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😷 | Supporting international students from Corona Sorrow Kobe's share house "Yadokari"


Supporting international students with corona sickness Kobe share house "Yadokari"

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I am an international student who came to Japan in April from Bhutan, a country in South Asia.

"International Exchange Share House Yadokari" in Hyogo-ku, Kobe.Providing rooms for foreigners visiting Kobe for study abroad and technical intern training ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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South Asia

South Asia(Minami Asia,English: South Asia, Southern Asia) IsAsiaSouthern region.アフガニスタン,バングラデシュ,ブ ー タ タ,India,Maldives,ネ パ ー ル,Pakistan,Sri LankaRegions including each country.


The area is 4,480,000 km² (about 13-4 times that of Japan).The current population is 17 billion, but it is predicted that it will increase to 2050 billion by 22.Above allIndiaPopulation growth is tremendous, with 16 billion people in India alonePakistanでも、3億5,000万人以上に増加すると予測されている。2050年の人口内訳は、インド、15億7000万人、パキスタン、3億6000万人、バングラデシュでは、1億3000万人、ネパールは、4000万人程。

area-populationMost of bothIndiaOccupies.Often referred to as "India is a continent rather than a country", IndiaBritish East India CompanyBut,Mughal Empire,Kingdom of MysoreAnd there were over 500Feudal kingdomThere is a big history of integrating.AndIndia,Pakistan,Myanmar,Sri Lanka,バングラデシュOnceBritish Indian EmpireIt is a country separated from the country.for that reason,Official terminology-Semi-official language TheEnglishMany countries use.

The terrain is in the northHimalayasとKarakorum Mountains, In the westSulaiman MountainsとIndus River,Thar desert, In the east the Prahmaptra RiverArakan Mountains, And the peninsula partBay of Bengal,Arabian Sea,Indian OceanIt is an area where such things exist.However, the area has not been isolated for a long time, and many foreign peoples (from around 1500 BC onwards)Aryan,Alexander III(Great King)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euarmy,Otsuki,Kushana morning,TurkicsystemMuslimEtc.) flowed into India and joined the formation of a new culture.The surrounding sea also helped trade and cultural exchange with Western Asia and the Mediterranean region.further,Buddhism,HinduismWas effective in spreading to the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia[2].

The above countriesSouth Asian Regional Cooperation Union(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, abbreviated as SAARC) was formed.CurrentlyアフガニスタンIs also a member(I.e.Participates as an observer.According to a survey conducted from September 2005 (International Cooperation NGO Center, 9 respondents), Japanese NGOs participating in this region include 279 Nepal, 43 India, 40 Sri Lanka, 33 Bangladesh, and Pakistan. There are 31 groups, and in comparison with past surveys, the number of active groups increased in Nepal and Sri Lanka, but decreased in India and Bangladesh.

アフガニスタンThe southern part ofPakistanOf the same ethnic group as the northPashtun..It has a close relationship with South Asia and may include the South or the entire land in South Asia.Also in IranPersianas well as the Republic of Tajikistan OfGorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Prefecture OfPamirisIs IranianAryanAndIslamShiiteIs.These are racially close to the Indian Aryans, with major ethnic groupsArabIsWest AsiaAnd major ethnic groupsIslamSunnahWorshipCentral AsiaBecause of its different culture, it may be included in South Asia.In additionTibetCulturally has deep exchanges with South Asia and may be divided into South Asia.

Global warmingDue to the serious impact of the summer heat, the earliest summer heat in the world will be the limit of human survival in the future (Wet bulb temperatureIt is predicted that it will reach 35 degrees) and become uninhabitable.

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