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📺 | Ken Matsudaira and Shingo Katori co-starred for the first time in a drama "Dream has come true"


Ken Matsudaira and Shingo Katori co-starred for the first time in a drama "Dreams have come true" Katsuken competition at the end of the year is also talked about

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This time, I wanted to be with Shingo Katori as an actor for the first time in a drama, so that dream came true early in the new year.

TV TOKYO starring Shingo Katori January 2021 cool drama "Anonymous-Police Agency" finger murder "countermeasure room-" (January 1 ... → Continue reading

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Shingo Katori

Shingo Katori(Katori Shingo[3],19771/31[3] -) isJapan Oftalent,chairperson,An actor,singer.Male idol groupSMAPAll activity periods (1988 - 2016)ofMembers.Kanagawa横 浜 市Background[1].. CorporationCULENBelongs.


Johnny's Office/SMAP

1987January,Johnny's OfficeAdmission to[6].SMAPJohnny's Jr.'s predecessor group "Skate boysBecame a member ofLight genjiServed as the back[7].

19884,SMAPFormed.Katori was 11 years old at the time and was the youngest member of the group.[8].

19941, TV Tokyo anime "Little Red Riding Hood』, challenge the voice actor in the role of the main character, Chacha's opponent, Riya. He appeared regularly for about a year and a half.

1995, Fuji TV drama "Taeko Sasho -The Last Case-』Is a murderer with insanity, TBS drama "Minor』In the 7th played a boy with a intellectual disability, DekuThe Television Drama Academy Award・Since she was a teenager, she has been showing her presence in TV dramas and gaining attention as a supporting actor.[6].

1996October,"Invisible Man] In the first drama series. In October of the same year, the drama "Doc], the 11th The Television Drama Academy Award / Best Actor Award.

1997, "Hong Kong General Assembly Touch & Maggie" movie firststarring.. In April of the same year,Shingo Katori's Tensei Shingo』Started broadcasting as a crown program. It was broadcast for 2008 years until September 9, 28. In octoberSouthern All Stars OfYuko HaraAnd the first duet single "Good boys] Has been released.

2000, In the name of Shingo MamaShingo Mama's RockIs a million hit, and Shingo Mama's "Ohha"Buzzword AwardAward[Note 1][Note 2].

2001October, Information and culture variety program "SmaSTATION !!Will be the moderator for 16 years until the program ends at the same time as Johnny's office leaves[9].

2003For 15 kgdietThe book "DIET SHINGO" (Magazine house) Became the bestseller of the year[10].

2004,Shinsengumi!, Starring Isami Kondo,Taiga dramaFirst starring. The initial rating of "Shinsengumi!" is 26%, and the average annual rating is 17%.

2005から2016Until,TV Asahi OfJapan national football teamAppointed as cheering leader[Note 3]. July of the same year,NTV series"24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"]Takeshi KusagiBoth served as the main personality, recording the average audience rating of the first place in history[11], Self-produced charity T-shirt recorded the highest sales ever[12].

2006,Drama"Journey to the West] In the main characterSon Goku, The audience rating over 20% of all episodes (Kanto areaVideo Research CompanyRecorded)[13].

2007Starring movie “July 7th”Journey to the West"Butperformance incomeRecorded 43.7 billion yen.On July 7, the same year, "FNS 27-hour TV Everyone is "Namaka"! Wookey! Happy! Saiyuki!』In charge of general moderator.

2009Autumn, New York Off Broadway musical "TALK LIKE SINGING" (Screenplay:Koki Mitani) Appeared. It was the first time in the Japanese theater world that a Japanese original musical had its first performance in New York[14].. The following year, 2010, a Japanese performance was also held.

2014,Shuichiro KoikeUnder the direction "Oceans 11Was made into a musical and played the main character Danny Ocean[15].

2015, Performed a two-person play with Kusanagi on the stage "Burst!" Directed by Koki Mitani[16].

2016SMAP was disbanded on December 12st.Become a solo talent[17].

20179/9,Inagaki Goro,Takeshi KusagiLeaves Johnny's Office with[18][19]. Inagaki is the same as the Johnny's office on and off days.[20].

Office independence

same year9/22Established an official fan site in collaboration with Inagaki and Kusanagi,10/16It was made a full-scale start[21].. At the same time the new office "CULENI also announced that I would belong[22]. Also,AbemaTVIt was also announced that he will be active as an Instagrammer in the plan of, and on September 9 of the same yearInstagramTwitterAccount has been opened[23].. The Instagram account was operated from November 11 of the same year, and the number of followers exceeded 2 in 3 days from the start of operation, and it is ranked within the 843,000th ranking of the number of followers of domestic users.[24].

