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😷 | Confirmed infection of 114 people in Hyogo prefecture New coronavirus 


Confirmed infection of 114 people in Hyogo prefecture New coronavirus 

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In Amagasaki City, the death of a man in his 60s has been confirmed.

Hyogo Prefecture announced on December 12 that 13 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.Infection confirmed ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Amagasaki(Amaga Sakishi) isHyogoLocated in the southeast ofCity.Core cityIs specified in.

1916(TaishoCity system came into effect in 5 years).population451,308 people (218,879 households) (20203/1Current).


HyogoLocated at the southeastern end of.Osaka OfMunicipalitiesexceptOsakaIs the only municipality adjacent toArea codeIs "06", which is the same as in Osaka (Later).

Amagasaki Domain Ofcastle townBefore being designated as a core city, it developed into an industrial city centered on1948からPublic health centerIs specified in.Kobe City-Himeji-NishinomiyaIt has the fourth largest population in Hyogo prefecture, followed by a population increase for the first time in nine years in 4.

Coastal areas andMeishin Expressway-JR West JapanFukuchiyama LineIndustrial areas along theHanshin Amagasaki Station-JR Amagasaki StationMost of the surrounding commercial areas are residential areas.The population densityIs the highest.However, the commuting rate to Osaka City was only 20.9% (2010 [22] census).Daytime populationThe rate is 96.3% (2015 [27] census)Between HanshinIs the highest among the municipalities inBed townAnd has the character of both industrial cities.

In recent years,JR West Japan,HanshinHigh-rise condominiums andShopping center・Large logistics facilities are now available. Large redevelopment area (Aming Shioe,Amagasaki Midori Yushinshin) Is maintained. In addition, after the early Showa period, pumping groundwater from the factoryGround subsidenceAnd a third of the city limitsZero meters above sea levelAnd,climaxAlthough it suffered flood damage due to flooding, it was constructed in 1954 as a countermeasure.SeawallIt is,Great East Japan EarthquakeReinforcement work is underway.


South isOsaka BayFacing the westNishinomiya, NorthItami City, NortheastToyonaka City, EastOsaka(Nishiyodogawa Wardas well as the Yodogawa Ward), the city limitsOsaka Plaininclude.

Adjacent municipalities/administrative districts



AmagasakiInagawa-Kanzaki RiverAt the mouth of12st centuryFormed aroundreefIs a land that has become land-based (this can be seen from the fact that the place names also include "Nagasu" and "Kise"). Most of the city limitsSettsuKawabeso,MukogawaThe left bank areaMuko-gunBecomesKanzakiAs a key point for land and sea transportation, Daimonoura has prospered since ancient times as a base for maritime transportation, and during the Edo periodToda ironThe Amagasaki castle was built on the ground adjacent to Daimonoura. The left gate, which runs through the eastern end of the castle and borders Osaka Prefecture, is due to the renovation of the river by Utetsu, commonly known as the left gate.

Namba Nanae

Muromachi Period,KawabeControlled Nishi-Settsu based in Amagasaki in the southAkamatsuWas subordinate toSamuraiToNamba Nanae". 7 How to count homes varies slightly depending on the literature, but in generalMr. Kodera,,,Takaoka,,,Oe,, etc.Edo PeriodOf Amagasaki City that keeps power in the area throughOld house.

Chronological Table

Transition of administrative divisions



Long time agoKobe CityIt was second only to the prefecture, but due to population declineHimejiandNishinomiyaWas overtaken by HoweverThe population densityIs the highest in the municipalities in Hyogo Prefecture, and ranks within the 30th place in Japan.

1971Although it has been decreasing from 554,155 people, the declining trend has gradually become gradual,2008Turned to population growth for the first time in 37 years.

2010(22) Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from the national census, it decreased by 1.95% to 453,608, and the rate of increase / decrease was 41th out of 18 municipalities in the prefecture and 49th out of 24 administrative districts.

