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😷 | High-performance mask from GU released today!I bought it right away, so it's a comfortable report ♪ It fits the beautiful looking color ◎…


High-performance mask from GU released today!I bought it right away, so it's a comfortable report ♪ It fits the beautiful looking color ◎…

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BEAUTY MASK (with case, using GU DRY material) (990 yen + tax) with a high-performance filter for women is a product limited to super-large stores.

It seems that masks are now an item that emphasizes fashion as well as functionality.Fully ... → Continue reading

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Limited sale

Limited sale(Genki hanbai), orLimited sale(Gentei Tsubai) is a method by which a company sells products divided into regions or periods. Prior to national sales, there are limited sales for marketing purposes, which are carried out on a trial basis, and those for the purpose of increasing motivation to purchase products. Although the burden on the company is light, the effect is great, and the number of cases where it is done intentionally is increasing recently. Therefore, there are not a few consumers who oppose that they are explicit commercialism.

Region limited

The method is divided into blocks such as Kanto, Chubu and Shikoku, and sold only in that area. Those made from local specialty products,curlItems that are difficult to sell nationwide due to production costs, etc. Also,DonbuSome instant noodles such as become the base of soup depending on the regionsoup stockThere are times when consumers purchase limited items without even realizing it, such as changing the. in recent years,convenience storeBut for each store areaDessertAttempts are being made to change the lineup such as to create unique colors for each region. Also, because of regional characteristicsHokkaidoThere are many limited editions on sale (see detailsHokkaido limited editionSee).

For a limited time

It is often used in confectionery and restaurant menus, and in springCherry BlossomsFlowers, if summerplumMany products are seasoned according to the season. In addition, "test curl" (curl-Meiji Confectionery) Or "I'm sure I'll win" (KitKat-Nestle), Etc. There are an increasing number of cases where products with different names are sold for a limited time according to the examination season.Outside the food industryTCGIt is often used in sales.

Limited quantity

A method of selling by limiting the number of products produced. In addition to high-priced foods that do not match the cost when mass-produced, maniac books (new editions, reprints, luxury editions, etc.), DVDs of the past, etc. that originally appeal to only certain customers are targeted. Indicates the number of products manufactured and the number of products manufacturedlot numberIs noted, and among them, young numbers, that is, those produced early, are said to be valuable. This is also frequently used for TCG sales.

Also, when the manufacturer discontinues production (from that genre)WithdrawalOr the manufacturer itselfLiquidationTo commemorate it)Final editionMay be produced in limited quantities (Passenger carOften seen in).

Limited color

Of course, the above-mentioned “quantity” may be applied to “region” and “period”.

Handheld games,sneakers,computer,Home appliances,Musical instrument,AutomobileIn some cases, special color versions that are not in the normal product lineup may be sold.

Limited place

It can be purchased in any region, but it is sometimes referred to as selling only to a part of the stores that handle the genre.For exampleインターネットAfter the spread of the product, there are products that are not sold at ordinary mass retailers but are sold only at the online sites of manufacturers and mass retailers.

Limited sale example

Limited quantity

Although many examples of games are given below, there are many publication formats such as "Limited one hundred copies" related to publishing, so that there is no time to list them.

For a limited time


  • Tsukimi burger (autumn)
  • Terita (Spring)
  • Loco Moco (Summer)
  • Gracolo(winter)
  • Mac Shake (irregular)

Region limited


Sanrio OfLocal kittyLimited to the character goods represented by, in each prefecture and region.Kewpie,Domo-kun,Kato-chanSimilarly, mainly for each placeSpecialty goodsAnd local products are often the motif. for that reason,SouvenirOften purchased as. Others have a final goal of completing.

Limited place

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