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😷 | [Breaking News New Corona] One patient died in Hamamatsu City


[Breaking News New Corona] One patient died in Hamamatsu City

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This is the fourth death of a new corona patient in Hamamatsu City.

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New Corona Patient

Hamamatsu city

Hamamatsu city(Hamamatsu Tsushi) isShizuoka OfWestern part(Enshu) Located inCity.Government-designated cityInternational Conference Tourist CityIs specified in.

Has the largest population in the prefecture,Shizuoka CityWith the 5th largest scale in JapanShizuoka/Hamamatsu metropolitan areaFunctions as the central city of.


HondaIs the birthplace ofJapanese sea bassSet up the head officeTokai regionでも有数の自動車工業都市であり、Fourth population in cities other than the prefectural capitalHave.Second area in municipalities nationwideAnd 7Administrative districtWith about 6% of the areaTenryu WardHowever, more than 97% of the population is occupied by 6 wards excluding Tenryu Ward.[1].

In the Enshu areaEconomy-culture-TourismHas become the center of.Sengoku periodToHamamatsu Castle Ofcastle town,Edo PeriodToTokaido OfPost townProspered as.Held every yearHamamatsu FestivalThen, about 3 million participants will visit in 200 days[2].

Yamaha,Kawai,Roland such asMusical instrumentMaker is located and is known as "Musical Instrument City"[3]. Also,MusicMany cultural activitiesUNESCO OfCreative city networkIn the music field[3].

2020From the government toStartup companyTo create "Global hub cityWas selected as[4].

Brazilian ResidentThe total number is the largest among all municipalities,Brazilian Consulate General of HamamatsuIs placed, 2001には第一回Foreign residents' city meetingが開催されるなど、多文化共生が進んでいる[5][6]..In addition, the citySDGs Future CityHas been selected for[7],Partnership oath systemEfforts are being made to realize a diverse society, such as introduction[8].


It is located along the Pacific belt near the middle of Tokyo and Osaka and consists of the plains in the south and the mountains in the north. The southern plains consist of alluvial plains, coastal plains, and plateaus (Mikatahara Plateaus), and have the largest plains area in the prefecture.area TheGifuTakayamaIt is the second largest in Japan after. Surrounded by rich nature, the north isAkaishi Mountains, The eastern part has one of the largest watersheds in the whole countryTenryu River, The southern part is a vast sand dune (Nakatajima Sand Dunes) Consists ofEnshu Nada, And the westLake HamanaIt is surrounded on all sides by different environments. In various parts of the cityKanzanji Temple,Lake Okuhamana,Bentenjima,Shirakura GorgeThere are scenic spots such as. OldMizukubo TownIs also a heavy snowfall area.

  • Lake Hamana : For the Miyakodagawa river system located in the southern part of the cityBrackish lake.
  • Inasa Hosoe: A branch of Lake Hamana, also known as Hosoe Lake.
  • Lake Inohana: The branch bay of Lake Hamana.
  • Shonai Lake: Branch bay of Lake Hamana.
  • Lake Sanaru : A lake located in the middle stream of the Shinagawa River in the Miyakoda River system. It was also known as the most polluted lake in Japan (FY2001-2006. 2008th place in the lake category in FY4).
  • Lake Sakuma: Located on the Tenryu RiverSakuma DamDam lake.
  • Lake Akiba: Located on the Tenryu RiverAkiba DamDam lake.
  • Funamei Dam Lake: Located on the Tenryu RiverFunamei DamDam lake.
  • Inasa Lake: A dam lake at the Miyakoda River in the Miyakogawa River.
  • Lake Mizukubo: Located in the Tonaka River, Tenryu River systemMizukubo DamDam lake.
  • Akihayama
  • Mt. Ogusa
  • Nemotoyama
  • Kannon mountain
  • Nakaneyama
  • Mount Ryuzu
  • Toguchiyama
  • Hyakoshi Pass(Iida city boundary)
  • Aozure Pass(Iida city boundary)
  • Daedongsan
  • Mt. Torinosu (Border of Shinshiro City)
  • Bogamine (Border of Toyohashi City)
  • Shirakurayama
  • Mt. sun
  • Gwangmyeongsan
  • Kobutsuji
  • Jokoji Mountain
  • Idokuchiyama
  • Gocho Sakagasan
  • Mt. Nokogiri (Kawanehoncho border)
  • Mountain
  • (Morimachi border)
  • Soba grain mountain (Kawanehonmachi border)
  • Ryomagatake


In Hamamatsu citymineThe story that there was is not well known. PresentTenryu WardKune Mine (copper) andMinenozawa Mine, Kurohime Mine in Kita Ward (manganese)was there.

Limestone is being mined in the Miyakoda area, the former Inasa town, and the former Hamakita city's Neken area, and some are still in operation.

Government-designated cityAnd once owned a mineTeine MineToyoha Minewas thereSapporo,Akiu Minewas thereSendai cityThere were only 4 cities, Shizuoka city, where there was, Minenosawa mine, and Kune mine.


The annual rainfall in the plains is 1809.1 mm, which is a little high in Japan, but it is the lowest in Shizuoka prefecture. Annual precipitation tends to increase as one goes to the mountains.

In summer, the mountains are extremely hot,Fern phenomenonAs a result, it may record the highest temperature in Japan. Also, in the plains, there are occasional extremely hot days above 35°C, 2020(Reiwa2 years)8/16First recorded 40°C in Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City,8/17At 0:10 pm, lined up in Japan's highest generation in Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City41.1 ℃Recorded[9][10].