Amagasaki City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Amagasaki City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Amagasaki City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

District/town name list
The city is divided into 6 districts based on the old town and village area.There are similar place names, Misonocho (central district) and Misono (Sonoda district).

Central district
Mostly the former Amagasaki town area, once a city hall, was also called the main government office district. South central part around Hanshin Amagasaki station.

  • Kaimei Town
  • Kanda Kitadori
  • Kanda Nakadori:
  • Kanda Nantong
  • North castle
  • Kitatakeya Town
  • Kitadaimono Town
  • Kitahatsushima Town
  • Genban Kitanomachi
  • Genban Minamino-cho
  • Shiomachi
  • Showa Dori
  • Showa Nantong
  • Takeya Town
  • Daimonomachi (excluding a part of 1-chome)
  • Building town
  • Tsukiji
  • Teramachi
  • Nakazaie Town
  • West coast town
  • Nishi Sakuragi Town
  • Nishitakasu Town
  • Nishidaimono Town
  • Nishi-Namba Town
  • Nishihonmachi
  • Nishihonmachi Kitadori
  • Nishimatsushima Town
  • Nishi Misono Town
  • Nishimukaijima Town
  • East Coast Town
  • Higashisakuragi Town
  • Higashitakasu Town
  • Higashidaimonocho (excluding a part of 1-chome)
  • Higashi-Namba Town
  • Higashi-Hatsushima Town
  • Higashihama Town
  • Higashihonmachi
  • Higashi Matsushima Town
  • Tomisono-cho
  • Higashi-Mukojima Nishino-cho
  • Higashi-Mukojima Higashi-no-cho
  • Fuso Town
  • Departure (separated from the east coast area)
  • Misono Town
  • Nanjo
  • Minamitakeya Town
  • Minami Hatsushima Town
  • Miyauchi Town
  • Hogawa Manor

Oda area
Mostly oldOdamuraArea. Southeastern area centered on JR Amagasaki Station.

  • Imafuku
  • Kajiga Island
  • Kanzaki
  • Kinrakuji Town
  • Kise Kitashinmachi
  • Kanji Temple Island
  • Kise Honmachi
  • Kise Minamishinmachi
  • After a long absence
  • Chichinishi Town
  • Shioe
  • Shimosaka part (excluding part of 4 chome)
  • Jokoji Temple
  • Zenboji Town
  • Takada Town
  • Daimonomachi (part of 1 chome)
  • Next store
  • Nagasu Nakadori
  • Nagasu Nishidori
  • Nagasu Higashidori
  • Nagasu Hondori
  • (I.e.
  • Nishi Nagasu Town
  • Nukata Town
  • Higashidaimonocho (part of 1 chome)
  • Meishin Town (3 chome)
  • Yayogaoka Town

Ojo district
Mostly oldOsho VillageArea. Southwestern area including Mukogawa station.

Tachibana district
Mostly oldTachibana VillageArea. North Chubu centered on Tachibana Station. The current city hall is located in the Tachibana district. Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station includes the north side (the south side is Sonoda district).

  • Onishi Town
  • Obama Town
  • Kaminoshima Town
  • Kuriyama Town
  • Santanda Town
  • Tachibana Town
  • Tsukaguchi Town
  • Tsukaguchi Honmachi
  • Tomimatsu Town
  • Nanamatsu Town
  • Nishitachibana-cho (whole 1-chome and part of 2-3 chome)
  • Higashi-Nanamatsu Town
  • Mizudo-cho (excluding a part of 4-chome)
  • Minamitsukaguchi-cho (a part of 5 chome and the whole 6 chome)
  • Minami Shichimatsu Town
  • Minamibukonoso (2 chome)
  • Mukoshinoso East (2nd Street)
  • Mukoshinoso Honmachi (part of 3 chome)
  • Meishin Town (1 chome)

Muko area
Mostly oldMukomuraArea. Northwestern area centered around Mukoshinoso Station.

