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🎥 | Mayuko Kawakita marries a general man!Report with happiness two shot

Photo Congratulations on your marriage! – Image is a screenshot of Mayuko Kawakita Instagram

Mayuko Kawakita marries a general man!Report with happiness two shot

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In recent years, the TV drama "M There is a lovable person", "Doctor X ~ Surgeon, Michiko Daimon ~", "Reiko Shiratori!"

Mayuko Kawakita (29), a model and actress, married a general man who had been dating for some time on January 1th. [Other ... → Continue reading

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Doctor X

Doctor X(Dr. X)

Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-

"Doctor-X Surgeon, Michiko Daimon(Dr.-X Gekai, Daimon Michiko) has been available since 2012.TV Asahisystem"Thursday dramaJapan broadcast in the frame (Thursday 21: 00-21: 54)TV dramaseries.


specifichospital,Medical officeDoes not belong toFreelance OfFemale surgeonDraw the activity of.StarringRyoko YonekuraIs "Woman of Nasuke ~Inspector of National Tax Bureau~"(October 2010), it was the first Thursday drama appearance.[1].. The first series started in 2012, and since then all serial TV series have been broadcast cool in the fall.

Not only the activity of Michiko Daimon, a surgeon played by Yonekura, but also the comical exchanges of Hiruma and Ebina, who are in conflict with each other while changing hospitals and medical offices, and the style that incorporates trends and current affairs at the time of broadcasting, has gained a high audience rating. , 2019 series by 6, 1 special[2][3]Is being broadcast.

In addition,Katsumura MasanobuA spin-off drama with Kaji as the main characterDoctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-Has been broadcast and distributed since 2016.

Medical institution

This paper describes the medical institutions that appear in the Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-series.

Kambara Doctor Referral Office

A doctor referral office headed by Dr. Kambara.
Michiko Daimon and Hiromi Jonouchi belong to this group.
In the 6th term, the old public bath will put up a signboard of the Kambara doctor introduction office.The location isTokyoMeguro.
Recording is Kosuga from the 1st to the 5th period.From the 6th period, it will be a flag stand fishing shop.

Totei University Hospital

Main hospital

A famous national university hospital in Tokyo.It is a hospital under the umbrella of Teito Medical University Hospital and other medical university hospitals, and has branch offices and research institutes all over the country like Teito Medical University.
Although the number of operations and cases is smaller than that of Seokyeong University Hospital, it operates with the world's first cases and surgical procedures that cannot be done at other hospitals.In the 4th term, the brand power was sluggish, and Shigekatsu Hiruma launched a strategy specializing in the wealthy.A dedicated concierge takes care of everything in a special room, and there is a special S course where you can eat the food of a high-class restaurant, a human dock and a celebrity birth course.
A faction hospital to which the staff of the East Wing and the former East Wing of the National Advanced Medical Center belong.
The hospital is a member of the National Council of Advanced Medical Centers
The location is TokyoBunkyo kuHongo4-chome 4-5

Shizuoka Fourth Hospital

It is a branch of Totei University Hospital.
Of our patientsTetsuo GotoTo our hospital (4th term).

Shiretoko XNUMXth Hospital

A branch of the northernmost Totei University Hospital in Shiretoko, Hokkaido.The hospital has a two-story structure.
Shigekatsu Hiruma, the director of Totei University Hospital, is accused of headhunting a large number of medical staff to overseas hospitals and becomes the director.

Lake Mashu 39th Branch

A regional branch of the University of Tokyo, where Ebina has been working as the director since April 2019.Under the Totei University Reverse Plan 4 by Tange, the branch office was closed and closed in October.After that, all the doctors other than Ebina, who was hired as Hira of this hospital, lost their jobs.However, it was later discovered that Tange had closed the branch due to the construction of a medical resort.After Hiruma was dismissed in the final episode, the closed branch office reopened.

Seokyeong University Hospital

Main hospital

National University Hospital in the Kansai region The largest medical university hospital in the Kinki region.Rival hospital of Totei University Hospital
The number of operations is larger than that of Totei University Hospital, and the number of cases is by far the largest.
It controls the Kansai branch of Teito Medical College.
The hospital is a member of the National Council of Advanced Medical Centers.

Saikyo University Attached Kyoto 4th Branch

KyotoKyoto CityA branch of Saikyo University Hospital in.A branch hospital where Hiruma was the director from April to September 2014.Hiruma has moved from Teito Medical University Kyoto 4st Branch.Since it is close to the main hospital of Saikyo University in Osaka, it can be expected to become a main hospital.Achi also worked before he was assigned to the National Advanced Medical Center.

Kyobashi Hospital, Faculty of Medicine

OsakaOsakaA branch of Saikyo University Hospital in.
A hospital equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment such as robot surgery.

Teito Medical University Hospital

Main hospital

KantoA prestigious private medical university hospital in.It is a large-scale university hospital with affiliated hospitals, branch hospitals, and research institutes all over the country.It is a de facto colony of Totei University School of Medicine, and there are no professors who have graduated from Teito Medical University School of Medicine, and most of the professors at this hospital are from Totei University School of Medicine.In the branch offices in the Kansai area, Nishikyo University has a little personnel rights (most of them are divided by the main hospital and Totei University).The location isTokyoShinjuku wardNishi-Shinjuku6-8.

Tokyo 3rd Hospital

A branch of Teito Medical University in Tokyo.
This is the highest hospital in the branch hospital, which has been the director of the hospital and has been the director of the hospital.

Kanazawa 18th Hospital

IshikawaKanazawaA branch of Teito Medical University in.
In addition to this, many hospitals such as prestigious hospitals (National Advanced Medical Center Kanazawa Branch, Internal Medicine Highest Cross Medical Center) are set up in Kanazawa City.

Takamatsu 24th Hospital

KagawaTakamatsuA branch of the Teito Medical University Hospital in Tokyo.

Kyoto 21st Branch

A branch of the Teito Medical University, where Hiruma has been appointed as the director since Hachiya and Tokushima dismissed the director of the department of surgery at this hospital.Even among the branch hospitals of Teito Medical University, the facilities are well-equipped, there are many outpatients, and many foreigners go to the hospital.Many doctors have moved to the 4th branch of Kyoto University, Saikyo University.It is a de facto colony of Nishikyo University and owns the National Kyoto Cancer Genome Research Institute Hospital.The hospital where Achi worked before he was assigned to the Saikyo University affiliate.

National Advanced Medical Center

Main hospital

A national hospital in Tokyo.Japan's highest medical institution.
The location is TokyoChuo-kuTsukiji9-3.
Surgeons belong to either the Totei University Hospital or Saikyo University Hospital faction (most of the doctors in the Totei University Hospital faction are under the control of the Totei University Hospital).
After Tendo retired and Hiruma arrived, Kato and Shiraki also moved, and the members of the third term were almost gone except Ebina.

Kanazawa Branch

A branch of the National Advanced Medical Center in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.