The plains are warm even in winter, and even on February it is possible to go out without a coat on sunny days. However, this is a day when the temperature is rising nationwide, not just in Hamamatsu City.WindBecause of the strong seasonal wind called "," there are many days when it feels colder than the temperature. Winter snowfall in the plains is rare, but it can also snow in Hamamatsu City when strong cold air flows in, and it can accumulate in the mountains. In the mountainsTenryu WardMizukubo Town Heavy snowfallWhile being designated as a coastal area, Hamamatsu city center (Naka-ku-Higashi Ward-Nishi-ward-South ward) Indicates a large regional difference, such as the average annual snowfall of 0 cm.

Hamamatsu Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)20.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)10.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)5.9
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)2.5
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−4.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)57.0
Average monthlyDaylight hours196.5184.2191.0195.6195.8148.3177.5222.6161.0165.9170.0199.52,207.9
Source: Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1939-present)[11][12]
Tenryu climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)19.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)10.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)5.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)0.5
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−6.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)61.4
Average monthlyDaylight hours178.7171.7177.3177.6161.1116.5137.9178.6138.8153.3164.5186.21,944.6
Source: Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1940-present)[13][14]
Climate of Sakuma
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)17.8
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)9.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)3.4
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−1.3
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−7.1
Precipitation amount mm (inch)68.8
Average monthlyDaylight hours136.2141.1159.1173.0161.7123.9142.3170.8132.0141.1135.3140.91,756.3
Source: Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1939-present)[15][16]


Hamamatsu City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Hamamatsu City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Hamamatsu City
Green-All over Japan

Hamamatsu City (equivalent area) population changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Average age (October 2015, 27)[17]
  • Overall-45.16 years
    • Male-43.71 years
    • Female-46.60 years

Adjacent municipalities

Shizuoka Shizuoka
Aichi Aichi
Nagano Nagano


  • Hamamatsu City stated in the comprehensive plan started in FY2015 (Heisei 27) that the future image of the city is "Hamamatsu, a creative city that shines into the future, built by citizen collaboration".[18].
  • Mascot character(Mayor Hamamatsu Fuku) said, "Ieyasu-kunIs serving[19].

Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationShinpei Tsurumi 19117/11911/12/19
2Konishi Shiro1911/12/19 191512/14
3Heihachiro Takeyama 19163/24 19203/23
4-5Watanabe Motoo1920/7/24 19288/21
6Rikuhei Nakamura1928/12/5 193211/4
7Kakutaro Takayanagi 19333/17 19349/17
8-9Yokomitsu Yoshinori 19352/8 19429/20
10Hyoichi Fujioka1942/11/28 194611/11
11Keizo Sakata 19474/16 19514/15
12-13Yutaka Iwasaki1951/4/25 19594/30
14-18Hirozo Hirayama1959/5/1 19794/30
19-23Kurihara Masaru1979/5/1 19994/30
24-25Yasuyuki Kitawaki1999/5/1 20074/30
26-29Suzuki Yasutomo2007/5/1Incumbent

Hamamatsu City Hall Organization

Hamamatsu City Hall has adopted a division system.

Mayor Secretariat

Mayor-Deputy Mayor (2)

  • Planning and Coordination Department
  • General Affairs Department
  • Finance Department
  • Citizen's department
  • Health and Welfare Department
  • Child family
  • Environment Department
  • Industry Department
  • Urban Development Department
  • Civil engineering department
  • Ward office(7)

Mayor-Accounting Manager

Other departments

Ward office

Office nameAddress
Naka Ward Office103 of 2 Motoshiro-cho, Naka-ku
Higashi Ward Office20-3 Ryutsumotomachi, Higashi-ku
Nishi Ward Office31-1-XNUMX Yutō, Nishi-ku
Minami Ward Office600 of 1 Enoshima-cho, Minami-ku
Kita Ward Office305 Kiga Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku
Hamakita Ward Office3000 Kifupaku, Hamakita-ku
Tenryu Ward Office481 Futamata, Futamatata-cho, Tenryu-ku

Police and fire departments

Police station


  • Maisaka-cho, Nishi-ku until March 2007Arai police station (now Kosai police station)Was under the jurisdiction of. Since April 2007, it has been under the jurisdiction of the Hamamatsu Chuo Station, and since April 4, it has been under the jurisdiction of the Hamamatsu West Office.



Origin of place name

CurrentTokai Passenger Railway Hamamatsu FactorySpread over the whole area,7st centurySecond half~9st centuryAncient Shichi in the first halfCountyIs a traceIba ruinsExcavated fromWooden strip"Hamatsu-go" was written in "Hamazu-go," and in ancient times it was called "Hamatsu", and it is thought that "Tsu", which means a port or a ferry, came from it.[20][21].. It is unknown why "Hamamatsu" became "Hamamatsu",KoheiYear ( 931~ 938) Was edited byJapanese name], "Hamazu",Hiroyasu6 years( 1283) Was established around the timeXNUMXth Night Diary』In "Hamamatsu",Heian periodFrom the second halfKamakura PeriodIs believed to have transitioned between[22].

