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😷 | Medical system is tight and prefecture-specific "medical crisis warning" Unnecessary and unurgent refrain from going out until January XNUMXth


Prefectural "medical crisis warning" due to tight medical system Unnecessary and unurgent refrain from going out until January XNUMXth

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From the 28th of this month to the 11th of next month, in addition to suspending the issuance of new meal tickets for the GoTo Eat business, prefectural citizens and businesses should refrain from using premium gift certificates issued by prefectures during the period. I asked for it.

Governor Tomikazu Fukuda held an extraordinary press conference on the XNUMXrd, and the spread of the new coronavirus infection is progressing, and the medical system is tight ... → Continue reading

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During the war,CommunismCountries, foodDistribution systemIf you are implementingCountryOf food distribution departments will allocate to individuals the required or allocable amount ofSecuritiesWill be paid to each individual.


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