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Photo Theatrical version "Sailor Moon Eternal" x "3COINS" (C) Naoko Takeuchi / PNP / Theatrical version "Sailor Moon Eternal" Production Committee

Theatrical version "Sailor Moon" x "3COINS"!Introducing all 35 original design products

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There are items that are studded with transformation items, 5 warriors including Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, and external solar system warriors.

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ChibiusaIt is,Naoko TakeuchiWorkComicthe work"Sailor Moon] A fictional character who appears in.

DIC EntertainmentThe name of the North American version byRini(Lini) After the transformationSailor Mini Moon(Sailor Mini Moon).


Appeared in the second period of the original and "Crystal", and in the latter half of "R" in the TV anime.Sailor chibi moonA little girl who transforms into.Pink hairShinyonWithTwin tail(Actually, the bun is sharp and it is hard to say that it is a dumpling), and the eye color is red (the shape of the eyes is the same as the rabbit, but the highlight is the same as Mamoru).At the time of its first appearance, it looks like 6 to 7 years old, but in reality it is 900 years old (the age as it looks in TV animation).Willing and illusionary[Note 2]Bringing the future item "Luna-P Ball"[Note 3].

Princess of the "Silver Millennium" in the 30th century "Crystal Tokyo", Neo Queen Serenity and King Endimion (Future)Tsukino UsagiとJibae)Daughter of.The full name is "Rabbit / Small Lady / SerenityIt is also the queen of the next generation Silver Millennium. Possessing the "key of space-time" that opens the "door of space-time", in the second periodBlack moon clanIn order to save the world of the 30th century that was attacked by the storm, we went to the 20th century in search of the "phantom silver crystal" of Tsukino Usagi, the past figure of his mother.time slipTo do.

Sailor PlutoSailor PlutoChibiusa's cat, Diana, is called "Small Lady" by her future parents and "Rabbit" by the Black Moon Clan.In modern times, "Tsukino UsagiTo distinguish it from the rabbitChibiusaWas nicknamed."Rabbit's"CousinThe rabbit's mother, Ikuko, is called "Child-rearing mom," and the rabbit's father, Kenji, is called "Kenji's dad." (Actually, he is a maternal grandparent).Later, he was transferred to the same "Municipal Juban Elementary School" 1st grade group as the rabbit's younger brother Shingo, and became friends with his classmates Momoko Momohara and Kusuke Sarashina.

It looks just like her mother's rabbit, but unlike a rabbit, she is smart and strong, and this area resembles her father's guard.The relationship with modern rabbits is more like sisters than mothers and daughters, and although they usually behave cheeky, they really love rabbits.It seems that the behavior pattern is similar to that of a rabbit, and in the TV animation, Mamoru describes it as "the ones who feel like identical twins."While knowing Mamoru as his future father, he has feelings close to love.[Note 4], I always quarrel with Usagi and Mamoru, and sometimes I get in the way when Usagi and Mamoru have a nice atmosphere.However, since he fell in love with Elios in the XNUMXth period, he has been less likely to disturb them.

In the original, the characteristics of the Silver Millennium princess did not appear, and growth had stopped until childhood both physically and mentally, so she had a strong sense of inferiority to Neo Queen Serenity, the omnipotent queen, and was brainwashed by Wiseman. Being "Black ladyHave been grown up.After awakening the "phantom silver crystal" that was sealed inside the body and saving the 30th century, he will soon return to the 20th century as a princess training.As the series progresses, he grows taller and mentally.Also, according to the appearance of the Black Lady and the appearance of the rabbit and the age reversed by the technique of the parapara of the Amazones quartet, it seems that it will grow into a glamor rather than a rabbit.In the XNUMXth period of the original, "Princess Lady SerenityThe appearance of an adult has appeared.

In the third period, when I got lost in the Sailor Saturn Research Institute in the exclusion zone (Juban Nature Park in the TV animation)Dowa HotaruHe made a fateful encounter with him and became Hotaru's first best friend.In the 3th term, Hotaru, who was transferred to the 3rd grade of Juban Elementary School, became friends and became the best friends of each other.In the TV anime, after learning that Firefly is a sailor warrior (Sailor Saturn) who calls for ruin, he firmly opposes the opinion of Saturn who insists on eradication, and even when Firefly goes missing, he saysTenno Haruka,Kaioh MichiruI once blamed him for saying, "I hate Pooh!"