Cross Medical Center
The location isIshikawaKanazawaKakuma TownMachimotozaka 7-5.
Kurosu KuntaroIs the director of the hospital (special).
It is a general hospital in the latest special medical zone approved by the government and belongs to the Medical Corporation Foundation.
A hospital that aims to develop new drugs for medical treatment.National Advanced Medical Center Kanazawa Branch's natural enemy hospital.
Asahikawa Fureai Hospital
HokkaidoAsahikawaA general hospital affiliated with Teito Medical University.
It is one of the top 10 hospitals in the national hospital ranking and is affiliated with the Teito Medical University Hospital.
Yasuda Kinen Hospital
A general hospital in Tokyo.
National Japan-Russia State-of-the-art Medical Center
ロシアVladivostokNational medical center in.
Japanese National Research and Development Agency Japan Medical Industry Organization
It is a medical organization established to concentrate the authority of each ministry and agency. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, University Hospital, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Medical Facilities, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, National Hospital)
Gyeonglin University Hospital
The location isTokyoChiyoda Ward9-6-2, Shichibancho.
A prestigious private medical university hospital in Tokyo.He has been the number one in the national hospital ranking for many years.
Looking down on Totei University Hospital, pushing women's members to Totei University Hospital.
Boston Harvard Medical College School of Medicine / Hospital / Laboratory
The United States of AmericaMassachusettsBoston CityA prestigious medical university in the prestigious area.
A lot of research and clinical practice, and a university that publishes many treatisesTomio AkaiWill plagiarize the treatise, but Hiruma colludes with Professor John Starkey to eliminate allegations of plagiarism with Dr. Ebina, who is also a graduate of the Totei University School of Medicine, as a co-author.
Wang Super International Clinic
People's Republic of ChinaShanghaiWang Cho Group Chairman inWang ChaoIs the founder.
Acquired a medical staff member of Totei University Hospital for a high fee and made him work as a medical staff member of a clinic.
Japan Medical Association
A doctor's institution that supervises medical associations throughout Japan.
The board of directors is a member of university hospital directors from all prefectures, and Totei University Hospital is also a member.
American Medical Club
A doctor's institution that oversees the American Medical Association.Only the name appears in the 5th period.
University Hospital Association
An organization to which Japanese university hospitals belong.Only the name appears in the 5th period.
Notify the Kambara Dr. Kambara Medical Referral Office of a transaction suspension warning.
Narubayashi University Hospital
A private university hospital in Tokyo.Only the name appears in the 5th period.
A press conference was held by the former secretary of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for the unscrupulous subsidy payment between the director of Kikuchi Hospital and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Sakuragi.
Director Kikuchi is a confident friend of Uchikanda, the chairman of the Japanese Medical Club, and angers the hospitalization of the secretary in this case to Totei University Hospital.
Meguro Central Hospital
A general hospital in Tokyo.
This is the hospital where the examination was conducted after Sue Tomoko Daimon collapsed.
Cuba Cubanacan University Hospital (English name: Hospital Universitario Cuba Cubanacan)
キ ュ ー バUniversity hospital in.
This is a hospital contracted after the Kambara Doctor's Office moved to Cuba.
Seikyo University Hospital
Affiliated hospital of a prestigious private medical university (5th term).
Meiei Medical University
The university where Michiko Daimon graduated.
Japan Nursing Federation
Masae Mihara will serve as chairman in the third term.
Japan Medical Association
Only the name appears in the 3rd period.



