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"Gundam W" Sandrock, "GUNDAM UNIVERSE" action figure! "Ra ...

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Please enjoy the world view of "Gundam W" side by side with the separately sold "GUNDAM UNIVERSE XXXG-01W WING GUNDAM" and "XXXG-01D GUNDAM DEATHSCYTH".

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New Mobile Report Gundam W

"New Mobile Report Gundam W(Shinki Dosenki Gundam Wing, English title: NEW MOBILE REPORT GUNDAM WING) Is "Gundam series"SunriseProductionTelevision Animation.1995(7)May 4から1996(8)May 3Up to 49 episodesTV Asahi seriesIt was broadcast every Friday from 17:00 to 17:30.Abbreviation is "GW. "米 国Then, it is the first Gundam series work that was broadcast.


Previous workMobile Fighter G Gundam』While the center of popularity was the younger age group, in this work all the main characters including the Gundam pilotBeautiful boySet to, media development targeting women (described later)#Related worksAs a result, many female fans were acquired.Bandai visualThis work is distributed in the category genre of "Anime, Robot, Bishounen" in the broadband content operated by.But in the seriesKatsuyuki SumisawaAccording to the report, it was not originally created with the intention of acquiring female fans.[1]..It is one of the most popular works in "Mobile Suit Gundam G Gundam", "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing", and "Mobile New Century Gundam X" called Heisei Gundam, and the following yearOVA"New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz] Has developed into numerous media developments such as the release and the release of the movie version.

Kunio OkawaraAccording to this work, like the previous work G Gundam, five Gundams that imaged countries around the world will appear.The image of each countryBandaiInstructed by, respectivelyJapan,Western,Middle East,America,ChugokuIt is said that.However, the image of each country is more abstract than the previous work G Gundam.[1]..According to Sumisawa, although there were five Gundam pilots in the previous work, there was only one main character, but in this work all five are treated as main characters.[1].

Like the other Gundam series, the main axis of the story is war, but in this work, various conflicts about strategy and humanity are drawn.In addition, it is one of the features of this work that many thoughts and words of military personnel and thinkers from ancient times to east and west are quoted.Regarding female characters, he said, "I didn't like the Lori characters that were common at that time."[2], It is said that the character was created with an awareness of an independent woman, not a female character like an accessory that was found in robots up to that point.[3].

The directorShigeru IkedaThe character design isMurase OsamuWas in charge.However, about half a year later, Ikeda left the director and said, "The Brave of Gold GoldWas the directorShinji TakamatsuWas in charge of the latter half of the program, though it was non-credit, at the same time as the same work.According to Sumisawa, the previous work G Gundam was unpopular with conventional Gundam fans, so this work was originally aimed at reproducing Gundam from "First" to "V Gundam".[1]..However, by the time 10 episodes were aired, Ikeda deviated from the original plan and developed the story.After leaving Ikeda, Sumisawa revived the original plan and built the story.For this reason, the latter half is close to the conventional Gundam.In addition, although the main characters are five Gundams, it can be said that one of the features of this work is that the main characters have more changes in their aircraft than other Gundam works.

The United States of AmericaThen.2000May 3ThanCartoon Network-TOONAMIIn the frame "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing』Started broadcasting, it became the first Gundam series work aired in the United States.Due to the broadcast code, corrections have been made to highly cruel scenes such as bloodshed, but since 2001Adult swimThe unedited version is being broadcast in the frame[4]..According to Yasuo Watanabe, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Sales Department of Sunrise, works with characters and dramas received worldwide.It was also broadcast in countries other than Europe and the United States, and most of the countries have been broadcast in Gundam history.

Title logo

There are multiple types of title logos for this work.

  • Notation "New Mobile Report Gundam W (Wing)".
    • A typical one mainly used for TV OPs and DVD jackets.
  • Notation "New Mobile Report Gundam W GUNDAM WING".JapaneseBelow the notationEnglishNotation is entered.
    • Mainly related to musicGunpla systemIt is used in the products of.

Gundam VS. GundamThe latter is used in the back of the official website created with the title logo of each work, and the former is used in the MS / pilot list page.In addition, the former is used in the sortie demo and ED of the main game.