12st centuryAroundHokkaidoexcept for全国In each placeManorIs maintained and oldShichi-gunWas placed in the area. The Tenryu River before the Middle Ages is known as a river that frequently floods (Ranging Tenryu), and there are several tributaries of the Tenryu River flowing in the current city area. Was there. After the times, when it moved to the Middle Ages, it was called Hamamatsu (now Hamamatsu). It is presumed that "Hikima" is a place name that changed to "Hikima", and there are documents that were written as "Hikima" before the early modern times. In this kid's ancestor, Princess SenaImagawa TeizoByHikima CastleWas built. thisTokugawa IeyasuWas renamed Hamamatsu Castle, and later settled as Hamamatsu (now Hamamatsu) (Originally, there was a town called Hamamatsu near Hikima Castle. , Hamamatsu Castle was named after the name of the town).

Ancient times

中 世

From the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period

Sengoku period

The early modern period

Edo Period

From Meiji to World War II

Showa (postwar)



City council

浜松市議会 (定数46、2019年4月選挙、任期:2019年5月1日 - 2023年4月30日、2020年4月現在)

List of members by election and parliamentary group
 TotalNaka-kuHigashi WardNishi-wardSouth wardKitaHamakita WardTenryu Ward
LDP Hamamatsu245344521
Civic club5211  1 
Creative hamamatsu521   11
Japanese Communist Party Hamamatsu City Council411   11
Hamamatsu Municipal Government Improvement Committee11      
Citizen support Hamamatsu1   1   
A party that exceeds the faction11      

Prefectural government

Shizuoka prefectural assembly (quorum 68, April 2019 election, term: April 4, 2019-April 4, 30)

  • Naka Ward-Breakdown by number of parliamentary groups (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…4, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club…2)
  • Higashi-ku-Breakdown by number of parliamentary groups (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…2, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club…1)
  • Nishi Ward-Breakdown by number of 2 denominations (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…1, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club…1)
  • Minami Ward-Breakdown by number of parliamentary groups (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…2, Independent…1)
  • Kita Ward-Breakdown by number of 2 denominations (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…1, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club…1)
  • Hamakita Ward-Breakdown 2 Breakdown by parliamentary group (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…1, Fujinokuni Prefectural Club…1)
  • Tenryu Ward-Breakdown 1 Breakdown by parliamentary group (Liberal Democratic Reform Council…1)

National politics

Member of the House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Shizuoka Prefecture 3th Ward(Hamamatsu cityTenryu Ward(OldHaruno Town),Iwata,Fukuroi,

Kakegawa,Kikugawa,Omaezaki(OldHamaoka Town))

Hiroyuki MiyazawaLDP3Constituency
Shizuoka Prefecture 7th Ward(Hamamatsu cityTenryu Ward(OldHaruno Townexcept for),Kita,

Hamakita Ward,Nishi-ward,Naka-ku(Nishioka Town,Hanakawa Town), South ward(Makuraku Town, Takatsuka Town, Higashi Wakabayashi Town, Wakabayashi Town)

Minoru JoLDP5Constituency
Yuta HiyoshiConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival
Shizuoka Prefecture 8th Ward(Hamamatsu cityHigashi Ward,Nishi-ward,

Naka-ku(Nishioka Town,Hanakawa Townexcept for), South ward(Excluding Masuraku Town, Takatsuka Town, Higashi Wakabayashi Town, Wakabayashi Town)

Tate ShioyaLDP9Constituency
Kentaro GenmaConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city[34]
Friendship partner city[34]

Besides this 2014ToFlag of UNESCO.svgUNESCO OfCreative cityCertified in JapanKobe City,Nagoya city,Kanazawa,Sapporo5th followingTsuruokaCertified with. In the music departmentAsiaFirst).


Music Culture Friendship City

National agency

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

  • Nagoya CustomsShimizu Customs Branch Hamamatsu Branch Office
  • Hamamatsu East Taxation Office
  • Hamamatsu Nishi Tax Office

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

International organization

capitalTokyoOther than that, there is a Brazilian Consulate General in the cityAichiNagoya cityOnly.
Hamamatsu, along with Nagoya,Tokai regionManyBrazilian in JapanAs one of the central cities of the community, it is also a city with many Brazilian cultures.


Consulate General
Honorary Consulate-General

Financial institution

Administrative district

Hamamatsu City merged and merged 2005 municipalities on July 7, 1, the fourth in non-prefectural offices on April 12, 2007, and in Shizuoka Prefecture.Shizuoka CitySecond afterGovernment-designated cityBecame. It consists of seven administrative districts, each of whichLocation of ward officeWas decided during the merger consultation. In addition, in all wardsRailway stationExists.

Ward name範 囲
Naka-kuCentral area, spring, luck,Hagioka-Azuki mochi・Hanakawa, Takaoka, harmony, etc.
Higashi WardSeki, Nagakami,Kasai・ Nakanomachi, Wada, Gama, Ose, Oshima, Koike, Ichino, etc.
Nishi-wardIrino, Shitoro, Shinohara, Shonai, Wachi, Isami, Jakuro,Stepping on-Maisakaな ど
South wardShirahaki, Niitsu, Iida, Yoshikawa, Kawawa, Goto,Kamiな ど
KitaMiyakoda/New Miyakoda/Mikatahara/Hosoe-Inasa-Three daysな ど
Hamakita WardKifu・Mizono, Nakase, Komatsu, Somejidai, etc.
Tenryu WardFutamata, Shandong, Yokoyama, Bear, Moon, Taniyama,Haruno-Sakuma-Mizukubo-Yongsanな ど
Administrative area population/area and population density
CodesWard namepopulation
The population density
22132-5Higashi Ward129,18846.292,790.84
22134-1South ward99,92446.842,133.3
22136-8Hamakita Ward98,66266.501,483.64
22137-6Tenryu Ward26,509943.8428.09
(Estimated population, July 2020, 12) (Area adjustment by prefectures, cities, towns and villages nationwide Geographical Survey Institute

See the article of each ward.


