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📺 | Saki Takei's "Black Leather Notebook" has a harsh voice in the industry ... "It looks good, but there is no product"

Photo Emi Takei fails to use Black Leather Notebook ...!? (C) Shukan Jitsuwa Web

Emi Takei's "Black Leather Notebook" has a harsh voice in the industry ...

If you write the contents roughly
So far, the series has been aired as a serial drama starring Yoko Yamamoto and Ryoko Yonekura, and has hit mega-hits with ratings of 17.4% and 15.7%, respectively.

The SP drama "Black Leather Notebook-Kiobiyuki-" (TV Asahi) starring Emi Takei, which was broadcast on January 1th, has an average audience rating ... → Continue reading

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Serial drama

Serial drama(Renzoku drama) is divided into 5 episodes, 10 episodes, etc.tv setSuch asDrama.

What is broadcast daily (Obi drama), and some are broadcast once a week.

For example in JapanNHK night dramaIt is,NHK general TVIt was a TV drama series that was being broadcast on Monday-Thursday nights (titled "Yorudora" in 2004 and 2005).

Some drama series have the same settings, but some episodes connect episodes that complete one episode, while others have continuous stories and make various hints and progress toward the end.

In many cases, the number of broadcasts is predetermined,Private broadcastingin the case of,Audience ratingDepending on the situation, we may take advantage of it, so we may make unexpected progress in the first time,HintLeft unutilizedCensoredSometimes it becomes.

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Ryoko Yonekura

Ryoko Yonekura(Yonekura Ryoko,19758/1[1] -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model.Kanagawa横 浜 市I'm fromOscar promotionFor 27 years[3]Belongs to private office "Desafio" from April 2020[4].


Yokohama City Minamikibogaoka Junior High SchoolThroughKanagawa Prefectural Asahi High Schoolgraduate[1].

5 years from 15 years old,Classical balletWas continuing[1]. From the third grade of elementary schoolAsami Maki Ballet CompanyAttended junior school, and then passed AM Student,Momoko TaniI attended a ballet company and participated in a competition.[5][Annotation 1].

In 1992, a friend applied for me when I was a high school student.[6]Hosted by Oscar Promotion "6thAll Japan National Bishoujo ContestSpecial judge award”[Annotation 2],following yearモデルDebuted as a fashion magazine "CanCam』(Shogakukan) and so on.

19996/30, "Actress Declaration Announcement Presentation" was held. Since then, as an actress, he has been active mainly in trendy dramas. I didn't want to look like someone when I turned into an actress[8],Drama"Unmarried family』, co-star, taught me the playHiroyuki SanadaWitnessing the appearance of "I want to be an actor who likes a play like Hiroyuki Sanada"[6]. "With YonekuraSeicho MatsumotoIs a trilogy ofBlack leather notebook], [Kiyoharu Matsumoto], [Kiyoharu Matsumoto Bad guys』In the role of a bad woman to spread the character[9]In the autumn of 2006, the stage version of "Black Leather Notebook" was performed at the stage of the person's desire.[10]. This was more than expected and triggered the person to have a spirit as an actor.[1].

In 2008CHICAGOThe first Japanese version of the musical. Yonekura was fascinated by this work that he watched on Broadway, and when he heard the concept of the Japanese version, he sold himself and got the leading role.[11]. Until then, I hadn't had a chance to perform a full-fledged song[12]Played the leading role and entered 2008th place in the actress category of "7 Musical Best Ten" selected by the monthly magazine "Musical"[13]. He re-played the same work in 2010, and started thinking about expanding to Broadway around this time, and in 2011 he went to the US and took three months of jazz dance and ballet lessons.[14]. In July 2012, with "CHICAGO"BroadwayDebut in[15].JapaneseThe actressAsiaNot systemAmericanIs the first Broadway history to be played, and the first Asian actor[16]. Playing the leading role from October of the same yearDoctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-] The series is a winning role, and has become a popular series with a maximum audience rating of 27.4%.

Married to an ordinary man under the age of two on December 2014, 12[17]. However, a consultation divorce was established on December 2016, 12[18].

