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😷 | New Corona "Recoverer Plasma Therapy", Less Effective = Clinical Trial Results


New Corona "Recovery Plasma Therapy", Less Effective = Clinical Trial Results

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Recoverer plasma therapy was rated by US President Donald Trump as a "historical discovery" in August.

[Reuters] – Plasma is taken from the blood of a person who has recovered from infection with the new coronavirus and administered to patients ... → Continue reading


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Plasma therapy

Plasma therapyWhat is (Plasma therapy for convalescent patients)?plasmaTreatment method that utilizes.


EpidemicAffected and recoveredantibodyCollect the blood of the person holding theplasmaIs separated and prepared before administration to patients[1][2]..In addition, it is expected to have a preventive effect by producing antibodies by administering to those who do not have infectious diseases in advance.[1]..It is expected to have a certain effect on unknown viruses for which no effective vaccine or therapeutic drug has been developed.


The treatment of administering plasma collected from patients who have recovered from an infectious disease has been practiced for a long time.This remedy was in the 1890sKitasato Shiba SaburoAfter injecting the toxin into the animalAntitoxinTo administerPassive immunityDiscovery and application of itSerum therapyDerived from[1].


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  • Liu, Sean TH, Hung-Mo Lin, Ian Baine, Ania Wajnberg, Jeffrey P. Gumprecht, Farah Rahman, Denise Rodriguez et al. "Convalescent plasma treatment of severe COVID-19: a propensity score–matched control study." Nature Medicine (2020): 1-6.
  • Joyner, Michael J., et al. "Effect of convalescent plasma on mortality among hospitalized patients with COVID-19: initial three-month experience." MedRxiv (2020).

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