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😷 | New Corona / Earthquake Reconstruction ... Looking back on the XNUMX turbulent year seen by Akutagawa Prize-winning writer Munehisa Genyu


New Corona / Earthquake Reconstruction ... Looking back on the turbulent year of XNUMX seen by Akutagawa Prize-winning writer Munehisa Genyu

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Munehisa Genyu: "Before, there was a statement that Governor Koike would step on the brake and accelerator together, but the people have that kind of feeling.

Starting with the spread of infection on cruise ships, about XNUMX people were infected in Japan alone, and more than XNUMX people were killed. → Continue reading

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Sokyu Genyu

Genyu Munehisa(Genyu Sokyu,19564/28 -) isJapan OfNovelist,Rinzai sect OfMonk.FukushimaResident.Reconstruction Design Council for the Great East Japan EarthquakeCommittee member.


FukushimaMiharu TownIt is inRinzai sectMyoshinji schoolFukuju-ji TempleBorn as the eldest son of.CatholicAfter working at Miharu Kindergarten and a local elementary and junior high schoolFukushima Prefectural Azumi High Schoolgraduate.During this timeMormonism,Unification Church,TenrikyoTouch etc.When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I cried almost every night thinking of the coming "death."In addition, he experienced a coma for 3 days due to Japanese encephalitis in the 3rd year of junior high school.I thought about "death" again from the memory of my delusions while I was unconscious and the actions I heard later.I run away from home every year in high school.I got the motivation for the later priesthood from the philosopher I met when I was in Kozo.

Moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 and went through a prep schoolKeio UniversityMajored in contemporary theater at the Department of Chinese Literature, Faculty of Letters.While in schoolIslam,WatchtowerTouch and againYamanashiKogakuji TempleStart zazen with.Around this time, he started writing novels and participated in the douujinshi "Ingu".Taiwan,Suin UniversityStudy abroad at the Chinese Language Institute at private expense.Experience various occupations by pretending to be a student."First advertisement" "First advertisement" before graduationKyodo NewsI ordered the application guidelines, but in the end I did not take the exam,Kawaguchi cityI write a novel while working at a garbage incinerator, but I can't help it.During this time, I moved 6 times.In addition, he has changed jobs such as nightclub floor manager and sales of English teaching materials.

1983, 27 years old winter, in KyotoTsuruji Sabota OfyogaVisit the dojo and receive guidance. March 3, KyotoArashiyama OfTenryu templeIntroducing a specialized dojo,Hirata SeikoZen meditation with the permission of the old master. Retired in less than 3 years.After traveling to Kobe and Yamanashi, he returned home.1988April, my parents' houseFukushimaMiharu TownFukuju-ji TempleBecame a deputy chief priest and a member of the Myoshinji sectarianization committee.1991Married in December.

2000, The work "Water Bow" that was posted without going through the rookie award and douujinshi was published in the October issue of "Shincho" and became a candidate for the Akutagawa Prize.[1].

2001, 125th in "Bardo Flower"Akutagawa PrizeAward[2].

2007,Keiko YanagisawaIn a round-trip letter with "Heart Sutra Dialogue on Life"Bungeishunju Reader AwardAward[2].

2008From February, the 2th chief priest of Fukujuji Temple[2]..He is also a member of the Myoshinji School of Contemporary Studies.Fukushima Prefectural PoliceInterpreter.Fukushima Medical UniversityMember of the Hospital Management Council.

2009From April, KyotoHanazono UniversityVisiting professor at the Department of Buddhism, Faculty of Letters.Received the Myoshinji School Sect Cultural Chapter[2].

2010,Abluxus FestivalIs made into a movie (appearance /Suneohair,Tomoekari,Kaoru KobayashiOther) and published[3].

2011January,Reconstruction Design Council for the Great East Japan EarthquakeElected to the committee.From the same monthNiigata Pharmaceutical UniversityVisiting Professor (Faculty of Applied Life Sciences)[2].. Appeared in the movie "" in June[4].

2011From September, Chairman of "Tamakiharu Fukushima Fund" to support youth affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake[2].

2012Since June, he has been a member of the Kokoro Research Center Kyoto University.He is also the deputy representative of the Miharu Seedling Project, which was launched after the earthquake. In August, received the 6th Buddhist Missionary Culture Award and the Numata Encouragement Award. From October, Suzuki Daisetsukan Ambassador[2].

2014, By "Mountain of Light"Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology AwardAward[2].

2015, "Totenko" is the 41stKawabata Yasunari Literature AwardBe the final candidate[5].

