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📺 | "Love Phantom" Live-action drama with Renn Kiriyama and Sakurako Konishi!

Expectations for a photo-dotted love story!Renn Kiriyama and Sakurako Konishi – (C) Kako Mitsuki / Shogakukan / “Love Phantom” Production Committee / MBS

"Love Phantom" Renn Kiriyama x Sakurako Konishi make a live-action drama!

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Konishi is a noted actress who has been selected as a heroine in the movies "Fancy" and "Hatsukoi" and has continued to appear in many movies and dramas since then.

It was announced that Mitsukikako's comic "Love Phantom" will be made into a live-action drama in the MBS drama special zone frame, starring ... → Continue reading

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