  • Tsunematsu
  • Tsuneyoshi
  • West Kunyang
  • Suidocho (part of 4-chome)
  • Minamibukonoso (excluding 2-3 chome)
  • Muko Town
  • Muko no Sato
  • Mukonoso
  • Mukoshinoso West
  • Mukoshinoso East (1nd Street)
  • Mukoshinoso Honmachi (excluding a part of 3-chome)
  • Mukomotomachi
  • Mukotoyocho

Sonoda district
Mostly oldSonodaArea. The northeastern part extending from Sonoda Station to Tsukaguchi Station.

Obfuscation place name

Shiido, Wakaoji, Kema, Koya, Daimotsu

Sister cities/partner cities

City symbol

City emblem/city flag
The year after the city system came into effect1917(Taisho 6)4/26At the city council of theCity emblemWas enacted[4].. Adjacent Osaka City Emblem (Mio) And the design aspect may be pointed out.1936When it merged with Odamura in (Showa 11), two points were added to the left and right to show the "small" of Odamura, and it became the current form.
City flagIs the city badge on a white backgroundMaroonThe one dyed in is used.

City song

The first city song1926Established by publicly calling for lyrics in (Taisho 15)[5].. Written by Shuo Fukutake, composed by Uhachi Kobe.
The current second generation city song, after the merger with Odamura,1940(Showa 15)Emperor 2600Write lyrics as part of the commemorative projectDoi Bansui, ComposeTokyo Music SchoolEnacted by requestingTaihei Records SP boardManufactured (M1730)[6].. Although the lyrics have been around the times, some of the lyrics were omitted for a while after the war, and they were played at events such as elementary school athletic meet.[5].
Besides this,1969"Kyochikutou no Wish", which was created as the theme song for the public relations program of the municipal government in (44),1986"Ah Amagasaki Civic Family" created in commemoration of the 61th anniversary of the municipal organization in (70)[7], Local women duoAma YuzuProduced by2015(27) PR song "Amagasuuki" commemorating the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization announced[8] There are favorite songs such as.

Trees, flowers, etc.
City treeDogwood, The city flowersOleander, The flowers of the cityBegoniaHas been selected. Flowers in the city1952(27) By selection, the trees and flowers of the city1991Selected in (3)[9].. City birds have not been selected.



Initiatives for urban beautification and landscape

Long time agoHanshin Industrial AreaAs an industrial city at the core ofIndustrial cityWhile the lined chimneys are proud of the town,PollutionWas famous as the city of. In recent years, it has flowed through the center of the city, where pollution from industrial and domestic wastewater has been remarkable.Shoshita RiverHowever, as it was improved to the condition that fish can live,Minister of ConstructionWe are focusing on the beautification business, such as receiving the award "100 selections of water to revive".
Organized by NGOs up to 2010Japan's environmental capital contest to create a sustainable communityHas participated every year since the 2001st held in 1, especially in the 2004th held in 4, ranked 4th overall, 1st by population size,Global warming#1 by population size in prevention sector[10] It became a top 10 regular in the overall ranking. By country in 2013Environmental model cityHas been selected.
Also, in Amagasaki City1986Since (61), the "Machikado Charming Award" has been held to recognize outstanding efforts for landscapes.Not only the preservation of historic buildings, but also new buildings were targeted, and it was held a total of 2016 times until 28 (Heisei 9).[11].