List of works

Single Author

  • "Water Bow" Shinchosha 2001 Later Bunko
  • "Bardo Flower" Bungei Shunju 2001 Later Bunko
  • "AbraxasFestival ”Shinchosha 2001 Later paperback
  • "Kacho Sanka" Shinchosha 2002 Later paperback, Chikuma paperback
  • "Gokaicho Kitan" Bungei Shunju 2002 Later Bunko
  • "Amitaba Mugen Komei" Shinchosha 2003 Later Bunko
  • "Introduction to Buddhism only for me" Kodansha + α Shinsho 2003 Later paperback
  • "Around Michi Paradise Theory: Responding to Life's Anxiety" Asahi Shimbun 2003 Later Bunko
  • "Zen Life" Chikuma Shinsho 2003
  • "A collection of talks about the relationship between many students" Bungei Shunju 2004 Later Bunko
  • "Sermon to Buddha" Shincho Shinsho 2004
  • "Leela God's Garden Play" Shinchosha 2004 Later Bunko
  • "Where is our soul going in the world?" Tokuma Shoten 2005
  • "Zengo Yushin" Chikuma Shobo 2005 Later Bunko
  • "Yaorozu-like" Shikisha 2005
  • "What if I die? 』Chikuma Primer New Book 2005
  • "Bright Zen of Salamander" Kairyusha 2005 Bungei Bunko
  • "Self-lighting" Mikasa Shobo 2006 Later Bunko
  • "Bellabo Life The" Insane "Days of Zen Dojo" Asahi Shimbun 2006 Later Bunko
  • "Even a boy is worried" Bunshu Shinsho 2006
  • "Sketch of the image of mercy" Kodansha 2006
  • "Modern translation Hannya Sutra』Chikuma Shinsho 2006
  • "Living in Zen with Genyu Kazuhisa" Kairyusha 2007
  • "House where the dragon lives" Bungei Shunju 2007 Later Bunko
  • "Teru-chan" Shinchosha 2008 later paperback
  • "Merit" Kairyusha 2008 Later Bunko
  • "Zen no Iroha" PHP Institute 2008
  • "Kuan Yin" PHP 2009
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  • "Japanese" Kairyusha 2010
  • "The power of impermanence"HojokiThe ideal way of learning from ”Shinchosha 2011 Later Bunko
  • "Living in Fukushima" Futabasha 2011
  • "The Heart of Jizo: The Power of the Japanese" Kosei Publishing Co., Ltd. 2012
  • "[Solist's Thinking Technique] Volume 2012 Genyu Munehisa's Living Power" Rikuyosha XNUMX
  • "Beginning of Curing-Self-love Guide" Seiryu Publishing 2012
  • "Prayer Practice" Shinchosha 2012
  • "Mountain of Light" Shinchosha 2013 Later Bunko (The paperback edition includes 6 books and the final candidate for the 41st Kawabata Yasunari Literature Award, "Totenko")
  • "Shape of the Japanese Heart" KADOKAWA 2013
  • "Living in the Flow-How to Improve" Kannon Power "According to Changes" 2013 (Renamed to "Kannon Power" published in 2009)
  • "Surprising Buddhist Words"Chuko Shinsho 2014
  • "Zen meditation method to restore the freedom of mind as" life "" Tokuma Shoten 2014
  • "Fuyu here" Gengi Shobo 2014
  • "Gifts from the Temple" Daihorinkaku 2014
  • La Montagne Radieuse (French version of Mountain of Light) Editions Philippe Picquier 2015.02
  • "Sengai Lawless Zen ”PHP Institute 2015
  • Amitabha Inestimable Light 2015
  • "Living as it is" SB Creative 2016
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  • "Soon to die" Sanga 2016
  • `` Takebayashi Seisha'' Asahi Shimbun Publishing 2018
  • "Living in Nariyuki" Uo no Okuyama "Zigzag Fold" Chikuma Shobo 2020

Dialogue, co-authorship, etc.

  • "That world, this world"Setouchi Jakucho Shinchosha 2003 paperback
  • "Practice! Recommendation of "Genki Zen" "Takarajimasha 2004 Later Bunko
  • "The Future, Present, and Past of the Japanese Looking at the Third Generation-Buddhist Struggle"Hiro Sachiya Business-sha 2004
  • "Medicine that works for despair"Yamada Reiji Shogakukan 2004
  • "Brain and soul"Yoro Menji Chikuma Shobo 2005 paperback
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  • "Blessing" Chikuma Shobo 2005
  • "Zen and Brain Why" Zen Life "is Good for Your Brain and Body"Hideho Arita After Daiwa Shobo 2005, the title was changed to "The Power of the Brain and the Heart of Zen".
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  • "Round-trip letter of life beyond me"Yoko Kishimoto Chuokoron-Shinsha 2007
  • "Questions and Answers of <Questions> Contemporaneous Zen Monks Dialogue"Naoya Minami Kosei Publishing Co., Ltd. 2008
  • "Is it saved by the Heart Sutra?" ・ Satobun Publishing 2008
  • "Discovery of breath"Hiroyuki Itsuki Heibonsha 2008 Later Bunko
  • "Living in nature"Shatetsu sect Tokyo Shoseki 2011
  • "Nuclear Power and Religion Questions for the Japanese"Kamata Toji Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan 2012
  • "Academic recommendation.The wisdom of masters who do not teach at school ”JFN (ed.) 2012
  • "Thank you for halfway, Genyu Munehisa Dialogue Collection" Tokyo Shoseki Gen Kida-Yoshiko Tatsumi・ Hiroyuki Itsuki ・Yoro Menji-Tamami Katada-Taichi Yamada-Shinichi Nakazawa-Sato Yu-Shigeaki Hinohara-Tetsuo Yamaori 2012
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  • "Sakura and Reconstruction of the Stricken Area" Kosaido Publishing 2013
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  • "live.die. 』Discover Twenty One 2013 later renamed to" Doctor and Monk Talk about Life Without Fighting Death "
  • "Buddhist Wisdom Zen World" Daihorinkaku 2015
  • "Contemporary translation of Toushizu" PHP Institute translation, supervised and commentary by Sokyu Genyu 2016
  • "After crying, put on your new shoes. The writer tried to deal with the unpleasant worries of teenagers in words ”Poplar Publishing 10

Lecture CD

  • "Evening school selection Sokyu Genyu" Knowledge of Prajna "" Japanese audio preservation
  • "Soukyu Genyu Lecture Record: The Secret of Living, the Way of Happiness (Assortment)" ANY 2016


  • Fukushima Minpo "Sunday Rondan"
  • Monthly resident "Nichikore Sowaka"

TV appearance

Radio appearance

  • Fully open morning seminar Nichinichi Koreichi (every Friday 8: 20-8: 26) Radio Fukushima)


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