After becoming independent, he also performed a wide range of activities as an artist,2018In March, participated in the "Hong Kong Art Month" project,Hong Kong IslandLongest escalator in the worldZhonghuan Half-Mountain Automatic BusThe mural of[25].. On April 4, a new unit named "SingTuyo" was formed with Kusanagi, and "KISS is my life." was released from each music distribution site.[26].. In August, a stylist who has been teaming up since the SMAP eraTomoki YumaWe also opened a pop-up shop "JANTJE_OTEMBAAR" (Yanche Ontenbar) that collaborates with various brands together.[27].. In September, an art festival was held in Paris to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Japan-France friendship.Japonisme 2018Held the first solo exhibition "NAKAMA des ARTS" as part of the official project[28].

2019Official from January 1BlogEstablished. Next monthAmoebaReceived the January Best Rookie Award[29].

2020January 1, the first solo album "20200101"Warner Music JapanReleased more[30].. January 1Oricon weekly album rankingRecorded weekly sales of 2 and won first place[31].. On April 4 of the same year, the first solo concert "29 PARTY!"Saitama Super ArenaIt was planned to be held in[32],Spread of new coronavirus infectionWas canceled due to[33].

2021The drama "Anonymous-Metropolitan Police Department "Finger Murder" Countermeasures Office-』, And became the first appearance in a terrestrial serial drama in 5 years after the dissolution of SMAP and independence.[34][35].



Regarding his own activities, he says that he will continue to entertain by drawing pictures while singing and acting, even after becoming a solo talent.[8].

We have teamed up with Katori many times in movies, dramas, and theatres.Koki MitaniDescribes Katori as an actor as "a person who plays a play that doesn't lie very much" and has the power to establish it properly, so other creators will want to give Katori various things.[36].

Of the film director who teamed up with the movie twiceJunji SakamotoSays Katori, "On TV, it is like the sun, but on the other hand it is like the moon."Humankind fund』, in view of the viewpoint of the weak and the moon-like parts in everyday Katori, I appointed him as a mysterious man, M[37].

As mentioned earlier,Little Red Riding Hood』I challenged the voice actor,Noriko Hidaka,Yuji Mitsuya,Tatsuki Matsuno,Mina TominagaMany famous voice actors such as Katori participated, and although Katori himself disliked going to a cram school, when he had the opportunity to do dubbing in the subsequent work, the staff said, "Something is good!" He said that he had a lot of experience at this time and had an influence on his later work.[38].

2007Public movie "Sukiyaki Western Django] Is also the movie director at the beginning of the movieQuentin TarantinoCo-starred with. Originally, the content of the scene was that Katori shot Tarantino and killed it, but at the request of Tarantino immediately before shooting, the cast was reversed and Katori lost to Tarantino.[39].

Known for not giving out phone numbers to business people, he has a consistent attitude, but he tries to spend a lot of time in meetings before recording, reflection meetings after recording, and launches.[40].. I try to meet people I write at work and write letters.[40].. In 2002Friendly to peopleWas a child role at the timeKenta SugaAlso revealed that Katori has continued to communicate with her even though she was an adult.[41].

Creative activity

I've always loved painting since I was a kid, and on October 2001, 10,Tetsuko's roomWhen you made a guest appearance inArt dealerHe revealed that he started to like paintings because of his father's influence, and that he began to draw. Favorite painterTaro OkamotoJean-Michel Basquiat[8].

In 2011Cirque du SoleilIn commemoration of the opening of the performance of "Daihatsu Coosa" in Tokyo, a huge art work drawn by himself was presented.[42].. 2013,Takeshi KusagiStarring drama "Single noblemanIn the play, Katori's seven paintings were displayed in the office of a movie company run by Kusanagi, Mamoru Hoshino. It was the first time Katori's work was used in a drama[43].

When the SMAP disbanded, it was reported to the media that he would retire and transform himself into a painter, but Katori himself denied that he was too scared of being a painter. He just likes drawing pictures because he likes it.[25].. April 2018,Tokyo Sports18th hosted byBeat Takeshi Entertainment AwardWhen I attended the award ceremony, he said, ``Tospo-san was able to decorate one side many times and it was written that he would retire at an early stage, so if I retired at that time I could not stand on this stage. I wish I didn't retire."[44].. In addition, he left a state of mind at the time when the news was overheated, and presented a work called "Lie ARIGATO" at a solo exhibition.[45].

From January 2018th to March 9th, 19,Paris OfLouvre Museum・To commemorate the 5th anniversary of friendship between France and Japan at Charles V HallJaponisme 2018As a part of the official project of "", a solo exhibition entitled "NAKAMA des ARTS" was held, and nearly 100 works were exhibited, which were well received.