The sequel "NEXT』Official site is unified with the latter.The former is used for the main game and home version sites, and the latter is used for the entry aircraft page of the home manual.


The year when space development beganAfter colony(AC) 1 year history, human beingsSpace colonyStarted development.However, there are conflicts on the ground and in space, various diseases, and technical problems.L1It took a century for the colony to be completed for the first time.Due to the conflict on the ground, immigrants to space increased and the nations on the ground began to show signs of decline as the population flowed out.Therefore, each nation established a unified global alliance and tried to counter the influence of the colony.

In 165 AC, an organization was established to mediate the conflict between the Union and the colony.As a representativeHiiro YuiWas elected.He advocates non-violent and demilitarized perfect pacifism, advocates the Declaration of the Heart of the Universe, and is assassinated in AC175 even though supporters appear on the colony and on the ground.His death confused the colony side, and the coalition was Specials (later)OZ) MS unit dispatched.Even on earth, countries such as the Thunk Kingdom, which agreed with Heero Yuy's ideas, will be overrun by the armed forces of the Union.

Since then, the Allies have overwhelmingly controlled each colony, and space mines have cut off communication between the colonies for a long time.

AC195,Global UnionAn underground organization of some colony residents who opposes the rule of the "Operation Meteor" is activated.It ’s five of them disguised as meteors.Mobile suit(MS) "Gundam" is to be lowered to the earth with a pilot and sabotaged.However, this operation was previously detected by the Union and OZ under the name of "Operation M".For this reason one of the agentsHiiro YuiThe aircraft fell into the sea in an encounter battle with an OZ attack transport aircraft while descending to Earth, and thenRelena DarlianWill meet.And the other agents who descended to Earth without knowing each other,Duo Maxwell,Trowa Barton,Quatre Raberba Winner,Chang WufeiHowever, he will meet Gundam pilots and various human beings and move the times.

When the five Gundams and their pilots landed on the ground, they intensively destroyed the facilities under the control of OZ, which hides its existence in the coalition, and made the power of Gundam roar between the coalition and OZ.However, the behavior of a single Gundam machine will soon reach its limit.OZ, who is good at information warfare, makes them swim in reverse,False informationDisarmamentists in the coalition were wiped out, and "Operation Day Break" was activated by taking advantage of it.Successful OZ rebellion against the Union at the same time all over the world. OZ urges Gundam pilots to surrender after holding the colony hostage, saying that Heero cannot hand over Gundam to the enemy.Wing gundamChoose the option to self-destruct.After that, OZ gave the colony one after another a gambling measure that pushed the cooperation to the front instead of the threat of force, and the five Gundams and pilots who were supposed to be the last hope for the colony , They fall into the side of being denounced as "enemy of mankind" in the form of returning their palms, but they still try to fight in their respective forms, betting on their raison d'etre.

However, the remnants of the coalition that remained in space are newly developed unmanned weapons in OZ.Mobile DollSupporting OZ and it while being driven out in front ofROHM Blow FoundationWas trying to achieve the ambition of dominating the Earth's sphere with a mobile suit to replace the manned mobile suit.However, the general manager of OZTreize KhushrenadaConflicts with Foundation policy, claiming a unique aesthetic that war should be fought by living humans.The fact that the general was dismissed and forced into imprisonment caused internal conflicts within the Foundation, and the war broke out in various places.

Eventually, in space, the armed forces of the colonyWhite FangUprising, onceZex MarquisThe Miriard Peacecraft, who was calling himself, was celebrated as a leader and tried to carry out a true operation meteo.that is,Drop a large colony (x-18999) to EarthThis is to control the confused Earth with five Gundams.However, the five scientists who designed Gundam opposed it, changing the directive and refusing to be the genocide performer.

Treize, who once retired from the front stage of history, becomes the head of state of the world, unifies the military power on the earth, and challenges the battle with White Fang. The five Gundam pilots each believe in the path they believe in and fight, and the five scientists also change the orbit of the giant battleship Libra, which falls to Earth in exchange for their own lives.Heero's blow, shooting the last piece of Libra, marked the beginning of the history of the war.


