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😷 | New Corona in Akita Prefecture Two new infections


Two new corona infections in Akita Prefecture

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A man in his 60s was assigned to the Kitaakita Public Health Center by himself and stayed in the metropolitan area where his home was located until the 5th.

It was found that two new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Akita prefecture.Depending on the prefecture, a new infection is confirmed ... → Continue reading

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This is a news account of the AAB Akita Asahi TV station in Akita Prefecture.
Politics, economy, sports, events in the prefecture, etc.
We will tell you various information about Akita.

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Single assignment

Single assignment(Tanshinfunin) is one of the forms of labor.Government statistics define that a person with a single spouse or dependents relocates alone due to a transfer.[1].. For those who are assigned to work aloneSingle transfereeSay.

Corporate split,mergerToday, when things happen frequently, we often see and hear them everywhere. It is possible that not only the husband but also the wife will be assigned to work alone or will be separated if there are no children.

Since they live separately from their families, they may interfere with their families' lives, and some people change jobs to other companies upon receiving a transfer order.


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