From January 2019th to March 3th, 15,IHI Stage Around TokyoAs a painter, he held the first solo exhibition in Japan as "BOUM! BOUM! BOUM! Shingo Katori NIPPON first solo exhibition". In addition to the works exhibited at "NAKAMA des ARTS", new works for this solo exhibition were exhibited.[46][47][48].. From May 5nd, "Boom Bung AR" using AR application "pictPOP" developed by MAGIC Co., Ltd. and One of Them Co., Ltd. was also held.[49].


Takeshi KusagiHas been on good terms since the formation of SMAP and said, "Whenever I noticed, I was the only one. I was always together regardless of work." The two have been sharing a lot of private time.[50].. In 2011, Katori mentioned only Kusanagi's name as what he could call his best friend.[51].. Also, if you compare it to a family, you and yourself are described as "a feeling like a couple."[52].

Other than the members who have worked together, the only person who knows contact information in the entertainment world is2004Starred inNHK taiga drama"Shinsengumi!], deputy chiefToshizo HijikataPlayedYamamoto KojiAnd "Shingo Katori's Special! Tengo Shingo" co-starred for 11 years.HeyAbout[53]With Yamamoto, I approached Katori many times, such as when Yamamoto infiltrated the dressing room to Katori who did not open his heart and did not tell me the contact information from the beginning of the shooting, and halfway forcibly obtained Katori's contact information. Have been friends since then[54].

2015Yamamoto was an actress (at that time) on August 8nd.Yubei MakiWhen I announced that I was married toSmaSTATION!At the beginning of ", Mr. Horikita, my Koji Yamamoto... Thank you for my Koji Yamamoto! Congratulations on your marriage!"[55].2016When Yamamoto's first child was born, Yamamoto and Horikita were announced before Katori's mouth and sent blessings.[56].

In addition, we have always had a year-end party with other co-stars of "Shinshin-gumi!"[57].

I exchanged contacts with Kayin at the final launch of Shingo Tensei.Hiroyuki AmanoWas a former announcer in 2014Chisato AraiWhen he was married, Katori was asked by Amano to be the guarantor of the marriage registration (the other guarantor isUdo Suzuki[58]. 2017September 9 For many years, profess each other as best friendsUdo SuzukiReleased a tanka on the day of leaving Katori's Johnny's office, Kato fans continued to thank them.[59], Thank you again to Katori fans[60].

"The most important person], "Human Funds", "Oceans 11, Etc., in the same year that they often perform togetherThere is moon watchingIs an old friend of mine who has been working together since elementary school[61], They have a childhood relationship with each other[62].



Entertainment shows

Regular program

Irregular programs

  • Kin-chan & Shingo Katori's All Japan Costume Award(NTV)-Broadcast once a year
  • Make me laugh Make me mellow hard (TV Asahi)-September 2012, 9, May 17, 2013, January 5, 26 broadcast
  • TV Asahi SMAP Variety Department Smaship (March 2014, 3, September 9, 2015, TV Asahi)

One shot

Internet video distribution

  • 72 hours real TV(June 2017-11, 2,AbemaTV)-Moderator with Inagaki and Kusanagi.
  • 27Hun Hongno Little TV (January 2018, 1, AbemaTV)-Hosted with Inagaki and Kusanagi. Mori also appeared on the phone.
  • 72Hun A little more TV ~ Shingo Katori birthday special number ~ (January 2018-1, 30, AbemaTV)-Hosted with Inagaki. Kusanagi appeared on the phone.
  • 7.2 New new window(April 2018, 4 -, AbemaTV)-Regular program hosted by Inagaki and Kusanagi.

TV drama

Web drama



Television Animation


Theater animation





Album (in the name of Shingo Katori)

Release orderRelease datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
1st2020/1/120200101First-run limited BANG! (WPZL-31722/3)
First Press Limited ・GOLD BANG! (WPCL-13166)
Usually BANG! (WPCL-13167)
1 bit

Delivery single (in the name of Shingo Katori)

Release orderDelivery start datetitleRecording album
3rd2019/11/22Prologue (feat.TeddyLoid&Tanaka)
4th2019/12/24FUTURE WORLD (feat.BiSH)
5th2021/2/1Anonymous (feat.WONK)



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注 釈

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  2. ^ Initially, it was a kind of greeting and it was devised by himself, but when the viewer pointed out that it was plagiarism from Oha Suta, Yamadera admitted that it was plagiarism of the greeting that Oha Suta is doing. The consent will be obtained in the form of post-approval through the office.The Yamadera side was stolen, and the comment that Katori made when he appeared in Kouhaku was not interesting because it was just a response that he had implicitly created, but the office side also responded to adults. He said he was asked.For details on this matter, see Yamadera's book, "Yama-chan's Talk."
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