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😷 | [New Corona] Kanagawa on the 24th 3 elderly people died, 67 people newly infected


[New Corona] Kanagawa on the 24th 3 elderly people died, 67 people newly infected

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A man in Yamato City was transported by ambulance on the 6th and had an underlying illness.

◆ Hotel recuperators go out without permission Over the new coronavirus infection, on the 24th in Kanagawa prefecture, under 10 to 80s ... → Continue reading

 Kanagawa Shimbun

Kanaroko is a news site operated by the Kanagawa Shimbun. As the only local newspaper in Kanagawa Prefecture, we have a news gathering network throughout the prefecture to provide a wealth of information on incidents and accidents, political administration, economics, sports, culture, and heartwarming topics in the region.

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Emergency services

Emergency services(Kyukyutai,English: Ambulance service or emergency medical service) is an appropriate treatment for an injured person who arrives at an emergency site.Emergency medical care) PromptlyambulanceでhospitalTransport toTroopsThat.

Japanese emergency services

Firefighters in JapanI am also in charge of emergency transportation, and ambulance teams throughout the countryFire Department,Fire departmentIt is installed in.FirefighterTrained in the first-aid course, and a captain/member and engineer (driverIt is a rule that three members form a group), but from April 3, one out of three members of a rescue team such as a remote island or a depopulated area will be a quasi-emergency team member (with local government staff, etc.). It has become possible to consist of persons who have completed the basic training regarding emergency services.

Until now, ambulance personnel were not allowed to carry out medical care merely by transporting the injured person to the hospital.Paramedic National ExaminationTake the examParamedicThe qualified and certified membersDoctorUnder the instructions ofCardiopulmonary arrestFor victims of the conditionSecure venous accessAnd used equipmentAirway security(Tracheal intubation・ ・Laryngeal maskEtc.) Further drug administration has become possible. 2014ToshockIs suspected orCrash syndromeFor victims who are suspected to haveSecure venous accessとblood sugarBy the fixedHypoglycemiaFor victims ofGlucoseSolution administration was added. These treatments are called specific acts.

Secured space for lifesaving in emergency departments nationwideHigh standard ambulanceIs deployed, and the goal is to have at least one paramedic on board. On the other hand, at the branch offices, branch offices, and detachment offices of the small-to-medium-sized fire department with limited personnel,Firefighter,rescue teamThere are also cases where they concurrently serve.

In the case of "emergency fire fighting" municipalities that do not have permanent fire fighters, local government staff only carry out emergency transportation,First aidHowever, medical care is not possible when performing emergency work by a local government employee who does not have a qualification as a paramedic. 2015, An emergency paramedic belonging to a private company accompanies the “Yakusho Ambulance”, and the “Emergency Lifesaving Service Consignment”, which performs the same medical practice and lifesaving work as a normal rescue team, was carried out for the first time in Japan, the first company in Japan.Japan emergency system"ButMiyazakiMisato TownandTokushimaKatsuura TownIt is being carried out by commissioning from.

Thai emergency services

ThailandIn 2008Thai National Emergency Medical CenterUntil the establishment, there was no ambulance as a government agency. Therefore, even after the establishment of a public ambulance, the transportation of the injured to the hospital, disaster rescue activities, etc.ZendoIt is often done by a Buddhist volunteer group called. To a prominent groupOverseas Chinese report,Taikoku Yoshitokuzendo, There is a temple and a temple.

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Yamato(Yamatoshi)KanagawaLocated almost in the center ofCity.Special city at the time of enforcementIs specified in.

The population is about 23.9.Tokyo WardCommuting rate to 15.3%,横 浜 市Commuting rate to 18.3%[1].


40-50 from central Tokyokm, Within 20km from Yokohama city, east横 浜 市, WestZama,Ebina,AyaseIn the southFujisawa, NorthSagamihara City,TokyoMachida-shiAre adjacent to each other.Of these, Zama City, Ebina City, and Ayase City used to be in the center of the prefecture.Government-designated cityThere was a concept.

The distance between east and west is 3.22 km, and the distance between north and south is 9.79 km, which is a long and narrow city area from north to south.Sagamino PlateauLocated on the (Sagamino Plateau), the terrain gently slopes from north to south, with a height difference of 38.mHowever, there are almost no hills.The highest point in the city is 90m above sea level at the site of Shimotsuruma / Asama Shrine, and the lowest point is 30m above sea level at Fukuda / Eno Kubo.

Railroad moves from east to west in the central partSotetsuMain line, North to southOdakyuEnoshima LineIn addition to running, in the northTokyuDenentoshi LineThere are 8 stations in a narrow city area.For this reason, it is possible to access from various parts of the city to the nearest station in a relatively short time even by walking, which is the center.Yamato StationFrom Odakyu (Odawara LineVia)Shinjuku, With SotetsuYokohamaYou can move to each within 1 hour. 2019ToSotetsu/JR direct lineOpened, 2022In degreesSotetsu / Tokyu Direct LineIs scheduled to open, and due to the opening of these lines, from Yamato StationMusashi Kosugi-ShibuyaIt is expected that the convenience will be further improved in the future because the access to the area will be improved.

