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😷 | Maxell confirms inactivation of new corona by low concentration ozone disinfectant deodorizer


Maxell confirms inactivation of new corona with low-concentration ozone sterilization deodorizer

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As for the effect of ozone on the new corona, the inactivating effect at high concentrations (6.0ppm and 1.0ppm) has been reported as a previous study, and at low concentrations (80ppm) in an environment with a humidity of about 0.05%. Although the effects have been reported, this result confirms the effects at temperatures and humidity closer to the general living environment, and will be widely used in general public health even at low concentrations that can be used in manned environments in the future. Maxell commented that it showed the possibility of being fully utilized in.

Maxell produced low on October 10th with its ozone sterilization deodorizer "Ozoneo Aero (MXAP-AE27)" ... → Continue reading

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