Primary industry


Agriculture is active mainly in the area merged with Hamamatsu City, and the agricultural output is the fourth largest in the country (4). In addition to vegetables, flowers and fruits,Hamakita WardThen.PlantsProduction takes place,Tenryu WardNorthern forest areas such as the Tokai regionforestryIt is a zone.

Main agricultural products

Among the items produced in Hamamatsu City, the items with the highest production value in the top 15 are listed.

  • Mandarin orange -It is one of the major works, and it is shipped nationwide under the brand "Lake Hamana Mikan". EspeciallyKitaMikkabi districtAs for the mandarin orange, because of its excellent quality,Mikkabi mikanThe brand "" is given separately and is traded at a high price.
  • Rice -There are many paddy fields, and it is the first place in the prefecture.
  • chrysanthemum - AichiTaharaThe second largest producer of chrysanthemums in Japan. The main flower of the Enshu region. 70% of Shizuoka prefecture is produced in Hamamatsu city.
  • tea - Tenryu WardThe Tenryu and Haruno areas have a unified brand called "Enshu Mountain Tea." Astringent and subtle sweetness.
  • Chingensai -Production is prosperous on the east coast of Lake Hamana, and the amount of output is the first in Japan.
  • sweet potato - Nishi-wardMainly in the Shinohara district, red varieties and red azuma varieties are cultivated.
  • potato - MikataharaIn that case, potato production is flourishing, which is the prefecture's first largest output. It is used by famous chefs as a high-grade food in the off-season, because it has a higher harvesting period and higher quality than major production areas such as Hokkaido.
  • Leek - Higashi WardThen, the green onion,South wardThen the production of white onion is the main.
  • celery - Higashi Ward,Nishi-wardIt is mainly cultivated in, and the output is the first place nationwide.
  • Gerbera -Production is prosperous in Shonai, Nishimi, Isami and Wachi districts in Nishi Ward, and the amount of output is the first place in Japan.
  • Animal husbandry - 豚 肉Is "Lake Hamana Mochibuta",beefIs branded as "Shizuoka Sodachi".milk,Chicken eggsIs also being produced.
Typical seafood
  • eel -Once known nationwide as a special product of Hamamatsu,Business has been closed since the 1990s, and now the prefecture's market share has fallen to around 10%[Source required].
  • Trough - Enshu NadaIs one of Japan's leading fishing grounds. Most of themYamaguchi ShimonosekiHave been sent to.
  • Shirasu -Most dried shirasu, but raw shirasu that can be eaten only near the production area is excellent.
  • Clams-Oyster -The production is small.
  • Saw claws -A specialty product of Lake Hamana. It is called Doumangani and has a light and delicious meat quality.
  • Prawns -Lake Hamana products are relatively small and are used for tempura or raw food.
  • Nori -It has been cultivated around Maisaka since ancient times.
  • Turtle -Produce 70% of the whole country around Lake Hamana.
  • Spider -It is said that most of the ducks consumed during the Gion Festival in Kyoto are from Lake Hamana.
Other seafood
Main fishing port
  • Murashikushi Fishing Port (Nishi WardMurakushi Town
  • Maisaka Fishing Port (Maisaka, Maisaka Town, Nishi Ward)

Secondary industry

Hamamatsu CityIndustrial cityAndHondaIs the birthplace ofJapanese sea bass,YamahaSome of the largest domestic companies in Japan have their head office, and the shipment value of manufactured products exceeds 2 trillion yen. Most of Hamamatsu's industries are small factories, and most of them arefiber,Musical instrument,Automobile-オ ー ト バ イIt is a subcontract factory of a large company related to. recent years,HondaIt is in a difficult situation for subcontractors due to plant restructuring plans for Suzuki and Suzuki.

There are old textile factories, musical instrument and machinery factories around the city area, and large-scale factories such as transportation equipment factories are distributed with each industrial park in the suburbs.KitaMiyakoda Technopolis and Hosoe Technotown are equipped with factories and research facilities for advanced technology industries.

Industrial history
Textile industry
Hamamatsu from the Edo periodCotton fabricDuring the Meiji era, it became a major production area for cotton fabrics centering around the present Kasai.
Musical instrument industry
MeijiIn the second halfYamaha Torakusu organThe musical instrument industry that began with the production ofYamahaKawai musical instrumentOf the 2sHigh economic growthAlong with this, the musical instrument industry in Hamamatsu has grown dramatically and has become a world-famous musical instrument producer.
Entering the 21st century,RolandAlsoOsakaHeadquarters relocated from Roland's founderIkutaro KakehashiA new company, ATV, was established in the city, and domestic electronic musical instrument manufacturers are being concentrated in Hamamatsu City.
Transport equipment
After the warSoichiro HondaFor the generation of military radios that are no longer neededengineImprovebicycleSince it was installed in Hamamatsuオ ー ト バ イThe industry has begun. At one point, it had reached to 40 companies, but now it does not manufacture finished cars in the city.
Major industry
Musical instrument
Hamamatsu is a city with a thriving musical instrument industry. In the cityYamaha,Kawai musical instrument factory,RolandHas its head office, and the three major musical instrument makers in Japan are located in Hamamatsu. The musical instrument industry in Hamamatsu originated from the piano, and the base for piano productionSurrounding cityEven now, after moving toElectronic organ,Electronic piano,synthesizer,Wind instrument,guitarVarious musical instruments are being produced.Melody on,Pianica,harmonicaThere are many productions such as.
Transport equipment
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.At the founding place, Hamamatsu Seisakusho still exists and produces AT/M (automatic transmission) and CVT (continuously variable transmission) for automobiles. Also,Japanese sea bassThere is also a head office factory in the company, but it only produces engines, not finished vehicles. Clutch plate manufacturerF sea seaThere are also parts manufacturers.
Textile industry
There are many textile factories in Hamamatsu, especially浴衣Has become one of the leading production areas in Japan.
PhotoelectronTechnology industry
Hamamatsu Technical College(CurrentShizuoka UniversityFaculty of Engineering) Associate Professor (later Professor)Kenjiro TakayanagiBut,televisionInvented Founded by students of TakayanagiHamamatsu PhotonicsHas its head office and main factory.