On the road networkTomei ExpresswayIs passing, but within the city areaInterchangeThere is no.However, in the northeast direction of the cityYokohama Machida ICIt is close to the city center and can be reached in a relatively short time.

Straddling Ayase City and Yamato CityUS Army in JapanとJMSDF OfAtsugi baseOf which, Yamato City is about 1.1 square kilometers.[2]It is equivalent to about 4% of the city area.


  • Sakaigawa --Flowing south on the east side of the city area,Machida-shiand横 浜 市Make a boundary with.The Sakai River and the Meguro River meet near the Meguro Bridge between Shimotsuruma.When heavy rains and typhoons hit and the Sakai River floods横 浜 市Seya-kuDamage is often concentrated on the side, and in severe cases, underfloor inundation often occurs.
  • Hikiji River --The water source is in the center of the city, and it flows south while eroding the plateau in the western part of the city.

Adjacent local governments





Population distribution by age in Yamato City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yamato City (2005)
■Purple-Yamato City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yamato City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Town name

In Yamato City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.All of the underlined town names in the town name column before the addressing system is displayed, and other parts are part of it.In addition, there are areas where the residential address is not displayed in each part of Nishitsuruma XNUMX-chome and Yanagibashi XNUMX-chome.


Zip Code The242-xxxxso,Yamato Post OfficeIs in charge of jurisdiction and collection.

Phone Number

Area code The046 (city code is 2xx / 40x / 41x)It has become.

Long time ago0462I used (xx), but to cope with the increase in subscribers, etc. 19997/202 am,046(2xx) changed all at once[Annotation 1].


National administrative agency

Prefecture administrative agency

  • Yamato Police Station, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Prefectural Central Area Prefectural Government Center-Yamato CitySagamihara City-Atsugi-Ebina-Ayase-Zama-Aikawa Town-Kiyokawa VillageHowever, it is Atsugi City that actually has the Regional Prefectural Government Center.
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Enterprise Agency Yamato Suido Sales Office
  • Kanagawa Prefecture Yamato Prefectural Tax Office-The jurisdiction is four cities: Yamato City, Ebina City, Zama City, and Ayase City.
  • Atsugi Health and Welfare Office Yamato Center --The jurisdiction is Yamato City and Ayase City.

Wide area administrative agency

City administration

  • Declaration of a city where bright and strong youth grow up ( 19824/1Enacted)
  • Yamato City Peace City Declaration ( 19859/19Enacted)
  • Yamato, a city that does not call people in their 60s elderly 20144/1Enacted)
  • Yamato, a city that does not call people in their 70s elderly 20184/11Enacted)
Environmental efforts


City council

The Yamato City Council has a fixed number of 28 people.The chairman / vice-chairman, the parliamentary group, and the number of members are as follows (as of May 2019, 5).

Chair/Vice Chair

  • Chair: Junji Hirata (Liberal Democratic Party / Shinsei Club)
  • Vice-chairman: Yamato Seifukai (Taichi Akamine)

Parliamentary structure

Prefectural assembly

The number of seats given by the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly is three.The results of the previous election (3) are as follows.

Notification numberCandidate nameNumber of votes obtainedAffiliated groupageOld and newComment
1Yuya Fujishiro23,197LDP47NowWinning
2Naotoshi Sugawara22,952Independent40NowWinning
3Kazufumi Taniguchi15,347Komeito56NowWinning
4Fumiko Miyao10,257Japan Communist Party74新

Member of Parliament

House of Representatives

Consists of surrounding Ayase City, Ebina City, and Zama CityKanagawa 13 WardsBecomes the constituency.The following was implemented in 201748th House of Representatives general electionIs the result of the election.

Candidate nameNumber of votes obtainedAffiliated groupageOld and newComment
Amari Akira127,214LDP68前Winning
Hideshi Futori62,779Hope party40新
Yutaka Okazaki36,627Japan Communist Party39新


Special products / special products

Famous confectionery

  • Sakura Highway
  • Yamato Monaka
  • Yamato kid
  • Rinkan Sable
  • Shonan potato
  • La Poire


  • Japanese sake "Ginjo Izumi no Mori" (Izumibashi Sake Brewery)
  • Yamato Wine "Kyoho no Shizuku"
  • Wine "Tsurumai no Sato"
  • No Shonan
  • Koza pig

Commercial facility

For more information on commercial facilities around the stationYamato City #TransportationSee the links for each station at.

As the largest commercial facility in the cityIto-YokadoとionOpened jointlyYamato Oak CityThere is.

Manufacturing / research institute

There are relatively many large-scale manufacturing industries and research institutes attached to them in the city.

The Cellstar Industries headquarters is located in Tsukimino.