Daimon Miko(Daimon Michiko) <36[4] → 37[5] → 38[6] → 40[7][8] → 41[9] → 42[10]>
Performance- Ryoko Yonekura[11]
Showa 51 Year1/7birth.HiroshimaKureI'm from
2001Graduated from Meiei Medical University School of Medicine.After graduating, he joined the Department of Surgeons, Faculty of Medicine, Totei University, but soon left.2002Toキ ュ ー バ・ Transferred to Kubanakan Medical University School of Medicine.After graduating, worked at Kubanakan Medical University Hospital.Remote medical careMilitary doctor-SurgeonReturn to Japan after experiencing.for that reasonSpanish,Portuguese,EnglishFluent in 3 languages.Currently, he is registered at the Kambara Dr. Kambara Referral Office.FreelanceWorking as a surgeon[12]..It is customary to drink a glass of gum syrup after surgery.
He is a double-licensed doctor who also holds a veterinary license in Japan and Cuba.VeterinarianHe also had a considerable arm, and he completely healed the fracture of the race horse, which was said to have only euthanasia.[ep 1].
There is a part that I sympathize with Hiromi Jonouchi, a master of anesthesia at Teito Medical College, but he was disputed that "a human being in an organization is different from a lone wolf", and when he did not stand in the same operating room, he also played a role as an anesthesiologist.[ep 2].
In the university hospitalhierarchyKubo, the director of the 3rd branch hospital, was dismissed due to his frank words and deeds, but he was rehired by Tokushima, who became the new director of the XNUMXrd hospital.[ep 3].
Working conditionsWorking hours8:00 --17:00 ・ Annual salary of about 1,200 million yen ・overtime workIs an exceptional thing that does not do work that does not require a doctor's license with an hourly wage of 3 yen[Note 1].
His ability as a doctor is extremely high, and he also has the insight to anticipate changes in his condition in advance based on the patient's surroundings. "I will not fail," he often declares that he will never make a medical error.The tacit understanding of the professor's subordinate work and association is rejected with a single word, "I will not do it." As a member, he adheres to a policy that is easily disliked.Work that can be done without a doctor's license, let alone chores, refuse to shake hands[Note 2].
Outside of surgery, arrogant and sloppy aspects are conspicuous, but the sense of responsibility as a doctor is stronger than anyone else, and often saying "do not fail" is based on the belief that "if a patient fails once, it ends at that point", so he retires himself. It is an act to cut off.
Michiko's father, Hiroshi Daimon, is also a genius surgeon who had opened a clinic in a remote area after he retired from university, but it has already collapsed and Hiroshi has already died.Akira told Michiko that the closure of the clinic was due to trouble with Tokushima.
ResumeA surgeon who "likes operations more than three meals" so much that he writes that his hobbies and special skills are surgery.After work, I dance at the club[13], With Kanbara et al.MahjongI am enjoying it.
I'm not good at mahjong, but I've won about 5 times.There are other hobbies such as going to public baths, table tennis, and public gambling, but basically there are no skills other than surgery.gamblingI don't have the talent.Since he is not interested in anything other than operations, he is quite naive, and he does not know any celebrities such as entertainers and politicians. In the fifth term, he did not know the baby pub and was teased by Kanbara and Jonouchi for a while with baby talk.
Akira is called a master, and he may be asked for guidance when performing surgery for the first time.I once stood in the same operating room.When Akira was severely ill in the final episode of the third season, Daimon performed the operation.Immediately after Akira's surgery, Akira goes on a space trip using the surgery fee hidden in the locker of the public bath.
As he told Kaji that he became a doctor because he hated the sick and wanted to have surgery to cure the patient quickly, he always puts recovery first in the treatment of any patient. ..
In the third term, Kaji didn't remember any of the patients he was in charge of in the past, and was angry that he said, "I can't remember every time I see thousands of patients," and "I remember all of them." I hate such doctors, "but I didn't remember Torii, who worked as a surgeon in the first term.
Also, the doctors I worked with were easily forgotten, and Hiruma, Hara, Morimoto, and Torii were completely forgotten.
In the work, "surgeon" and "specialist"licenseIt is said that it is only a skill to hit up, and the specialty is unknown.However, from osteosarcoma of the foot, it is possible to perform in-vivo transplantation of liver, kidney, small intestine, lung, excision of brain tumor, excision of terminal cancer, etc., and it can be said that it is versatile.
The divine ability is likely to be used as a tool for in-hospital politics several times, but in such a case, even if the operation is possible, he refuses by saying "I will not help you in your career."In particular, he hated operations other than pure therapeutic purposes, and yelled at Mabuchi, who used the patient as an election tool, "Don't lick surgery!"
InitiallyconferenceI didn't like to attend the meeting or reply "will", but recently I attended conferences, and depending on the situation, I often reply "will".Also, when he was treated as a part-time job, he rephrased it as "freelance", but sometimes he said his position as "byte".[Note 3]..In addition, he was uncomfortable with being called a "daemon" from Kaji et al. To his surname Daimon, and when he was persistently called a "daemon" from Kaji, he shook his voice and rephrased "I'm Michiko Daimon." However, around the latter half of the first period, he did not show disgust even if he was called a "daemon".
Until the 2nd term, I basically treated people older than me with honorifics and polite words, but from the 3rd term, I always deal with anyone regardless of age, subordinates, bosses. It becomes a mouth.
The person who became the model of the main character is a judokaKaoru Matsumoto..At first, the scriptwriter Nakazono, who was wondering what kind of heroine to make, was being held at that time.London OlympicsThen, when Matsumoto, who became the only Japanese gold medalist in judo, answered in an interview with a TV program, "I don't make mistakes," the image of a "super surgeon" came to the fore. That[14][15].
Issue 4
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt turns out that the cleaning lady Obachan I met in was Toko Kubo, the deputy director of the Totei University Hospital.
In episode 9, he was kicked out of the director's office by saying, "Isn't it stupid?" To Hiruma, who said that the hospital's fame was more important than his life.Received a call from Emi who changed suddenly and performed a business trip operation at Keirin University Hospital.
In the 10th episode, a celebrity pregnant woman with mitral valve stenosis, Tokiko, is persistently advised to operate the heart and is dismissed.However, he is rehired by Deputy Director Kubo, who says that Tokiko's body has priority over the foetation.However, a tumor was found in the chest of the fetal and it was discovered that the development of the lungs was hindered, so we propose "simultaneous maternal fetal surgery".
In episode 11, my partner, Joey WheelerPancreatic cancerIt turns out that.I hope that I will have the operation done, but he refused, "Even Daimon-san cannot do this operation."Still, he did not give up and after the operation of the VIP patient, he stole the IRE knife and performed a top secret operation for Jonouchi.I couldn't get rid of all the cancer, and although I was in operation, I succeeded in reducing the cancer.He tried to operate immediately, but was refused by Hiragana as "VIP patients have priority".However, the deputy director said, "It is strange that hospitals can operate foreigners but not Japanese!"The operation was successful.
Issue 5
Uchikanda's strategy to completely eliminate himself in episode 9 banned him from entering and exiting the University of Tokyo, and he was unable to operate the patient because his employment contract was terminated, but Akira still Uchikanda By begging for, I managed to perform only surgery and succeeded safely.After the surgery, he checks the patient's progress, and after parting, he goes to buy clothes with Jonouchi, but suddenly collapses while choosing the clothes to buy.
In the final episode, an examination revealed that he had stage III "retroperitoneal sarcoma", and he refused Uchikanda's surgery even if he was asked by Kaji because he was ill at first. He wants to save the patient in front of him, and he proposes to take pain relief and hope for the operation, and eventually undertakes the operation of Uchikanda.Also,Duffel BagEven though Akira begged him to undergo surgery, he refused, and once suffered pain along the way, but he managed to endure and acted as Uchikanda's surgeon, and while suffering from pain due to the pain relief being cut off, Akira once suffered from pain. I managed to succeed in the operation while saying a certain word I was taught.Although he finally collapses after the surgery, he appointed Nishiyama as a surgeon just before he lost consciousness, and devised a notebook in advance for his own surgery.[16]Nishiyama and his colleagues were informed of the "technique using a hybrid artificial blood vessel" that had been left behind in the event, and eventually he was completely cured by the operations of Nishiyama, Kaji, Hara, and Morimoto who heard it.After closing the Kambara Doctor's Office, he left Japan with Akira and moved to Cuba, where he started working as a freelance doctor at a Cuba hospital.
Issue 6
By the time the first episode started, he had already returned to Japan with Akira,Lake YamanakaWhile walking on a nearby mountain road, I got out of the way with Akira, and I was in a situation where I had almost no money, so I found a house while wandering around the mountain road and asked Nicholas Tange, who lived there, to share the meal. A few days later, Nicholas invited him to work with Jonouchi at Totei University Hospital.At first, he was treated favorably by calling Nicholas "Nikotan" by the nickname, and responding obediently when asked to shake hands, which he usually refused to do, but the staff at the hospital cafeteria When Kazuko Iwata got sick and collapsed and AI was diagnosed with "pulmonary embolism", Nicholas forced surgery without detailed examination, or "If you follow AI's instructions, perform surgery. After showing a one-sided and forcible attitude, such as saying, "It's okay," he began to show a rebellious attitude, and Nicholas, who met in the corridor the day after the surgery for his child, said, "Yesterday. When asked to shake hands, "I want you to flush it into the water and do your best as a" friend "," he refused, "I will not do it. It is useless."
In episode 9, I was worried when I learned that the patient, Kudo, had stage III retroperitoneal sarcoma that I had developed, but I revealed to Kudo that I had the same illness, and I went to the operation myself. Kudo's surgery was successful with the technique using the hybrid artificial blood vessel that he devised.In addition, TangeCorrected transposition of the great arteriesIt became clear that he had visited many times to persuade him to undergo his own sword.
In the final episode, he persuaded Tange to be fired, and after obtaining his consent, he successfully operated Tange with the cooperation of doctors and nurses from the University of Tokyo, including Ebina. Was successful.After the operation, he left Totei University after being notified of his dismissal by Hiruma, and when he examined his colleague Sachiko Nomura on a remote island, he received a large amount of gold nuggets and an oil mining right as a medical fee.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.

Kambara Doctor Referral Office

The doctors they belong to are also Mahjong friends in Kanbara.