Hiiro Yui
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa
15 years old.A boy raised as a soldierWing gundamTo descend to the earth.At first, he acted by any means to carry out his mission, but when he met Relena and others, human emotions grew.
Duo Maxwell
Voice- Seki Toshihiko
15 years old.Gundam Death SizeDescent to the earth.He calls himself a "reaper" because he has never seen a miracle before, but he has a cheerful and friendly personality.
Trowa Barton
Voice- Shigeru Nakahara
A boy of unknown age and background.Gundam Heavy ArmsIt descends to the earth and hides in the circus corps.
Quatre Raberba Winner
Voice- Ai Orikasa
15 years old.Gundam SandrockDescent to the earth.Raised in a wealthy family, he has a kind personality.
Chang Wufei
Voice- Ryuzo Ishino
15 years old.Shenlong GundamDescent to the earth.A descendant of an ancient Chinese warrior, he has more solo actions than Heero.
Relena Darlian
Voice- Yajima Akiko
The heroine of this work is 15 years old.Raised as the only daughter of the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Global Union.Meet Heero who fell into the sea after the earth descended.
Zex Marquis
Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu
A 19-year-old senior lieutenant of the secret society OZ.Put on a mask,TallgeeseManipulate and fight Gundam.

Appearance weapon

ス タ ッ フ

(From the opening credit)

Theme song

Opening theme
"JUST COMMUNICATION(Episode 1-Episode 40)
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Song- TWO-MIX(King record)
The actual lyrics areNagano Shiina, CompositionKoji Mamagino, Arranged by Shiina Nagano,Takayama MinamiIs in charge.
The voice of the intro is cut off in the TV size.
"RHYTHM EMOTION(Episode 41-Episode 49)
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Song --TWO-MIX (King Record)
The actual lyrics are written by Shiina Nagano, the composition is by Minami Takayama, and the arrangement is by Shiina Nagano and Minami Takayama.
Ending theme
"It's Just Love" (Episode 1-Episode 49)
Lyrics --Kana Matsumoto / Composition --Seiji Koizumi / Arrangement --Mitsuhiro Tada / Song --Rumi Oishi (Apollon)

On TV on air, the opening drawing of the OP theme "JUST COMMUNICATION" in the previous term uses a part of the bank scene in the play from episodes 1 to 17, and it became a new drawing from episode 18.In the video software version and rebroadcast, even the 17th episode has been replaced with the one after the 18th episode.

The late OP theme "RHYTHM EMOTION" is1995Although the CD was released as a new opening theme in November, it was used as the opening theme from February of the following year, and was used only for the last two months.I don't know the exact reason why it happened,2010According to the G-SELECTION booklet released, "Since Director Ikeda dropped out halfway, character design Shukô Murase was in charge of drawing the opening, but the completion was significantly delayed, and it was completed just before the final round. "Take it."Most of the late opening drawings were edited from the bank scene in the play.

In addition, regarding the fact that the opening theme did not change easily, Shiina Nagano later said, "I can laugh now, but I had a stomachache at that time."[5]..Even before it was used as the opening song, it was used as an insert song in episodes 36, 38, and 39.