Shimotsuruma is the headquarters factory of JVC Kenwood Creative Media (formerlyNippon VictorThe former Tokyu condominium series, Dresse Chuorinkan, is under construction along with the site of the Kobunshoin, which was relocated and was adjacent to the factory.Sanki IndustryYamato Office and Technical Research Institute, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cold and Heat Yamato Factory (formerlyToyo Engineering WorksHeadquarters),Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationDaiwa Computer Center is located[5]..In addition, there used to be the IBM Japan Yamato Facility, but in TokyoKoto WardToyosuIt was relocated to and closed in September 2012.

Around Yamato StationFar East Development Industry,Okano Electric Wire(Furukawa Electricsystem),Japan Molex(Foreign owned),SMK,Gaster(Tokyo Gas,リ ン ナ イsystem),Japanese plane, First Foods (Japanese milling(System, withdrawn) was also located.

In addition, in KamiwadaFuji Foods, To the daikan (Sakuragaoka)SaizeriyaKanagawa Factory, Sagami-OtsukaCozy CornerThe Sagami Factory, Shimotsuruma 2-chome, Kato Gumi Iron Works Yamato Factory and Yoshida Printing are located.

Listed companies

There are currently no stock-listed companies headquartered in Yamato City.

* Listed stock companies that existed in the past: ShicohCo., Ltd. (Electric, Electric, 20129/11Delisting,TSE Mothers Code: 6667)

Sister cities/partner cities



Authorized child institution

primary school


  • Yamato City Onohara Elementary School
  • Yamato City Kamiwada Elementary School
  • Yamato City Kitayamato Elementary School
  • Yamato City Sakuragaoka Elementary School
  • Yamato City Shibuya Elementary School
  • Yamato City Shimofukuda Elementary School
  • Yamato City Soyagi Elementary School
  • Yamato City Chuorinkan Elementary School
  • Yamato City Nishitsuruma Elementary School
  • Yamato City Hikichidai Elementary School
  • Yamato City Fukami Elementary School
  • Yamato City Fukuda Elementary School
  • Yamato City Bungaoka Elementary School
  • Yamato City Midorino Elementary School
  • Yamato City Minamirinkan Elementary School
  • Yamato City Yanagibashi Elementary School
  • Yamato City Yamato Elementary School
  • Yamato City Yamatohigashi Elementary School
  • Yamato Municipal Rinkan Elementary School


Junior high school


  • Yamato City Kamiwada Junior High School
  • Yamato City Shibuya Junior High School
  • Yamato City Shimofukuda Junior High School
  • Kimino Junior High School in Yamato City
  • Yamato City Tsuruma Junior High School
  • Yamato City Mitsuoka Junior High School
  • Yamato City Hikichidai Junior High School
  • Yamato City Minamirinkan Junior High School
  • Yamato City Yamato Junior High School


high school



Special school

  • Kanagawa Prefectural Seya Special Education School Yamato Higashi Branch Classroom
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Seya Special Education School Yamato Minami Branch Class

Junior college




A relatively large city with a population of over 20, but in the cityJRThe station is not set up.However, 2019ToSotetsu/JR direct lineDue to the opening ofJR EastVehicles have come to enter the city via the Sotetsu Line.

Incidentally,OdakyuKoza Shibuya StationUndergroundTokaido Shinkansen(JR Tokai) Passes, but there is no station on the Shinkansen.However, 2022Every timeSotetsu / Tokyu Direct LineIs scheduled to open,SotetsuMain lineViaShin-Yokohama StationWill be easily accessible.

Transit Bus

Express Bus

  • Tomei Yamato Bus Stop

■Tokyo Station-Shinjuku Station-Haneda airport・箱根・大阪・京都方面の高速バスが運行される。なお空港行きの高速バスは同停留所以外に、市外のFutamatagawa Station-Sagamiono Station-Minamimachida Granbury Park Stationなどからも乗車できる。



Tourist spots / parks

Green road / bicycle path

Entertainment / sports facilities / public bath


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Soccer has been popular in Yamato City for a long time.Japan national soccer teamAt the 2011 Women's World Cup, where (Nadeshiko Japan) won for the first time, three players, Ohno, Kawasumi, and Kamionobe, participated in the Japan national team.final OfAmericaOhno and Kawasumi started in the match.Against this background, Yamato City Hall hired Onodera as a city employee in 2011, and as part of the "Women's Soccer Town" project, the club team in the city "Yamato SylphideWas involved in strengthening.Sylpheed in 2019Nadeshiko LeagueFor the first time, Onodera is the team's goalkeeper coach alongside city officials.

In men's soccer, Yokohama is the baseYokohama F. MarinosSoccer school opened in 2007, and in 2017 the club'shome townWas officially added as.

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注 釈

  1. ^ This measure used the same number band before the changeAtsugi,Ebina,Zama,Aiko-gunAikawa Town,Aiko-gunKiyokawa Village(Some oldSagamihara City-Hadano(Excluding) was targeted.
  2. ^ 2007年(平成19年)4月1日施行の「大和市副市長定数条例」(平成19年3月15日条例第4号)。同条例附則の規定により、「大和市助役を置かないことの条例」(平成14年条例第18号)は廃止。
  3. ^ Part of the Kugenumakaigan sideHikiji River.


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