Amagasaki 21st Century Forest Plan

In Amagasaki cityNational Route 43Hyogo Prefecture aims to create an environmentally symbiotic town by creating water and a natural environment rich in greenery, as a major project in a long-term effort that covers the approximately 1,000 ha south of the target area with a timeline of the 21st century. In March 14"Amagasaki 21st Century Forest"Formulated the concept.The "Amasaki 21st Century Forest Creation Council" was established in August 2002 in order to promote the creation of forests in the Amagasaki 14st Century with the participation and collaboration of all actors including citizens.[12] Besides, as a pilot projectAmagasaki Forest Central Green Space(Wangan no Mori) is being developed. It is also in the concept areaAmagasaki CanalHas received the first certification of "Canal Rediscovery Project" supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Core city transition

Amagasaki City officially opened on May 2007, 19Core cityOn May 5, the first core city promotion headquarters meeting was held with Mayor Shirai as the general manager.
In the past, although the population requirements were met, the city area area was approximately 50km2And requirements (50km area for cities that do not reach 100 people)2The above was not satisfied, but the 28th Local System Study Group decided that “appropriate abolition of area requirements”, and on June 2006, 18 (Heisei 6)Local government lawWas officially designated as a core city candidate. Later on October 2008th, 20Official gazetteByCabinet Order OfAnnounceIs done,2009It became a core city on April 21, 4.
The adjacent Nishinomiya city2008It moved to the core city on April 4, and in Hyogo prefectureHimejiTogether with this, three cities are core cities. With the transfer of many authorities from the prefecture in the transition to the core city,2014In 26, Hanshin Minami Prefectural Citizen's Bureau (jurisdiction over Amagasaki City, Nishinomiya City, and Ashiya City), a local agency of Hyogo Prefecture, reduced its scale.Hanshin Minami Prefectural CenterWas reorganized into.

Supporting gang exclusion activities

In the cityDesignated gangIn 2019, the city established its own “City Boryokudan Erasure Activity Support Fund Ordinance” due to its headquarters office. same year,Gangster Exile Hyogo Prefectural CenterBut,GangsterWhen we submitted a request for injunction to use the office to the Kobe District Court, we provided some assistance from a fund by the ordinance.[13].


Kazumi Inamura(December 2010, 12-Incumbent (currently third term))

Successive mayors

  • Election
  1. Tadayoshi Sakurai (Former Mayor of Amagasaki, August 1916, 8 to May 11, 1922)
  2. Moriji Uemura(December 1922, 6-April 20, 1928)
  3. Tadayoshi Sakurai (February 1928, 2 to October 2, 1934)
  4. Minoru Ariyoshi(December 1935, 6-April 11, 1936)
  5. Minoru Ariyoshi (from June 1936, 6 to March 3, 1943)
  6. Yagi Hayashisaku(December 1943, 7-April 12, 1946)
  • Public election
  1. Seinosuke Mushima (April 1947, 4-April 6, 1951)
  2. Sakamoto Masaru(December 1951, 4-April 25, 1954)
  3. Kazuya Usui (Dec. 1954, 12 ~ Dec. 14, 1966)
  4. Takayoshi Shinoda (December 1966, 12-December 12, 1978)
  5. Heijuro Nogusa(December 1978, 12-April 12, 1990)
  6. Second generation, Seinosuke Mushima (December 1990, 12-December 12, 1994)
  7. Yoshio Miyata (December 1994, 12-December 12, 2002)
  8. Shirai sentence(December 2002, 12-April 12, 2010)
  9. Kazumi Inamura(From June 2010, 12)
  • Mayoral agent
  1. Tadayoshi Sakurai (Temporary Deputy Mayor, April 1916, 4 to August 1, 1916)
  2. Koshirobayashi (local mayor responsible for the mayor's duties, April 1936, 4 to June 1, 1936)
  3. Haruo Terahata (City clerk acting as mayor, November 1954, 11 to December 14, 1954)


In the cityHyogo Prefectural PoliceAmagasaki Kita-Amagasaki East-Amagasaki SouthThere are 3 police stations.


Amagasaki City Fire DepartmentManaged by. There are four fire stations in the middle, east, west, and north, the Sanwa branch office in the middle office, the Tokoji branch office in the east office, the Muko branch office and the Ojo branch office in the west office, and the Sonoda branch office and the Tsukaguchi branch office in the north office.


Amagasaki City Public Enterprise BureauManaged by. There is another government building near the city hall.