On March 2020, 3, it is announced that the contract with Oscar Promotion, which I have been working for 24 years, will be terminated and will leave on 27st of the same month.[3]. On April 4, the same year, the private office "Desafio" was established and restarted.[4].

Chronological Table


Origin of the name

I was born on a very hot day in August, so my parents named me "Ryoko" because it was cool just by name.[21].

Leading actress

Yonekura said of himself, "I have a cool image because I often play a cool role, but in reality I am not confident because of my dark character, and the staff around me often say that you are too confident." Tori[22][23],Black leather notebook''Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-”And other general producer Seiko Uchiyama said, “Actually, it's a very eccentric person”[24].

Entertainment showsHe is also one of the few leading actresses who has been active inTHE night also], [43th Japan Record Award, Etc.leadershipIs exerting.

"Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-In ", all the difficult surgery scenes are played by him.TV AsahiAccording to a person concerned, a real doctor is on standby just in case, but Yonekura was better, so he said that "I can do simple surgery anymore"[25].


Initially after graduating from high schoolEnglishVocational school or trimmer vocational school[Annotation 4]I was hoping to go on to However, the trimmer's school had no choice but to decline because it was during a period of increasing dog illness.[5].

The person I was talking to for the first time was the coach of the soccer club to which my younger brother belonged when he was a kindergarten child. The coach was a high school student at the time[5].

Kanda UnoWas a relationship with a ballet class in Yokohama when I was in the 1st grade of junior high school.[5].

Taiga drama"Musashi MUSASHIFrom 2003 to the spring of 2005Echizo IchikawaWas dating[26]. In March 2007, when he went to the Paris Opera to see Ebizo's Kabuki performance, a theory of reconciliation emerged, but Yonekura has denied.[27].

Have an old relationship at work etc.Masahiro Matsuoka(TOKYO) Has been proclaimed since 2013. In April 2014TOKIO Kakeru』(Fuji Television Network, IncWhen he appeared as a guest, he described Matsuoka as an "ideal type," and revealed that he was repeatedly pressing against Matsuoka.[28].

Amami YukiAre called "masters" and are good friends in private[29].

Hayakawa(Current:TV Asahi(Chairman) is abandoned as "West"[30].

Love readingChristian JackWork "Ramses of the Sun" (2011Time point)[31].

They are not good at insects, but also at butterflies and birds.


TV drama

Other TV programs

  • Sotoroke (1999, Yomiuri TV)
  • Akashi Family Mansion Story(2001, Fuji Television)
  • Akashi family story(2001, Fuji Television)
  • THE night also(NTV, 2002)-Moderator
  • 43th Japan Record Award(2001, TBS TV)-Moderator
  • 24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"(2010, NTV)-Charity personality
  • EARTH fiendly Special "Ryoko Yonekura Journey to Visit the Forest, Old Castle & Eco Life on the German Future Highway" (October 2012, 10, BS Asahi) --Navigator
  • Visit Ryoko Yonekura and the Legend of Evil WomanConstante Mozart~ (April 2013, 4, BS Fuji)-Navigator
  • ZIP!(Nippon TV, soft-boiled language)
  • Ryoko Yonekura France Gastronomy Travel-Wine and Cooking Mirage Miracle- (March 2014, 3, BS Asahi)-Navigator
  • Ryoko Yonekura will do anything! SP (October 2014, 10, TV Asahi) because I will not fail in New York.
  • Ryoko Yonekura's Musical Life: Encounter with Broadway Life and “Pippin” (July 2015, 7, BS Fuji)
  • Challenge of a small restaurant-The taste of 2015 stars that fascinated Ryoko Yonekura-(August 8, 8, produced by Hokkaido Broadcasting Corporation, TBS affiliate)-Navigator[36]

Online drama

  • Journalist(Scheduled to be delivered in 2021, Netflix) --Starring Anna Matsuda[37]


Television Animation






Photo album

  • tough (2000, Asahi Publishing)


  • Ryoko Yonekura ryoko yonekura (Diamond, 2002)
  • Ryoko Yonekura 2003 Fashion Book (2002, Kobunsha)
  • Ryoko Yonekura digi+KISHIN (2004, Asahi Publisher)


  • Ryoko Yonekura digi+KISHIN (2003, Shogakukan)


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