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😷 | Basketball B2 Nishinomiya Storks, one player infected with corona Team stopped working

Photo Nishinomiya Storks

Basketball B2 Nishinomiya Storks, one player infected with corona Team suspended

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The Nishinomiya City Health Center is investigating whether there are close contacts inside and outside the team, and if 10 or more people can enter the match based on the result, the Bambitious Nara match (Naraden Arena) on the 28th and 29th will be as usual. Expected to be held.

Nishinomiya Storks, the second division of the Japan Professional Basketball League (B League), has a new Coronaui on the 2th. → Continue reading

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Bambicious Nara

Bambicious Nara(Bambitious Nara for Bambitious)NaraBased inB.LEAGUEPros belonging tobasketballteam.It is also the first professional sports team for group ball games in Nara Prefecture.


As the first professional sports team in Nara Prefecture, we are working with the philosophy of creating a professional sports culture that can be shared in the region, revitalizing the region, and becoming a goal for children.[1].

The team name "Bambitious" is "Be ambitious" and "Bambi(Bambi, fawn) ”is the name multiplied.[2]..The team color is red (Bambisha Red).The official cheerleading team is "Bam Venus", and the team name is Bambi, the goddess of love and beauty.VenusMultiplied by (Venus).The mascot character is "Sikache" with a fawn motif.

Home arena13-1414-1515-1616-1717-1818-1919-20
Nara Prefectural Kashihara Park 1st gymnasium10862435
Nara City Central Gymnasium(From October 2016.10, "Naraden Arena")681024242321
Yamato Koriyama City General Park Facility Multipurpose Gymnasium8664222
Heguri Town Sports Center222----
Kashiba City Gymnasium-2-----
Tenri University Somanouchi Gymnasium--2----
Gojo City Kozuke Park General Gymnasium----22
Home match count26262630303030


Until the bj league entry decision

Originally the same as the bj league founding year 2005In 2006, the predecessor "Meeting for Creating a Professional Basketball Team in Nara" was established, and in the same year and the following year, 2, he applied for entry into the bj league.However, he was defeated twice, and since then his activities have been dormant.[3].

Then the 2005 bj leagueSendai 89ERSShinji Kato, who was involved in the founding of the team and was a director of the team, started activities to establish a team whose hometown is Nara prefecture, his hometown, and in 2011, together with the former members of the "Tsukurukai", " Established "Meeting for Creating Professional Basketball Teams in Nara"[4]..Initially, I was aiming to apply for entry into the bj league in January 2011,Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was postponed, and the Sendai 89ERS was severely damaged, and Kato, who had been a director of Sendai, had to concentrate on its reconstruction.[4]..Kato, who retired from the board of directors in Sendai in September 2011, has a certain prospect for rebuilding Sendai.[5]Resumed activities in Nara[4], Apply for the third bj league entry in June 2012[6], Approved in July, decided to enter from the 7-2013 season[3].

From entry decision to season start

After the entry was decided, a public offering of team names was held from August to September 2012, and it was held in Kashihara City on November 8, 9.Osaka EvessaversusShimane Susanoo MagicThe team name "Bambitious Nara" was announced in[2]..Along with this, the operating company also changed its name from "Narapro (a group that creates a professional basketball team in Nara)" to "Bambitious Nara Co., Ltd."

In March 2013, the mascot character "Sikache" was announced.[7].

bj league 2012-13At the end of the season, we started to build a team, and the head coach was in the 2012-13 season.Ryukyu Golden KingsLed to 1st place in the regular seasonKoto ToyamaInvited[8]..In draft meetings, in extended draftSaitama Broncos OfTakuma YamashiroとShiga Lake Stars OfJunpei HondaNominated, the first round in the rookie draftTGI D-RISE OfTaishi Kasahara, 2nd roundTakushoku University OfTatsuya SuzukiNominate and furtherKyoto HannarysFrom NaraRyo Inagaki[9]AndYokohama Bee CorsairsWas a traineeEmanuel NagashimaEarned[10]..hereJoe Chapman,Anthony Browne,Jamar Abrams, With 4 Levi Geese American players added[11], A total of 10 people have been decided[12].