Under the management of the Amagasaki City Economic and Environmental Bureau Environment Department, twoIncineration plant(Clean Center) is installed and processing is performed.

2002More in household wasteDesignated bag systemHas been adopted. The four reasons for the designated garbage bag system are as follows.

  • Unify the bags so that the contents can be seen, and try to separate thoroughly.
  • Position it as a symbol of waste reduction and recycling and promote it.
  • Clarify the classification of household waste and business waste.
  • Preventing accidents during collection and processing work.

"Burnable garbage" containing rubber, leather and plastics, "Bottles/Cans/PET bottles" mainly containing food-based cans, "Paper/Clothing", small household appliances, cutlery/glasses, spray cans, etc. There are categories such as "Small metal waste", groove groove, human waste, etc., and door-to-door collection is performed on the designated day set for each district. Collecting animal carcasses and large-scale home appliances without a recycling system requires separate application and purchase of processing tickets for processing. It is also possible to bring it to the clean center.

National agency

Hyogo Prefecture Organization


City council

  • Constant number: 42 people
  • Term:2017(Heisei29 years)6/27 - 2021(Reiwa3 years)6/26
  • Chair: Yasushi Kai (Komeito)
  • Vice Chair: Satori Fukushima (Komeito)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsParty name
Amagasaki Shisei no Kai8LDP,Independent
Restoration Society7Japan Restoration Party
Japanese Communist Party Legislature6Japan Communist Party
Green kakehashi4Independent
Citizen green club4Social Democratic Party, independent
Independent1A party protecting the people from NHK

* As of November 2, 11nd year of Reiwa

Hyogo Prefectural Assembly(Amagasaki City Election District)

NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Hiroi KoizumiKomeito/Prefectural Assembly1
Isao TaniKomeito/Prefectural Assembly4
Maruo MakiIndependent (Green Party)4
Tokuyasu JunkoRestoration Society4
Etsuko ShomotoJapan Communist Party2
Osamu KurokawaLDP5
Kansuke OtaniLDP4

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hyogo Prefecture 8th Ward(Amagasaki City)Hiromasa NakanoKomeito3Constituency

裁判 所


The city has a well-developed railway and road network, has a port, and has an airport nearby.


West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
  • Amagasaki Station
Hankyu Corporation(Hankyu)
  • Tsukaguchi Station
Hanshin Electric Railway(Hanshin)
  • Amagasaki station-big station
  • City center station: JR Amagasaki station, Hanshin Amagasaki station

Besides this, the northern part of the citySanyo ShinkansenIs passing through but there is no station.Shin-Osaka StationIs the nearest station.





AdjacentItami City-Toyonaka City TheOsaka International AirportHave. Amagasaki City is an airportOsaka International Airport Area City CouncilIt is a member of (10 city cooperatives).

However, access from the city is by Hankyu Itami Line or JR Takarazuka LineHankyu Itami Station-JR Itami StationTake the Itami City Bus bound for the airportthirteenThroughFirefly pondGo toOsaka MonorailIt is generally inconvenient, such as being forced to make a large turn to enter the airport.For a while, there was a limousine bus connecting JR Amagasaki / Hanshin Amagasaki and the airport, but it was abolished.When using the limousine busKoshien Station-Nishinomiya North Exit Station(Both are Nishinomiya City) orOsaka Station (Umeda)Need to get out.

Incidentally,KIXThere is a direct limousine bus from JR Amagasaki Station and Hanshin Amagasaki Station.



Shopping district

  • Amagasaki Central/Sanwa/Desashiki Shopping Street
  • Obama Shopping Street
  • Tachibana Shopping Street
  • Kurase Shopping Street
  • Mukomotomachi Shopping Street
  • Tsukaguchi Shopping Street
  • Sonoda Shopping Street
  • Mukogawanaka Market
  • Shin Hamada Market
  • Yamato Market
  • West Naniwa Shopping Street
  • Mukoshinosou XNUMX-chome Hondori Shopping Street
  • Kamisakabe Shopping Street
  • Choei Market

Shopping center


Designated financial institution:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


A company headquartered in Amagasaki

Companies with offices in Amagasaki

Companies related to Amagasaki

Outer organization etc.