List of stories

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptShowConteAnimation director
Episode 11995
May 4
Meteor seen by a girlKatsuyuki SumisawaYasunao AokiShigeru IkedaSeimura Nishimura
Episode 2May 4G (Gundam) called ShinigamiNana HaradaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 3May 4Confirmation of 5 Gundam aircraftMinatoya YumekichiSeimura Nishimura
Episode 4May 4Nightmare VictoriaTetsuya WatanabeAtsushi Shigeta
Episode 5May 5Relena's SecretYasunao AokiNishimori AkiraShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 6May 5Party nightAkemi OmodeNana HaradaToshifumi KawaseYoshihito Hishinuma
Masanori Shino
Episode 7May 5Scenario for bloodshedKatsuhiko ChibaKunihiro MoriSadamitsu ShinyaSeimura Nishimura
Episode 8May 5Treize assassinationKatsuyuki SumisawaHirohito OchiShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 9May 6Portrait of exiled countryAkemi OmodeYasunao AokiKoichi ChigiraSeimura Nishimura
Episode 10May 6Scatter in the flash of HeeroKatsuhiko ChibaNana HaradaShigeru IkedaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 11May 6Whereabouts of happinessAkemi OmodeKunihiro MoriSeimura Nishimura
Episode 12May 6Lost warriorsKatsuhiko ChibaTetsuya WatanabeKunihiro Abe
Seimura Nishimura
Earthenware boss
Episode 13May 6Kathryn's tearsKatsuyuki SumisawaTakeshi YoshimotoMinatoya YumekichiShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 14May 701 Blast commandAkemi OmodeYasunao AokiShigeru IkedaSeimura Nishimura
Episode 15May 7Decisive battle place to AntarcticaToshifumi KawaseEarthenware bossKoichi ChigiraShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 16May 7Sad decisive battleKatsuyuki SumisawaKunihiro MoriMinatoya YumekichiSeimura Nishimura
Episode 17May 7The distant home of betrayalKatsuhiko ChibaTetsuya WatanabeShigeru IkedaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 18May 8Tallgeese destructionToshifumi KawaseYasunao AokiToshifumi KawaseSeimura Nishimura
Episode 19May 8Bullge assaultAkemi OmodeTakeshi YoshimotoKoichi ChigiraShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 20May 8Infiltration, lunar baseKatsuhiko ChibaKunihiro MoriShigeru IkedaSeimura Nishimura
Episode 21May 8Cattle of sadnessAkemi OmodeTetsuya WatanabeMinatoya YumekichiShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 22May 9Battle for independenceKatsuhiko ChibaYasunao AokiNishimori Akira
Shigeru Ikeda
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 23May 9Duo returning to ShinigamiKatsuyuki SumisawaTakeshi YoshimotoMinatoya YumekichiShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 24May 9G (Gundam) called ZeroToshifumi KawaseKunihiro MoriHamazu MamoruSeimura Nishimura
Episode 25May 9Quatre VS HeeroShigeru IkedaTetsuya WatanabeShigeru IkedaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 26May 9Meteor that does not burnKatsuyuki Sumisawa
Shigeru Ikeda
Yasunao AokiSeimura Nishimura
Episode 27May 10Victory and defeat trajectoryKatsuyuki SumisawaYasunao Aoki
Kunihiro Mori
Kunihiro MoriShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 28May 10Destiny to pass each otherKunihiro MoriSeimura Nishimura
Episode 29May 10Battlefield heroineShigeru IkedaTakeshi YoshimotoShigeru IkedaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 30May 11Reunion with RelenaKatsuhiko ChibaKunihiro MoriMinatoya YumekichiSeimura Nishimura
Episode 31May 11Kingdom of Glass (Thunk Kingdom)Katsuyuki SumisawaNana HaradaNishimori AkiraShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 32May 11Reaper and Zero ShowdownKatsuhiko ChibaYasunao AokiMinatoya YumekichiSeimura Nishimura
Episode 33May 11Lonely battlefieldAkemi OmodeTetsuya WatanabeMasamitsu Hidaka
Tetsuya Watanabe
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 34May 12Its name is EpionKatsuyuki SumisawaTakeshi YoshimotoShinji Takamatsu
Shinichiro Watanabe
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 35May 12Ufei againKunihiro MoriMinatoya Yumekichi
Kunihiro Mori
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 36May 12Kingdom (Thunk Kingdom) collapseKatsuhiko ChibaYasunao AokiYoshiyuki Takei
Masamitsu Hidaka
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 37May 12Zero VS EpionKatsuyuki SumisawaTetsuya WatanabeNishimori Akira
Tetsuya Watanabe
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 381996
May 1
Birth of Queen RelenaAkemi OmodeTakeshi YoshimotoMasamitsu Hidaka
Yasunao Aoki
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 39May 1Return to Troyes BattlefieldKatsuyuki SumisawaKunihiro MoriMinatoya Yumekichi
Kunihiro Mori
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 40May 1New leaderKatsuhiko ChibaYasunao AokiYasunao Aoki
Nishimori Akira
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 41May 2Battle of the bulgeAkemi OmodeTetsuya WatanabeMasamitsu Hidaka
Tetsuya Watanabe
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 42May 2Libra startKatsuyuki SumisawaNana HaradaGoro Taniguchi
Kunihisa Sugishima
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 43May 2Giant light (aurora) shooting on the groundAkemi OmodeTakeshi YoshimotoMinatoya Yumekichi
Takeshi Yoshimoto
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 44May 2Sortie G TeamKatsuhiko ChibaKunihiro MoriNishimori Akira
Kunihiro Mori
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 45May 3Premonition of the decisive battleAkemi OmodeYasunao AokiYasunao Aoki
Masamitsu Hidaka
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 46May 3Merquise's decisionKatsuyuki SumisawaTetsuya WatanabeGoro Taniguchi
Kunihisa Sugishima
Seimura Nishimura
Episode 47May 3Clashing universeKatsuhiko ChibaNana HaradaMasamitsu HidakaShinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani
Episode 48May 3Sortie into confusionKatsuyuki SumisawaTakeshi YoshimotoNishimori AkiraSeimura Nishimura
Episode 49May 3Last victorYasunao AokiYasunao Aoki
Tetsuya Watanabe
Shinichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Yabutani