In TV animation, he is often trapped as a key person.In the original, there are times when I want a companion like an internal solar system sailor warrior, and at the end of Part XNUMX, "Sailor Quartet", the guardian warrior of Chibiusa, appeared, and my "phantom silver crystal" was " It has been reborn as "Pink Moon Crystal".At the end of the XNUMXth period of the original, he was awakened to the Eternal Sailor Warrior and rushed to the pinch of Sailor Moon with the awakened Sailor Quartet.

In the musical version, the personality and settings are almost similar to the anime version.

In the 172th period of the original, there is a certain turn even after returning to the future, but the turn in the TV animation "Sailor Stars" is extremely small, and episode XNUMX does not appear at the end (with a voice only once in the dream of a fainted rabbit) Although it will appear, it is not a turn that seems to be a turn because it is an appearance in a dream).Therefore, in the originalLittle chibiMeet, but irrelevant in TV anime[Note 5].

The main character, Tsukino Usagi, was in the second year of junior high school, and the characters around him were set to a similar age, but with the appearance of this Chibiusa,NakayoshiThe popularity of readers, especially girls in the lower grades of elementary school, suddenly turned to Chibiusa. In the character vote of Sailor Moon, which was solicited in the February 1994 issue (released in January) of "Nakayoshi" and announced in the March issue (released in February), Chibiusa ranked first over the leading character, Sailor Moon. That's right.However, in this tabulation, personalities before and after transformation such as Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Moon are tabulated separately, and at that time Chibiusa had not yet transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon.The first appearance scene of Sailor Chibi Moon was published in the March 2 issue.


  • Age: 900-902 years old (Original. Apparently 7-10 years old. Age as it looks in the TV anime version)
  • 誕生 日:6/30(Same as Tsukino Usagi)
  • birthstone:pearl,Moonstone
  • sign:Cancer(CancerGuardian star TheMonth)
  • blood type:O
  • Personality: PrettySelfish
  • Favorite color:"Red",pink
  • Favorite food:Pudding
  • Foods I don't like:carrot(Same as Tsukino Usagi. Up to 64 episodes in TV animation),Fish(Up to 67 episodes of TV animation)[Note 6]
  • Favorite subject:Drawing
  • Subjects I'm not good at ︰National language
  • hobby:RabbitGoods collection
  • Special skill: Begging
  • Things I'm not good at: Answering machine
  • Future dreams: a lovely lady like a mom
  • Favorite jewel:Diamond(Same as Tsukino Usagi)
  • Career: Municipal Juban Elementary School


Original "Crystal" version

First appearance at the end of the episode that defeated the first big bosses, Queen Beryl and Queen Metalia.Appearing during the date of Usagi and Mamoru, he threatens the rabbit with a toy gun that looks exactly like the real thing and shows a radical development demanding "phantom silver crystal".Knowing that Sailor Moon has a "phantom silver crystal", he secretly tries to steal it.

He was targeted by the Black Moon Clan thugs as a "rabbit," and even when the rabbits questioned him, he snarled and closed his heart.After learning that Sailor Moon was a rabbit, he stole the rabbit's "phantom silver crystal" and tried to return to the future with another "phantom silver crystal" brought out from the future, failing and confessing the truth to the rabbits. And ask for help.

In fact, Crystal Tokyo was attacked by the Black Moon Clan because Chibiusa brought out his mother's "phantom silver crystal" and the barrier was broken.When he was in the future, he was "not like a queen" and "a fake princess" due to factors such as the fact that he stopped growing while still small, there was no crescent mark on his forehead to indicate the royal family of the moon, and he could not transform into a sailor warrior. I was bullied by the people around me, and I was living a lonely day.One day, the bullies told me that "a princess should be able to use the" phantom silver crystal "" and brought out her mother's "phantom silver crystal".Also, when I was being chased by a bully with Sailor Pluto, I met and became friends.

In the second half of the second term, the rabbit was abducted by Black Moon, and he tried to consult with Pluto, raising a feeling of inferiority to his beautiful and powerful mother and guilt that caused a crisis in the 30th century. Talking to King Endimion, who has a feeling for him, he is shocked to see Pluto smile like he has never seen, and despairs that he has nowhere to go.

