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😷 | Michi and Kirin Group have a partnership agreement


Michi and Kirin Group cooperate with each other

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Michi has signed cooperation agreements with 96 companies and organizations so far, but this year is the first time that the Kirin Group has signed a partnership agreement.

On the 19th, the Kirin Group, a major manufacturer of beverages and beverages, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement aimed at regional revitalization in Hokkaido. → Continue reading

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Kirin Holdings

Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.(British: Kirin Holdings Company, Limited) Is a beverage companyKirin Brewery Co., Ltd.The Kirin Group's coreHolding company(Holding company).Mitsubishi GroupA member of the Mitsubishi Friday Party[3]And Mitsubishi Public Relations Committee[4]Is a member company of[3][5].Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first section.Nikkei Stock AverageAdopted brand.


1870PeopleWilliam Copeland(William Copeland)Yokohama settlement・ Yamate No. 123 ( 2016Current横 浜 市Naka Ward (Yokohama City)Suwa Town-Northern Elementary SchoolEstablished in the vicinity (a monument will be built as of 2018),JapanFirst for the massesbeerThe company that brewed and sold "Spring Valley Brewery(Copeland beer) ”is the origin.Therefore, it is recognized as a pioneer in the Japanese beer industry.

After that, Japan's firstbeer gardenOpening, bankruptcy (temporary closure of factory),Thomas break grabber,Yanosuke IwasakiReconstruction of the company byJapan Brewery(XNUMXnd generation) ”was established) 1907ToMitsubishi ZaibatsuJapanese nationality company under the umbrella "Kirin BeerNewly launched asSecond World WarAfter that, it won the top share of domestic beer.Asahi beer OfSuper DryUntil the rise of, he continued to maintain the lead. As of 2016, it has surrendered the lead to Asahi Breweries, but with the existence of fixed beer fans who have taken advantage of the unique bitterness and richness since its establishment, and the battle to launch new products, a fierce competition for market share has been fought. There is.However, recently, a large number of new products such as beer and low-alcohol beverages have been introduced, and the number of beer-based beverages and the sales of alcoholic beverages including non-beer-based beverages are the highest in the industry.

In recent years, we have been advocating a comprehensive company based on the alcoholic beverage business and the biotechnology business.Yongchang GenBusiness and capital tie-up withTakedaAcquired the seasoning business from (laterMC Food Specialties, now Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences) Etc., 20077/1, Shifted from a business holding company to a pure holding company,Kirin HoldingsThe company name was changed.

Around that time, the company was split, and as a business subsidiary, a domestic liquor business companyKirin Beer(Formerly Kirin Holdings), a pharmaceutical business companyKirin Pharma(CurrentKyowa Hakko Kirin → Kyowa Kirin), A company that manages indirect operations such as accounting and human resourcesEstablished.Also, 200610/1In charge of the beverage businessKirin BeverageBecame a wholly owned subsidiary in December of the same yearMercianMade a subsidiary through a friendly takeover bid (TOB) in 20074/1From, we started joint development of sales with Mercian.Also,RTD(Low-alcohol beverage) ・ R & D functions such as shochu are concentrated in. From July 2007, 7RTD, Shochu, plum wine, Western liquor (excluding some products), and synthetic sake were transferred to Kirin Brewery, and conversely, the wine sales business of Kirin Brewery was transferred to Mercian.The logistics department was transferred from MercianRTDIs a distribution network of Kirin Brewery (Kirin Logistics, as of 2016, under the umbrella of Kirin Co., Ltd.)Kirin Group Logistics), And wine, plum wine, western liquor, Chinese liquor, and synthetic liquor were integrated into the Mercian distribution network.The brand names of the products transferred from Mercian to Kirin are being gradually changed from Mercian to Kirin.

20076/30For up to"Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.Is a company established as a preparatory company (planning department) of a holding company, and on July 2007, 7, undertook the domestic liquor manufacturing and sales business undertaken by Kirin Brewery Company (formerly). The company name has been changed to "Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (new)" as an operating company.On the contrary, Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.(New) ", changed the company name to pureHolding companyIt is moving to.

20097/13,pluralMass mediaBySuntory HoldingsWithManagement integrationIt was reported that they were negotiating for[6][7]..The aim is to expand business opportunities overseas as Japan shrinks as a market.However, because the gap between the two companies was too large due to the integration ratio, etc. 20102/8Announced the cancellation of negotiations[8].

20131/1As a new company to control the domestic beverage businessKirin Company LimitedWas established (changed the business content and company name of the corporation), and all the shares of its major subsidiaries Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd., and Mercian Corporation were transferred to the company.further 20197/1Kirin Co., Ltd. has been merged into Kirin Holdings.

2019On February 2, the board of directors was heldGrandchild companyHitKyowa Hakko Bio OfsubsidiaryDecided to change.Of the subsidiaryKyowa Hakko Kirin (currently Kyowa Kirin)To acquire 95% of the shares for about 1280 billion yen[9].


