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📺 | Yurano Ochi & Koji Kominami starring W in a Twitter drama produced by Shinagawa Ward


Yurano Ochi & Koji Kominami starring W in a Twitter drama produced by Shinagawa Ward

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"To be honest, I was only worried, but when I started shooting, it was fun to go to various places," said Ochi, who enjoyed shooting. The atmosphere of the open space is fashionable, and it's perfect for an adult date. "He said," I definitely wanted to go to the planetarium and the aquarium privately, and I also want to ride a houseboat. " Was praised.

Model and actress Yurano Ochi and actor Koji Kominami are the first original Twitter drama in the 23 wards of Tokyo, "Hatsukoi to Bi ... → Continue reading

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Tennozu Isle

Tennozu Isle(Tennozu Isle)TokyoShinagawaIn the coastal area of ​​the current administrative place nameHigashishinagawaIn XNUMX-chomeRedevelopmentCommon name for a block.The postal code is 140-0002.


TokyoShinagawaIt is located on the coast facing the Keihin Canal and Tennozu Canal in the northeast.The total area is about 22 hectares and the entire area is a landfill.On the north side of the Tennozu Canal and Keihin CanalMinato-kuKonan4-chome, south sideHigashishinagawaXNUMX-chome, west sideHigashishinagawaXNUMX-chome, east sideHigashishinagawaXNUMX-chomeShinagawa WharfAdjacent to.It is a redevelopment district consisting of multiple office commercial complexes, commercial stores, restaurants, art galleries, and event spaces.

Since the 2010s, with the concept of the origin of art and culture, art-related contents such as music, paintings, photographs, and contemporary architecture have been accumulated in the area.In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Port Authority will contribute to the improvement of the attractiveness of the waterside of Tokyo and the promotion of tourism in almost the entire area of ​​the area. As a district where local efforts should be promoted for the purpose ofCanal renaissanceIt is designated as a propulsion area.[4]

In addition, because it has an excellent waterside landscape, it has been completed since the beginning of 1990 until now.TV drama,movies, TVcommercialFrequently used for shootingLocation shootingIt has become a famous place.[5]


The fourth built for the defense of Edo at the end of the Edo periodDaibaIt was created by the progress of landfill based on. Before the 1980s, companiesWarehouse,distribution centerIt was an area that owned, but in 1985 in TennozuRedevelopmentThe "Tennozu Comprehensive Development Council" was established by 22 landowners who promote the project."Higashi-Shinagawa 2-chome (Tennozu Isle) Master Plan" formulated by the council, connecting Hamamatsucho and HanedaTokyo MonorailAfter concluding a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a new station with, the construction of seven office commercial complex buildings has been progressing step by step since 1988, and it became the current figure in 7.[6]

As of 2015, the working population is about 12,000, and since the 2000s, office buildings have been built in and around this area.High-rise apartmentEtc. were built,Daytime population,Nighttime populationBoth surged.In addition, there is a boardwalk on the waterside of this area, and the number of commercial stores and restaurants is increasing along the waterside, which is a regional festival four times a year.Tennozu Canal Festival,MarcheRegular holding of regional events such as, opened in 1992Tennozu Galaxy TheaterThere are also various performances held in Tokyo, and in addition to businessmen working in office buildings in the area, the number of visitors from Tokyo and other regions is increasing, and it is bustling with people.[7]

Origin of place name

Before landfill, Tennozu was a state formed by the accumulation of sediment in the sea.[8].1751(Treasure calendarXNUMXst year) When it was the sea in front of Edomae, it became a fisherman's netUshido TennoIt is said that it was pulled up from this sea area[9]..This side is from MinamishinagawaTenno FestivalIn, it is the "god face" attached to the roof of the portable shrine, and this so-called "Tennozu" is the origin of the place name.[8]..What is isle?Englishso"(I.e.This place is in Tokyo BayWaterfrontThe name was given because of its location, which is blessed with a beautiful view of the area.

The official English name of the Tennozu General Development Council is "Tennoz Isle", but the English notation of Tennozu Isle Station is "Tennōzu Isle" for both the monorail and the Rinkai line.