When he jumped out of the gate of space-time into a rough space-time, he dropped the key of space-time and encountered Wiseman after that.Being taken advantage of in despairBlack ladyAfter that, under the command of Wiseman, he moved to destroy the world himself.After that, he caught and brainwashed Mamoru who disappeared without holding the key of space-time and searched for Chibiusa, attacked Crystal Tokyo with the Demand Safir brothers manipulated by Wiseman, and used the brainwashed Mamoru to have the rabbit's " Take away the phantom silver crystal of the past.However, immediately after that, my mother's "Future Phantom Silver Crystal" and "Past Phantom Silver Crystal" were taken away by demand. By exercising a contraindicated time stop on the demand that tried to bring the two "phantom silver crystals" into contact and extinguish the world, the tears to the dead Pluto crystallized into their own "phantom silver crystal". Brainwashing is thawedSailor chibi moonAwaken to.

Borrow the Moon Rod of Neo Queen Serenity and defeat Death Phantom with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Peace returns to the world of the 30th century and breaks up with the rabbits, but becomes Neo Queen Serenity"Finding True Friends and Training Sailor Warriors"Given the challenges of, will soon return to the 20th century.Chibiusa, who grew up a little, put her "phantom silver crystal" in a transformation brooch and became a member of Sailor Moon as a "Sailor Warrior Apprentice".

In the third term, he became friends with Sailor Saturn, who he met at Mugen Gakuen, and healed the body of the firefly that was attacked by the attack with the power of "phantom silver crystal".Pluto and others are informed that Firefly is Sailor Saturn and go to Firefly, but Mistress 9 who hijacked Firefly's body robs "Phantom Silver Crystal" and collapses, and Mamoru's energy is shared. And save life.Also, in the latter half of the third term, another "legendary Holy Grail" created by the power of prayerSuper Sailor Chibi MoonPower up to.

In the XNUMXth term, he meets Elios, who has transformed into Pegasus, and the "maiden" who was revealed to save Elysium becomes anxious without thinking of himself.According to that premonition, the "maiden" who saves Elysium is a rabbit, who despises herself and cries, but for Elios, the "maiden" is a little rabbit, and the princess who gave him revelation is a grown-up future little rabbit. = =Princess Lady Serenitywas.At the end of the XNUMXth period, "Phantom Silver Crystal" grew into his own Sailor Crystal.Pink moon crystalWith the power ofEternal Sailor Chibi MoonPower up to.In addition, the identity of the Amazones Quartet has been found to be the "Sailor Quartet", the guardian warrior of Chibi Moon, who has grown up as a sailor warrior.

In the 20th period, he will return to the future again, but in the 30th period, he senses that the 20th century was invaded by Shadow Galactica and caused a change in the world of the XNUMXth century, killing Diana who was secretly scouting. Then, he decided to return to the XNUMXth century with the Sailor Quartet who awoke as his guardian warrior.Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon and Rabbit come to help.However, when he meets Chibi Chibi, he realizes that Chibiusa is not his sister.Chibiusa itself disappears due to the disappearance of Mamoru, but after the battle, it is regenerated from Galaxy Cordron, which was activated by the power of Lambda Power of the ultimate warrior Sailor Cosmos (future rabbit) who was the true character of Chibiusa. I went back to the future.It seems that he has not been reunited with the sailor quartets.

In the extra edition "Parallel Seramu-n" set in the parallel universe, the modern third-year junior high school student "Tsukino ChibiusaAppeared as.I am amazed at the sloppyness of my mother's rabbit, who is a full-time housewife, and I am having trouble with my sister's rabbit.He wears glasses with excellent grades and calls Ami a "senior" aiming for the University of Tokyo with his best friend Hotaru.It seems that he hasn't met the sailor quartets.

TV animation version

In "R", it appeared in the latter half "Black Moon Edition" after sandwiching the anime original "Makaiju Edition". When Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century is attacked by the Black Moon Clan, they flee to the 20th century with the help of sailor warriors, promising that they will not be able to return until they find a way to help Neo Queen Serenity.

The encounter between Usagi and Mamoru is the same as in the original story, and he brainwashes the rabbit's family with the power of Luna-P Ball and stays at Usagi's house as a sister of the Tsukino family.Unlike the original, I didn't realize that Usagi and Mamoru were the past appearances of my parents until the middle stage.After Usagi and Mamoru's catastrophe, he spends most of his time spoiling Mamoru to make him sick (a lot of time he stays with Mamoru even during the break because of Chibiusa).Crimson Rubeus and Ayakashi's four sisters are aiming for their lives many times, and they are saved by Sailor Warriors and Tuxedo Masks. In episode 22 (68 episodes) of "R", I was angry at the rabbit who sneaked into the rabbit's futon and did "bedwetting".

