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😷 | Live house "Yotsuya Tenmado" is closing ... A voice from musicians KanoeRana "I'm sad ..."


Live house "Yotsuya Tenmado" closes ... Musicians regret it KanoeRana "Sad ..."

If you write the contents roughly
"I really liked that space, which always gives me a sense of tension.

The live house "Yotani Tenmado" in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo has announced that it will close on October 10th.This is a lot ... → Continue reading

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緊張What is (Kincho)?body,HeartIs in a tense state.



When stressed, the body releases chemicals such as cortisol when it is tense.This can cause sweating, palpitation, and gastric ulcers on the palms and back of the feet.

You should temporarily pay attention to your breathing for about two minutes in a tense state.Relax your abdomen, place your hands and take a slow, deep breath.Even if the entire chest extends outward like a barrel, the hands should come out.By taking this type of deep breath, you can calm down and counter anxiety and escape reactions.However, in addition to starting this breath on a tense day, you should practice this breathing technique a few weeks in advance.

The story of telling yourself why you are nervous is important, and performance depends on whether the reason is fear or excitement.If you feel scared, you should think of doing your best anyway.This can improve performance.Plan B to increase your options, that is, plan for the worst contingencies, and the tension begins to ease.[1].


When tension is maintained or occurs unexpectedly, it causes mild thirst and sweating on the body.In parallel with this, the heart rate rises and the pulse also rises.Although there are individual differences, it may cause symptoms that closely resemble a completely different type of hypotension.It is often seen in people with apathic temperament, but in rare cases it is said that they cannot tolerate too much tension and there are cases of fainting due to mental and physical loss.In the case of infants (excluding cases caused by organic disorders), symptoms such as attraction, vomiting, and sickness may occur, so psychological relaxation (rather than coercion) should be applied to the infant. Care is desirable.In addition, when human beings are said to be bad, when the other person says that they are not bad and apologizes, the tension up to that point is often cut off and they cry.


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