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🎥 | Director's Cut trailer that allows you to feel the difference between "happiness" and "unhappiness" of Tao Tsuchiya "Sorrowful ...


Tao Tsuchiya's director's cut trailer release that allows you to feel the difference between "happiness" and "unhappiness" "Sorrowful ...

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Koharu, who had been living a mediocre life but lost his family, family business, and boyfriend overnight, met Daigo, a practitioner who raises his 8-year-old daughter Hikari by himself, and the prince. It seemed that he was happy to marry Daigo like him, but beyond that, every day he couldn't imagine was waiting ...

Dile directed by Ryohei Watanabe in the movie "Sorrowful Shiderera" (released in theaters on February 2) starring Tao Tsuchiya and Kei Tanaka ... → Continue reading

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