The music when the title of each episode is displayed is unique only for episodes 1, 2, 39, 47 to 49.In addition to episodes 1 and 2, the music at the beginning of the second half (after the commercial) is also unique.The music at the beginning of the second half of episodes 1 and 47 to 49 is common.

Episodes 27 and 28 are omnibus respectively.

The title call is the role of HeeroHikari MidorikawaWas in charge.The next announcement narration will be for 2 episodes and 4 to 48 episodes, Hikaru Midorikawa will play the role of Lirina for the new program announcement (1 episode), 3 episodes, and 49 episodes.Yajima AkikoWas in charge.


★ indicatesSunrise officialFrom the posted poster

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateRemarks
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi★TV Asahi seriesFriday 17:00-17:30Production Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TV★
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TV★
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi Broadcasting★
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TV★
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV★
EhimeEhime Asahi TV
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting★
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting★
OkinawaRyukyu Asahi BroadcastingSince opening in April 1995
AomoriAomori Asahi BroadcastingBroadcast after the end of the main broadcast
IwateIwate Asahi TV
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting
YamagataYamagata TV
MiyagiEast Japan BroadcastingWednesday 17:00 --17:30 (until September 1995) ★
→ Friday 17:00 --17:30 (from October 1995)[6]
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting★Thursday 17:30-18:00[7][Note 2]
NiigataNiigata TV 21Broadcast after the end of the main broadcast
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting★Thursday 17:00-17:30
Kinki wide areaAsahi Broadcasting★Friday 16:30-17:00Advance broadcast
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi BroadcastingBroadcast after the end of the main broadcast
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting
ToyamaTulip TVTBS series
Other broadcasting stations

Both are broadcasts after the end of the main broadcast.

Internet distribution


New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz
Sequel to 1997OVA"New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz" has been released.All 3 episodes. Set a year after the story of the TV series, it depicts the rebellion of Dekim Burton and the Marie Meir army trying to carry out a true Operation Meteor.
In Novelize, there is a section that describes the contents of "EPISODE ZERO" in detail.
In 1998, "New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Special Edition", which was re-edited and added additional images, was released in theaters.

Related works

This work has various derivative works centered on the TV series.Media mixIt is manufactured under the method.Only one of the Gundam series will be broadcast on TV, made into an OVA, released in theaters,Radio DramaBecomingCD drama, Novelization, original comics,toyBecomingGameThis is the first Gundam work that has been turned into a work, and is the only one as of 2014.


Character Goods

Movic,AnimateMany figures, cards, accessories, etc.Character GoodsIs on sale.The company has been selling Gundam series goods for a long time, but this is the first Gundam work that has clearly released goods for female fans.The success of this product development has been passed down to the later Gundam series merchandise development.