Crystal Tokyo was attacked because she accidentally lost the "phantom silver crystal" in an attempt to imitate her mother and pick up the "phantom silver crystal".[Note 7]So, it was a big trauma to witness this and the moment when Neo Queen Serenity was attacked and wrapped in crystals, and I was looking for "phantom silver crystal" to save my mother. ..

Knowing that the rabbit is Sailor Moon, he took away the rabbit's transformation brooch containing "Phantom Silver Crystal" and tried to return to the future, but the space-time key did not respond, and the four warriors other than the rabbit who tried to help Chibiusa were red. It invites the situation of being caught by Rubeus.Feeling responsible, Chibiusa follows the rabbit on board the Rubeus UFO and shows his success in destroying the evil black crystal of the UFO's control device.However, he refuses Sailor Moon who has entered the future of the spiritual world because his spirit is invaded by evil crystals and falls into a mysterious illness, but he tries to protect himself who was attacked by Jarcock. Open and have Jarcock defeated.In addition, he takes care of a rabbit who has caught a cold with Minako dressed as a nurse.

Returning to the future of the 30th century with the rabbits, he was shocked to find that Neo Queen Serenity could not be awakened by the power of the rabbit's "Phantom Silver Crystal", and jumped out of Crystal Palace alone.At that time, he encountered Wiseman, and his memory was distorted by the guilt that caused him to disappear the silver crystal that protected the 30th century by falling into a trap, "I was not loved by anyone." Believed to be, he transforms into a black lady and confronts the sailor warriors.He moved to destroy the world, and was also brainwashed to hate Sailor Warriors, so he was hostile to Sailor Warriors, but eventually he was hugged by Sailor Moon and the Tuxedo Mask and regained his true memory. Be rescued.

From the tears shed during the decisive battle with Death Phantom, the "phantom silver crystal" that had been sealed inside the body crystallized.Defeat Death Phantom with the power of the rabbit "Silver Crystal of the Past" transformed into Neo Queen Serenity and the "Silver Crystal of the Future" of Chibiusa transformed into Princess Small Lady Serenity, and peace will come to the world of the 30th century. By returning, I parted from the rabbits.

From the latter half of the "S" series, it became possible to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon, and it has returned to the world of the 20th century in the same way as the original.When he meets Sailor Saturn at the Juban Nature Park, he becomes friends and shows the growth of his compassion for Hotaru.After learning that Firefly is Sailor Saturn, he believes in Firefly and continues to protect himself from outside warriors.However, because he is "the owner of the pure heart who thinks of fireflies the most," he is deprived of the crystals of his pure heart by the firefly, which has become a vessel of Mistress 9, but he is pleased with the safety of the firefly just before he loses consciousness.Luna creates a link and is given the energy of Mamoru, and the pure heart is returned to the firefly awakened by Sailor Saturn and revived.Death BustersIn the final episode of "S" after the battle with, I said goodbye to the reincarnated firefly, and received a letter from Neo Queen Serenity asking me to return to the 30th century and had a farewell party held. He tried to say goodbye to the rabbit, but he continued to live in the world of the 20th century.

In "SuperS", he is a quasi-hero, and the interaction with Pegasus is the center of the story.With the power of Pegasus, it has grown into a Super Sailor Chibi Moon and transformed at the same time as Sailor Moon.It is a set with the transformation / appearance bank scene Rabbit.I was jealous of Kusuke and Hiroki (another class) who could talk to each other, and asked Pegasus who didn't tell me anything.When he became an adult by exchanging his age with a rabbit in the "reverse ball" of Parapara, he could not call Pegasus in Karion, and he reunited with Pegasus in the dream world and learned about Pegasus's identity and Elysium.Dead moonKnown to be the host of Pegasus, Nehalennia was cursed for eternal sleep, but wakes up with a kiss from Elios.In the final battle, pray to the people of the earth who have beautiful dreams, deliver power to Sailor Moon's golden crystal, and destroy Dead Moon.

