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😷 | Forefront of skin care that raises awareness due to the effects of infection prevention items

Photo Always wearing a mask will cause friction with the skin, which will increase the chances of suffering from skin problems such as rough skin and stiff pores.

The forefront of skin care that raises awareness due to the effects of infection prevention items

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The "Manuka Honey Series" uses such Manuka honey abundantly.

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Manuka honey

Manuka honey(English: Manuka honey)ManukaCollected from flowershoneyIs.Manuka honeyManukaFrom flowersHoney beeHoney collected by, mainlyNew Zealand,AustraliaIs cultivated in[1][2]..Numerous experiments have shown that it has strong bactericidal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects.[3]..Manuka honey is brown and muddy and verySticky(It is sticky and dense).This property is contained in Manuka honeyprotein OfcolloidIs due to the existence of[4][5].


Definitions, standards, delineations

In 2018, the New Zealand government adopted the scientific definition of Manuka honey as part of its efforts to eradicate counterfeit trade.Manuka honey exported from New Zealand will need to pass a scientific definition test by the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA), an independent review body approved by the New Zealand Department of Primary Industry (MPI).[6]..This test consists of four chemical tests and five attributes of the DNA test.[1]..Especially in chemical tests, it is confirmed that all four chemical substances, 3-phenyllactic acid, 2'-methoxyacetophenone, 2-methoxybenzoic acid, and 4-hydroxyphenyllactic acid, are present.You must pass all five of the above tests to be labeled as Manuka Honey.This scientific definition test was first conducted on January 4, 5[7]..Although the only standard recognized by New Zealand's national law, MPI has not set a standard for Manuka honey sold in New Zealand's domestic market.

The Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) has established standard standards for Australian Manuka honey and has certified Manuka honeys that meet those standards.Manuka Honey, officially recognized by the Australian Manuka Honey Association, is all natural Manuka honey, produced in Australia and above standard.Methylglyoxal(MGO),Dihydroxyacetone(DHA), andLeptosperinincluding[8].

Manuka has a common habitat, very similar in leaf and flower shape, and the same flowering season.Myrtaceae Of(English edition)(Scientific name:Kunzea ericoides).Some beekeepers cannot distinguish between the two.Honey from the Kanuka treeKanuka HoneyThe appearance and flavor are very similar to Manuka honey, but it does not have the effects and effects found in Manuka honey.

Heather(Heather, scientific name:Calluna vulgaris) Honey is also very similar to Manuka honey, but unlike Manuka, Heather's honey is due to the fact that the plants bloom at the end of summer and are distributed in the mountains of northern temperate Europe and Central Asia. It cannot be mistaken for Manuka Honey.

Flavor / fragrance

Manuka honey has a unique strong scent[4] , "Earthy, oily, herbaceous"[9]Is said to be[10]..According to the New Zealand honey industry, it "has an aromatic aroma like moist soil and a slightly bitter, medicinal flavor."


powerfulSterilizationIt is said to have an effect.Also contained in regular honeyGluconic acidIn addition toMethylglyoxalIt is said that the bactericidal action is maintained even if it enters the body.

Oral ingestion using miceControl experiment(JapaneseJapan Science and Technology AgencyAs a result of a 2016 study with the support of (JST)Intestinal floraReduced the proportion of "opportunistic bacteria" (bad bacteria) among them, and made them "good bacteria"LactobacillusWas revealed to significantly increase the proportion of[11].

またHelicobacter pyloriIt is said that it also exerts a bactericidal effect on pathogenic Escherichia coli, but the effect of methylglyoxal on pathogenic Escherichia coli was under study (as of 2012).Also, for Manuka HoneyIngrown toenailIt has been found to have no effect on reducing the risk of bacterial infection after treatment with[12].


  • For a long timeFolk remediesInAlternative drugIs also used as.
  • It is also widely consumed on a daily basis as a food that contributes to maintaining good health (in recent years).
  • So-called"Super foodSome people take it as one of them.

Counterfeit and inferior goods rampant

Manuka honey is traded at a high price due to its rarity,ForgeryInferior goods (fake goods) and mixed products are on the market all over the world.New ZealandAccording to a survey by the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA), a major trade association and independent review body for Manuka honey producers, New Zealand's domestic production is about 1700 tonnes per year, which accounts for most of the world's total production. However, there are about 10,000 tons of manuka honey sold worldwide annually, and about 1800 tons are sold in the UK alone.[13]..This means that most of the products (already in the 2010s) that are labeled "Manuka Honey" and sold on shelves around the world are just fake or even ineffective. It's just a mixture of other substances and diluted (details are explained below).

A government agency survey conducted in the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2013 found that most of the sampled Manuka honey with Manuka honey lacked the non-peroxide antibacterial activity of Manuka honey.Similarly, of the 2012 samples surveyed by the UK, China and Singapore trade associations from 2013 to 73, 43 were negative.In addition, a study conducted by another trade association in Hong Kong found that 56 of the 14 sampled Manuka honeys were diluted with syrup. In 2013, the UK Food Standards Authority asked authorities to warn Manuka honey manufacturers of the need for legal compliance.  

To make pure Manuka honey, not only do we need many Manuka trees, but we also need an environment where bees cannot get nectar from plants other than Manuka.Due to the limited environment, there is increasing conflict among producers, and many birdhouses are subject to various obstructions or thefts.[14][15].

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