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🎭 | Radio drama "Wonder World" on stage in Kawasaki From January 1, "Kimetsu" voice actor is also in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City

Nao King holding a photo poster

Radio drama "Wonder World" on stage in Kawasaki From January 1, "Kimetsu" voice actor is also in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City

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He has been producing radio dramas for "Gurujin Kawasaki," which has been broadcast since 2016.

The radio drama "Wa ..." set in the city of Kawasaki City's community broadcast "Kawasaki FM" (79 MHz). → Continue reading

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Radio Drama

Radio Drama(British: radio drama,alone: radio play) Is audio-only media (mainlyradioProduced and announced onDramaThat is.Broadcast drama(Houseki),Audio drama,Sound drama,The sequel(Koegeki) In addition, as a similar termVoice dramaThere is, but hereSound systemCoterie activities andOnline voice actorOften limited to the media produced in connection with. Detail is#Voice dramaSee.

tv setAlthough it was an important content of broadcasting culture in the era when it was not popular (until the 1960s), it has been decreasing since then.

Broadcast programMostly, it is produced as a public work on the web, but this item also includes those produced for advertisement in broadcasting. So-called "radiation" is also dealt with in this item.

mainlyAn actor,Voice actorHowever, he plays the character only by voice. As the listener is asked how to recall the image of the world under construction, including the scene, without the image, along with the ability of the performer,Show(Sound effectThe so-called sound making, such as how to make and put out sounds, is important.

Some of the scripts are based on previously published novels and comics, and some are specially written for radio dramas (see below).


米 国

Radio broadcasting began in the United States in 1920[1].. With the introduction of sound systems into movies, the industry relationship between movies and radio began to be seen in the late 1920s, and talkie movies were advertised on the radio. Starring on the show has long been avoided[1].. However, around 1933, changes appeared, such as comedians and singers from the radio starring in movies and movie actors appearing on radio programs.[1].

In October 1934, the Broadway stage drama was turned into a radio drama.(English edition] Has begun[1].. The show is a weekly radio drama that aired from a studio in Radio City, New York.Seventh heaven"(Starring John Balls, Miriam Hopkins)[1].. In 1936, the broadcast base of the program moved from New York to Los Angeles, and the famous Hollywood movie star always appeared, and the program continued for about 1955 years until 20.[1].

In 1939, the film actor association(English edition] Began and continued until 1952[1].. In addition, "Hollywood Premier", "(English edition], [(English edition], [(English edition], [(English editionRadio drama programs such as[1].


In Japan, if we simply put the sound of a drama on the airwaves, it can be said that its history began when the 1925 radio broadcasting started. On the first day of the test broadcast (March 3st) and the first day of the main broadcast (March 1nd), the Italian opera company (official name unknown)Fidelio''Rigoletto''Magic fluteThe singing part of[2].. Also, on March 3, during the trial broadcast period,Activity beanCalled "Movie Story",MiserableIs played alone[2].

July 7st of the same year,5th generation Nakamura Utaemon,Fukusuke Nakamura, 5th generation,Third generation Nakamura TokizoRagaTsuyouchiWorkkabuki"PaulowniaPart of the song was called "Radio Play"[3].. The next week,New school OfMasao InoueFirst Yaeko Mizutaniby"Captain's daughterWas broadcast[3].. In any case, these "radio plays" were just reproductions of the acting and production on stage, and there was room for improvement in production.

The first "genuine radio drama in Japan[4][5]Is considered August 8 of the same year[3]It is "" of broadcasting. Britishwith the BBCWas broadcast onRichard HughesThe "crisis" of the scriptKaoru OyamauchiTranslated by[6]Led by OyamauchiTsukiji small theaterMembers of[3].. Because it is described as authentic, it gives the listener a sense of presence.Sound effectIt was equipped with a modern production element that was used abundantly. This production is of the Tsukiji small theaterStage soundWas in charge ofWada SeiWas in charge of[5][6].. Wada has been a leader in sound effects in Japanese theater, and until then, various devices were used.[6]Has a track record of developing, and applied the technology in the radio studio.

NHK, who was convinced that radio drama would occupy an important position as the content of the broadcast, called "The Coal Mine" and received a great response, gave a major novelist a manuscript fee of 500 yen (500 yen at that time was converted into 1930) I was asked to write scripts for one-off works (currently about 100 million yen) (these were commonly called "500 yen dramas").[3]). In the theater world, in response to this, Inoue, Koyamauchi,Mikihiko Nagata"Radio Drama Study Group" was formed around[3].. In the 1950s,Shinichiro Nakamura,Kiyoki HanadaLike so-calledPure literatureMany of the writers who belonged to the group worked on radio dramas and explored the possibility of abstract expressions, including music, rather than just speaking dialogue. This attempt has attracted attention from foreign countries as well, and broadcasters in Eastern European countries have translated Nakamura's scripts and broadcasted them and used them as research materials.