Chronological Table

  • 1751 (first year of the Horeki calendar) from the seaUshido TennoFace is raised.From this, the sea area came to be called "Tennozu".
  • 1853 (Kaei 6)Kurofune visitThe Edo Shogunate suddenly went off the coast of ShinagawaDaibaDecide to build.Tennozu was the site where the XNUMXth Daiba was planned to be built, but it was not completed due to lack of funds.[10][11]..This unfinished No. XNUMX Daiba is also called "Collapse Daiba".Seafort SquareThe stone wall of Odaiba No. XNUMX at that time remains on the surrounding revetment[12]
  • 1873 (Taisho XNUMXst year) XNUMXth Daiba was sold to Oaki Kikujiro[13]Become a shipyard[14]..Odaiba around this time is also called "Odaiba"[12].
  • Landfill began in 1925 (Taisho 14)[14], Completed in 1939 (Showa 14)[13]..The fourth Daiba is buried and connected to Shinagawa by land[14], Landfill begins to be used as land for factories and warehouses[15].
  • July 1985 The Tennozu General Development Council was established by the agreement of 7 regional landowners.
  • October 1986: Formulated a development master plan for Higashi-Shinagawa 10-chome (Tennozu Isle).
  • July 1991 Completion of Tennozu First Tower, completion of district heating and cooling plant for Tennozu Area Service, start of supply
  • October 1992:Mitsubishi Corporation, Daiichi Hotel (currentlyHankyu Hanshin Hotels),Ube IndustriesOpening of "Sea Fort Square", a redevelopment project by.Tokyo Monorail OfTennozu Isle StationIs completed and business starts[16].
  • 1993/3Sphere Tower TennozuCompletion
  • 1993/12Tennozu Central TowerCompletion
  • 1994/11Tennozu Ocean SquareCompletion
  • Completed in March 1995
  • Completed in March 1996
  • October 1996 Completion of Fureai Bridge
  • October 2001:Tokyo Rinkai High Speed ​​Rail Rinkai Line OfTennozu Isle StationIs open for business. From December 2002, Rinkai LineSaikyo LineDirect operation with Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro has started, and transportation convenience and name recognition have further improved.
  • February 2006: As the first store of the "Canal Renaissance Concept" in TokyoTerada WarehouseIs a water loungewaterline(Waterline) opened.
  • March 2012: Toyoko Inn Shinagawa Station Konan Exit Tennozu (currently Toyoko Inn Shinagawa Konan Exit Tennozu Isle) opened[17][18].

Surrounding facilities

  • live house
  • Restaurant / Cafe-Display only around Bond Street in Tennozu Isle
    • TYHARBOR (beer restaurant)
    • TYHARBOR River Lounge
    • breadworks (bakery)
    • Lily cakes (sweets)
    • Le Calin (Casual French)
    • SOHOLM (Gibier cuisine)
    • Cruise Club Tokyo "Lady Crystal'
    • WHAT CAFE (Art & Cafe)
  • SHOP
    • SLOW HOUSE (furniture, household goods)
  • showroom
  • hotel
    • Daiichi HotelTokyo Seafort
    • Toyoko Inn Shinagawa Konan Exit Tennozu Isle


Tennozu Park

Area 3㎡ consisting of three sides A, B and CShinagawaStanding sports park.It can also be used as a soccer field by sharing the outfield area of ​​two face-to-face baseball fields with artificial turf.The independent C side has two mini soccer fields and futsal courts, and is used for baseball, soccer, and futsal.

Higashishinagawa Marine Park

Opened in 2007 with an area of ​​approximately 26,000 mXNUMXShinagawaStanding park.Many cherry trees are planted in the water park located at the mouth of the river where the Meguro River flows into the Tennozu South Canal, and it is also a famous place for cherry blossoms in Shinagawa Ward.On the revetment, in the Shinagawaura / Tennozu areaCanal renaissanceWith the designation of, there is a floating pier operated by an NPO corporation, where rowing boats and sea kayaks can arrive and depart.

Waterside Square

A boardwalk with a total length of 800m installed along the canal.The three boardwalks from the XNUMXst waterside plaza to the XNUMXrd waterside plaza are barrier-free, and chairs are provided in each place, so you can enjoy walking and jogging, and take a break while looking at the canal.Floating eating and drinking establishments and visitor piers are set up by the designation of the canal renaissance.Tokyo water taxiEtc. are using it.


  • Tennozu Canal Festival
    • A regional festival that has been held four times a year since it was started in the summer of 2016 by the general incorporated association "Tennozu Canalside Revitalization Association".A variety of events will be held, including an outdoor film screening "Waterside Film Festival", a canal cruise experience event, a food market, a Marche, and an outdoor live performance on Water Line 2.[19]During the period, an instant water beer garden with a pontoon will open on the Takahama Canal and will be crowded with many people.

Skyscraper in Tennozu Isle

Major companies with head office / headquarters

Headquarters of Japanese companies (in alphabetical order)

Japan Headquarters of Foreign-affiliated Company


Higashishinagawa XNUMX-chomeTokyo Monorail Haneda Airport LineTokyo Rinkai High Speed ​​Rail Rinkai Line OfTennozu Isle StationThere is.

Tokyo Monorail TheHaneda airport-Hamamatsu TownIn addition, the Rinkai Line operates directly with the JR Saikyo Line.Shibuya-Shinjuku-IkebukuroDirectly connected to the direction[20].

In addition,Tokaido ShinkansenMain routes such asShinagawa StationIt takes about 15 to 20 minutes on foot to reachToei BusAlso operates[21]


Transit Bus




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