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😷 | Shiraishi Kai Higashi Hakuryu is a new ten-car new corona outbreak Overcoming promotion

Photo: Shiraishi Kai Higashi Hakuryu (right) and his master Tamanoi (provided by the Japan Sumo Association) who are promoted to the new Juryo and have a press conference.

Shiraishi Kai Higashi Hakuryu Overcomes New Juryo New Corona Outbreak and Promotion

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The new Shikona name was decided in consultation with his master, Tamanoi (former Ozeki Tochiazuma).

The Japan Sumo Association will hold a ranking organization at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo on the 25th at the beginning of 21st place (the first day of January 1th, Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo) ... → Continue reading

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Tamanoi(Tamanoi) isJapan Sumo Association OfOld nameThe first Tamanoi (Tamanoi) was named as Shikona in the middle of the 18th century, and its origin is unknown.

Tamanoi's generations

  • The bold font of the second generation is the master who owns the room.
generationRetired nameHighest rankAffiliation room at the time of active dutyAttack periodRemarks
First generationTamanoimuraemon------
2 feeHatsusegawa MatayoshiTwelve 7Sendagawa (Osaka)-Shiratama Room
3 feeStag beetle---Kasukawa room
4 feeSatoshi HamaemonTwelve 17Ise no Umi Room
5 feeYasaku KoshinogawaTwelve 12Ise no Umi Room
6 feeSannosuke IwakinoTwelve 3Tamanoi-Isenoumi stableJanuary 1870-June 11 (died)
7 feeMt. TakachihosummaryTakenawa (Osaka)-Isenoumi stableJanuary 1886-June 2 (died)Two-ticket
8 feeFukuji Tamanoipre-4Tamanoi-Isenoumi-Tamanoi stableJanuary 1898-June 5 (died)Two-ticket
9 feeShigegoro Iso ChidoriTwelve 5Tamanoi roomJanuary 1902-June 1 (died)Two-ticket
10 feeToshiji ChibagaOzekiHatachiyama stableJanuary 1924-June 1 (died)
11 feeYukichi Raiyamapre-12Isenoumi-Nishikishima RoomMarch 1935-May 17 feeTachikawaChanged its name to
12 feeShujiro MutsunishikiTwelve 1Sorting roomJanuary 1940-August 1 (retirement age (retirement age))
13 feeTochito ChiyoriSekiwakiKasugano roomJuly 1977-February 1 (retired)
14 feeTochito DaihiroOzekiTamanoi roomApril 2009-

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