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😷 | "Working" to enjoy vacation while working in a tourist spot Demonstration experiment begins in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata


"Working" to enjoy vacation while working in a tourist spot Demonstration experiment begins in Tsuruoka, Yamagata

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At this winery, you can enjoy the sweetened green onions from Shonai with mulled wine.

This is a new move for the tourism industry, which is influenced by the new Corona.A vacation while working at a company that operates a hotel in Tsuruoka City ... → Continue reading

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine(alone: Mulled wine,Glew WeinTomo) orHot wine(Onbudoushu) isWineとSpicesHot to make by warming etc.CocktailsA kind of.It is generally made from red wine, but some are derived from white wine. Various places to be held from mid-Novemberク リ ス マ ス マ ー ケ ッ トYou can enjoy it at.JapanAlso called mulled wine, this isJapanglish(CorrectlyEnglishでMald wine,mulled wine).FranceThen.Van Sho(Buddha: hot wine, Hot wine)[1].

Warmed like thisliqueurThe species are collectively called Grog, but in France, Van Cho is not called Grog.rumThis is the name used for beverages based on other alcoholic beverages.NordicIn countries, this mulled wine itself is Grog or Greg (Ding: Gløgg,promise: Gløgg) Called.


For red wineOrange peel,cinnamon,clovesSuch as spices,sugar,syrupAdd and heat to warm.

CafeThen, it uses steam to heat it instantly, so it can be served without blowing alcohol.this isespresso・ It is attached as a function of the machine.Cafe au laitWhen makingmilkIt is common with the function of warming and whipping.

GermanyMixed spices for mulled wine are also available on the market.Recently, mixed spices and bottled mulled wine have been imported and sold in Japan.

Germany and FranceEurope OfChristmasIt is said to be an indispensable drink.In addition, alcohol content will fly a little even if it is not boiled, so to make up for it, rum etc.Distilled liquorMay be added and drunk.When it contains distilled liquor, it is called Glühwein mit Schuss.This means "mulled wine with a sprinkle of (distilled liquor)".

AlsaceIn white wine producing areas, there is also vin chaud blanc using white wine, in this casecinnamonDo not add sugar orLemonAdd slices of.It is a specialty that can only be seen during the Christmas season in certain areas.

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  • 屠蘇 --Mirin and sake with spices such as cinnamon and ginger.
  • ――A traditional German soft drink that uses grape juice as a base and has the flavor of mulled wine without using any alcohol.The literal translation of the name is "Children's Punch Sake".In Finland it is called "(Grogi)".As a commercial product in Japan, the series released in the winter of 2015 (KIRIN) "Hot grapes with sweet and fragrant spices" etc.
  • Glock
  • Feuerzangenbowre-A wine cocktail with a mulled wine-like flavor that is preferred during Christmas and the great season.Fill a large container with red wine, add spices such as cloves and cinnamon, and citrus peels such as orange and heat.In addition, fruit juices and liqueurs may be added.Hand over a metal fitting similar to a fire scissors (Foierzange) on the container, place sugar shaped in the shape of a triangular pyramid, sprinkle plenty of rum on the sugar, and then light it.When the sugar melts while raising the flame and all falls into the wine, it is ready to drink.
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  • (British: Negus)
  • Hot buttered rum
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  • Coffee with liquor - Irish coffeeSuch.
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