At the beginning of "Stars", he tries to return to the 30th century, but he cannot return due to the Nehalennia incident.The existence disappears because Mamoru's heart is captured in the mirror, but he continues to keep Saturn until it disappears.After that, Mamoru was released and revived, sending power to Sailor Moon with Saturn.After the end of the situation, there is no turn because he returned to the 30th century, but the existence is mentioned.In addition, some of the photos that Usagi has show Chibiusa along with Usagi and Mamoru, but when Hoshino came to the Tsukino family, only Usagi and Mamoru were displayed, so Hoshino. Not known to exist from.

Sailor chibi moon

MonthA future warrior with a guardian star[1]..A sailor warrior apprentice who will be the next generation sailor moon, there is a setting that the height will grow a little when transformed[2]..Image color is light pink[Note 8]..Its Special Move in TV animation lacks power and range, and is often unexploded.After graduating from a warrior apprenticeship as a result of becoming a supermarket, in the fifth part of the original story, he has joined his guardian quartet as a full-fledged sailor warrior.

The decision line in the animation is "Sailor suit apprentice of love and justice, Sailor Chibi Moon!Let's take the place of the future moon!」。『Crystal』及び『eternal』での名乗りシーンの背景は、2期では三日月とmorning gloryの花、3期ではピンクのハートとピンクと白の薔薇の花。eternalでは、セーラームーンと一緒の名乗りのため同様の背景。

The sailor suit (leotard, miniskirt, chest and shoulder protection) is mainly light pink, and the ribbons on the front and back of the chest are red.She wears long gloves and light pink long boots.The original and "Crystal" are pink, and the TV anime version is red.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon (Original XNUMXth period, TV animation "SuperS", "Eternal")
A super version of Sailor Chibi Moon.The costume is different from Super Sailor Moon, and the ribbon, frills on the shoulders, tiara jewels and skirts have changed.Also, as with Super Sailor Moon, the details are different between the original and the animation (the original is colored yellow → pink → red in the lower half of the skirt, and the collar also has a yellow gradation, but in the animation the skirt has two colors, yellow and pink. So, the collar remains all pink. Also, in the TV anime version, the two colors of the skirt are clearly separated, while in "Crystal" the border is blurred).
In the original "Crystal", the second Holy Grail was born in prayer for "the power to fight with Sailor Moon" at the end of the third period, and at the same time as the supermarket of Sailor Moon, the power of the warriors is received.
In the 4th period of the TV anime version, it will be powered up by receiving the power of Pegasus along with Sailor Moon.It plays a role like a collaborator of Super Sailor Moon.
Princess Small Lady Serenity (Original XNUMXth period, "Eternal")
Chibiusa's appearance as a princess.In the original, she wears a pink empire dress with a rounded hem, a series of pearls on the chest, a large ribbon on the back waist, and frills on both shoulders.In the TV anime, she wears a white Empire dress with the same design as Princess Serenity.
When a new Holy Grail was born at the end of the XNUMXth period of the original, it became this figure, and as my own castle, "30th Century Crystal Palace"have.
Princess Lady Serenity (Original XNUMXth period, "Eternal")
A princess who gave revelation to Elios in the form of a grown-up future Chibiusa.It looks just like the Black Lady except for the highlights of the eyes and the design of the dress.