Hiromi Jonouchi(Hiromi Jyouchi) <33[17] → 34[18] → 35[19] → 37[20][21] → 38[22] → 39[23]>
Performance- Yuki Uchida[11]
birth.Lives in Benten-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo (address at the time of episode 4 of the 11th term).Born in Kanagawa prefecture.The date of obtaining a doctor's license is April 2003. Joined the Department of Internal Medicine, Yokohama Kita Medical University Hospital in April 4. O type.
Resident of Totei University Hospital
Director, Anesthesiology Department, Third Hospital, Teito Medical UniversityTeaching assistant(Phase 1)
→ Kambara Meiyo Introductory Office Freelance anesthesiologist (1st term final episode-)
Great skillAnesthesiologyDoctor.Former husband of Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Teito Medical University Third HospitalTakuya KishidaFarewell to[Note 4], Single mother and only daughterdanceIs growing.In the first term, he worked in the Department of Anesthesiology, Teito Medical University Third Hospital. Although he sympathized with Michiko, who was "patient first," she hated Michiko's selfishness because she believed that "surgery was accomplished with the cooperation of staff."
However, in the final episode, the second surgery was dismantled.The Nagoya Emergency Medical Center, which is affiliated with Teito Medical University, was resigned to move, and he was planning to quit the medical office in order to prioritize the life of his daughter.Since he was a working doctor at Teito Medical College Hospital, he has made harsh remarks ignoring the hierarchy in the hospital, and unlike other working doctors, there was a part close to Michiko.At the time of surgery, he had the ability to be nominated by an unknown child, and even when he suddenly expanded the range of anesthesia, he did it without difficulty even though other anesthesiologists said he could not.Since the third term, she has been treated as a partner of unknown child, and Jonouchi is in charge of anesthesia for her surgery.It is a pretty beautiful woman.It is also a cat tongue.
The United KingdomHe volunteered for Kamihara to earn tuition for his daughter who studied abroad, and worked with Daimon at the "Cross Medical Center".
Issue 4
In episode 10, of ChinaWang ChaoI received head hunting from the beginning, but from around this time I began to feel pain in my lower back, and during the operation of "Mother and Fetal Simultaneous Surgery" by my wife, Tokiko, my lower back pain worsened and my fetal heart rate I can't concentrate on checking.The operation was barely successful, but Ms. Miko, who was dissatisfied with Jonouchi's "failure", said, "Don't go to my surgery (as an anesthesiologist) anymore." He repelled, saying, "I can't work," and told Akira, "Thank you for your help," and left the referral office.AndChristmasImmediately after finishing the call with Mai, who is about to return from England on vacation, she collapses in front of Michiko, who is chasing after Akira, and faints in her arms.At this time, Michiko was so upset that she couldn't call an ambulance herself.
In fact, he was suffering from stage IVa "locally advanced pancreatic cancer" and had reached a stage where complete resection was impossible, so he behaved patiently so that unknown children and Kamihara would not realize it.Regarding the fact that he had cancer, he said, "I'm glad I had cancer because I know how much time I have left," while telling an unknown child who knew about the illness, "Don't talk to Mai. I was stopping.The day after being transported to Totei University Hospital, he was discharged secretly from Michiko in order to proceed with negotiations with Wang Cho, and began to interact with Kitano, who is also headhunted by Wang Cho, and was ill. Participated in surgery as an anesthesiologist while hiding from doctors.When Ms. Miko, who secretly brought out the IRE knife used by Kitano in the operation, offered to "let me perform the operation", she once blocked trying to say "I will not fail", but "actually I'm scared because I know how dangerous my operation is, "he confessed his true intention and asked with tears," Say "that word."After that, he underwent surgery by Michiko, but he was forced to suspend without removing all the cancer, and Wang Cho, who knew about cancer, told him to withdraw the contract through Kitano.Eventually, on the day Mai returned from the UK, she underwent a CT scan with an unknown child, and in the previous surgery, the unknown child was betting that the cancer cells would be killed as much as possible with an IRE knife to reduce the stage of cancer progression, as expected. You will be told that the stage has been lowered to the point where it can be completely cured if surgery is performed immediately.Then, the cancer is completely cured by surgery by Michiko, Kaji, Hara, and Kitano.
Issue 5
Like Michiko, he is hired by Totei University. In episode 5, it is revealed that he was the director of the junior high school and shogi club. In episode 6, it was revealed that it was a commission system rather than a salary system, which led to a fight with Michiko, but taking this opportunity to deepen the relationship of trust with her again.Inomata also expels Totei University in the form of being forced to take responsibility for the failure of the VIP patient's surgery, but he returns with the intercession of Ebina. In episode 7, he was told to accompany Ebina on a business trip, and although he refused at first, he was eventually absent due to being presented with a large amount of compensation.In the final episode, he will support Michiko, who will operate Uchikanda as an anesthesiologist until the end, and will also accompany Michiko's surgery as an anesthesiologist.When he was about to stop Michiko's surgery, he yelled at him, saying, "Are you still a doctor! Shitjijii", and similar remarks were made to Michiko.After that, because Michiko and Akira moved to Cuba, the Kambara Meiyo Referral Office was closed, and they said goodbye, but later visited the site of the Kambara Meiyo Introductory Office.
Issue 6
In episode 1, Dr. Kambara, who returned to Japan with Michiko, decided to start the Kambara Meiyo Referral Center, so he belongs to the Kambara Meiyo Referral Center again and is hired by the University of Tokyo like Michiko.In addition, the AI ​​robot "EyeI don't like being told by an anesthesiologist. In episode 6, he felt dangerous because Michiko changed the surgical procedure on his own during the surgery for Mutsumi requested by the company's president, Rokukakubashi, and after the operation he blamed her for changing the surgical procedure, resulting in a conflict. At one point, during the operation of Rokukakubashi, he was in a terrible state, such as appointing Ebina as the surgeon instead of Michiko. Reconciled with success.In the final episode, he was dismissed because he operated Tange with Michiko.
Kambara Akira(Akira Kanbara) <65[24] → 66[25] → 67[26] → 69[27][28] → 70[29] → 71[30]>
Performance- Kishibe Kazunori
Director and manager of Kambara Meiyo Introductory Office.