Kadokawa sneaker libraryA novel version that almost follows the contents of the anime has been released in all five volumes.Written.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Gaiden-Sickle in your right hand and you in your left-

Yuka MinagawaNovel by.Because the time series etc. are not consistent with the main storyParallel worldIt is treated as a typical work.

New Mobile Report Gundam W Frozen Teardrop

Gundam AceThe first novel of the "Gundam W Project" project. The prologue was published in the August 1 issue, and this serialization started in the October issue of the same year.Katsuyuki SumisawaWritten.The illustration is Sakura Asagi. This is a sequel to "Endless Waltz" set decades later.


Koichi TokitaIn the drawing ofComic bonbonIt is serialized in 3 volumes and is published in a book.
NovelEdition,ComicAt the end of both editions, Heero and his friends are for terraforming火星It ends on the way to, because it was drawn based on the early plots of the TV version.
Of the cartoon released in 2003KPCIn the edition, the part where Heero and his friends go to Mars at the end has been replaced with a completely different new work.
Apart from the drawing by Koichi Tokita, comicalization by overseas artists has been developed on the overseas version official website of the finished figure "Gundam Universe" from April 2021, 4.[8].American comicIt is drawn with a wind drawing, and the design of the characters is arranged slightly smaller, such as around the eyes. The design of MS is drawn in the TV version.

New Mobile Report Gundam W EPISODE ZERO

Akira KanbeProduct,Monthly Anime V(Monthly AnimediaSpecial edition) Serialized manga.The prehistory of the main characters in this work, which is more than ten years before the time in the main story (AC195), is drawn.This was originally a story that was planned to be used in anime, but due to the schedule, it is a cartoon version of what was on the shelves.Also, at the end of the book, "PREVENTER 5 (Thunk)", a later story of "Endless Waltz", is posted.In addition, the novel version "Endless Waltz" intentionally includes the connection with this work.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Grand Zero

A manga depicting between the TV series and the OVA.Written,Fan de la(Monthly AsukaSpecial edition) Serialization.


A manga depicting between the TV series and the OVA.Tokita Koichi,Overlord Magazine,Comic bonbonPublished in the special edition.

New Mobile Report Gundam W BLIND TARGET

Draw between the TV series and the OVARadio DramaAnd cartoons.Sakura AsagiProduct,Monthly Anime VSerialization.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story G-UNIT

As a gaiden work of this work,Plastic modelPlanning and manga centered on.The manga version was published in two magazines, and Koichi Tokita was in charge of drawing and Junichi Akutsu was in charge of MS design for the comic bonbon serialization "New Mobile Report Gundam W Dual Story G-UNIT".Comic JapanThe publication "New Mobile Report Gundam W Gaiden G-UNIT" was in charge, but this has not been completed due to the suspension of publication of the publication magazine.

New Mobile Report Gundam W G-UNIT Operation Galleria Rest

The drawing is Koichi Tokita. "Monthly Gundam Ace"2019Manga works serialized from the August issue[9]..The book is 3 volumes already published.

New Mobile Report Gundam W-Tiel's Impulse-

A gaiden work published in the one-shot booklet "New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Strongest Playing Book" centered on the promotion of plastic models.


A manga published in Gundam Ace.Written. A gaiden work set in AC100, about 94 years ago from the story of the TV series.It ends in all 2 episodes in a state close to censoring.

New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Glory of the Losers

The second manga of the Gundam Ace project "Gundam W Project".2010Serialized from the November issue.Scenario Katsuyuki Sumisawa, mangaSatoshi Ogasawara..The new translation "Gundam W" is sung, and the story traces the TV series, but the settings that were supposed to be explained in the main story such as "EPISODE ZERO" are also reflected, and the design of the MS isEWIt has been changed to the version.


Shin Kidō Senki Gundam W ENDLESS DUEL

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayBandaiReleased bySuper NintendouseCompetitive fighting game..It adopts a unique system that is not often seen in other fighting game works, and by combining button simultaneous pressing and cross key, special actions such as dash while guarding, aerial dash, reduction of fall speed after jumping It is possible to develop the game speedily.CapcomThe fighting game version released byX-MEN』Is strongly influenced, and has many common systems.
others,"Super Robot War series], Etc., has also appeared in Gundam and robot anime crossover works.

