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😷 | Karaoke is under the ventilation port Supercomputer Tomitake, Corona research

Photo Simulation of droplets when singing in the back of the room without wearing a mask in a karaoke box (above) and when singing with a mask standing under the exhaust port (provided by Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Kobe University)

Karaoke is under the ventilation opening Supercomputer Tomitake, Corona research

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It has been found that many karaoke boxes have a ventilation function, and standing under the ventilation opening and wearing a mask or mouthguard to sing can prevent the spread of minute droplets.

On the 26th, a team from Kobe University and RIKEN studying new corona countermeasures with the supercomputer "Tomitake" said "Kara ... → Continue reading

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Mouthpiece (sports)

MouthpieceBy attaching it to the inside of the mouthSportsAn attachment that protects the teeth and surrounding tissues from impacts and prevents trauma.[1].boxingSuch asFighting sportsOrrugby,American FootballWith a violent collisionContact sportsTo use in[1].baseball,basketball,サ ッ カ ーIn addition to being used inノ ノ ー ボ ーAlso used in winter sports[1].


Keep your dentition tightly engaged during the matchtoothA device that prevents damage to itself, tears in the mouth due to teeth, and reduces vibration to the brain.Mouthguard,Gum shieldAlso calledResinMany are made.It is said that when you wear it, you can exert more muscular strength than usual because you can fully engage the teeth.

Generally, it is divided into a single type that fits in the upper jaw and a double type that bites with the upper and lower teeth.In the latter case, of course, it is designed to allow air to pass through.

This device is highly effective in preventing oral injuries, and American football is famous for its particularly intense contact, but it is rather other due to its mandatory wear.CompetitionIt is less likely to hurt the mouth than (it is hung on the helmet's face mask with a strap and bites just before play).A survey of 2,470 American football players in North America reported that wearing a mouthpiece reduced the incidence of mouth and jaw injuries from nearly 60% to less than 5%.[1].

Recently, the utility of mouthpieces (mouthguards) has been gradually recognized, and the number of users is increasing due to the establishment of wearing rules in various competitions and the recommendation of wearing by competition federations and groups.


Protection of the jaw and oral cavity
One of the main effects is to reduce the impact on the temporomandibular joint by wearing a mouthpiece, and to protect the mucous membranes of the teeth, tongue and oral cavity.[1].
Suppression of the occurrence of concussion
By wearing the mouthpiece, the muscles of the head, chin, and neck are fixed, and the impact on the brain at the time of collision is mitigated.ConcussionCan be suppressed[1].
Psychological effects, etc.
It has the effect of improving the sense of security and concentration on the competition.[1]..In addition, functions such as a sense of balance are improved by adjusting the meshing.[1].


Mouthpieces are roughly divided into two types according to the manufacturing method.

Commercial item
Commercially available products are relatively inexpensive (about 300 to 5000 yen), and have the advantage of being easy to make by yourself.In the past, I used to buy ready-made products that fit my mouth size and put them in my mouth as they are, but now I soften them by soaking them in boiling water (80 degrees or more), then put them in my mouth and chew them. The type that matches the tooth shape of the tooth (then soak in cold water to fix the shape) is common.However, if you use something that does not fit well, or if you use it with the wrong mesh, it may have the opposite effect.[1].
Made-to-order product
Made-to-order products have the advantage that you can specify the thickness and meshing of the meat according to your competition.In the past, only top athletes were able to manufacture mouthpieces (mouthguards) in dentistry and specialists, but recently, due to the increase in producers, the spread of manufacturing technology, and the reduction in manufacturing costs, it has become easier. It has become possible to mold a mouthpiece for oneself at a low cost, and the number of users of "My Mouthpiece" molded from one's tooth profile is increasing.
In particular, "difficulty in talking", which was an obstacle to the performance of the competition when the mouthpiece was attached, has been greatly improved compared to commercial products, and it is a competition to play while communicating verbally like ice hockey and rugby. Made-to-order products are preferred in.
Another feature of custom-made products is that the colors can be arranged arbitrarily.There are various types, from all single colors to colorful ones using several colors, and the improved design is one of the factors behind the spread of mouthpieces.

Status of use

  • boxingIn general, martial arts where the face is directly beaten
  • American Football ――However, the NFL is only partially mandatory
Partially obligatory

Depiction / Other

boxingComicThen,matchDuring,faceBlow away by hitting, or of the playerfatigueAndボ デ ィBy attacking the playermouthThe depiction of the mouthpiece exhaled from is relatively popular.

However, in reality, there are few cases where the mouthpiece falls during the match.This is because when it is hit, it is basic to bite the teeth and withstand the impact of the head.In many professional games, the game continues until the end of the round.When continuing, the referee may pick up the dropped mouthpiece and throw it to the second, but if it does not affect the flow of the game, reattach it.This is because it takes time to reattach and the flow of the game stops.In rare cases, it is intentionally dropped to gain time and recover physical strength.In other competitions, amateurs, etc., the game is often interrupted and the athlete is obliged to wear it again.

You can see the referee lying on his back and raising his chin to take out the mouthpiece from his mouth when he fainted and fell down due to a blow to his head or chokehold.This is to prevent the mouthpiece from obstructing breathing.


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