He was one of the doctors rumored to be Doctor X in the streets.Originally, he was a medical staff member of the Totei University.He has a history of seeing many scenes involving career advancement and money, with Daimon's father, Tokushima, Kubo, Uchikanda, and other major medical figures and Don.When I was at the medical office of the University of Tokyo, it was the same medical office as Hiruma and Teshigawara, but it seems that Hiruma and Teshigawara do not remember Akira.From the 1st to the 5th period, the office was set up in the multi-tenant building where the Shirayuri beauty salon was located, but due to some trouble, the office is set up on the site of the public bath.The name of my cat is "Ben casey".Kubo hospital directorcerebral infarctionI was seeing the signs of developing.He is an informed person who knows the secret information and organizational structure of national hospitals, university hospitals, and general hospitals in the Kanto area.He is a fan of Alan Walker, often plays loud music and receives complaints from neighbors.A big fan of opera singer Alberto Savarotti, he cried when he was silent due to thyroid cancer and was paying for the treatment.
He visits the hospital frequently and collects surgery fees for unknown children and rewards from patients.At that time, with the invoiceLuxury melonIt is customary to pass[31]..Value in units of 1 yen for the 2st period, 3 million yen for the 4nd period, 5 million yen for the 6rd period, XNUMX million yen for the special, and XNUMX million yen for the XNUMXth, XNUMXth, and XNUMXth periods. Is up.When I get the bill, I usually skip and go home.He is called "Uncle Melon" by Hiruma.
Tokushima (former director of the Second Department of Surgery, Totei University Hospital) Kubo (former director of the Totei University Hospital) Uchikanda (former chairman of the Japan Medical Association) Hiroshi Daimon (former father of Michiko Daimon) was in the same period as Totei University.He took over the huge debt that Michiko was carrying in the closure of Michiko's father's clinic.The reason why Michiko belongs to the referral office is also to repay the debt.[Note 5].
Kurosu Kuntaro, the hospital director of "Cross Medical Center", is a friend who trained together in Cuba and calls each other "Aki-chan" and "Kuro-chan", but when he undertook Kurosu's surgery on his behalf, the patient Is a kind of mafia and has successfully operated on[Note 6] Immediately after, Kurosu was arrested by the local police who heard the leaked information, and Akira was stripped of his doctor's license.In addition, Akira inwardly hates Kurosu as a "human waste" because the surgery fee that Akira was supposed to receive was also taken away by Kurosu.
Issue 3
After the bill was handed over to Tendo due to the successful re-operation of the member of the House of Representatives Tokachi in episode 10, he collapsed due to a sudden chest insertion due to lung cancer.In the final episode of the third stage, it turned out that the lung cancer was so severe that it had already invaded the pulmonary artery and was also eroded by brain metastasis and angina. She refused her surgery because she couldn't do it, but in the end she underwent surgery unconsciously and was completely cured.
Issue 4
Dispatched Michiko and Jonouchi to Totei University Hospital.President Ichiki charges Deputy Director Kubo for surgery, but only Melon is robbed.Kubo gives him a dismissal, but he pushes him into the hill and hires him again.In addition, he occasionally showed a pretense as if he knew the true identity of the South.
Issue 5
Reunited with former colleague Uchikanda and asked not to use Michiko Daimon.In addition, in the 9th episode, employment to the University of Tokyo was cut off due to Uchikanda's tactics, and Kambara's doctor referral office was sued for the high billing so far, and after accepting the current situation, " I should cross the world again with Michiko, "but I plead with Uchikanda to have Uchikanda perform surgery at Totei University in order to make the patient's operation still Michiko.In the final episode, she learned that Michiko had stage III retroperitoneal sarcoma and begged her to undergo surgery in Boston with the utmost desire to live, but eventually refused, but Michiko devised it in advance. I found a notebook summarizing the surgical procedure for retroperitoneal sarcoma, and went to the University of Tokyo with it, and taught Nishiyama and others who were worried about the operation of Michiko.After that, he closed the Kambara Doctor's Referral Center, said goodbye to Jonouchi, left Japan with Michiko, and moved to Cuba, where he once trained, where he started the Michiko's Referral Center again.There are rumors that it was Kamihara who reported the bribery of Hiruma and Uchikanda to the police.
Issue 6
In the first episode, he returned to Japan with Michiko and opened a Kambara doctor's office on the site of a public bath.In addition, he hires Joey Wheeler, who once said goodbye.I handed the bill to Nicholas Tange, who became the new hospital director, but Michiko was charged in reverse because she ignored the intention of AI, and eventually withdrew without receiving any money, but I received a thank-you from a patient with Michiko. Knowing that the contents of the lunch box were cash, he revealed his joy and at the same time made a full amount of money. In episode 1, he encountered Tange after handing over the bill to Hiragana, asked if he had leaked the medical condition of his patient, Rokukakubashi, and further said, "It is not allowed to use human life for business." , Showed anger at Tange.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Joey Wheeler
Performance- [32](1st term 3rd and 5th episodes / 2nd term 3rd and 5th episodes and 8th episode / 3rd term 2nd and 9th episodes / 4th term final episode)
HiromiとTakuya KishidaDaughter of.Study abroad in England for ballet (special 4th term).My dream is to become a prima.
Ben casey
A domestic cat of Kambara's famous doctor introduction office.After Michiko returned from space, she had her illness cured.
Kengo Mejiro
Performance- Takashi Inoue(Phase 1)
Affiliated surgeon.Born in Teito Medical College.There is a past that I had to leave the medical office because of bad things.He said he never wanted to go back to the ivory tower like a university hospital.
Yu Shibata
Performance- Kenji Matsuda[34](Phase 1)
Affiliated surgeon.
Junichiro Higashimura
Performance- Masayuki Shinoda(Phase 2)
Affiliated surgeon.
Hiroshi Kawakita
Performance- Shinya Kito[35](Phase 2)
Affiliated obstetrician and gynecologist.
Manda Kouji
Performance- Youhei Kumabe[36](Phase 3)
Masakazu Tsutsui
Performance- Yuichi Koshimura[37](Phase 3)
Yoshito Jakuno
Performance- Nishizawa Nita[38](1st term / 4th term / 6th term)
Anesthesiologist.In the first term, he was officially working at the third branch. (However, there was no role name) From Totei University.When Hiromi isn't there, Daimon enters the operation instead.In the final episode of the 1th term, Hiromi's麻 酔I managed it.Because I knew Maria Nakayama, I regretted that I wanted to operate with him when Nakayama came to the University of Tokyo for a while.
Kohei Takenaka
Performance- Tomohiro Ohmura(Phase 5)