Luna-P Ball
A sphere designed to imitate Luna's head.An antenna is attached to the forehead part, and in the original, the umbrella is taken out when it is bounced, and in the TV animation, it is bounced like a ball on the ground to activate "Luna P change".Also, in the TV anime version, it was possible to communicate with Pluto, and even when he became a black lady, he manipulated the Luna P ball and launched various attacks.
You can speak in the original and "Crystal".Chibiusa, when it first appeared, uses it to dispel loneliness and to control the game with the crown.In the original, it was broken several times before it was destroyed by the Black Lady.
The key to space-time
The key to open the gate of space-time.Originally owned by Sailor Pluto in the original, he forcibly took it from the chain attached to Pluto's waist when crossing the past, and has it with his mother's "Future Phantom Silver Crystal".
Pink Sugar Compact (Prism Heart Compact in TV anime)
A transformation brooch that Chibiusa had when it first appeared.A round light pink brooch with a dark pink heart jewel embedded in it.
Pink moon stick
A rod used by Chibi Moon to activate its Special Move.Weapon that changed Luna-P ball in the third period of the original "Crystal".
Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope (Original XNUMXth period, theatrical version "SuperS", "Eternal")
Weapon used by Chibiusa in the XNUMXth period of the original and the movie version.The same as the Super Sailor Moon weapon "Moon Kaleidoscope".
Deep Aqua Mirror (Original XNUMXth period, "Eternal")
Sailor Neptune Talisman.When the foreign warriors leave, Michiru handed it to Chibiusa, a sign of her promise to return.When returning it, he says "Submarine Mirror" for some reason.
Chibi Moon Compact
A transformation brooch used by Chibiusa in the XNUMXth period.
Crystal carillon
Chibiusa is a bell given by Pegasus (Elios).It is shaped like a heart-shaped ring with a bell-shaped bell.
In the original, it is a bell that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and its name does not appear.Also, although it is basically used when Chibiusa calls Elios, it has also been sounded from Elios' side.Also, it is not involved in the activation of the special move.
In the TV anime version, the pink moon stick that received the power of Pegasus has changed.When Super Sailor Moon uses a special move, he must ring it to call Elios.He has also launched a Pink Sugar Heart Attack.
Stallion Reve (TV anime "SuperS")
A small object-like tool that can communicate with Pegasus.
Phantom silver crystal (pink moon crystal)
Chibiusa Sailor Crystal.When the solar system sailor warriors became eternal at the end of the XNUMXth period of the original, when each sailor crystal changed to a star shape, the "phantom silver crystal" also changed and became a crystal dedicated to Chibiusa.When the ability was released, it looked like a lotus flower like the Silver Moon Crystal (phantom silver crystal), but since the new edition, it has been changed to a shape like a peony flower with thin and large petals wavy. ..


Space-time guardian.Open the door of space-time, open the sky, and leave it open to me!I call my true name.Cronus, the father of the guardian, the god of omnipotence.Guide me, protect me.Give me the path of light! (TV anime "R")
A spell cast when using the space-time key.
Moon prism power!Makeup! (Original manga third period, TV animation "S", "Crystal")
A transformation spell to Sailor Chibi Moon.
Moon Crisis!Makeup! (Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "SuperS", "Eternal")
A transformation spell to Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
In the TV anime version, it transforms at the same time as Super Sailor Moon, and is bundled with the transformation bank Sailor Moon.
Pink Moon Crystal Power!Makeup! (After the end of the XNUMXth period of the original manga)
A spell that transforms into an Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon.
Abracadabra Pon (Original Manga Second Season, "Crystal")
"Fun spells" learned from Pluto.I've used this spell to put out a dove from an umbrella taken out of a Luna-P ball.The origin is the spell "Abracadabra"From."

Sailor Chibi Moon's Special Move

Ultrasonic attack (TV anime)
Used only once with Sailor Moon in "SuperS".
Moon Princess Halation (Original Manga XNUMXnd Season, "Crystal")
A technique that borrowed my mother's moon rod and attacked at the same time as Sailor Moon.
Pink Sugar Heart Attack (Original Manga Third Season, TV Anime "S", "Crystal")
In the original, it is a technique that shoots energy ("pink sugar" according to the extra edition) from the tip of the rod, and although its power is slightly low, it is a purification technique like other warriors.The new version is a technique that gives off countless heart-shaped energies.
In TV animation, the technique of flying a pink heart-shaped energy ring from a pink moon stick or crystal carillon.Unlike other warrior's techniques, it is not a purification technique but a physical attack, "it falls before it reaches the opponent because of the influence of gravity" "It does not come out at the crucial time ... It seemed to suddenly suddenly hit me I haven't mastered it, and even if I hit it, it would be a little painful and wouldn't cause much damage, so that position is a gag-like shaving technique.
"Crystal" conforms to the original new edition, and emits heart-shaped energy from the tip of the rod in the direction of 360 ° from its surroundings.Like the original, its power is low, but it is a normal purification technique.
Rainbow-colored Sogetsu Shinki (Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ake. The end of the third period of the original manga, "Crystal")
Combined technique with Super Sailor Moon.
Twinkle Ale (Summoning Tenma Ikkaku. Original Manga XNUMXth Season, TV Anime "SuperS", "Eternal")
A technique to summon Ikkaku Tenma (Elios) by ringing the bell of the crystal carillon.In the TV anime, Chibi Moon's "Please Pegasus!Keep everyone's dreams!It is a very important technique because Super Sailor Moon cannot use its Special Move unless it summons Elios with a shout of "".
Moon Gorgeous Meditation (Original Manga XNUMXth Season, Theatrical Version "SuperS", "Eternal")
The same technique as Moon's.In the movie version Super S, it is released at the same time as the moon. The operation in eternal is the operation of Sailor Moon in the opposite direction.
Moon Crisis Power (TV anime "SuperS" episode 38 only)
Chibi Moon stores the power of everyone's dreams and unleashes the power of the Golden Crystal, emitting a fierce golden flash of light and robbing Nehalennia of its power.
Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack (Original "Kaguya Hime no Koibito")
Combined technique with Tuxedo Mask.
Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss (Original XNUMXth period)
Combined technique with the sailor quartet.
Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (Original Manga Extra Edition "Secret Hammer Price Hall", Musical)
Combined technique with Eternal Sailor Moon.

