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😷 | New adults with dating partners, the lowest in the last 5 years, “decreased chances of encounter” with the new corona, prominently among women

Photo The number of new adults with dating partners is decreasing

New adults with dating partners, the lowest in the last five years, "decreased chances of encounter" with the new corona, prominently among women

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In addition to this, the survey also asked about past dating experiences, and said that the number of new adults who answered "have dating experience so far" (56.3%) fell below 5% for the first time in the past five years.

On January 1, O-net announced the results of a survey on "new adult love and marriage."The survey will be conducted in November 4 ... → Continue reading

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Dating experience

Dating experience(Kosaikeken) is mainlyloveExperience contents in gender relations such as, and concreteSexRefers to the number of people who have become opponentsColloquialism.


Dating experience(Kousaiken) In a broad sense, it refers to all experiences between men and women in romance, but in general, I think that it is a term used when counting the content of sex experiences and the number of people who have been partners at that time. Good.Therefore, a person with abundant dating experience is often regarded as having abundant experience in romance and sex at the same time.In addition, the dating experience of women is also called "male experience", and the dating experience of men is also called "female experience".[1].

Pure love,Platonic love,Unrequited loveIn the case of a male-female relationship where the body does not come into contact, such as, it may be difficult to correspond to the dating experience.However, it may be called "romance experience" as a general term including all of them.In addition, "no dating experience", "no male experience", and "no female experience" often mean "no romance experience" based on the understanding of both men and women.

Generally, there is a transfer of moneyprostitution,Customs,Aid communicationEtc. are often recognized as not corresponding to dating experience.In addition, although there is no particular standard, it is often recognized that short-term dating is not applicable, and there is a tendency to use it when both men and women recognize a certain amount of continuous dating and reliable romantic feelings. is there.

However, in the case of male experience or female experience, even if it is only once, it may simply refer to the number and number of times of sex in the past.

In addition, the main purpose is sexual desire processing etc. by a single actMasturbationIn the case of, it is often regarded as not included in any of the dating experience, female experience, male experience, and romantic experience.


  1. ^ 16th New Adult Awareness Survey 2011 New Adults (800 people nationwide) Life / Marriage / Social Participation Awareness(O-net, Inc.,2011From the PDF article (dated January 1).Rakuten2011 by the consolidated subsidiary "O-net, Inc."New adultAccording to the survey, "love body temperature is the lowest since the survey started" and "83.7% of men currently have no girlfriend and 49.3% have never had a girlfriend".This became a big topic in each media,“This year's new adult“ no dating experience ”45.3% ~ 14.0% even those who have no unrequited love”. Oricon(July 2011, 1). http://beauty.oricon.co.jp/news/83752/full/ 2011/2/20Browse. It was reported using the words "dating experience" and "romance experience".In response to this, Yahoo! News said, "Is 45.3% who have no dating experience high?Low?」との意識調査を同年1月9日から1月19日にかけて実施し、合計40922票による投票結果は「それくらいだと思う 46%」「高い 36%」「低い 19%」となった。なお、「第16回 新成人意識調査 2011年新成人(全国800人)の生活・結婚・社会参加意識」では、「Unrequited loveIs included in the love experience.

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