Totei University Hospital

It is the headquarter of Teito Medical College, which was the stage for the 4st and 6nd series in the 1th to 2th stages.One of the top two university hospitals in Japan, which is said to be the East Emperor in the east and the Saikyo in the west.

Successive hospital directors and executives

Sozo Hachiya<69[39]>
Performance- Furuya(Special appearance, 2nd term final episode / 3rd term 1st episode)
Dean of Totei University School of Medicine and Director of Affiliated Hospital (2nd term final episode, 3rd term 1st episode)
President of National Advanced Medical Center (after the final episode of the 3rd term)
Since he is also the director of the medical department, he is usually in the boardroom of the university.Juniors of Tokushima, Kubo, and Teshigawara.There is nothing against the top or bottom.A dictator of the University of Tokyo, a person who scares even older Tokushima, Kubo, and Teshigawara.Its enormous influence has formed a huge network not only in the medical world but also in the political world, business world, media, sports world, and entertainment world.AlsoIZ * ONE OfSakura MiyawakiThere are rumors that he is a fan of.
Take control of the Teito Medical University Hospital.Making full use of the so-called academic network, it has a strong input and influence on the personnel rights of medical schools and medical universities of other universities that are not hierarchically related in the system.
It is not listed in the portraits of successive hospital directors listed in the conference room of the Totei University Hospital.
Issue 2
The request for resection of a multi-organ extracorporeal tumor was approved by Michiko via the director of Tokushima Moto 3 Hospital, and the director of the department of surgery, Hiruma, agreed. Dismiss Hiruma who announced.
Issue 3
It is surprising that Hiruma, who served as a director of the National Advanced Medical Center and was dismissed a year ago, became the director of a rival Saikyo University Hospital.In the boardroom of the university, he skips the case of the operation to the "Seokyeong University" faction to Ebina, the director of the surgery department in the east wing.As a result of the power struggle between the east and west, in the final round, the chair of the president of the National Advanced Medical Center was taken away.However, after that, he handed over the position of hospital director to Kubo, and he became the director of the National Advanced Medical Center and stood on Hiruma again.In addition, by acquiring this position, he will stand at the top of the medical society in both name and reality.
Kubo Shigeru<68[40]>
Performance- Ryu Raita(1st episode 1st episode / 4th episode 1st episode)
Director / Professor, Teito Medical University Third Hospital (1st episode, 1st episode)
→ Director of Totei University Hospital (4th episode, 1st episode)
His specialty is the gallbladder (limited to laparotomy).
The Kubo technique has been established.
My sister was the former director of the Department of Gynecology, Totei University School of Medicine, and became the deputy director.Toko Kubo.
Issue 1
Not knowing that it was a behind-the-scenes work for his successor, Hiragana, he retired from the Second Department of Surgery at the University of Tokyo, and Teshigawara flew to the Third Branch to keep out the obstacles.During the time of the Third Hospital attached to Teito Medical University, he was the president of a rubber factory.Jiro IchinoseHe was nominated by the doctor and became the attending physician, but he collapsed due to a cerebral infarction during surgery and retired from the position of hospital director.Although he had a long tenure as the director of the Third Hospital and had a desire to return to the main hospital, he requested that Professor Torii take over, but in the end, the deputy director of the main hospital, Teshigawara, poisoned the island. Slide the former director of surgery.After that, he revived and joined the leaders of Totei University Hospital.
Issue 4
The former director, Hachiya, was appointed as the director of the hospital due to the expiration of his term, but due to poor management, he was told to resign from the directors such as Mikuriya, and he retired from the position of director with the leaders.After that, although the deputy director Shigekatsu Hiruma was angry at the fact that he remained, he was expelled from the room while being drunk with boiling water because he was stopped by Mikuriya, Saionji, and Huangkawada.
Madoka Shimura
Performance- Mao Daichi[41](Episode 5)
The first female hospital director of "Totei University Hospital".A miracle beauty witch.
The skill of the operation is first-class, and it does not rely on connections or personal connections, and it is called "Madame Green" by the surroundings because of its perfect integrity. After graduating from the "Toei University" School of Medicine at the top, he studied abroad at Boston Harvard Medical School as a surgeon for 10 years, and climbed to his current position with just one ability.After assuming the post of director, he promoted medical reform with "patient first" as the first priority, completely defeated Shigekatsu Hiruma in an attempt to wipe out the bad power posture of medical office first, and further stated that the title is irrelevant if it is a competent doctor. He hired Michiko Daimon at "Totei University Hospital" and strongly criticized Kagenobu Uchikanda and the way the Japanese Doctors Club did.Tatsuo IsshikiHe was sentenced to a de facto dismissal by the galley of the alleged infidelity and Hiruma who brought a lot of media, and he will leave the Totei University Hospital.After that, he was having a conversation with Michiko at a pork cutlet shop, but he was slapped by the phrase called "thief cat" by his wife, Isshiki.
Shigekatsu Hiruma<62[42] → 63[43] → 65[44][45] → 66[46] → 67[47]>
Performance- Toshiyuki Nishida(2nd term / 3rd term 1st episode / final episode / Special / 4th term[48] / 5th term / 6th term) /
Director / Chief Professor, Department of Second Surgery, Totei University Hospital
→ Dean / Chief Professor, Department of Second Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital
→ General Manager / Chief Professor of Surgery (2nd term)
→ Director of Seokyeong University Hospital (3rd term)
→ President of National Advanced Medical Center (3rd term final episode, SP version)
→ Deputy Director of Totei University Hospital (4th episode, 1st episode)
→ Hospital director of the same hospital (after the second episode of the 4th term)
→ Director of Shiretoko 16th Branch Hospital (Final episode of 4th term, 5st episode of 1th term)
→ Hospital director of the hospital (5th and 6th term)
→ Dismissal (final episode of the 6th term)
The address is TokyoSetagayaSeijoAt 11-4-5ToyamaI'm from
His specialty is the large intestine.
Born November 1951, 11 ・ Hobby is piano ・ Special skill is fishing.Obtained a doctor's license ・ April 11
A former chief professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Totei University who has been hostile to Michiko nearly three times, the junior professor of Tokushima is cheerful and friendly, but his inner heart is a mass of greed and ambition, and he is calm when career advancement and power struggle are involved. Moreover, he suddenly changes into a dark and calculated personality.In particular, surgery on a person who is hostile to himself and surgery that may have sequelae are strongly criticized by unknown children because they try to reject or prevent it even if they put pressure on the director and medical staff. There is.According to Mabuchi, during the time of the Imperial University of Tokyo, he decided that "there is no cancer that I can't cut" and succeeded in a number of difficult operations on the dialogue.Prior to assuming the post of General Manager, he served as an assistant professor and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Totei University, then went up to the Director of the Second Department of Surgery at the University of Tokyo, and was seconded to Teito Medical University from there to become the Chief Professor and Director of the Second Department of Surgery. There is a history of doing so. At the end of 2008, my senior came from Teito Medical College, so I was robbed of my post, and within a year of becoming general manager, I was demoted to the position of second surgery manager again.Family is wifeHanakoAnd daughterYukakoThere are two of them, but behind the scenes, there is a lot of female play, and there are rumors that there are mistresses inside and outside the hospital.In addition, the name of Shigekatsu means "to win a serious illness."He has a lot of darkness, and every time Michiko succeeds in surgery, he receives a high bill from Kamihara, including a moratorium.melonIt has become a standard to be handed over.While being amazed at each invoice, he likes the melons given by Kanbara and considers one patient to be one melon.In addition, portraits of successive directors are posted because of the experience of hospital directors before.A man like a phoenix who returns to the original post by back-up work even if he is once dismissed and blown away or arrested.In the operation, cutting is a skill that is not ashamed of the post of a professor, but he is not very good at tying, and he usually sutures shoelaces with a female knot.
