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😷 | New Corona XNUMX new person, total XNUMX people [Kumamoto]


New Corona XNUMX new person, XNUMX people in total [Kumamoto]

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Kumamoto City, a new type of coronavirus, announced on the night of the 50st that a new infection was confirmed in a man in his 21s living in Kita Ward.

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"TV Kumamoto" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Kumamoto.

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyA new type of virus. EspeciallyHuman coronavirusIs often used for.

A virus that has come to be recognized as a new type of coronavirus in each era


  1. ^ Fumihiro Taguchi "SARS coronavirus"Virus" Vol. 53, No. 2, p.201-209, 2003, The Japanese Society for Virology, two:10.2222 / jsv.53.201 There is the expression "a new type of coronavirus different from the conventional one".
  2. ^ a b Tetsuya Mizutani, ``New species of coronavirus"Virus" Vol. 63, No. 1, p.1-6, 2013, Japanese Society of Virology, two:10.2222 / jsv.63.1.
  3. ^ Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV); Announcement of the Coronavirus Study Group Journal of Virology, Published ahead of print 15 May 2013, doi: 10.1128 / JVI.01244-13
  4. ^ Naming of the Novel Coronavirus WHO, 28 May 2013
  5. ^ About the designation of infectious diseases caused by a new coronavirus that has been reported to occur in the Arabian Peninsula Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare May 25, 5

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Japanesespecial area,Administrative district.

NameTypesDate of establishmentReason for installation
Kita Ward (Tokyo)special area 1947(22)3/15Takinogawa Ward-Oji Ward merger
Kita Ward (Sapporo)Administrative district 1972(47)4/1Government-designated cityMigration
Kita Ward (Saitama City) 2003(15) April 4Transition to a designated city
Kita Ward (Niigata City) 2007(19) April 4Transition to a designated city
Kita Ward (Hamamatsu City) 2007(19) April 4Transition to a designated city
Kita Ward (Nagoya City) 1944(19)2/11Higashi Ward-Nishi-wardSeparated from
Kita Ward (Kyoto City) 1955(30)9/1Kamigyo WardSeparated from
Kita Ward (Osaka City) 1989(XNUMX)2/13oldKita-Oyodo WardMerger
Kita Ward (Sakai City) 2006(18) April 4Transition to a designated city
Kita Ward (Kobe City) 1973(48)8/1Hyogo WardSeparated from
Kita Ward (Okayama City) 2009(21) April 4Transition to a designated city
Kita Ward (Kumamoto City) 2012(24) April 4Transition to a designated city

South Korea

Kita(Puku = Ku (Northern Europe))


Kita-North District(Japanese reading: Hokuku,pinyin: bĕiqū)

Hong Kong




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