Tertiary industry

Hamamatsu StationMany in the city center withShopping districtHowever, many districts are facing the problem of functional decline in the shopping district, such as an increase in vacant stores.[35].

As of 2013, there are 3,000 large-scale stores with a store area of ​​over 54 square meters. Since the enactment of the Town Development Law, the number of large-scale stores has increased rapidly.[36].

Retail store sales and store area are on the rise when viewed in the entire city[37].

Main commercial area

Central part

Shopping district

  • Yurakucho
  • Mall street
  • Hakonemachi Street
  • Blacksmith town street
  • Lily tree street
  • Tamachi Chuo Street
  • Ote street
  • Hirokoji Street
  • Act street
  • Sunayama Ginza Shopping Street (Southern Cross Shopping Street) and others

Large store

Suburban large store

Eastern area

Western area

Northern area


Major companies

Local public enterprise
Main office

Musical instruments and music related industries

Automotive industry

Optical-related/precision equipment


  • Maruhachi cotton(Bedding production)
  • Tabor(Manufacture of marking pen tip)
  • Reward (manufacturing uniforms for baseball)



Mass media

In addition to the headquarters of Shizuoka FM in Hamamatsu city, NHK and private broadcasting TV stations have NHK Shizuoka broadcasting station and branch offices of TV stations with headquarters in Shizuoka city and relay broadcasting.Hamamatsu Relay StationThere is. The newspaper isChunichi ShimbunJurisdiction over the Enshu regionTokai Head OfficeAndShizuoka Shimbun OfHamamatsu Bureau, The branch offices and communication departments of each newspaper company are located.

Newspapers and news agencies


In addition, depending on the area, TV AichiToyohashi Relay StationCan be received by terrestrial (26ch)[41].

Financial institution

Shinkin Bank with Head Office

Headquarters set up in Hamamatsu City (first)Local bank-Second regional bankDoes not exist, but the above twoCredit unionHas a network of stores throughout the city.

City Bank (Mega Bank)

Trust bank/foreign bank

Regional Bank/Second Regional Bank

List the representative stores in Hamamatsu city.

Government-affiliated financial institutions, etc.


In Hamamatsu CityHamamatsu Medical University,Hamamatsu Medical CenterIncludingSeirei Mikatahara Hospital,Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital,Enshu HospitalMedical institutions such as are concentrated.Hamamatsu Photonics ThePET equipmentThe Hamamatsu Higashi Medical Foundation has a medical examination center that is engaged in research and development and clinical practice.

Independent administrative agency/national university corporation Medical facility

Municipal medical facility

  • Naka-ku
  • Kita
    • Hamamatsu City Inasa Shrine Clinic (Yoshikata, Inasa-cho, Kita-ku)
    • Hamamatsu City Inasa Shintama Clinic Shibukawa Business Clinic (Kita-ku Inasa-cho Shibukawa)
    • Hamamatsu City Inasa Ihei Clinic (Ihei Inasa, Kita-ku)
  • Hamakita Ward
    • Clinic attached to Hamamatsu Medical Center (Advanced Medical Technology Center) (Hirakita, Hiraguchi)
  • Tenryu Ward
    • Hamamatsu City National Health Insurance Sakuma Hospital(Central part of Sakuma Town, Tenryu Ward)
    • Urakawa Clinic, Sakuma Hospital, Hamamatsu City National Health Insurance (Urakawa, Sakuma-cho, Tenryu-ku)
    • Hamamatsu City National Health Insurance Sakuma Hospital Yamaka Clinic (Oi, Sakuma-cho, Tenryu-ku)
    • Hamamatsu City Haruno Dental Clinic (Miyakawa, Haruno-cho, Tenryu-ku)