Born as the youngest of eleven brothers in a poor family, he grew up with his real name "Juichiro Hiruma" and entered the University of Tokyo with a scholarship after a hard time.After that, he graduated from Totei University School of Medicine with a strong desire to save patients from illness and took a national medical examination under the name of Shigekatsu Hiruma, and passed the examination to become a doctor.However, according to the person himself, when he entered the medical office of the Totei University and realized the organization, he suddenly lost sight of the doctor he should be and only dazzled his career, deceiving many people and making many people enemies. It seems that he sometimes violated many laws when he turned it.In addition, he has made many actions such as making rivals cooperate with difficult operations, failing in difficult places, killing patients, and depriving rivals of their doctor's license.When a rival performs a special illness operation, he takes root in the professors before the operation, robs the operation on the day of the operation, and even goes on to advance, which is a considerable bend.
He was the only character to serve as the director and president of Totei University Hospital, Seokyeong University Hospital, and National Advanced Medical Center.
In 2011, when he was the chief professor of the Teito Medical College Main Hospital, he transferred Kurumi Murata, a myofibroblastoma, to a branch hospital in Takamatsu in collaboration with Deputy Director Teshigawara.
Issue 2
Professor Tokushima (former director of the Department of Surgery, Jikei University 4rd Hospital), Professor Kubo (former director of Jikei University XNUMXrd Hospital), Professor Teshigawara (former deputy director of Jikei University XNUMXrd Hospital), and many other professors and medical associations retired As I did, I showed a lively appearance. In April, he was promoted from the second director of surgery to the director of surgery.Karasuma and Terui are summoned to the main hospital when he becomes the general manager of the department of surgery.Former general manager (act:Shunsaku Yajima) Pushed Takano in the election of the chief professor in March, so he could not select the successor professor of Teshigawara. After the appointment ceremony of the chief professor in April, the compatibility with Takano will worsen.
In the second episode, a patient named Ninomiya, who had been seen as an attending physician since he was appointed as the chief professor at Teito Medical College, was hospitalized again.It is also related to Ninomiya.The patient named Ninomiya was operated by Hiruma in January 2 when he was the director of the Second Surgery Department.Ninomiya was hospitalized on the suspicion that the colorectal cancer that had been cut between the larvae had recurred.If a recurrence is found, his neck may fly, so he has his subordinates Ebina cover it, tells Ninomiya false information that it is a new cancer, and takes charge of his surgery, but peritoneal dissemination When he finds it and finds it out of his control, he goes out of the operation room with Ebina and his friends.In the end, the operation was successful by Ms. Miko and Kondo, and Ninomiya was completely cured by total peritoneal resection, but since it was virtually operated by Hiruma, Hiruma received a reward.
In the fourth episode, Rumiko Shijo, who was the person who was brilliantly elected as the director of the department of surgery three years ago, is hospitalized. Five years ago, I was forced to operate if I didn't want to disperse the black notebook that describes what kind of dirty hands I used to win the election and establish my current position.As a result, Ebina got it, but under pressure, Ebina reluctantly broke the notebook and ate, and the two hugged each other.
At the time of Mabuchi's surgery, Michiko was officially made on condition that Mabuchi did not put the responsibility of supervising Ebina and others who abandoned the surgical assistant before the procedure proposed by Michiko to the inquiry committee. Will be hired by.After that, due to Kondo's successful living-donor small intestine exchange transplant surgery, he approached his daughter and promoted Kondo to a professor from a full-time lecturer, and in the first episode, Takano, a chief surgeon who did not usually like it. Fly to Kanazawa branch.After that, Ebina and Kondo were weighed in the selection of the chief professor.When Kondo abandoned the operation of the special case, he intended to recommend Ebina, but Takano said that Ebina was a direct report during the time of the Totei University Medical Bureau, so he decided that Ebina would not be a partner. Eventually, Ebina is cut off and Kondo is recommended.
In the final episode, when she learned that Michiko had her daughter's operation done by Kondo on the way and banned Kurumi Murata's operation, she asked her to bow her head.In the fall of last year, Ms. Miko, who was in the 3rd branch due to the evil of Teshigawara, the deputy director and former chief professor of Takano, was written as "black female doctor" and "doctor x" in all hospitals affiliated with Teito Medical College. Of course, Hiruma, who was the director of the Second Surgery Department at the time, knew that the rank had dropped, so when he was asked to let Michiko do the operation, he said, "Be afraid of a dangerous operation in exchange for a high reward. I don't know if it's Doctor-X who dares to challenge himself, but I don't think he'll fight against the organization at that point. ”He replied with a reprimand and banned the operation.In the end, he was pressured to have Hachiya, the director of the University of Tokyo, operate, so he allowed the operation, but he didn't like the fact that he bowed to Michiko, so he intentionally made it the day of the chief professor's election. By leaking to the media about the University of Tokyo, which made Michiko fail and pushed the operation, he planned to become the director of the University of Tokyo, but Kondo and Takano abstained, so the operation ended in failure. ..After all, at a press conference on the success of multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection surgery, Hachiya Hospital Director and Tokushima Director himself made a false announcement that Ebina had operated instead after concealing that Michiko had operated. He is sentenced to disciplinary dismissal of his own business.
Issue 3
While he succeeded in changing to the director of Saikyo University Hospital and the director of the National Advanced Medical Center, he reunited with Hachiya, the director of Totei University Hospital, and was called abandoned.In the first episode, he gave Kurobe a poisonous bun so that he could perform the operation of Poison Island in the west.Around this time, he acknowledged Michiko's skill, and when he invited Michiko to a steakhouse with Dangozaka and had dinner with him, he described Michiko as "a kind of Senju Kannon."In addition, the director of the Department of Surgery, Dangozaka, will be struck by the faction of "Totei University".After that, in the final round, it was found that he had developed highly advanced simultaneous multiple colorectal cancer, and at that time, his acquaintance Fujikawa asked Tendo to withdraw his dismissal, and he went to Tendo. When I was there, I was forced to choose between "guaranteeing the advancement and retreat of the Fuji River" and "getting my own cancer treatment at the National Advanced Medical Center", so I did not hesitate to betray the Fuji River and chose the latter. After receiving the operation of Michiko, she is completely cured.After that, the remarks made to Michiko, who had been worsening until then, became relatively gentle because of the help she received.In addition, the former president, Yoshito Tendo, became the new president at the same time as the transfer of the Japanese National Research and Development Agencies to the board of directors of the National Advanced Medical Center, and he was hospitalized after the surgery in the final version of the DVD. The board of directors announced the next president's announcement and went to deliver the Naniwa bun and became ecstatic.
Became president of the National Advanced Medical Center, overtaking Director Hachiya of the University of Tokyo.Reigns at the top of the former Saikyo school.It will have a great influence on the Eastern Imperial Universities.Ebina, Kachi, and Hara are seconded to the Kanazawa branch of the center.Kojiro Himuro, a figure skater who was hospitalized in the Kanazawa branch of the center and was supposed to operate, got angry that he was transferred to the Cross Medical Center and was to be operated on by Michiko. He told Ebina that he didn't want to see him and made him eat newspaper.From the last inning of the 3rd term, he started the so-called "Imechen" to change his hairstyle.
Issue 4
He abandoned the president of the National Advanced Medical Center and was the deputy director of the Totei University Hospital, but when he resigned with Kubo from the responsibility for the decline in the brand power of the Totei University Hospital, he deceived the director Kubo and deceived the Totei from New York, USA. By reimporting Toru Kitano from the university medical school, he stayed at Totei University and at the same time became the new hospital director who had been a dream for many years.In addition, 10 years ago, Professor Toko Kubo, who was the director of the Department of Gynecology at the University of Tokyo Hospital at that time, and Professor Hiruma, who was the director of the General Surgery Department at the University of Tokyo Hospital at that time, were the chief of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tokyo. As a result of the fierce battle for power and supremacy in the professor election, the Kubo camp was defeated by rooting and bribery to the directors and professors, and succeeded in assuming the professor who reports directly to Hiruma as the chief professor.The election of the chief professor was also a part of the power struggle between the two, so Professor Toko Kubo became difficult to do after that.In addition, it turns out that she was skipped from the Totei University School of Medicine.In the final round, a large number of surgical and internal medicine staff members of Totei University Hospital were taken to the Wang Cho International Clinic, and the responsibility was taken, and the transfer to the XNUMXth branch was directly transmitted from the president of Mitsukuri. At that time, it will be limited by the Saizonoji and Huangkawada who have been following up until now, and it will be exposed to the ugliness that the mistress Shiramizu and the public relations manager Minami will also be exhausted.
