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😷 | New Corona, Fukushima University student 3 new infections Fukushima prefecture, 2 women died


New corona, Fukushima University student 3 new infections Fukushima prefecture, 2 women died

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A female group employee in her 40s living in Shirakawa City has not been confirmed to have contact with a positive person, and the infection route is unknown at this time.

The prefecture announced on the 28th that it has confirmed 10 new coronavirus infections in the prefecture.Both were found to be positive on the 27th ... → Continue reading

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A news site of the local newspaper "Fukushima Minyu Shimbun" that represents Fukushima Prefecture. Since it was first published in Meiji 28, we have been transmitting the latest community-based news as a “friend of the people of the prefecture”. The prefectural news covers a wide range of local news by connecting 25 news bases in Fukushima prefecture. We are also focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and articles related to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We will deliver a variety of articles such as gourmet, sightseeing, events, readable serials.

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Transmission route

Transmission route(Kansen Keiro,British: route of infection) IsinfectionPresent in the individual or environment that caused thePathogen, Is a route to reach an uninfected individual and cause a new infection. Depending on the pathogen, infection may occur via multiple routes of infection.EpidemicOutbreaks such asNosocomial infection Ofpreventionな どInfection controlAbove isPathogenFind outSource of infectionIt is important to find out, but above all, it cannot be completed unless the infection route is cut off.

  • Airborne infection-Microparticles (0.5 μm or less) stay in the air for extended periods of time and continue to contaminate even after the patient leaves[1].
  • Droplet infection-Small moist particles (0.5 μm or larger) remain in the air for a short period of time. Usually infected with the patient.
  • Direct infection-by touching the infected patient directly. Including sexual contact.
  • Indirect infection-by touching contaminated soil.
  • Fecal Mouth Path-Unwashed hands, contaminated plants and water sources.

Main infection routes

Infected belowRouteInfectious diseases are listed, but the transmission route isMultipleIt should be noted that there may be cases and there is no one-to-one relationship.


Splash nuclear infection,Dust infection,Aerosol infectionand so on.English is airborne transmission(Air-mediated propagation), abbreviatedAirborneAlso called.Airborne infections are simply infectiousaerosolFrom the standpoint of being transmitted through[2], There is a position to limit the propagation by droplet nuclei among aerosols[3].

The epidemiological dictionary published by the International Epidemiological Society adopts the former definition, which defines that microbial aerosols are transmitted by entering the respiratory tract.As examples, droplet nuclear infection and dust infection are mentioned.In chemistry, aerosol (also translated as aerosol) is a general term for a state in which solid or liquid fine particles are dispersed and suspended in a gas, such as smoke or fog. Such a state is called a gas. Solid or liquid in the mediumColloidal particlesDispersedSolIt was named aerosol because it was regarded as a kind of aerosol. "[4].

Droplet nuclear infection is infectiousPathogenDroplet nuclei includingdroplet nuclei: Refers to those that diffuse through the evaporated droplet residue)[1]..These pathogens maintain infectivity in vitro for long periods of time.Moisture evaporates in the air 5MicrometerThose that remain infected even with the following light particles (droplet nuclei) remain suspended in the air for a long period of time, 3フ ィ ー ト(91Centimeter) Travel longer distances and infect others via the upper and lower respiratory tract[5]..Particles in the air are less than 5 micrometers[6]..This generally requires a high level of isolation.Therefore, a negative pressure environment is required to avoid pollution.

tuberculosis,Varieg,measles,smallpox,Herpes zoster[7]Etc. are infected by air.These are often in the wardNosocomial infectionTo causeInfection controlIs an important disease.Whether influenza or coronavirus causes airborne infections or is the main transmission route is always controversial.[8].

Splash infection

English is droplet transmission(Small drop infection).This is due to respiratory droplets that occur during coughing, sneezing, conversation, etc., and is a common route of infection.Due to the large droplets, they cannot float in the air for long periods of time and are usually scattered at close range.[9]..Splash particles are 5 micrometers or more[6]..Infection by droplets can occur when it adheres to the surface of sensitive mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, or when it touches the face with a hand that touches the contaminated surface.

Respiratory infectious disease pathogens transmitted by dropletsInfluenza virus,Parainfluenza virus,Adenovirus,Rhinovirus,RS virus,Human metapneumovirus,Pertussis,Pneumococcus,Streptococcus pyogenes,diphtheria,rubella[10],CoronavirusCan be mentioned[11]..Splash diffusion can be reduced by wearing a surgical mask[12].

