was set to.However, since before that, for the following trains and rolling stock, the seat reservation system was adopted due to the following circumstances.

  • Sleeper - bedTheseatIf you think of it as a kind of, it is virtually impossible to share it because of the nature of using a sleeper for one person as a seat.
    • This is because the two-seater sleeper, including the open type, was not used at the time of enactment.There was a private room with a capacity of 2 people at the time of enactment, but even so, one bed cannot be shared by two people.Also,小 児Sharing with was allowed.Sleeper ticketSee.
  • Was connected to some express trainsSpecial second class car --Due to the rarity of the seat itself.The prototype of the current reserved green seats for limited express trains.
  • Special express train ――Since the time of setting, the train has emphasized express delivery, and the scarcity of vehicles and seats equipped with the corresponding facilities and the separation of short-distance and medium-distance users on the premise of long-distance transportation.

Initially, such a seat reservation fee was issued to guarantee seating on tourist trains.At that time, the 3rd grade system was adopted, but it was generally widely connected.Second class caras well as the Third-class carIt was provided in.Initially set up for second and third class cars ( 1960There was a difference in price between first-class and second-class cars, 1969Due to the abolition of the grading system, it is not set for green cars, which are the successors of first-class cars.Standard-sized carOnly applied, and the amount was unified in the system.


1974Introduced price fluctuations depending on the region and time,Normal period-Off-seasonWas also included in the system at that time. Even after the JR separation, this rate system is basically taken over as it is,JR Kyushu steam locomotiveSet a high price for SL trains when starting train operation by towing[Annotation 2]It has been changed little by little by each company.

Currently, in principle, it is on sale from 1 o'clock on the day one month before the day when the train departs from the first station (or the first day of the month if there is no same day in the previous month).[Annotation 3].

Reserved seat fee

Prices as of December 2019
By companyperiodReserved seat fee
(Half price for children)
JR HokkaidoSL in JR HokkaidoDriving day840 Yen
Trains other than the aboveAll Year530 Yen
JR East[SL galaxy] Passenger car ・
[nautical mile〕vehicle·
HIGH RAIL 1375vehicle
Driving day840 Yen
Trains other than the aboveJanuary 1-End of February / June / September / November 16-Month of December 2-Thursday
(However, holidays and the day before them and transfer holidays are excluded)
330 Yen
Days other than the above530 Yen
January 1-End of February / June / September / November 16-Month of December 2-Thursday
(However, holidays and the day before them and transfer holidays are excluded)
330 Yen
Days other than the above530 Yen
JR KyushuSL in JR KyushuDriving day840 Yen
Trains other than the aboveAll Year530 Yen

ShinkansenIncludingLimited express trainLimited express charges for reserved seats forBusy season-Normal period-Off-seasonThere are three types, which are different from the above.Detail is"Off-season / busy season" in the "Special Express Ticket" sectionPlease refer to.

Designated ticket

It will be released within the jurisdiction of JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu.For limited express trains, just like reserved seat tickets for express and regular trains, only seat selection is effective.By purchasing a reserved seat ticket separately from the non-reserved limited express ticket, you can use the reserved seats of ordinary cars on the limited express train in the same way as the reserved seat limited express ticket.In addition, limited express ordinary car unreserved seats can be usedSpecial plan ticketIn some cases, reserved seats in ordinary cars can be used by purchasing a reserved ticket separately.

In addition, it is not possible to use a limited express regular car reserved seat by combining a non-reserved seat limited express ticket and a regular reserved seat ticket.If you want to use a limited express regular car reserved seat with a non-reserved seat limited express ticket in the section where the above reserved seat limited express ticket is not sold, change the non-reserved seat limited express ticket to a reserved seat limited express ticket[Annotation 4]There is a need to.

Private railway

Private railwayin the case of,FareIn addition to thePricesWe have set up special express trains or express trains with reserved seats that requireRailway operatorMost of them are included in the price, and such limited express tickets or express tickets correspond to this in a broad sense, but in many cases the name "reserved seat ticket" is not used.However, in exceptional cases, the name "reserved seat ticket" may be used.