Mobile Suit Gundam W THE Battle

Released by Bandai on October 2002, 10Play stationFighting game for fighting."It was released only in North AmericaGundam Battle Assault 2, "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" was split and localized for the domestic market.SIMPLE character 2000 seriesIt was commercialized as the 13th work of ".Similarly, "Mobile Fighter G Gundam] Is also commercialized independently.

Cassette collection

Drama CDpreviouscassette tapeVoice drama by.Both are comedy works.
In both cases, only male characters appear.Regarding the latter, only the G team will appear.
Animating Cassette Collection New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Secret Operation
Includes episodes depicting the W team, who is confused by the suspicion of women, Gofei, who speaks brightly with the correct youth, and how to use the correct "mission completion".
  1. Operation 0 "Mission OK"
  2. Operation 1 "The Secret of the Winner Family"
  3. Operation 2 "Basic knowledge course"
  4. Operation 3 "Wufei training"
  5. Operation 4 "Endless Battle"
  6. Operation 5 "Mission completed"
  7. Voice actor comment
Between each story, there is a plan for the G team to exchange their lines and speak instead of catching an eye.
Animate Voice Cassette New Mobile Report Gundam W Voice Collection G Team Edition
A cassette in which the G team speaks lines according to their respective themes under the name of "program".
Compared to the above "Animate Cassette Collection Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Secret Operation", the playback time is shorter.
  1. morning Call
  2. Answering machine message
  3. Encouragement message
  4. Love call

Other books

Kadokawa Shoten
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Special Edition Film Book
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Photobook
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W COMPLETE OPERATION
Asahiya Publishing
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Complete Film Book
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Perfect File (1)-(3)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Perfect Album
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Official MS Catalog
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Postcard Book
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Super Encyclopedia
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Characters Collection (1), (2)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Character Collection
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Encyclopedia
Celadon byblos
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1st OPERATION
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 2nd OPERATION
Media Works
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing ~ Wing Season AC195 ~
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Data Collection (1)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Complete Recording History of Thunk Kingdom
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Setting Record Collection PART-I, PART-II
  • GUNDAM WING MEMORIALS ~ Final Wing 195 ~
  • GUNDAM WING MEMORIALS II ~ The Legend of Forever ~
  • GUNDAM WING DIGITAL MEMORIALS CD-ROM ISBN-4-89601-306-9 C0876 (Production cooperation: Link Studio)
Jitsugyo no Nihonsha
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Strongest Playing Book
Tokuma bookstore
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W FIVE G BOYS
  • Mobile Suit Gundam W MS Encyclopedia
Take Shobo
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W
  • Sunrise Artworks Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Plastic model commentary mook
  • New Mobile Report Gundam WW File Character Side (High Con Pro Plastic Model Wing Gundam Benefits)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing File Mobile Suit Side (High Con Pro Plastic Model Gundam Death Size Bonus)
Anime visual
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Theatrical Release Commemorative VISUAL BOOK (June 1998 issue)
  • NEW WORLD GENERATION (October 1997 issue)
  • GW Otakara BOOK (November 1995 issue)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Secret) Operation (September 1995 issue)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W VISUAL BOOK (November 1995 issue)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz (August 1997 issue)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Climax BOOK THE MEMORIAL (April 1996 issue)

