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📺 | [Actually, such a person also appears! ] I tried to summarize the cast of the British drama "Agatha" series that was broadcast for the first time in Japan


[Actually, such a person also appears! ] I tried to summarize the cast of the British drama "Agatha" series that was broadcast for the first time in Japan

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Dean Andrews has also made a guest appearance in the first episode of Season 5 of the Christmas episode "Father Brown".

The main character is Agatha Christie, the queen of mystery.An episode wrapped in her mystery with a bold hypothesis and her own interpretation ... → Continue reading

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Father Brown

Father Brown(Brown Simp, Father Brown)G・K・ChestertonBy (Gilbert Case Chesterton)Detective NovelA fictional character in the "Father Brown" series.

The United Kingdom,Sussexparish OfCatholicPriestThen amateurDetective.The world's three largest detectivesSome people[1].. Appear in 53 short stories.


His appearance is a round face with glasses, a short body and a bat umbrella. The name is unknown, but it is known that the initials are "J"[2].. I also have one sister and one niece[3].

Many of the reasoning methods rely on intuition with keen insight,aestheticsThere is also a reasoning based on a general observation. As a detective of this lineH.C.Bailey OfReginald FortuneIs mentioned.

I was in Sussex Parish early on,UKThere was also a transfer to a church and a parish in South America. Many parishes are poor and sometimes criminal. 20 years agoChicagoI was a priest with a prison chapel. Since he hears from criminals how to commit theft and fraud, he is familiar with various methods.

In the first three short stories, the French monster thief Franbou (Diroc), who had a nemesis relationship, became a unique best friend after conversion. Has been.

Chesterton himself revealed that Father Brown's model was the old-known Father John O'Connor.

Appearance list

The translation is basicallySogen detective libraryEdition (Nakamura YasuoTranslation).

  • "Father Brown's childhood』(The Innocence Of Father Brown, 1911)
    • (English edition) (The Blue Cross)
    • Secret garden (The Secret Garden)
    • Strange footsteps (The Queer Feet)
    • Flying star (The Flying Stars)
    • Invisible man (The Invisible Man)
    • Honor of Israil Gau (The Honor of Israel Gow)
    • Crazy shape (The Wrong Shape)
    • Prince Saladin's sin (The Sins of Prince Saradine)
    • (English edition) (The Hammer of God)
    • Apollo's eye (The Eye of Apollo)
    • Broken sword (The Sign of the Broken Sword)
    • Three cheers (The Three Tools of Death)
  • "Father Brown's Wisdom』(The Wisdom Of Father Brown, 1914)
    • Mr. Glass's disappearance (The Absence of Mr Glass)
    • Thief heaven (The Paradise of Thieves)
    • Dr. Hirsch's duel (The Duel of Dr Hirsch)
    • People in the passage (The Man in the Passage)
    • Machine error (The Mistake of the Machine)
    • Caesar's head (The Head of Caesar)
    • Purple wig (The Purple Wig)
    • The fall of the Pendragon clan (The Perishing of the Pendragons)
    • God of Causeway (The God of the Gongs)
    • Clay's Salad (The Salad of Colonel Cray)
    • Rare crimes of John Brunois (The Strange Crime of John Boulnois)
    • Father Brown's fairy tale (The Fairy Tale of Father Brown)
  • "Father Brown's disbelief』(The Incredulity Of Father Brown, 1926)
    • Revival of Father Brown (The Resurrection of Father Brown)
    • Sky arrow (The Arrow of Heaven)
    • Dog tells (The Oracle of the Dog)
    • Miracle of Moon Crescent (The Miracle of Moon Crescent)
    • Curse of the Gold Cross (The Curse of the Golden Cross)
    • Winged sword (The Dagger with Wings)
    • Curse of the Dunaway family (The Doom of the Darnaways)
    • Gideon Wise Ghost (The Ghost of Gideon Wise)
  • "Father Brown's Secret』(The Secret Of Father Brown, 1927)
    • The Secret of Father Brown
    • The Mirror of the Magistrate
    • The Man With Two Beards
    • The Song of the Flying Fish
    • The Actor and the Alibi
    • The Vanishing of Vaudrey
    • The Worst Crime in the World
    • The Red Moon of Meru
    • The Chief Mourner of Marne
    • The Secret of Flambeau
  • "Father Brown's scandal』(The Scandal Of Father Brown, 1935)
    • The Scandal of Father Brown
    • The quick one
    • The Blast of the Book
    • The Green Man
    • The Pursuit of Mr Blue
    • The Crime of the Communist
    • The Point of a Pin
    • The Insoluble Problem
    • The Vampire of the Village
  • Unrecorded short story
    • The Donnington Affair[4]
    • The Mask of Midas[5]

Video work


In 1934(English edition)Starring movie Father Brown, Detective Was produced.This work is based on the "Blue Cross".

In 1954Alec GuinnessStarring Father Brown Was produced[6] (In the United States The Detective Published as).This work is also based on the "Blue Cross".

In West Germany in the 1960s The black sheep(1960 years),Er kann's nicht lassenTwo films (1962) were producedHeinz RühmannPlayed Father Brown.

TV drama

TV drama in West Germany from 1966 to 1972 Pater Brown Was broadcast and is from Austria Josef Meinrad Played Father Brown.It is a work that is faithful to Chesterton's plot.

From 1970 to 1971 in ItalyRAIBy miniseries I racconti di Padre Brown Was broadcast.Renato Rascel Is Father Brown,Arnoldo Foà Played Franbow.The popularity of this work is high, and it is said that it got 1200 million viewers at the maximum.

Since 1974, a British broadcasterITVIn productionKenneth moreStarring Father Brown Is broadcast in all 13 episodes[7].

In the United States in 1979Barnard HughesStarring TV movie "Father Brown: Horror Stage" Sanctuary of Fear Was produced.The stage has been moved to Manhattan, New York.It was produced as a pilot version with a view to making it into a series, but the viewer's reputation did not work due to the Americanized and modernized character of Father Brown and the stale thriller scenario.

TV movie by RAI in Italy in 1987 Sei delitti per padre Brown Was produced and broadcast (Vittorio de Sistidirected by).Starring in EnglandEmrys James.

Since 2003, in Germany, Father Brown's character has been laid down. Pfarrer Braun Was produced,German Public Broadcasting Federation It was broadcast on (ARD).The stage was moved to GermanyOttfried Fischer The character "Father Guido Brown" is said to be from Bavaria. In charge of music for the 1960s movie version (starring Heinz Rühmann) Martin Böttcher However, he was also in charge of music in this work.Twenty-two episodes of this series were broadcast, and episode 22, which aired on March 2014, 3, ended the series with the death of the main character.

Since 2013,with the BBC Father Brown Is being broadcast.StarringMark WilliamsAnd the background was set in rural areas in the 1950s[8]..The first episode of Series 1 (10 episodes in total) was "God's Iron Hammer," like the first episode of the 1 drama.As of January 1974, 1 episodes of the series have been broadcast up to series 2020, and series 1 will be broadcast from January 7, 80 (2020 episodes in total).in JapanAXN mysteryUnder the title of "Father Brown"GYAO!It is broadcast and distributed under the title of "Father Brown's Casebook".


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