NHKNow, let ’s train “radio actors” who are actors specializing in radio dramas.Tokyo Broadcasting CompanyWas established, and this is the beginning of the voice actor. Begins in the late 1970sFirst voice actor boomToNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Private broadcasts such asComic,ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン,Computer gamesAnd so onMedia mixRadio dramas have been actively produced as the content to be developed. From the middle of the 2000s, when a work based on manga or a game is animated, a radio drama tends to be produced in the preceding stage.

In recent years, so-calledOnline voice actorOriginal amateur audio dramas, which are released exclusively on the Internet, are being made by amateurs calledVoice dramaCan be said to be part of.



To give a sense of presenceBinaural recordingIs sometimes used.

Product mediumization

When commercializing,Drama CDIt has been released under the name "." Currently, there are many works that are planned on the premise of commercialization, and it can be said that radio broadcasting is actually the pre-air on-air before the release of drama CDs.

At the time of commercialization, the drama that was pre-released on the radio (in some cases, scenario corrections may be added)Radio (drama) CD, What will be released without being shown on the radioDrama CDSometimes called separately.ビ ク タ ーIs "a movie without a picture" when commercializingCD cinemaThere are cases where the name is used.

Including CDs (without drama section) that collect radio DJ sections,Radio cdAre collectively called.

Major radio drama programs in Japan


Broadcasted as of July 2020.


Commercial AM station

Commercial FM station

Community FM


Original script

NHK (past)

Commercial AM station (past)

Commercial FM station (past)

Broadcaster unknown/other

Screenplay by open call
  • Mars story -A reader participatory radio drama in which the moderator, Prince Hiroi, writes the script based on the listener's postcard. An intermediary between the above-mentioned “listening work for listeners” and “no original work”.

Famous works that became the subject of radio dramas

General novel
Light novel
For products that have been commercialized,List of light novels made into drama CDsSee.
ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン
Video games

Voice drama

Voice drama What is (Voice Drama)?voiceAnd only soundstoryIs a representation of[8][9]It is the same type of expression as radio dramas, but especiallyFanVoice works/media by[10].


What is "radiation"?AnirajiIt is the name of a radio drama that develops sub-story such as animation and games created as a corner of. The name of “radiation” is a coined word that combines “radio” and “animation”. Broadcasted on Nippon Broadcasting System on January 1982, 1All Night Nippon"New Year Anime Special"Sei YukiThe original science fiction manga "Superhuman rockThis name was used for the first time when broadcasting the radio drama of the series "Flame Tiger". Producer at the timeOsamu Ueno(Don Ueno) devised. The name was not used for several years after several works were made, but in 1991, "RadiationGenie Hero Den Wataru 3] This name has been established since the radio broadcast. At that time, the work was not made into audio software, and because Nippon Broadcasting System did not register the trademark, it was also used in other works and other radio stations, and became a general noun that refers to the radio drama of the original animation. Broadcasting products and culture unique to the Wataru seriesビ ク タ ーThere was a misunderstanding that it was unique to the anime drama that was released, but this is not the case.


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外部 リンク


2016(2016 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Leap year starting from Friday.Heisei28 years.

This item describes 2016 from an international perspective.

Other chronology





2015Followed byFlorida shooting case,Brussels explosion,Attack on Ataturk International Airport,French Nistero caseSuch,WesternMainly in each countryHEATbyterrorismFrequent actionsGeopoliticsupperriskHas become apparent. Prolong againSyrian Civil WarSpread fromAleppoConfusedMiddle EastConflicts between countries over the situation,One belt one roadAdvance policyPeople's Republic of ChinabyNansha Islands OfArtificial islanddevelopment of,North Korea nuclear issue(Sea of ​​JapanToMissile launch,Hydrogen bomb experiment) And so onG7byIse Shima SummitBecame the main agenda item in.

On the other handCuba thaw, By USBarack Obama's visit to Hiroshima,Shinzo AbePrime ministerPearl HarborThere were some movements of reconciliation between countries, such as visits. In each countryImmigrationInflowTPPRepresented byFree tradeOpposeAnti-globalismThe country's first principle, which is also called, was widespread.

