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😷 | New Corona hits women in non-regular employment “Structural problems need to be reformed” (Survey results)


New Corona hits non-regular employees "Reform of structural problems is needed" (Survey results)

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Economic damage such as business contraction and employment adjustment due to the corona wreck is expected to be prolonged.

The corona wreck has caused great damage to non-regular workers.Especially for women who have a high percentage of non-regular workers ... → Continue reading

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Employment adjustment

Employment adjustmentWhat is (Koyochosei)?Economicsthe termone of.recessionAnd so onCompanyExcessive work to be done from there when the work to be done is reducedWorkerSay to adjust.

The method of doing this varies from company to company.Dismissal promptly in the United States (Layoff), And strive to reduce surplus workers.for that reason,Unemployment insuranceThe change in the number of new applicants is an important economic indicator.in JapanPermanentToovertimeRegulationsRelocation,SecondedAs much as possible by ordering and forgoing new hiresDismissalWhile avoidingIrregular laborTo the personAgreementDon't updateStop hiringThe labor force will be reduced by such means as.Also, in recent years, even if the work of a company is reduced, the number of workers does not decrease, so by reducing the number of work assigned to each worker, it is possible to share with multiple people.Work sharingHas also been implemented as a means of employment adjustment.If the prescribed requirements are metEmployment adjustment subsidyIs eligible for payment.

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CoronaWhat is (Corona)2019From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1].

"CoronaOut ofコ ロ ナ"Is"New coronavirus'[2],MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Other examples: water damage, war damage, etc.).

As the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spreads,2020(Reiwa 2nd year) It has been widely used in newspapers and online since the middle of March.[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.

Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "It is a word that expresses the current situation in the world, and it is an important word for sharing the desire to overcome this, find a new lifestyle, and manage to survive. I made it the runner-up with support for that feeling. "

In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[6].


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