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😷 | Looking back on the masks that impressed the 2020 celebrities at film festivals, royal officials, and street corner looks!

Photo masks are also fashion items!Celebrities ingenuity (C) Zeta Image

Looking back on the masks that impressed the 2020 celebrities at film festivals, royal officials, and street corner looks!

If you write the contents roughly
Masks were a must-have item for the Royal Family, who interact with a large number of people on public affairs this year.

A mask that has become a must-have item due to the influence of the new coronavirus.This year, I'm wearing a celebrity mask ... → Continue reading

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Royal family

Royal family(Oshitsu,British: royal family) Is one countrykingas well as the Royal familyIs the general term for.

The heademperor,EmperorEspecially in the case of帝室(Teshitsu)Royal familyIt is called (Koshitsu).

Less than,monarchIs also explained in this article if you are not the king.


2012å¹´Than,Dominion UnionThere are 26 royal families in the world's independent nations, except for duplication by[Source required].

British CommonwealthOf the member countriesカナダ,オーストラリア15 countries head of state with the King of EnglandConstitutional monarchy(Commonwealth realm) Is taken.This is a completely independent country, and each country chooses the individual King of England as his own king at his own will.For example in CanadaElizabeth IIIs just a "King of Canada" and does not reign as a "King of England".In each countryGovernorIs placed on behalf of the king's authority, but this is also not dispatched from England.

In addition, Norway and Denmark are treated as one royal family because they are the same royal family although they are different kings.

Within the nationEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn some cases, there is a royal family as a local lord.

Uganda has four officially recognized local kingdoms, each of which is positioned as a cultural leader and recognized as a ceremonial entity.

Abolition and restoration of the royal system

French RevolutionSince then, by the revolutionMonarchyCan be abolished,1911年ToXinhai RevolutionFor the first time in AsiarevolutionThe monarchy was abolished.19st centuryWas few20st centuryWhen you enter, the revolutionCoup d'etat,ReferendumAs a result, the number of countries that have abolished the monarchy has increased significantly.21st centuryEven after enteringネ パ ー ルInThe royal system is abolishedWas done.

on the other hand,1975年Toスペイン,1993年ToCambodiaでRoyal reconstructionIs also happening.

List of royal families

* As of September 2020.

CountryTitle and honorific title of the ownerCurrent dynasty / royal familyCurrent headList of monarchsRemarks
Cambodia flag CambodiaHis Majesty the KingKing SihamoniList of Cambodian monarchs and heads of state
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandHis Majesty the KingChakri DynastyRama 10List of Thai monarchs
Japanese flag JapanEmperorHis MajestyRoyal familyTokujinList of emperors
 ãƒ– ー タ タHis Majesty the KingKing WanchukList of Kings of Bhutan
Brunei flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHis Majesty the KingKing of BolkiahBrunei King
Malaysia flag MalaysiaHis Majesty the KingKelantanSultan(English edition)King of Malaysia■
British flag UKHer Majesty the QueenWindsor morningElizabeth IIList of British monarchs
Dutch flag NetherlandsHis Majesty the KingOranje-Nassau familyKing Willem-AlexanderList of Dutch monarchs
 ã‚¹ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼ãƒ‡ãƒ³His Majesty the KingBernadotte morningCarl XVI GustafList of Swedish monarchs
Spanish flag スペインHis Majesty the KingBourbon Dynasty, Spainフ ェ リ ペ 6 世List of Spanish monarchs
 ãƒ‡ãƒ³ãƒžãƒ¼ã‚¯queenHis MajestyHouse of LuxlückMargrethe IIList of Danish monarchs■
 ãƒŽãƒ«ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼His Majesty the KingGlücksburg familyHarald VList of Norwegian monarchs■
Belgian flag ベルギーkingHis MajestyBelsic familyKing PhilipList of Kings of Belgium
Monaco flag (I.e.Grand DukeGrimaldi familyAlbert IIList of Monaco rulers
Liechtenstein flag リヒテン シュタインpublicYour HighnessLiechtenstein familyHans Adam IIList of Liechtenstein rulers
Luxembourg flag LuxembourgGrand DukeYour HighnessHouse of Nassau-WilburgHenriList of Luxembourg monarchs
United Arab Emirates flag アラブ 首長 国 連邦His ExcellencyNahiyan familyPresident HalifaUnited Arab Emirates President■
 ã‚ªãƒžãƒ¼ãƒ³His Majesty the KingBousaid MorningKing Hysam
Qatar flag カタールHis HighnessHouse of Al ThaniTamim ChiefQatar Head of State List
Kuwait flag クウェートChiefYour HighnessSabarha family
Saudi arabia flag サウジアラビアHis Majesty the KingSaud HouseKing of Saudi ArabiaList of Kings of Saudi Arabia
Bahrain flag バーレーンHis Majesty the KingKing Hamad
Jordan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHis Majesty the KingHassimsAbdullah IIList of Jordan Kings
Swaziland flag EswatiniHis Majesty the KingMuswati IIIList of Kings of Swaziland
Morocco flag モロッコHis Majesty the KingAlaouite dynastyMuhammad VList of Moroccan monarchs
Lesotho flag レソトHis Majesty the KingLetsie IIIList of Kings of Lesotho
Samoan flag サモアHead of stateYour HighnessTuimalealiifanoTuimalealiifano Vaaretoa Suarauvi IIList of Heads of State of Samoa■
Tonga flag トンガHis Majesty the KingTupov VIList of Kings of Tonga
  • Malaysia * Of the 13 states that make up the federation, nine monarchs (mainly sultan and feudal lords) from nine states who adopt a monarchy are mutually elected.
  • United Arab Emirates ※PresidentSystem.actuallyAbu DhabiIt is customary for the chief Nahiyan family to succeed by hereditary succession.
  • Samoa * Republic system.The constitution only stipulates that the parliament appoints, but four peopleChiefIt is a custom chosen from (hereditary system).
  • Norway, Denmark * Although the names are different, they are the same royal family.

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