Private hospitals

  • Naka-ku
    • Shizuoka Prefecture Welfare Agricultural Cooperative Federation Enshu Hospital(Chuo XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
    • Medical corporation Shinpukai Maruyama Hospital (Sukenobu-cho, Naka-ku)
    • Seirei Welfare Corporation general HospitalSeirei Hamamatsu Hospital(Sumiyoshi XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
    • Medical corporation Azumakai Hachiman no Mori Clinic (former medical corporation Hirotokai Suzukake Hospital, Yawatacho, Naka-ku)
    • Sanaruko Hospital (XNUMX, Sanarudai, Naka-ku)
    • Misawa Hospital (Sato XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Higashi Ward
    • Tenno Hospital (Tennocho, Higashi-ku)
    • Mori Shokai Medical Corporation Hamamatsu Kita Hospital (Ose-cho, Higashi-ku)
    • Aritama Hospital (Aritama Minami-cho, Higashi-ku)
  • Nishi-ward
    • Ichihokai Medical Corporation Nishiyama Hospital (Nishiyama Town, Nishi Ward)
    • Specified medical corporation association Matsuaikai Matsuda Hospital (Irino-cho, Nishi-ku)
    • Koto Hospital (Izaji Town, Nishi Ward)
    • Nakanishi Hospital (Nishi Ward Irino Town)
  • South ward
    • Hamamatsu Minami Hospital (Shirahane-cho, Minami-ku)
    • Hamamatsu East Hospital (Fukushima Town, Minami Ward)
    • Mikatahara Hospital (Ozawa Watamachi, Minami-ku)
    • Medical corporation Hiroenkai Suzukake Central Hospital (relocation site of former Social Insurance Hamamatsu Hospital, Tajiri-cho, Minami-ku)
  • Kita
  • Hamakita Ward
    • Japanese Red Cross SocietyShizuoka Branch General HospitalHamamatsu Red Cross Hospital(Kobayashi, Hamakita Ward)
    • Hamakita Hospital (Hamakita-ku Komatsu)
    • Kyoritsu Juzen Hospital (Hiraguchi, Hamakita Ward)
    • Tomi Hospital (Nakase, Hamakita Ward)
    • Hamakita Sakuradai Hospital (four earths in Hamakita Ward)
  • Tenryu Ward
    • Medical corporation Hiroenkai Tenryu Suzukake Hospital (Futamata, Futamatata-cho, Tenryu-ku)



National public
  • Shizuoka UniversityHamamatsu Campus: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Informatics (Graduate School of Science and Technology (Engineering/Informatics), Faculty of Natural Sciences {Graduate School of Science and Technology}, Faculty of Creative Science and Technology)
*Decommissioned Faculty: Junior College of Engineering (Shirokita XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)

Vocational school

  • Vocational school Renaissance Design Academy (Kitada Town, Naka-ku)
  • Renaissance Pet Academy (Kitada Town, Naka-ku)
  • Shizuoka Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry UniversityForestry branch school (Oro, Hamakita Ward) (specialized training course) (Farmer training educational facility
  • Hamamatsu Municipal Nursing College (XNUMX Sanumedai, Naka-ku)
  • Tokoha Gakuen Medical College (Miyako-cho, Kita-ku)
  • Hamamatsu College of Medical Welfare (Renshakucho, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu Medical Association Nursing College (Kamoe XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu Dental Hygienist College (XNUMX, Kamoe, Naka-ku)
  • Shizuoka Medical Science College (Hiraguchi, Hamakita Ward)
  • Hamamatsu College of Medical Sciences
  • Sasada Gakuen Design Technology College (XNUMX, Higashi-Iba, Naka-ku)
  • Tokai Cooking Confectionery College (Itayacho, Naka-ku)
  • Tokai College of Technology (Nakazawa Town, Naka-ku)
  • Western Shizuoka Barber and Beauty College (Kamoe XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu Cooked Sweets College (XNUMX, Hirosawa, Naka-ku)
  • Tokoha Environmental Information College (XNUMXnd Handayama, Higashi-ku)
  • Hamamatsu Information College(Chuo XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu Nikken Technical College (Ebitsuka XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Ohara Bookkeeping College Hamamatsu School (Itaya-cho, Naka-ku)
  • Ohara Legal Civil Service College Hamamatsu School (Itayacho, Naka-ku)
  • International Medical Management College Hamamatsu School (Motohama-cho, Naka-ku)
  • International Tourism College Hamamatsu School (Motohama-cho, Naka-ku)
  • Ohara Travel Hotel College Hamamatsu School (Itayacho, Naka-ku)
  • OISCA Development Education College(Wachi-cho, Nishi-ku)
  • Shirayuri School of Vocational Training (Sukenobu-cho, Naka-ku)
  • Tomizuka Dressmaking College (Tomitsuka-cho, Naka-ku)
  • New Style College (Aoi Higashi XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hayashi Dress School (Chuo XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hirayama Bunka Fashion College (Johoku, XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Sumire Culture and Fashion College (Minamikashima, Futamatama-cho, Tenryu-ku)
  • Mikkabi Cultural College (Mikkabi, Mikkabi-cho, Kita-ku)

High school, junior high school, elementary school, kindergarten

high school

Junior high school

primary school


Special school

Various schools

Facilities other than school education

Job training

Driving school

Shizuoka Labor Bureau Director Registered Training Organization

  • Shizuoka Prefectural Savelift School
  • Seirei Welfare Corporation




Cultural facility

  • Hamamatsu City Musical Instrument Museum(Chuo XNUMX-chome, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu City Museum(XNUMX, Shigizuka, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu City Reconstruction Memorial Hall (Rimachi, Naka-ku)
  • Hamamatsu cityIba RuinsMuseum (Higashi-Iba 2010-chome, Naka-ku) (Closed in 22.)
  • Saiga Cliff Museum (Motoshiro-cho, Naka-ku)- Rat boyTomb
  • Hamamatsu City Maisaka Folk Museum (Maisaka, Maisaka Town, Nishi Ward)
  • History and Folklore Museum of Hamamatsu City Himekaido and Causeway (Kiga, Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku)
  • Hamamatsu City Citizen's Museum Hamakita
  • Hamamatsu City Haruno History and Folklore Museum (Miyakawa, Haruno-cho, Tenryu-ku)
  • Hamamatsu City Mizukubo Folklore Museum (Mizukubo Town, Tenryu-ku)
Hall etc.