Direct infection

Contact infectionAlso called.English is direct contact(Direct contact).Infection is caused by direct contact between living organisms carrying pathogens.

It typically refers to skin-to-skin contact, kissing, and sexual intercourse.It also refers to contact with soil and plants containing pathogens.[13].Faeces routeIs mainly regarded as an indirect contact route, but in some cases, it is transmitted by direct contact with feces.[14][15]

Infectious impetigoSuch as skin diseases.In the medical field, such as MRSADrug resistanceIt is the main route of bacterial transmission.

Mucosal infection

Infection occurs when the infected person's blood or body fluid adheres to the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.Transmission routes can be direct or indirect through vectors.It may be included in the next transdermal infection.

Epidemic keratoconjunctivitisOphthalmic diseases such as.

Transcutaneous infection

Normally, the skin has the ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens, but the pathogens invade the body by being bitten or bitten by mosquitoes, insects, or dogs.Parasites may invade the body directly through the skin.In addition, pathogens invade from areas where the protective function of the skin has been lost due to wounds and burns.Especially theseTranscutaneous infectionMay be called.Needlestick accidents are also included in percutaneous infections.

scabies,Rabies,Ebola,tetanus,Gas gangreneSuch.


Blood infectionWith ().Injection ortransfusion,such asMedicalIn addition to the act, bleeding due to trauma touches the mucous membranes such as the eyes of others, causing infection of pathogens in the blood.Again, the route of infection can be direct or indirect through a vector.

Sexually transmitted

It is a sexual contact infection.There are aspects of mucosal and oral infections.

syphilis,Toxoplasmosis,Hepatitis B,AIDS,Genital chlamydiaSuch.

Saliva infection

Especially when pathogens in saliva are transmitted by mouth transfer or deep kiss through saliva.Saliva infectionIt may be said.According to the clinical transmission route classification theory, plaque infection and breath infection are included in oral infection, but saliva infection is not included.Caries fungus,EB virusSaliva infection occurs due to such factors.

Vertical transmission

Both mother-to-child transmission and vertical transmission. It is further classified as follows.

Indirect infection

Indirect contact infection(Indirect contact transmission, vehicle-borne transmission) is a route transmitted by contact with non-living organisms.Examples include food, water, biological products (blood, etc.), mediators (handkerchiefs, bedding, surgical scalpels), etc.For example, improperly manufactured canned foodsClostridium botulinumbyBotulinum toxinIt provides an environment suitable for production.

Oral infection

Especially for infections through food and drink contaminated with pathogensOral infectionMay be called.If the cause of pollution is fecesInfection(Faeces route, See below).In addition, food and drink itself becomes a source of infection and is transmitted orally.BSEThere is.

Vector infection (horizontal transmission)

Other animals (especiallyArthropod) Becomes a vector (vector), and the infection is established by transmission. (1) As part of the life cycle of the pathogen, when the vector grows and propagates in the body and is infected from it (biological transmission), (2) the pathogen simply attached to the body surface of the vector is mechanically It may be transmitted (mechanical transmission, mechanical vector infection).

Faeces route

InfectionAlso called.It may also be regarded as a type of oral infection (water-borne infection, water-borne epidemic).

Infection is established by ingestion of food and drink contaminated with feces.

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli(Such as O157),Staphylococcus,Vibrio parahaemolyticus,Clostridium botulinum,Salmonella,typhoid,Paratyphoid,Bacillary dysentery,cholera,Campylobacter,Listeria,Helicobacter pylori,Amoeba dysentery,Norovirus,Rotavirus,Polio,Hepatitis A,Hepatitis E,Weyl's disease,KeratoconjunctivitisSuch.

Identification of infection route

When the pathogen can be identified

Wipe the surfaces of handrails and medical equipment shared by patientscultureHowever, if a pathogen is detected, it is presumed that the object is one of the infection routes. In addition, in the case of bacterial infections,Pulse field gel electrophoresisWhen the closeness of the genotype is examined byHorizontal infectionSince the temporal order of can be estimated, it is not uncommon to find out how the pathogen was first introduced into the population.

When the pathogen cannot be identified

EarlySARSIf the pathogen cannot be identified, as described above, the sick and healthy individuals are first isolated, and detailed information is collected on their behavior patterns, life backgrounds, and contact history with others. Among them, factors that correlate with the presence or absence of infectionEpidemiologyInfected routes are estimated by identifying them.

