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🎥 | Anna Yamada releases 2 works for 3 consecutive weeks! A young talent feared by the director of "The End Roll of the Nameless World"


Anna Yamada releases 2 works for 3 consecutive weeks! A young talent feared by the director of "The End Roll of the Nameless World"

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The original by Kaoru Yukinari, directed by Yuichi Sato, who is known for "Absolute Zero Degree ~ Crime Infiltration Investigation ~" and "Kasane", has been made into a movie.

Celebration / new adult! 2 appearances released for 3 consecutive weeks!The young talent feared by director Yuichi Sato in the movie "End Roll of the Nameless World" ... → Continue reading

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Kaoru Yukinari

Kaoru Yukinari(Kaoru Yukinari,19798/10[1] -) isJapan OfNovelist.

MiyagiSendai cityBackground[2].Tohoku Gakuin UniversityGraduate from College of Liberal Arts[3].2012ToEnd roll of the nameless world(The title at the time of application is "Matilda"), the 25thNovel Subaru Rookie AwardAward[4][5].2013It was published as a book in.Writing a novel while working[3].. "When I first started writing, I wasn't thinking about applying for the newcomer award. When I was notified of the award, I was happy, but I felt pressure on my shoulders," he said.[3].. HobbyCuisine[3]..As a favorite writerShuhei Fujisawa,Kotaro IsakaAre listed[3].

2021"End Roll of the Nameless World" is made into a movie[6]..In the web drama "Re: End Roll of the Nameless World ~ Half a year later ~", which depicts the movie version after that, the original draft was written down.[7].

List of works

Single Author

  • End roll of the nameless world(February 2013 Shueisha / September 2015 Shueisha library)
    • Recorded work: End roll / pocket of the world without a name (paperback book only)
  • Bye Bye Buddy (August 2016) Kodansha / September 2020 Kodansha library)
  • Selection of heroes (November 2016 Kodansha / March 11 Kodansha Bunko)
  • Even we can open the door (November 2017 Shueisha / January 11 Shueisha Bunko)
    • Recorded work: How to use telekinesis / Paralyzer Kaneda / Pyrokinesis can burn pizza / Psychometry / Psychometry / Eyes speak as much as mouth / We can even open the door
  • Closed weather (April 2018 Kodansha)
  • Strong style (August 2018) 文藝 春秋)
    • Included works: Shoot Match / Match Maker XNUMX / Finish Hold / Match Maker XNUMX / Main Eventer / Match Maker XNUMX / Death Match / Match Maker XNUMX / Chapin On Belt / Match Maker XNUMX / Strong Style / Match Maker XNUMX
  • Phantom thief invisible (November 2018 Kodansha)
  • Today's menu is. (October 2019 Shueisha Bunko)
    • Recorded work: Four-minute delivery strategy / Omusubi Rhapsody / Fight!Manpuku dining room / A day at a Western restaurant / Loco Motion
  • KILLTASK (July 2020) KADOKAWA)
  • Nostalgia of the Colorless World (Shueisha, December 2020)-The sequel to "The End Roll of the Nameless World"


Single unrecorded short story

  • Midsummer Snow ("Novel Subaru" December 2013 issue Shueisha)
  • 4M25 ("Novel Subaru" December 2014 issue Shueisha)
  • Eureka (A) ("All things』July 2015 issue Bungei Shunju)
  • God and Switch ("Novel Subaru" December 2015 issue Shueisha)

Visualized work


Web drama


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