Anthology comic

Numerous official anthologies have been published by multiple publishers.Edited works published in anime magazines, etc., and collected by open recruitmentDoujinshiThere are two types of douujinshi competitions that have been collected and published.SunriseAlthough it is an official anthology, there are almost no restrictions on expression, and works of various genres have been posted.In particularCeladon byblos,Laport,MovicIt is generally difficult for companies to approve articles published byYaoiThere are many competitions specializing in douujinshi.In the media development of the Gundam series, such a large-scale anthology development was carried out only in this work as of 2011.In addition, a total of more than 50 volumes have been published, but suddenly since 1998, publication by each company has stopped.In 1998, Sunrise was published in Doujinshi, etc.Secondary creationIt has set out copyright provisions including the prohibition of.
All 7 volumes from the Nora Comics Pokke series.It consists of a newly drawn work and a work serialized in "Monthly Comic Pocke" magazine.
Movic A-cllection
Laport Laport Comics
  • End of the Century Wing Legend Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Parody Works ISBN-4 89799-270-2
  • W Beat New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Competition Collection (4 volumes) ISBN-4 89799-189-7
  • Whereabouts of the Wind New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Competition Collection ISBN-4 89799-281-8
  • Operation W New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Competition Collection (8 volumes in total) ISBN-4 89799-173-0
  • Operation W Endless Waltz New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Competition Collection (3 volumes) ISBN-4 89799-243-5
  • Operation W THE NEXT New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Competition Collection ISBN-4 89799-268-0
  • LAGRANGE New Mobile Report Gundam W Parody Works ISBN-4 89799-202-8
Hobby Japan Hobby Japan Comics Amusement Anthology Series
Laport Deluxe
Ota Publishing OHTA COMICS
Carrot Publishing
Okura publishing OAK Comics
  • MOVING ACTION Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Parody Anthology (2 volumes) ISBN 4900780588
Celadon byblos F'PACKS
  • RISING EARTH New Mobile Report Gundam W Doujinshi Anthology (13 volumes) ISBN-4 88271-401-9
Sakuramo Shobo GA Comics
Media Works Media comics
  • METEOR LIGHT Gundam W Parody Collection (3 volumes)
Ocean books

Software development

There are 13 volumes of VHS, and 4 volumes of EVEN NUMBERS / ODD NUMBERS (omnibus).1995It was released in order.The year after next1997Is a sequel toOVA, Endless Waltz was released in order in all three volumes.further1999Endless Waltz special edition (theatrical version) was released in.
There are 7 volumes of LD.The first editions of Volumes 1 and 5 come with a BOX that can hold all volumes, including Endless Waltz. Endless Waltz, like VHS, was released in all three volumes.
DVD is a DVD-BOX with 5 volumes of "COLLECTION NUMBER" from I to V2000Was released in. I to IV are TV series, and V is composed of the omnibus EVEN NUMBERS / ODD NUMBERS and Endless Waltz.2001Endless Waltz Special Edition,2007Released a total of 12 volumes with HD remastered images, 2 omnibuses, an Endless Waltz DVD, and 3 DVD memorial boxes that put them together.Of these, BOX I has volumes 1 to 6. Volumes 7 to 12 for BOX II. BOX III contains 2 omnibus volumes and Endless Waltz (OVA version).This box does not contain the Endless Waltz special edition.Also2010As part of the release of the low-priced DVD-BOX and G-SELECTION of the successive Gundam series, the HD remastered BOX I and II (49 episodes in total) are combined into one and the low-priced version of III. BOX has been released.In addition, only the Endless Waltz special edition is a DVD product that has not been HD remastered and has not been released.
BD2011The Endless Waltz special edition with HD remastering has been released.
The TV series Blu-ray BOX2013May 11With "Box 1" (Episode 1-Episode 25)2014May 1"Box 2" (Episode 26-Episode 49) was released in.This is the HD remastered version produced for BD Box.

Internet radio

As a promotion for HD remastered DVD boxesBEAT ☆ Net Radio!The talk radio "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Hikaru Midorikawa's mission, understanding" was delivered on.All 10 times.

In addition, as a bonus for ANIME limited purchasers, a total of 3 episodes of the original short drama were distributed along with the release of each volume of the box.

At the stage event of Chara Hobby 2007Hikari Midorikawa-Ryutaro OkiayuParticipated as a guest, and a part of the pattern was released on the digital beat at a later date.


  • Hikari Midorikawa

Guest performer

  • Seki Toshihiko(3 times, 4 times)
  • Ryotaro Okiayu (6 times, 7 times, 9 times, 10 times, 2 episodes of drama)
  • Ai Orikasa(9 times, 10 times)


注 釈

  1. ^ From the second halfShinji TakamatsuActs as a non-credit director.
  2. ^ The official website says that it will be broadcast from 16:25 on Friday, but the program schedule at the time of broadcasting will be broadcast from 17:30 on Thursday.


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