Example: If multiple people in the same room away from the sick person are affected, it is suspected that a droplet nuclear infection (air infection) occurs.


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Shirakawa(Shirakawa) isFukushimaNakadoriLocated in the southCity.

One of Mutsu SansekiShirakawa no SekiIs placed,MichinokuKnown as the gateway to.


TokyoSendai city such asBig cityIt is located at the midpoint of.recent years,YahooData center facilities andMitsubishi Gas ChemicalThere was an advance of large-scale companies such as.Tohoku Shinkansen OfShin-Shirakawa StationUsedCapital AreaThere are also some commuters to work.


Facing the Nasu plateau, the urban area and agricultural land extend to the lowland Shirakawa basin.Although it is cool in summer and cold in winter, there is little snow in the city.

Adjacent municipalities

Fukushima flagFukushima
Tochigi prefecture flagTochigi


  • Maximum temperature ―― 36.0 ℃ (2012(24)May 7)
  • Minimum temperature ---13.6 ℃ (1967(42)May 2)
  • Maximum precipitation-266.5 mm (1998(10)May 8)
  • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-47.0 m (1965(40)May 1)
  • Deepest snow-76 cm (2014(26)May 2) →26 heavy snowfall
  • Maximum number of summer days-108 days (2013(25))
  • Maximum number of summer days-49 days (2012(24))
  • Most hot days-3 days (2014(26),2012(24))
  • Maximum number of tropical nights-1 days (1952(Showa 27))
  • Maximum number of winter days-141 days (1984(Showa 59))
  • Most days in midwinter-23 day (1945(Showa 20))
Climate of Shirakawa Special Area Meteorological Observatory (elevation 355m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)17.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)4.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−3.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−13.4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)38.9
Snowfall cm (inch)58
Average days of precipitation (≥ 1.0 mm)
Average monthlyDaylight hours151.2152.4176.8182.6177.6126.2121.9145.3113.6138.1144.8152.01,782.5
Source: Japanese Meteorological Agency


Population distribution by age in Shirakawa City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Shirakawa City (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shirakawa City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan




In ancient times, Shirakawa was regarded as important as the cornerstone of Oshu and appeared in the literature.It had the largest area in Mutsu,Enki ceremony god name bookIt can be said that it was a strategic location because it was listed as one of the Oshu Sannomiya as the great ancestor of the founding of the country. Heian periodToNoin HoushiSays, "Shirakawa Barrier, where the autumn breeze blows while standing with the haze in the city."In addition to the Nouin Houshi, there are many songs about "Shirakawa Barrier", later on.Matsuo Basho TheOkunohoso RoadBased on those songs and prose, he wrote about the scene when he arrived in Shirakawa.The following is a quote from "Okunohosodo" (Iwanami Bunko).

On a day without heart, I couldn't decide on a trip to Shirakawa Barrier. "I'm going to the capital," he said.Among them, this Seki is one of Mitsuseki, and the human heart of Kaze Saw (manic sword in horse bias, same character as noise) is taken.Leave the autumn breeze in your ears, turn the autumn leaves into a sword, and leave the treetops of green leaves.The whiteness of the Unohana, the blooming of the thorny flowers, and the comfort of the snow.Correct the old man's crown and change the costume, etc., and put it on Kiyosuke's brush.Sora, a sunny day with a flower of Uno   

In "Okunohosodo", the famous writing part also says "Shirakawa's Seki crossing in the haze sky that stands in the spring ...".Also, I accompanied BashoKawai Sora OfAccompanying diaryThere is a more detailed description than the text of Okunohosodo, and the cityscape and the monument related to the anecdote of Sogi are still left in the city.The accompanying diary is published in the above-mentioned Iwanami Bunko edition "Okunohosodo".

Until the Edo period

In ancient timesShirakawa no SekiWas placed and the name was widely known.During the Edo period, the castle owner Matsudaira Sadanobu determined the candidate sites, and it is said that the area currently being maintained as a park was used as a seki site.