Examples include:

Tobu Railway
Tobu Nikko"It was operating in the systemRapid express"" Was referred to as a "reserved-seat ticket" for train designation and seat designation.
Nagoya Railway
"Special vehicle ticket" for limited express and limited express trains of Nagoya RailroadMu-ticket) Is 1999Until then, it was called a "reserved seat ticket".Is stillSeat reservation system principleHowever, we have made it possible to operate flexibly according to the above.
Nankai Electric Railway
Nankai Electric Railwayin the case of,Nankai Main LineLimited Express "Southern"Only do this.However, in the name, it is called a "reserved-seat ticket" ("Southern" is also connected to a non-reserved seat car that you can ride only with the fare).
Incidentally,Takano LineLimited express"Koya" and "Rinkan",Airport limited express "rapito"From the beginning of operation to the present, all cars have a seat reservation system.
Fuji Express
Fujikyu LineIn the case of, it is necessary separately from the limited express ticket to get on the No. 1 observation car of Fujisan Limited Express. (Cars 2 and 3 are non-reserved cars, so only limited express tickets are required)

Bus reserved ticket

In the case of a bus, it is generally for security reasonsExpress BusIn many cases, the seat reservation system is adopted, but the seat reservation fee is charged.FareThe reserved-seat ticket system in a narrow sense, which is separate from the ticket, is rare.However, on some bus routes, seats were secured by adding this.

JNR Bus / JR Bus

Intercity bus

The reserved-seat ticket for the national railway bus was issued in April 1969.Matsuyama Kochi Express Lineof"Nangoku”, A total of 42 seats on 1648 flights were accommodated in Marus.[2]..At that time, Marus did not support reserved-seat tickets, so it was released in the form of adding the triangular fare table information of the express fare to each flight.[3].

From May of the same year, the service will start from June 5 of the same year.Night train "Dream" on the Tomei / Meishin ExpresswayAccommodated a total of 6 seats on 648 flights in[2]However, from this time, it was released in the form of adding fare triangle table information.[2]..From the following July 1970Tomei Express LineAccommodated in Mars as an "echo" flight to accept group reservations on some of the flights[2]However, since the purpose was only to secure seats, we did not record fares and fare information, but only managed the fixed number.[2].. From July 1971Meishin Express LineWas accommodated in Mars as an "arrow" flight for group reservations for some flights.[2].

After that, at the same time as the bus business was spun off the year after the division and privatization, "Echo" and "Arrow" were no longer recorded in Mars.[4]..In addition, the bus reserved-seat ticket system was abolished for the "Dream" from June 1990, 6, and it became the same form as a normal highway bus that includes a reserved-seat ticket in the fare (however, a round-trip ticket). (Currently, when using a round-trip ticket, the fare does not include the seat fare, so the difference for the designated bus fare is collected as a separate ticket).After that, the bus reserved-seat ticket system was continued on the Matsuyama Kochi Express Line "Nangoku-go", but it was abolished only on December 6, 2001.

Sightseeing route

Towada Kita LineIn, the "Mizuumi" and "Asamushi" buses were operated as buses bound for Lake Towada connected to night trains, but the number of buses to be operated was decided only by on-site judgment. Sometimes it was difficult to arrange a bus when the number of passengers was larger than expected[3]..For this reason, in order to determine the number of buses in operation after grasping the number of buses in operation at an early stage, we started selling reserved-seat bus tickets on the Towada Kita Line in October 1970.At that time, it was a 10-yen ticket, which was issued when I had or purchased a ticket valid for the Towada Kita Line, but it became a hot topic in the department as "Isn't an empty bus waiting in front of the station?" That[3]..After that, from February 1975Long line"HagiFrom April of the same year,Towada South Line"Towadako" was also housed in Mars for the same purpose.[2].

Since the main purpose is to grasp the number of passengers, unlike ordinary reserved tickets, it will not be full and it is for grasping the number of passengers.Boarding ticketIt is the same as the position.After that, for a while, a charge of 200 yen was set for the reserved-seat ticket, but as of 2010, the reserved-seat ticket portion is issued for 0 yen.

In addition to the above, there were cases where regular sightseeing buses operated by JNR / JR buses were issued in the form of reserved-seat buses.

Other cases

  • Iwate Kita MotorIntercity bus operated by "106 Express], A seat reservation fee of 200 yen is set only when boarding the Super Tokkyu.
  • Limited express "Asagiri"For the purpose of contactTokai MotorFor the limited express bus "Super Romance" operated by the company, a seat reservation fee of 1991 yen was set in addition to the normal fare for several years from the start of operation on March 3, 16.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Express tickets and reserved seat tickets may be sold together in one ticket (called the one-leaf type).
  2. ^ In Hokkaido and Kyushu, where overall profits are sluggish, the cost required for SL maintenance is also heavy, so reserved seat charges are set relatively high.
  3. ^ However, there is a pre-sale quota for groups such as tours and school excursions of travel agencies, and basically that quota is excluded from general sales by the day of release in advance.
  4. ^ If it is a non-reserved seat limited express ticket that has been changed once, refund it and then purchase the reserved seat limited express ticket.


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  • Bus JapanNo. 11 "Ticket sales system of each company JR Group" (January 1989, 1, Bus Japan Publishing Association)ISBN 4795277664

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