Britain's departure from the European UnionDecision,US presidential electionInDonald TrumpVictory was noted as an event symbolizing anti-globalism as described above. In addition, regarding thesePost truthThe concept of "" was also noticed.

The United Kingdom OfTheresa MayPrime Minister,フィリピン OfRodrigo DuterteThe presidentTaiwan OfDemocratic Progressive Party OfTsai EnglishThe election of new leaders including women such as the president was seen in each country. On the other handSouth Korea-Prosecution of Korean President KimThe problem of the United StatesHillary ClintonDue to confidential information email problem,Brazil-Zirma RousseffThere were also a series of injustices made by female leaders, such as dismissal following the impeachment of the former president. Also an internal documentPanama document,Bahamas documentsWith the release ofTax havenThrough this, it was revealed that multiple people in a multinational political and business world were conducting opaque financial transactions.

In the economy, including political influenceStock market-Forex marketBoth have been a year of great change. At the beginning of the year in ChinaChinese stocksUnusual due to the decline inCircuit breaker systemWas activated at the end of the yearFRBbyUS Federal Open Market CommissionAfter a year inAmerican dollarThe dollar has turned high due to announcements of interest rate hikes.

In the summerBrazil2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIs heldRefugee team206 countries and regions participated.

Natural disasterチリ,New Zealand,TaiwanLarge inEarthquakeIn addition,Zika feverWas popular.

In infrastructure,Panama CanalExpansion work completed, worldwideoil・Due to the slump in the gas industryOPECbycrudeThe situation improved, such as the agreement to cut production.

Thailand OfkingRama 9,キ ュ ー バ OfFidel CastroChairman,Singapore OfSR NathanLong-term national leaders such as the former president,David Bowie,プ リ ン ス,George Michaelな ど1980 eraOf the US and UKrock starDied.

Other,Bob Dylan Nobel Prize for LiteratureReceived a lot of attention, such as being awarded.














Below is a good number of years (Anniversary).






The date is the date of publication in Japan.

This year both in Japan and in Japan
Home release movie (Japan release after next year)






Nobel Prize

International Year

The event of fiction

  • January 1-The leader of the Nexus 8 replicant, Roy Batty, "starts up" (serial number N6MAA6). (movies"ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー])
  • January 1-The time limit for the life of Takeru Tenkuji comes. ('Kamen Rider Ghost))
  • January-Underworld (Disas) begins the invasion of the human world. Received great damage. ("Magical Girl Special Battle Asuka])
  • February 2-Replicant Pris (Pris) "start" (serial number N14FAB6). (Movie "Blade Runner")
  • April 4-Great Iser begins an assault on the human world. (Special effects drama ``Kamen Rider Ghost))
  • June 6-Replicant Zora (Zhora) "start" (serial number N12FAB6). Incidentally, she2018He completed murder retraining on February 2. (Movie "Blade Runner")
  • September 9-Mirai Etsuki is born (Drama "Seventy-wizant, the first to give birth at 70 years old.])[157]
  • November-An unidentified giant creature appears off the coast of Tokyo Bay. Landed in Tokyo Bay, proceeded with rapid evolution in a short period of time, and once it reached Shinagawa Ward, retreated to Tokyo Bay once, and this organism was named "Godzilla" by a government survey. Take measures to prepare for re-landing. A few days later, it re-landed in the state of further evolution in Kamakura City, overrun Kanagawa and Tokyo, and caused great damage. (movies"Shin Godzilla))
  • Summer-A male high school student Taki Tachibana, who lives in Yotsuya, Tokyo, and Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl living in Itomori town in the mountains of the Hida region of Gifu prefecture, have exchanged their consciousness and can now interact. However, suddenly the replacement did not occur, and Itomori Town where Mitsuha lived was 3 years ago.cometIt was discovered that the shards of the monster had disappeared due to a direct hit and more than 500 victims were reported, and that Mitsuha had also died. Using that as a starting point, I started to investigate Itomori Town using the scenery I saw when Taki was swapped. (movies"What is your name?])
  • 1996On the moonSea of ​​dangerA crystal pyramid, which is thought to have been left by intelligent creatures outside the solar system, found on the inner mountain, was destroyed using nuclear power for internal investigation, and the signal transmitted from the pyramid to the stellar world was disrupted. (novel"(English edition])[158]
  • 2015The black cubes that have appeared all over the world suddenly start their activities, robbing the human body of electrical energy and eradicating humanity. (Drama"Doctor Who])
  • Mother discovery by Alatron. Mother awakens from a long sleep due to Alatron who was participating in the moon surface survey. (game"Fantasy Star Online 2])[159]


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