Temples, historic sites, cultural heritage

Cultural and sports facilities

Museum/Historical Museum



In addition to the above two buildings, there are library rooms in each Lifelong Learning Plaza in the city.

Park/green space

Sports Facilities

Public stadium

Mass media


Amagasaki Computational Education Special Zone in 2004 (16)AbacusSpecial zone) certification. From 1953 (Showa 28) to 2007 (19) in the public high school entrance examinationComprehensive selectionCarried out.


Junior college

high school

Itami CityHyogo Prefectural Hanshin Koya High SchoolAccess by bus is easier on the city side.

Junior high school/Higher school

Junior high school

primary school

Special school

Itami CityHyogo Prefectural Hanshin Koya Special Support SchoolAccess by bus is easier on the city side.



  • Chikamatsu Monzaemon(Ningyo Joruri)-ChikamatsuSettsu, I had a connection to the reconstruction of Kōji-ji Temple which was in Amagasaki City today. He is engaged in various activities as a town in Chikamatsu.
  • Chikamatsu Award-Open call for participants sponsored by Amagasaki City to commemorate Chikamatsu Monzaemonscript
  • Newcomer Comedy Amagasaki Award -Comedy contest sponsored by FM Amagasaki.
  • Nui(Crops cultivated in Amagasaki City)
  • Yuru Chara
    • Amako - originallyAmagasaki City Transportation BureauIt was a character of (city bus), but became a city promotion mascot for Amagasaki City due to the abolition of the Transportation Bureau.[18].
    • Little old man -The cityNon-CertifiedHowever, it is gaining popularity as a loose character who speaks the Osaka dialect. Appear in various media.
    • Gasaking α -A loose character that was born to destroy the chaotic shutters of Sanwa Market.
  • Ochidai Ninja Rantaro(Nintama Rantaro)-Original author Amobe Sobe from Amagasaki, the name of the character comes from the place name of Amagasaki.
  • Firewood -Big gameFunabenkeiTomimatsu firewood Noh is held every year.
  • Citizen Festival-The city's largest festival that is held every October.
  • Everyone's summer seminar -A school play event where participants can be both sensational and sensible.

A person from Amagasaki City





Related person

Area code

Although it belongs to Hyogo Prefecture, the entire city is Osaka City,Toyonaka City,Suita City,MoriguchiSame asArea codeIt is set to "06" and the call charge is handled by Osaka Prefecture. However,West Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneThe business area is treated as Hyogo prefecture.

The reason for this isOsakaAmagasaki City, which has a strong economic connection with1954(Showa29 years)Area codeWhen Amagasaki City is applied, in consideration that Amagasaki City will be able to use the same call rate as in Osaka City,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationIn addition, about 2 million yen as part of the construction costTelegraph telephone bond, And became the same area code as Osaka City. At that time, charges for calling to the same area code (Local call), but Amagasaki City benefited greatly because it was done in half of the areas with different area codes[20].

In addition, I would like you to call Amagasaki from a phone that was once only able to reach Osaka City, so Amagasaki Spinning Company Limited (currentUnitika)But1890There is also an anecdote that I got a telephone line to Amagasaki city at my own expense.[21].

License plate

  • Amagasaki City has a Kobe number (Hyogo Transport Bureau) Is assigned. The assigned areas are as follows.
    • Kobe City, Amagasaki City, Akashi City, Nishinomiya City, Sumoto City, Ashiya City, Itami City, Nishiwaki City, Takarazuka City, Miki City, Kawanishi City, Ono City, Mita City, Tamba Mt. Sasayama City, Tamba City, Minamiawaji City・Awaji City/Kato City/Kawabe District/Taka County


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注 釈

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