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📺 | [Exciting] 4 erotic & sexy Japanese dramas


[Exciting] 4 erotic & sexy Japanese dramas

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Shoichiro Kuki (act: Ikko Furuya), who works as a director at a publishing company, is released from his post due to a sudden shift.

Not inferior to overseas dramas, there are quite a few erotic and sexy dramas in Japan.This time is a Japanese drama ... → Continue reading

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Furuya Ikko(Furuya Ikko,19441/2 -) isJapan OfAn actor..Real name: Ikko Furuya (Furuya Kazuyuki).From First ProductionBelongs. TokyoI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Itabashi High School,Chuo UniversityFaculty of LawGraduate.


While attending Chuo UniversityActorStarted acting life as a trainee.

1977,Seishi Yokomizo series"EtcKosuke KanedaPlay the role consistently and become a winning role.201912/21IsShigeaki KatoPlays Kosuke Kindaichi "Devil's Temariuta ~Kazusuke Kaneda, Again~Appeared in the role of Inspector Tsunejiro Isokawa.Co-starring of old and new actors who played the role of Kaneda will be realized[1]..Regarding playing Isokawa, Furuya said, "I was confused at first, but as I got older, I became more and more interested in what would happen if I played the Kindaichi buddy, Inspector Isokawa, so I thought I should definitely try it. I received it. "

198225 years fromSaturday wide theaterAt “Mixed bathing outdoor bath serial murder』Played the leading role of the series, Sakontaro, and gained a winning role again (guest appearance)Rie AsaiからAffairHowever, Furuya quickly apologized and admitted, "Hi, I did it!", So the series continued as it was).

The eldest sonDragon AshServe as vocalistTakeshi Furuya.. Dragon Ash's album "Viva La Revolution』(1999) Furuya appeared on TVCF, and Furuya starred and produced.movies"letter"(2003In (work), he played a father-son co-star.Kenji is also married and his wife is a talentMEGUMI.


TV drama






Release datespecificationStandard product numbersurfacetitleLyricsCompositionArranger
1976/4/25EPZP-15ABy the time the swallow comesKitajo TadashiShozo IseMitsuo Hagita
BAfter the wind
1977EPZP-26ALike a wandererMinami RanbouTogo HarmonyHiroshi Ogasawara
BPainting roomSatoshi Terao
1978/4/5EPZP-36ASankenjayaKitajo TadashiTogo HarmonyRyoichi Kuniyoshi
BThe shadow of youthMinami RanbouFuruya
1978EPZP-42APurple onion[Annotation 1]Keisuke YamakawaTogo HarmonyHiroya Watanabe
BMemories weather
1979EPZP-44ADrink aloneKitajo TadashiFuruyaHiroya Watanabe
1980/9/5EPCWP-4ACity of giving upKitajo TadashiHiroya Watanabe
BThe whistle of the evening skyKeisuke YamakawaFuruya
VAP record
1981/10EP10013-07AAt the age of 17[Annotation 2]MarketHiroya Watanabe
BIf you think about it[Annotation 3]Takeda TetsuyaYasuyo YamakiHiroya Watanabe
1982/4EP10029-07ALocal trainKitajo TadashiAoki Nozomi
BI want to go farEisuke RyosukeNakamura Hachidai
1982/5EP10041-07A街[Annotation 4]Hiroya Watanabe
BA bright day in the windHiroya Watanabe
1983EP10071-07AYarn phone[Annotation 5]Keisuke YamakawaShozo IseAoki Nozomi
BInvisible rainy city
Crown record
1998/8/268 cm CDCRDN-560ALast day of the earth[Annotation 6]Thank youAya KobayashiEiji Kawamura
BLast day on earth (Karaoke)-


Original album

Release datespecificationStandard product numberalbum
1974LPGW-4027Ikko Furuya's first album-Goodbye I forgot to say
Side A1Bittersweet those days
2A breeze smile
4Painting room
5To a lover who doesn't even know the name
Side B1An unreliable trip
2Like a wanderer
3After the wind
4To my sister
5By the time the swallow comes
6Goodbye I forgot to say
1978LPGW-4038Towards the blue star ... 0:45
Side A1A pinch of spring
3Grandpa Aozora
4Return to you
5Dry bulbs
Side B1æµ·
2To someone
3North window scenery
4Thousand sheep
5The shadow of youth
6Letter from the north

1979LPGWS-4004Promenade-Ikko Furuya Third Album
Side A1Long day
2Drink alone
3A mundane love song
4Lazy Journey
Side B1Purple onion
2Bloody Mary
3Fragment of happiness
4Nice person
5Memories weather
1980/9/5LPGWP-1001LIFE IS DANCE ~ Ikko Furuya Album 4
2I wonder what that girl is in spring
3When the rainy season is over
4The whistle of the evening sky
5City of giving up
Side B1Hey waiter
2Head north tomorrow
3heat haze
4Festival tonight around Shinjuku
5I won't send it
VAP record
1983/1LP30057-28ITODENWA ~ Tin can telephone
Side A1At the age of 17
2The season you were in
3In a city where it rains invisible
4Yarn phone
5No more
Side B1In a starry city
2From twilight to you
3A bright day in the wind
4Door of the heart

Live album

Release datespecificationStandard product numberalbum

* Performance:Moon riders

Side A1An unreliable trip
2Dry bulbs
3Bloody Mary
4North window scenery
5Song for you
6Drink alone
7A pinch of spring
Side B1medley
2Memories of Nagisa
3White coral reef
4The sea is in love
5Memories weather
6Fragment of happiness
8To a lover who does not know the name

Best album

Release datespecificationStandard product numberalbum
1981/12LPGWP-1016Best album IKKOBEST
2004/9/17CDCRCP-20357Golden best
1If you think about it
2At the age of 17
3Yarn phone
4In a city where it rains invisible
5A pinch of spring
6Thousand sheep
7Drink alone
8Purple onion
9City of giving up
10Like a wanderer
11Painting room
12Bittersweet those days
13To my sister
14Long day
15Bloody Mary
16Fragment of happiness
18By the time the swallow comes
19After the wind
20Last day of the earth


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注 釈

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  3. ^ The theme song for the TV drama "Continued, if you think about it, you've come a long way" (TBS series).
  4. ^ TV drama"One day I was in love suddenly"(TBS series) theme song.
  5. ^ TV drama"Masterpiece reasoning series of famous detective Kazuko Kaneda"(TBS series) theme song.
  6. ^ duet:Egawa Segawa.


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  1. ^ "[Japan ABC Association announces the number of magazines sold] Japanese fashion magazine ranking Takarajimasha is the top XNUMX monopoly!”. Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. 2010/1/22Browse.

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