In the Middle AgesMr. KoyamaDraw the flow ofMr. Yuki(Yuuki Shirakawa) Became the territory.It is said that the two Yuki clan (Mr. Shirakawa and Mr. Komine) had divided and ruled the territory relatively peacefully for a long time, and the residences of both families are still in existence.Shirakawa Castle(Shirakawa Castle),Shirakawa CastleRemains in the city as.DateIt is said that it had the power to surpassSengoku periodThere was a conflict between the two Yuki families, and even moreMr. SatakeWas attacked by.Early Edo period,NiwaThe castle town was improved byMusical scoreChuhan (temporary period)Relative), A prestigious producer of RōjūShirakawa domain Ofcastle townFlourished as.Oshu Kaido(GokaidoIt was also the starting point.

afterwards(Mr. Sakakibara,variousMatsudaira,Honda,Mr. Abe) The Shinpan and Fudai Daimyo family went to the lord, and at the end of the Edo period, the lordMasabe AbeAs an Edo Rōjū, he played a difficult role in negotiating with other countries.Eventually, Abe's decision to open Kobe Port led to a backlash from the Joi faction, and it was transferred to the Tanagura Domain, and the Shirakawa Domain became a Tenryo.Despite the absence of the clanBoshin WarSince the land of Shirakawa was regarded as a strategic location for both the East and West forces, it caused a tragedy of becoming a fierce battlefield.

Although many of the historical heritage and the city have disappeared, the area of ​​the domain up to that point extended to the present Iwase-gun and Sukagawa-shi, and it was the second largest domain in the prefecture after the Aizu domain.It is said to be the first park in JapanNanhu ParkConstruction and Japan's oldest encyclopediaShuko-JyushuCompiledKansei reformLedMatsudaira SadanobuIs still widely loved by the public today.Sadanobu opened the way for the people to study by setting up a Hyanggyo Rikkyokan for the common people as well as a clan school for the children of the clan.

Many waka poems have been sung by the people of Tokyo since ancient times so that they are called the sacred place of Utamakura and the flood.

After the Meiji era

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
  • Transition chart before the municipal and municipal system
  • Transition table after municipal and municipal systems


Successive mayors

Former Mayor of Shirakawa
1Nakazo TanakaMarch 1949, 24 (Showa 5)March 1953, 28 (Showa 4)
2Mizuo NakameMarch 1953, 28 (Showa 4)March 1957, 32 (Showa 4)
3Tokushige KinotoMarch 1957, 32 (Showa 4)March 1973, 48 (Showa 4)
4Eiji ImaiMarch 1973, 48 (Showa 4)March 1981, 56 (Showa 4)
5Kamehachiro OnoMarch 1981, 56 (Showa 4)October 1989, 4
6Tadamitsu ImaiOctober 1989, 42002 (Heisei 14)/8/27
7Hideo Narii2002 (Heisei 14)/8/282005 (Heisei 17)/11/6
Mayor Shirakawa
1Hideo Narii2005 (Heisei 17)/12/42007 (Heisei 19)/6/26
2Kazuo Suzuki2007 (Heisei 19)/7/29Incumbent

Sister cities/partner cities


Gyoda City and Kuwana City were in the Edo periodNinja(Currently Ta City),Kuwana DomainBetweenMr. AbeAnd variousMatsudaira OfTransferFrom the edge where there was (Bunsei6 years (1823)Three-way territory change).Toda City is oldTaishin VillageThe one that inherited the sister relationship with after the merger.




Commercial facility

Financial institutions handling deposits and savings

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular

high school

Junior high school

  • Shirakawa City Shirakawa Chuo Junior High School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Shirakawa Daini Junior High School
  • Shirakawa City Tohoku Junior High School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Shirakawa Minami Junior High School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Goka Junior High School
  • Shirakawa City Omotego Junior High School
  • Shirakawa City Higashi Junior High School
  • Shirakawa City Daishin Junior High School

primary school

  • Shirakawa City Shirakawa Daiichi Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Shirakawa Daini Elementary School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Shirakawa Third Elementary School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Shirakawa Fourth Elementary School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Shirakawa Daigo Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Odagawa Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Goka Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Sekibe Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Misaka Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Omotego Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Kamako Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Onoda Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Oya Elementary School
  • Shirakawa City Nobuo Daiichi Elementary School
  • Shirakawa Municipal Nobuo Daini Elementary School




Express Bus

Tohoku ExpresswayNishigo Bus StopThe following routes are available from.

