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🎥 | Movie "Gintama" Attendee Benefits, Fan "Do Not Forgive" Illustration Card "1 Yen per Sheet" for Resale


Special benefits for visitors to the movie "Gintama", as soon as the fans "do not allow" illustration cards "1 yen per sheet"

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This is because the "Illustration card for Hideaki Sorachi's" Charcoal Jiro & Pillar "", which is a gift for visitors in the first week (January 1th), has already been "resold".

The movie version of the anime "Gintama" "Gintama THE FINAL" was released on January 2021, 1.Early on Twitter ... → Continue reading

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Sorachi Hideaki

Sorachi Hideaki(Sorachi Hideaki,1979å¹´5/25[1] -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.HokkaidoTakikawaBackground[1].Male.. Height 162 cm[2] .Blood Type TheAB type[3].Shueisha OfBoy cartoon magazine"Weekly Shonen Jump] Is active.Pen nameOrigin of HokkaidoSorachiRegion[4].


  • 2002-Debuted with "Danderaion" in "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 42.
  • 2003 --- Also announced "Shirokuro" in "Weekly Shonen Jump".
  • 2004-The first serialized work "GintamaStart.
  • 2006-"Gintama" was animated in April.Over the next 4 years, four anime series have been written by the author, "Everything shop, be foreverTheatrical version including "" was produced.
  • 2008-『Jump square"3 (Thirteen)" was published as "SUPREME One-shot Series" in the March issue.
  • 2010-Weekly Shonen Jump No. 46 features "Bankara-san ga Gou" as the second installment of "Top of the Super Legend"[5].
  • 2018-The serialization of "Gintama" in this magazine has ended in "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 42, and the other side of the final episode (continued) is "Jump GIGA』2019 WINTER vol.1 to vol.3 and posted in" Gintama Official App "[6].
  • 2019-With the final lesson delivered on the app on June 6, the 20-year serialization of "Gintama" has ended.[7].


  • The reason I decided to draw a manga was "Castle Laputa in the Sky』I was influenced by the farewell of the last scene of. He says he is still chasing Laputa[8].. My favoriteMiyazakiAnime is "Kiki's Delivery Service』.
  • My favorite manga is "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル"When"Slam dunk], I read it in a book, but when I was a boy who didn't read much manga, I was rather influenced by comedians.However, when I was in elementary school, it wasn't "CoroCoro Comic" or "Bonbon", but Tokuma Shoten's "NaughtyHe is a big fan of 』, and later announced that he had been reading until the publication was discontinued.
  • Favorite entertainerDowntownIs said to be the hero of his generation, and the most affected celebritiesSapporo TV Broadcasting OfannouncerIchiro AkiraAre listed[8].
  • About your appearance,Takeda TetsuyaI comment that it is similar to, but the self-portrait on Jump magazine isgorillaHas become itself[1].. Photos of roundtable discussions have been published in projects such as books, but at that time the face of the gorilla was stuck on the person's face. There are many parody charactersGintama], a character called Tenchi (Amachi) that models himself, has become a more realistic gorilla than the pictures used in self-portraits, and the language spoken is the gorilla itself. Although it appears in four frames and short films, it is almost not the original, it is not in the main part of the animation[9].
  • He said that he was the slowest pen serialist in the jump series, and he said that he was one day behind the second slowest writer.[10].. In the 2009st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump 31, the author's name in the table of contents is "Cyborg Sorachi"The right hand was converted to a G pen. It's pretty easy to use. I'm wondering if my left hand is a brush pen or a round pen <S (cyborg) Sorachi>," he commented. Currently, I rarely draw pictures other than characters[4].
  • Lake ToyaThe souvenir shop "Echigoya Department Store" located nearby has been doing this for decades.Wood swordWith the influence of "Gintama", the number of customers who "I want you to carve a wooden sword with "Lake Toya" has rapidly increased in the service of carving letters on[11][12].. Sorachi himselfSchool excursionI went to Lake Toya at that time, but I didn't buy a wooden sword at that time, and it was later given by a souvenir shop in Lake Toya.
  • I have a dog and my dog's name is "Chappie" (PapillonFemale)[1].
  • It seems that my sister is alone, and I occasionally use it as a bonus page in a book.
  • TwitterI profess that I haven't done any blogging or blogging, and that I have no intention of doing it in the question section of the 50-volume book.


  • Dandraiion (Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2002, 42. 71st [Jun. 2002] Tenkaichi Manga Award Honorable Mention, "Gintama" Volume 6)
  • Shirokuro (Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2003/17, included in Volume 2 of "Gintama")
  • Gintama(Weekly Shonen Jump 2004 No. 2-2018 No. 42, Jump GIGA 2019 Winter vol.1-vol.3, Gintama Official App Updated May 2019, 5-Updated June 13, 6 All 20 volumes)
  • 13 (Thirteen) (Jump Square March 2008 issue, "Gintama" Volume 3)
  • Bankara-san passes through (Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2010 in 46. Included in Volume 38 of "Gintama")


  • "Jojo25th anniversary memorial special contribution (2012)
  • "Da Vinci'Hoshino GenAnnoying and follow me Illustration (2013)

Related person

Editor in charge

  • Kohei Onishi (2002-November 2007)[13]
  • Yu Saito (November 2007-March 11)[14]
  • Atsushi Nakazaki (March 2009-June 3)[15][16]
  • Yuyuki Honda (June 2010-October 6)[17], June 2013-October 6[18])
  • Osamu Matsuo (October 2011-June 10)[19][20]
  • Takuma Naito (November 2013-Unknown)[18]
  • Ren Manabe (Unknown-June 2018)[21]
  • Takashi Isaka (July 2018-June 7)[22]

Ex assistant


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