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😷 | Appeal for blood donation cooperation Corona sickness, insufficient blood for blood transfusion

Photo Blood donation bus = Miyazaki City, which has thorough infection control measures such as providing partitions for vinyl sheets

Appeal for blood donation cooperation Corona bruise, insufficient blood for blood transfusion

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The number of blood donors in the prefecture this month is about 1% less than the target due to the influence of corona, and it is expected that fewer people will go to the first visit to the blood donation bus, so the Prefectural Red Cross Blood Center (Miyazaki City) "The demand for blood for transfusion is increasing in the prefecture, and I would like you to cooperate to support medical institutions."

As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread, there are concerns that blood for transfusion will be out of stock at the beginning of the year.This month's blood donation in the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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