From September 2013th to 9th, 14, before the start of the seasonShigaIn the pre-season game "bj Challenge Cup" held inOsaka Evessa,Shiga Lake Stars,Hamamatsu / Higashi Mikawa PhoenixWon the tournament match with[13]..Immediately after that, he canceled his contract with Geese and replaced him.Adrian MossContracted with.On the 21st of the same month, the first home game was held at the Nara City Central Gymnasium.Takamatsu Five ArrowsAlthough it was defeated by, it attracted about 2,500 spectators.[14].

bj league

2013-14 season

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Osaka Prefectural GymnasiumAtOsaka EvessaIn the first year of the war, he lost 78-87 and started off as a black star.After that, he suffered eight consecutive losses at the opening, but on November 8th at Yokooji Sports Park Gymnasium.Kyoto HannarysWas defeated 87-75 and won the memorable first official league match.Next card, at Yamatokoriyama City General Park GymnasiumTakamatsu Five ArrowsThe first white star held at home in the war.afterwardsShimane Susanoo MagicEscape from the bottom by pulling out, January 1th and 15thSaitama BroncosHe won the game for the first time in a row and reached the all-star game with 8 wins and 20 losses.

February 2st, in the first match of the second halfTokyo Sun ReevesHe won his first three consecutive victories, but after that he couldn't win in a row because he couldn't win in a row, so he couldn't join the playoff competition and was away from April 3nd.Oita Heat DevilsThe playoff advance disappeared when the first game of the four consecutive games was lost.However, from the next day's match, he won three consecutive victories in Oita, and also won the match against Shimane on the 4th, achieving his first four consecutive victories.The final result is 3 wins and 12 losses, 4th out of 19 Western Conference teams.

2014-15 season

Toyama HC retired at the end of the previous season, and former Saitama assistant coach became the new HCRyutaro OnoderaIs inaugurated.Among the players who were enrolled in the previous season, Kantaro Yoshida and all foreigners left the group.Takuma Yamashiro retired and became a coach.Former Tokyo as a new forceTakuro Ito, In front of SaitamaRyo Yamazaki, ForeignersChehales Tapscott, Andre Marie, Michael St. John andJared CarterContracted.

Although he lost to Takamatsu in the opening round in October, he won the next round against Osaka in a row and won his first victory of the season.Tapscott became the score leader, and Suzuki showed an activity to win the first place in the league assist ranking, but the third consecutive win recorded in November was the highest and he could not advance to the top. Released Murray to Gunma in February and signed with James Lahorn and trainee Ken Tsujiya.At the end of the season, he competed with Takamatsu and Fukuoka for 10th place in the playoffs and was in the playoffs for a while, but suffered 1 consecutive losses from mid-March to the end of the season, dropping to 11th place in Western and ending the season.

2015-16 season

Onodera HC also left the group in one season, beforeNiigata Albirex BB RabbidsHCKohei EtoIs appointed as a new HC.Daiki Terashita,Julius AshbyAre new members. From December to January, he recorded six consecutive victories for the team, and also won one from the leader Kyoto.In the final stage, he competed with Fukuoka for 12th place in the playoffs, but lost in the direct confrontation in the final round and did not advance to the playoffs, ending the season in 1th place out of 6 Western teams.


2016-17 season (B2 middle district)

bj league and NBL are integrated,Japan Professional Basketball League (B League)Was launched.Nara will belong to B2. Eto will continue to serve as HC.John Flowers left the group on the wayTerrance WoodburyAcquired. The season ended with 2th place in the B4 middle district (13th place overall) and a winning percentage of 4%.

2017-18 season (B2 west area)

Jericho PavlisevichWas invited as a new head coach, but was dismissed in the middle of the season due to poor results.The successor is a player and assistant coachHaruyuki IshibashiWill be tentatively in command.At one point, he was in danger of remaining, but with the success of Joshua Dorado, who joined in the middle, he remained in B2 (2th in the B6 west area, 16th overall).

2018-19 season (B2 west area)

Haruyuki Ishibashi will continue to lead as an associate head coach.Former Yokohama as a new forceJeff Parmer, Mae TochigiYudai MaemuraJoined.Triple/DoubleTo mass produceGary HamiltonThe season ends in 2th place in the B4 west area (13th place overall).

2019-20 season (B2 west area)

(English edition)Became an HC system, former Ehime Andrew Fitzgerald, Greg Mangano, former ShigaYutaro Nishi, Mae KanazawaYuji IdeJoined.He played aggressive basketball and left a record of seven consecutive victories in the team record to advance to the playoffs, but stalled at the end.Due to the cancellation of the league match due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, 7 games ended in 13th place in the B2 west area (5th place overall).