  • 1870 --Spring Valley Brewery opened.
  • 1907 - Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1923 - 東洋醸造株式会社を合併。
  • 1933 -Established "Musco joint sales company" to conclude a sales agreement.
  • 1941
    • 8 - 原酉自動車運輸株式会社(現・キリングループロジスティクス株式会社)設立。
    • 10 - 有限会社麟鳳商会(現・キリンエコー株式会社)設立。
  • 1963 - 自動販売サービス株式会社(CurrentKirin Beverage株式会社)設立。
  • 1965 -Head office in TokyoChuo-kuKyobashiMoved to.
  • 1972 - Kirin Seagram Co., Ltd.(CurrentKirin Distillery株式会社)設立。
  • 1976 -Koiwai Agricultural Company (Mitsubishi Group) With a joint investmentKoiwai Dairy IndustryLtd.Established.
  • 1977 -Head office in TokyoShibuya WardMoved to Jingumae.
  • 1995 -Head office moved to Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 2007
    • July 7-Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to Kirin Holdings and became a pure holding company.
      • The former Kirin Holdings Company, which was operated as a preparatory company for the holding company, was renamed to its operating subsidiary Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (new).Domestic liquor business (beer-based beverages,RTD) Was transferred to the company, and from the subsidiary Mercian,RTD, Shochu, plum wine, Western liquor (excluding some products), and synthetic sake were transferred to Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (new), and conversely, the wine sales business of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (old) was transferred to Mercian.
    • August 10- Kyowa Hakko KogyoAnnounced amicable acquisition of. TOB and its affiliated pharmaceutical business subsidiaryKirin PharmaKyowa Hakko Kogyo will be made a subsidiary through the integration with.
    • December 12-Australia's largest dairy and fruit juice beverage company was acquired and made a wholly owned subsidiary through a local subsidiary.
  • 2008April 4-Kyowa Hakko Kogyo through share exchangeKirin PharmaWill become a wholly owned subsidiary, and Kyowa Hakko Kogyo will become a consolidated subsidiary.
  • 2009
    • April 4-Kirin Yakult Next StageYakultCompletely transferred (sold shares) to "Yakult Health FoodsAnd leave the group.With a corporationKirin Food TechCo., Ltd. merged and "Kirin Kyowa FoodsCo., Ltd. was established.
    • May 5-PhilippinesSan MiguelSold all shares of the company (about 20%).Instead, it acquired a 48% stake in the company that spun off San Miguel's beer business and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
    • October 10-Australian beer giant, which has been invested since 21Lion nathanAcquired all shares of the company and made it a wholly owned subsidiary. On the 23rd, the shares were transferred to a local corporation that owns National Foods.
  • 2011November 11-Brazilian beer giantSchincariol(AfterBrazilian giraffe →) announced that it will become a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2013
    • January 1-Transferred all shares of Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage, and Mercian to a subsidiary (formerly Kirin Business Expert), and the Kirin Group office said, "Kirin Company LimitedChanged the trade name to.Also transferred to Kirin Beverage.
    • April / May-Headquarters functions including group companiesTokyoNakanoNakano Shintoshin district (Nakano Four Seasons City) Moved to "Nakano Central Park South"[10].
  • 2015
    • In the fiscal year ended December 12, the Brazilian subsidiary suffered an impairment loss of 1100 billion yen, resulting in the first deficit (473 billion yen) since the listing.[11]
  • 2017 --Announced acquisition of Myanmar beer giant.At the same time, all shares of Brazilian giraffe in the NetherlandsHeineken GroupSold to.
  • 2019
    • February 2-Made Kyowa Hakko Bio, a subsidiary company, a subsidiary[9].
    • July 7-Merged with Kirin Co., Ltd., an intermediate holding company, and made Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage, and Mercian a direct subsidiary.[12].

Corporate activity

Japan national football teamOfficialsponsorIs.in the pastJapan Olympic CommitteeWas also the official partner of.

Major business subsidiaries

Domestic integrated beverage business

  • Kirin BeerLtd.
  • Kirin BeverageLtd.
  • MercianLtd.
  • Kirin (China) Investment Co., Ltd.- ChugokuBusiness development such as supervision of the liquor business and search for new investment destinations inYangtze RiverIt sells the Kirin brand in the delta region.
  • Kirin Business Expert Co., Ltd.-A function sharing company that started its business in January 2011 by taking over standard standard services and specialized service functions from (former) Kirin Business Expert Co., Ltd.
  • --A function-sharing company that conducts business related to information systems within the group.

Overseas integrated beverage business

Pharmaceutical / biochemical business

Other business

Public interest corporation

Former group company

International liquor business

  • San Miguel (Philippines) --With the establishment of San Miguel Beer, all shares have been sold and a direct investment has been made in San Miguel Beer.

General food business

  • Nagano tomato --After splitting the beverage manufacturing division into "Shinshu Beverage", it became independent by MBO.

Agribio business

  • --Old Kirin Agribio.Carnation has the world's top share in the flower business.Sold to a Dutch investment company.
    • Japan Potato-Japan Agribio Subsidiary.


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