Food culture:

The following part can be said not only in Hamamatsu City, but in the whole Enshu area.

local specialty
  • shallot
Minami Ward, Hamamatsu City,shallotCultivation is thriving.
Generally in Hamamatsu, as it ismisoAnd so on.
  • Hamamatsu dumplings
In Hamamatsu City, the amount of dumplings consumed (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications household survey)Utsunomiya CityIn addition to becoming the top nationwide in recent years, it became the number one nationwide in terms of consumption in 2011, and then the number two in 2012 for the second consecutive year. Originally has a unique dumpling culture. In addition, the number of gyoza specialty stores is large nationwide,Hamamatsu dumplingsThe Hamamatsu Gyoza Society was established in 2005 by citizen volunteers and is working to establish a brand. In addition, it has a mascot character.
  • eel
Lake Hamana AquacultureeelIs famous all over the country, and there are many eel restaurants in Hamamatsu. school'sLunchOn a rare occasion, eel kabayaki sometimes comes out, and as a souvenir sweet using eel.Shunkado OfEel pieIs also famous nationwide, and there are other "eel eels" made in it.
  • Clam
Once on Lake HamanaClamsHowever, in 2013, the sea hunting was canceled due to the lack of fishing, but the landing was recovered after that, and it was fully resumed in 2015.[43]However, it was canceled again in 2016. There are also clam sushi at the sushi restaurants in the city.
  • Okonomiyaki
Sukean pickledThere is a characteristic okonomiyaki that usesEnshu wareSometimes called.
General food culture
  • miso
Even in the city, there are white miso-centered districts, red miso districts, and mixed miso-centered districts depending on the district, but in both regions both white and red miso are used, and they are used according to preference. In the areaOdenTo sayMiso DagakuRefers to stewed odenKanto boiledIt is called (Kantoni/Kantoni), but both are eaten. EnshuBoiled soupIs the same as Hatcho Miso Cultural AreaBoiled bank.
  • Hampan
The white stamps produced in the area are normal white ones, but in recent years, black ones are also sold.



high school baseballThen,Hamamatsu Commercial High School,Hamamatsu Technical High School,Hamamatsu Nishi High School,Kosei High School(at that time),Hamamatsu Kita High School,Hamana High SchooletcKoshienHamamatsu Commercial High SchoolSelected High School Baseball TournamentWon the whole country. In recent years,Koshien in the summer of 2002Kosei High SchoolKoshien in the spring of 2003At Hamana High School (at that timeHamakita CityHigh school in Hamamatsu city has not participated in the national competition since.

Professional baseballThen,Chunichi DragonsHas several official games each yearOpen battleTheHamamatsu StadiumIs going on.

Adult baseballThe following teams are active in Hamamatsu City.

Soccer futsal

There is no J.League club whose home town is Hamamatsu, and it is the only ordinance-designated city. But adjacentIwataHometownJubilo Iwata(J2) Has an official shop and junior youth team in the city.



Sports Facilities

Main sports facilities

Sports events

Main sports event



Various places in Hamamatsu City-Higashi Ward Office in Hamamatsu City-Shizuoka Airport
JASDF Hamamatsu Base

Nishi-wardNaka-kuIn the area that crossesJapan Air Self-Defense ForceHamamatsu BaseThere is. It has a long history, and its predecessor was the Army Flight Regiment, which was established in Hamamatsu during the Taisho era. In the Showa era, the Army Flight School was set up, and HamamatsuarmyBecame the base for the heavy bomber.Pacific WarWhen the war situation worsened, Hamamatsu was hit by the presence of air bases and munitions factories, as well as Shizuoka City, which was in a similar geographical condition, because it was hitting the Japanese invasion route of U.S. military planes, along with the actual target value of bombing by the U.S. forces. Bombing rate exceeds 100%, which is one of the few cities in JapanAir raid,Naval shootingAs a result, many citizens died and the city area became scorched.

After the end of the war, Hamamatsu Air Base became a landing airfield for the US Air Force and was organized in 1952.Security forcesAviation school was established and became Japan's first air base. The security forces thenJapan Air Self-Defense ForceIt was renamed to Hamamatsu Base in 1958 and was separated into South Base and North Base. The affiliated unit is mainly an educational unit that trains maintenance personnel such as pilots and aircraft,Aviation Education GroupheadquartersThere is. In 1999, the Public Relations CenterAir parkIs open and many people are visiting. Many aviation fans from all over the country visit the annual Air Festival.


Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
Enshu Railway(Entetsu)
Tenryu Hamanako Railway(THR)

* LRT (Light Rail) Is introduced. A research group has been established by citizen groups, and the routes that extend to the suburbs around Hamamatsu Station are being formulated. At present, at the stage of the concept centered on citizens, there is still no noticeable movement as an administrative side,Lithium Ion Battery"World's firstTwo-storyOverhead wireLRTIs the main focus of the introduction.

Boarding card
The boarding cards for the railway lines are as follows. Once a magnetic stripeET card(Enshu Railway) was also available, but it was discontinued in 2006 and discontinued in 2010 and is currently unavailable.
  • Nice pass(Enshu Railway)-Non-contact typePrepaid Card.. There is no mutual use and there is no plan.
  • TOICA(Tokai Passenger Railway)-Non-contact typePrepaid Card.. Mutual useSuica-ICOCA-SUGOCA,andsense ofIs also available.
  • Orange card(Tokai Passenger Railway)-Magnetic stripe type. Since it is not SF, it is necessary to redeem it for a ticket at the ticket vending machine.