Staff and players

Current roaster

Bambicious Nara (B2 West District 2020-21) Roaster
playerス タ ッ フ
Line#Nameageheight WeightCountryBackground
PG1Yuto Otsuka30age (1990/4/3)1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) 69 kg (152 lb)Japanese flagWaseda University 
SF3Soichiro Fujitaka29age (1991/10/11)1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) 90 kg (198 lb)Japanese flagKansai University 
PF5Marcus Dove35age (1985/6/17)2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) 102 kg (225 lb)United States flagOklahoma State University 
SG6Tomonobu Hasegawa30age (1990/11/9)1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) 82 kg (181 lb)Japanese flagTakushoku University 
PG7Daiki Kobayashi28age (1992/5/15)1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) 70 kg (154 lb)Japanese flag 
SF8Takuya Komoda33age (1987/7/15)1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) 88 kg (194 lb)Japanese flagFukuoka University 
SG2124age (1996/12/17)1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) 80 kg (176 lb)Japanese flagTokai University Kumamoto 
G / F23Kosuke Taneichi captain33age (1987/12/22)1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) 85 kg (187 lb)Japanese flagNihon University 
F27Yuya Ishizuka28age (1992/6/5)1.87 m (6 ft 2 in) 82 kg (181 lb)Japanese flagRitsumeikan University 
SF3030age (1990/8/10)1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) 111 kg (245 lb)United States flagUniversity of South Carolina 
G44Yamato Ito25age (1995/7/19)1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) 70 kg (154 lb)Japanese flagChukyo University 
C5425age (1995/9/15)2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) 116 kg (256 lb)United States flag 
PG88Keitaro Kimura27age (1993/6/12)1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) 67 kg (148 lb)Japanese flagNiigata University of Health and Welfare 
C9927age (1993/8/16)1.99 m (6 ft 6 in) 103 kg (227 lb)Burundi flagTenri University 
Head coach
Takeo Mabashi

Assistant coach
Daiki Yoshinaga
Kihachi Yamashita
Athletic trainer
Kaho Oishi
Strength trainer
Yuya Kamazuka
Team doctor
Yasuyuki Kawaguchi
Medical staff
Daisuke Harai
Interpreter (player and player)
Daiki Kobayashi

Symbol Explanation
 captain Team captain Cruz Roja.svg Disabled person
 (C) Off coat captain (S) Suspension
 (Return) Naturalized athlete (Shin) Athletes applying for naturalization (B3)
 (Special) Specially designated player (International) Achievement abroad student (B3)
 (+) Mid-season contract
外部 リンク

Update day: August 2020, 11

Past players

Uniform sponsor (2020-21 season)

  • Supplier: SQUADRA
  • Front:Daiwa House Industry[15](left chest),Rohto Pharmaceutical[16](Center, "ROHTO" specified)
  • Back: Rohto Pharmaceutical (upper uniform number)
  • Pants: Rohto Pharmaceutical (upper right, "Senobic" specified),Nara(Bottom right front of home),Nara(Away lower right front), Be Legend Protein (upper left), Kowa Kasei Kogyosho (lower left front), Genkido Osteopathic Institute (back left)

Successive uniforms



Bambicious Nara Season results
Regular seasonplay offEmperor's cup
#Seasonleague地区RankingWinDefeatWin rateGame differenceHOMEAwayOwn districtOther districtscoreGoalPoint differenceSynthesisResultRemarksHCref.Result

12016-17B2中52436(.400)27 (-)11-17 (.393)13-19 (.406)14-22 (.389)10-14 (.417)46844802-118 qualifying.13Kohei Eto
22017-18B2West61941(.317)35 (-)10-20 (.333)9-21 (.300)7-23 (.233)12-18 (.400)43254635-310 qualifying.16Jericho Pavlisevich
32018-19B2West42238(.367)26 (-)13-17 (.433)9-21 (.300)10-20 (.333)12-18 (.400)43144787-473 qualifying.13Haruyuki Ishibashi
42019-20B2West51829(.383)00-0 (–)18-29 (.383)18-29 (.383)0-0 (–)39640396413(English edition)

Game difference: Difference from 1st place (difference from PO area)  District 1   # :Wildcard  QF :Quarter finals  3 decisions : 3rd place match  SF : Semifinals   FINAL : Final B1: 9-14th place has no PO   champion   B2 championship   Promotion   Relegation   Residual  
Updated June 2020, 11

Past league games

bj league

年度Regular seasonFinal resultHCRemarks
WinDefeatWin rateGame differencescoreGoalGoal differenceRanking
2013-141933. 36524.0 (5.0)73.078.3-5.3 qualifying.West 9th17 bitKoto ToyamaNew entry
2014-151240. 23134.0 (5.0)West 10th20 bitRyutaro Onodera
2015-161735. 32724.0 (3.0)74.176.4-2.3 qualifying.West 9th19 bitKohei Eto

The game difference is 1st outside () and inside ()PlayoffIt represents the difference from the category.

Individual title


 bj league 2014-15 Tatsuya Suzuki

 bj league 2015-16 Tatsuya Suzuki

Best free throw success rate

 B2 League 2019-20 Yuko Yokoe


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