Black lady

Chibiusa was brainwashed by Wiseman at the end of the second season, and was exposed to dark power and grew rapidly, becoming an executive of the Black Moon clan.It has the appearance of an adult woman wearing sex appeal, perhaps reflecting the complex of her "want to become an adult".

It looks very similar to a rabbit, but has glass ball-like eyes and cold eyes.Black moon crescent on the forehead, a sign of the Black Moon clan, and evil black crystal on the earsEarringsHowever, he has no loyalty to the Black Moon Clan and is acting on his own initiative to destroy the world.Manipulates powerful dark power in battle, transforms Luna-P ball into various things and attacks like when it was Chibiusa in TV animation.

The clothes are dark pinkStallHaori like a haori, wide chest to the left and rightslitBlack one-piece dress with (dark pink skirt lining with blue organdy overlaid), sleeves and chest with red organdy on cuffsdiamondIs sewn.The shoes are redsatin OfHeels.

In the original "Crystal", the despair that "I have nowhere to go" is used, and in the TV anime version, I am brainwashed because I am convinced that "I was not loved by anyone".Therefore, he has a fierce hatred for Sailor Warriors.In the original, he destroyed Luna P himself, but in the TV animation, he continues to use it with his heart open only to Luna P (the rabbit who sees it realizes that he is a little rabbit).

In the game "Another Story", Hell Destiny changed his fate and became independent of Chibiusa, appearing in front of the sailor warriors under Sherman Apsu.

The illustration of the frontispiece of the original act24 was in 1993.Kate mossAppearedYves Saint LaurentInspired by an ad for the opium "Opium".


Voice actor

Overseas Edition


注 釈

  1. ^ Chibiusa is a girl, soFrenchThe correct notation for is Petite étrangère in feminine form.
  2. ^ In the TV anime "R", he shouts "Luna P change!" And transforms.
  3. ^ Brainwashing the rabbit's parents and younger brother to recognize themselves as "children of the Tsukino family" with Luna-P ball transformed items, dispelling loneliness at the beginning of the original and "Crystal", and at the game center He controls games and keeps in touch with Sailor Pluto via Luna-P Ball in TV anime.
  4. ^ I once said in TV animation that I would marry Mamoru.In the original story and "Crystal," I once brainwashed Mamoru during the Black Lady era and kissed him to show him to a rabbit.
  5. ^ However, there is a scene in which a rabbit who sees the character of Chibi Chibi says, "It's very different from Chibi Usa."
  6. ^ At first, Rei told him that he didn't like it, and then he collided with Rei, but he overcame his dislike of fish.
  7. ^ In reality, the "phantom silver crystal" had not disappeared and was in the body of Chibiusa.
  8. ^ In Bandai musicals, it was a reddish pink color for the sake of appearance, but in Nerke musicals it was changed to light pink.
  9. ^ Since he was still in the final selection as a rabbit, from episodes 44 to 4 of "MUJI" to episode 44 of "R"Three StonesPlayed the role of a rabbit as a substitute for.
  10. ^ NakayoshiThose who passed the audition for the role of Chibiusa.
  11. ^ Later, the role of the first Chibi Chibi / Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon in "Eternal Legend" and "Birth!Played the role of the first Black Lady in "The Dark Princess Black Lady".
  12. ^ Later partly in Nerke MusicalChoreographyIs in charge of.
  13. ^ The role of the XNUMXth Sailor MercuryMariya IzawaIs a real sister of, and has played a sister co-star in "Decisive Battle / Transylvania Forest".
  14. ^ Later, he played the role of Chibi Chibi XNUMXth / Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon in "The Advent of Queen Fireball".
  15. ^ The meaning of "warrior".
  16. ^ "Sailor" = sailor.


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