Entetsu logo.pngEntetsu tourism development


It operates mainly on the Entetsu Bus, but in 2007Hamamatsu busStarted a bus service in Hamakita Ward. In Hamamatsu City before the mergerMinistry of CommunicationsAlthough it was operating a public transport "city bus", it was abolished in 1986 and all lines are transferred to Enshu Railway. PresentHamamatsu City BusIs mainly operated by Hamamatsu City, but is not public transport, and instead of abolished alternative buses and community buses.Municipal busIs. Also,Tenryu WardHaruno TownonlyAkiba bus serviceIs on board.

General route bus
The boarding method is a post-departure, post-payment method, and the fare is a multi-section system with a numbered ticket.
Express Bus
Boarding card
The boarding cards for general routes are as follows. Once non-contactPrepaid Card OfEG1CARD(Enshu Railway Bus) was also available,Nice passSince 2004, the service has ended in XNUMX.
  • Nice pass(Enshu Railway Bus)-Non-contact typePrepaid Card.. There is no mutual use and there is no plan.
  • ET card(Enshu Railway Bus)-Magnetic stripe type. Sales ended in 2006.
  • Pasar card(Akiha Bus Service)-Magnetic stripe type.
Omnibus town
On December 1997, 12, Hamamatsu City was designated as Japan's first omnibus town. In addition, about measure as omnibus townEntetsu bus # characteristic measuresSee.


  • Entetsu taxi
  • Star taxi group (Hamamatsu taxi, Fuji taxi)
  • Hamamatsu Transportation Taxi
  • Western taxi
  • Hamamatsu Japan Taxi
  • Light taxi
  • Toyama taxi
  • Hamamatsu City Private Taxi Association



Tomei Expressway
Shin-Tomei Expressway

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

City nickname

Undecided road nickname

  • Sumiyoshi bypass
  • Marutsuka Bypass

Sightseeing spots and festivals


  • Hamamatsu Castle -At the end of the Warring States period, it was the residence of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and since then the daimyo Fudai made Hamamatsu Castle the residence, it is also called the castle of the castle. 1958The castle tower made of reinforced concrete (the castle tower does not exist in modern times and there is no castle tower in the picture) was rebuilt.
  • Hamamatsu Castle Park-A park around Hamamatsu Castle, on the north side of Hamamatsu City Hall. Spring is also famous as a cherry blossom spot.
  • Hamamatsu City Museum of Art
  • Gosha Shrine/Suwa Shrine -It is the earthen god of Hidetada Tokugawa, the second shogun of the Edo Shogunate.ShotoIs now a popular spot. Adjacent to Hama Hall. It was a national treasure until it was burnt down in World War II.
  • Act City Hamamatsu(Act tower)-Centering on the 45-story Act Tower towering in front of Hamamatsu Station, consisting of a conference hall, a concert hall, and an exhibition hall. The exterior has a harmonica motif.
  • Hamamatsu City Musical Instrument Museum -Opened in 1995 as Japan's first public musical instrument museum. A complex facility in front of Hamamatsu Station. Located in Act City.
  • Ruinsuka Ruins - Jomon PeriodThe ruins of the village from the latter half to the latter half. It is designated as a National Historic Site.
Higashi Ward
South ward
Hamakita Ward
Tenryu Ward

Souvenirs and traditional crafts


Regarding the cultural aspect of the festivalEnshuchecking ...

Music system







TV program

Native celebrity

List of people from Hamamatsu citySee.


Former Hamamatsu City

The data of Hamamatsu City before the merger on July 2005, 17 is listed.

The city badge (insignia) established on July 1911, 44 (Meiji 7) was abolished on June 1, 2005.

Mikkabi Town/Mikkabi Town

At the beginning of the merger, (Kita Ward) Mikkabi Town wasMikkabi TownMet. It is Mikkabi TownHigashihama VillageThis is because the state announced Mikkabi Town at the time of the merger. In March 2007, before becoming a government-designated cityMikkabi TownWas changed to.Mikkabi TownSee also

Area code

Landline phoneUnit charge areaIs Hamamatsu MA.Area codeは、053(400〜599・920〜959・964〜973・975〜976・978〜989)である。なお、隣接する湖西市も浜松MAである。 20073/31The area of ​​Tenryu Ward is Tenryu MA, which is 0539 (20 to 61 to 63), and the other area is Hamamatsu MA, which is 99 (053 to 400). Was treated as a long distance call.

The missing station number in the 900-series area isIwataToyooka district(Tenryu MA[No change in name at present], 0539-60 to 62/74/77/90 to 99 and 63-0GHJ/5GHJ to 9GHJ). (Because Toyooka area is the same 0539 but not Hamamatsu city, it was excluded from the area code integration.) Until the area code integration, the area was Tenryu Ward area and local call area. The area that uses 0539-63-1GHJ to 4GHJ in Hamamatsu city has been changed to 053-973-1GHJ to 4GHJ including the area code. Due to this change, Tenryu Ward (Hamamatsu MA) and Iwata City Toyooka District (Tenryu MA, The name is still the same) is no longer the same MA, so mutual calls are dialed from the area code, and the call charges are no longer local call charges.


Regional JP domain name

Hamamatsu City is a municipalityRegional JP domain name The city.hamamatsu.jp Will be assigned, but before the transition to a government-designated city hamamatsu.jp Generic JP domain nameHas been acquired by general businesses other than Hamamatsu City, and Hamamatsu City is in a state where it cannot be used. Such a caseSakai CitySagamihara CityHas occurred in. Same as before as of June 2014 city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp You are using a domain.


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