  • Abukuma(Shinjuku-Nishigo BS / Koriyama / Fukushima) <Fukushima Transportation / JR Bus Kanto /JR Bus Tohoku>
  • Adara(Shin-Koshigaya / Urawa Misono / Sano New City-Nishigo BS / Koriyama) <Fukushima Transportation /Tobu Bus Central>
  • Galaxy(Fukushima / Koriyama / Nishigo BS-Kyoto / Osaka) <Fukushima Transportation /Kintetsu Bus>
  • Night coach (Fukushima / Koriyama / Nishigo BS-Nagoya) <Fukushima Transportation /Meitetsu bus>


National road
Fukushima Prefectural Road


  • Shirakawa Seki trace -National Historic Site
  • Nanhu Park --Japan's oldest park, national historic sites and scenic spots
  • Shirakawa Komine Castle - Japan XNUM X Meijo,one of
  • Shirakawa Shukoen --Exhibiting relics such as successive castle owners
  • --Exhibits of historical artifacts from ancient times to the early modern period
  • --Cultural Property Center
  • Shirakawa Castle --Shirakawa Castle
  • Shirakawa Funada / Motonuma Ruins --National Historic Site
  • Niwa NagashigeTomb and Mausoleum-next to the Shirakawa feudal lord in the first half of the 18th centuryNaonori Matsudaira(Naonori),Motochi Matsudaira(Motochika) There is a father and son's grave and a pond called Konanko.
  • --The inboard shrine of the former Japanese Navy's light cruiser "Abukuma" is enshrined from this shrine.
  • Boshin WarOld Battlefield-Inariyama and several other places in the city
  • Shirakawa Lantern Festival-One of Japan's Three Great Ritual Festivals Mid-September, odd-numbered AD
  • Shirakawa Daruma City-Held on February 2th
  • Anjindo- Achin-Kiyohime LegendAnchin is said to be a monk from the area, and the temple dedicated to Anchin is located in the Kayane Neda district of the city.
  • Shirakawa Tendou Nembutsu Sanjimosa Dance --- Every year on the first Sunday of July, in prayer for the abundance of five grains held in the precincts of Hachiman Shrine in the Sekibe district of the city It is said that.
  • Auschwitz Peace Museum

Special product




Celebrities associated with

  • Munehiro Yuki --Southern military commander
  • Yatoemon Shichi-Yoshishi Ako The family after their own sword is taken over to their mother's parents' home in Shirakawa City.
  • Matsudaira Sadanobu --As the chief of the Shirakawa feudal lordKansei reformI do
  • Tani Buncho --One of the three Edo brushes Shirakawa domain painter and creator of the Shirakawa Daruma doll design
  • Denzen Aododa --Western-style painter Birth of Sukagawa, the territory of the Shirakawa domain at that time
  • White clouds --Buddhist painter, chief priest of Josenji Temple in the city, involved in the compilation of XNUMX kinds of ancient collections
  • Takaku Ryuko --Yamato painter Living in Shirakawa by changing territories
  • Sanada Yukitsura --Sung as the lord of the Matsushiro feudal clanMizuno TadakuniWithTempo reformBorn in the Edo Shirakawa clan's residence, the second son of Sadanobu
  • Masabe Abe ――Shirakawa feudal lord negotiates with other countries as an Edo RōjÅ« in the late Tokugawa period
  • Okita Soji --Shinsengumi Corps Birth of Edo Shirakawa Clan House
  • Takuma Sawabe --Japan's first bishop Shirakawa Hakodate Orthodox Bishop for XNUMX years
  • Yamashita Rin --Several works are left in the Orthodox Church of Shirakawa Harris, the first icon painter in Japan
  • Komuro Suiun --South painter Nanga XNUMX views
  • --The family moved to Shirakawa, my father's hometown. He also stayed for a long time for medical treatment during the Taisho era and produced numerous works.
  • Yuki Somei --Painter Temporarily evacuated to Shirakawa during the war
  • --Western painter Donated more than 1600 items, longing for his father's hometown of Shirakawa, known as a horse painter.
  • Shizuo Ito --In the prose of Nagasaki poet "Shirakawa", he spells out his longing for the area.
  • Fuminori Sakai --Dean of the University of Tokyo School of Medicine Former graduate of Shirakawa Junior High School
  • Hideaki Kawashima --Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Received Picco Dera Mirandola Award Moved to Shirakawa as a child Graduated from Shirakawa High School
  • Kaoru Ikeya --Film director spending boyhood in Shirakawa
  • Watanabe Tamotsu --Theatrical critic evacuated to Shirakawa during the war
  • Setsuko Chiba - poets,Artist, Emigrated from the late 90's
  • Yuta Nitta --Bicycle racer London OlympicsParticipation Shirakawa High School graduate
  • Ikuhiro Suzuki - Pro baseball player 2000 Sydney OlympicsParticipating elementary and junior high schools are schools in the city


Works set in Shirakawa City



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