Issue 5
I was in the Shiretoko branch of Totei University Hospital, but after being deceived by Ebina and brought to the main hospital for an inquiry committee on the bribes I received, a word from the new hospital director, Madoka Shimura. The director of the Shiretoko branch was also dismissed and banished from the medical society.I got angry about that and sold Kagenobu Uchikanda and the Japanese Doctors Club to join them, and in order to grasp Shimura's weakness, I found a galley of alleged affair with her and a journalist and scattered it in a weekly magazine, and a large amount Call the media and force Shimura to resign.And with the help of Uchikanda, he was reappointed as the director of Totei University Hospital, but in the final episode, he and Uchikanda were suspected of being involved in AI bribery.Tokyo District ProsecutorTokusou DepartmentToArrestWill be done, as it isTokyo Detention CenterToImprisonmentIs done.
He was not charged because the allegations of bribery were cleared in April, and after being released, he was reappointed as the director of Totei University Hospital.In addition, Kaji, whose scandals are constant, was expelled from the University of Tokyo.
Issue 6
Nicholas Tange is appointed as Deputy Director to revitalize Totei University Hospital in the face of financial crisis, but due to Tange's new strategy, he is suspected of collusion regarding the purchase of high-priced medical equipment (violation of the Act on Prevention of Involvement such as Bidding). He will be re-arrested by the Special Investigation Department of the Ground Inspection Department, but he said, "I will definitely come back without charge."In the third episode, Umezawa's secretary,Kuniko TakedaHe made a comeback as the director of the Totei University Hospital, revealing his stance against Nicholas Tange.In the fourth episode, the influence on his subordinates is declining, such as omitting the Yokkaichi player's conference, and Akira sympathizes with that, and receives a souvenir melon.In addition, after his release, he plans to make good use of Michiko in order to achieve the goal of overthrowing Tange.In episode 4, he and Ebina find Tange's wrongdoing and report it to the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation Department.After Tange was caught, if he went against the beach, he would put pressure on him to fly to Takayama 7th Branch, and for the tide, he changed the sword of Representative Hachimura to Maria Nakayama, which is regarded as a revenge for what was omitted from the conference until now. I did what I said and did.Also, when he was a chief professor at Totei University, he had a mistress relationship with his student medical student Maria Nakayama, and promoted Nakayama to Miss Totei University by himself.[Note 7]..The previously prominent sexual harassment of secretaries is now modest in the series, mainly accompanied by Ebina as a substantive secretary.In the 9th episode, he declared to the two that he would be recognized as a subordinate when the revenge on both the former Tange sect's tide and Hamachi directors had been completed.In the final episode, he pressured the three directors Kaji, Tide, and Hamachi not to operate Tange, and instructed him to block Tange's operation instead of preparing a post for the deputy director in either Ebina or Tide.Invited by Samejima, he launched the Hiruma Fund to own the Totei University Hospital.In addition, he participated in the New Totei University Reverse Plan 2 with the taste of Samejima.After that, Ebina and the nurses who participated in Tange's operation contrary to his instructions were dismissed in the form of taking responsibility.In addition, although surgeons who did not participate in the operation of the General Surgeons Bureau as a collective responsibility were not dismissed, they were transferred to a local branch office and the number of general surgeons was temporarily returned to zero.Since he dismissed only the beach where the operation room was opened without permission from the internal medicine department, he appointed a professor of internal medicine from the University of Tokyo as the next director of the general internal medicine department. To fill in the gaps between the 3 general surgeon's office and Tange's successor, Samejima invites professors from Boston Harvard Medical University as new general surgeon's staff, but he himself dismisses all the doctors at the general surgeon's office at once. Professor McCartney, who was initially scheduled to take the place of Deputy Director, was appointed as the new director of the University of Tokyo, and was ordered to resign by Professor McCartney.[Note 8]..It seems that Hiruma, who was dismissed, has begun to think about the next move to dispose of Samejima, who betrayed to return to the director, a Boston professor who hijacks general surgery, and the new hospital director and deputy director.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Nicholas Tange<60[49]>
Performance- Masachika Ichimura(Phase 6)
Deputy Director of Totei University Hospital (Episode 6-1 of the 8th term)
→ Dismissal (6th episode 9 episodes)
Born January 33, 1.addressKanagawaSagamihara CityNo. 1816, Yoshino Central, Deep Green District.It is called "Nikotan" by Michiko.
Investment and business revitalization professionals.BrazilNisei, but fluent in Japanese.A coffee farm run by his parents collapsed when he was young, and the family separated.I went to Sao Paulo City Medical College with a scholarship and got a doctor's license.After that, he entered the business world and demonstrated his skills as a manager. Known as the "largest cost cutter of the century," it rescues a number of hospitals and companies that have collapsed so far. He decided that "there is no company that I can't save" and climbed up to his current position.Invited by Hiruma, he launched the "Totei University Hospital Reverse Plan 2020" and became the deputy director. At that time, he met Michiko and Kaji at the villa and saw the rewards and doctors' skills to help his subordinate Samejima. Hired by Imperial University[Note 9], In order to proceed with the plan, he sold Hiruma to the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation Department and dismissed him, and obtained the position of acting director.After that, while steadily advancing his plan, he was frustrated by the treatment of Michiko, who was no longer in good contact with him.In the third episode, he is surprised that Hiruma has returned to the University of Tokyo without being charged.In addition, because Hiruma returned as the director of the Totei University Hospital, he was demoted from acting director to deputy director. In episode 3, he planned to take over a business-related company in Rokukakubashi to make a big profit as part of his plan, and leaked the medical condition of Rokukakubashi and plunged the stock price of his company, Hexagon Bridge. In the end, he tried to fail the operation of Rokukakubashi, but failed. Instead, he made a huge profit by manipulating the stock in anticipation that the stock price would rise due to the success of the operation of Rokukakubashi.However, in the end, he was accused by Akira who knew about it.In episode 6, it was revealed that the investment money from the patient was used to develop the Mashu Lake Medical Resort at Totei University Hospital, and that the investment money was used to develop the resort on Bora Bora in the past. By the plot of Hiruma and EbinaFinancial Instruments and Exchange ActArrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion of violation.In episode 9, Michiko's remarks during her visit revealed that she was suffering from modified transposition of the great arteries, and she still refused to operate Michiko, but she suddenly collapsed on her way back after the visit. ..In the final episode, it turns out that he had given dreams to many poor children in the past.He also said that he had seen an unknown child in Brazil trying to help a child who was unlikely to be saved, and decided to help the children in a different way from the unknown child.He was urgently transported to the University of Tokyo and was hospitalized for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation, CPR).After that, due to the progress of cyanosis and Tange himself sounding the alarm of the electrocardiogram monitor, it became an emergency operation, but it was completely cured by the operation of medical staff of the University of Tokyo including Michiko and Ebina. ..Since the deputy director's dismissal has been decided at the stage of episode 9, the deputy director's chair is vacant.[50]
Performance-(Final episode of the 6th term)
Professor, Harvard Medical University, Boston (Before the 6th term)
→ Director of Totei University Hospital (6th term final episode ~)
The person who decided to dismiss Hiruma with Samejima.Professor at Boston Harvard Medical College.I am acquainted with overseas professors who have appeared in the past such as tides and beaches.Samejima took a large number of excellent surgeons to the University of Tokyo to fill in the gaps for the deputy director and the remaining zero general surgeon staff, and became the new director.After that, the three posts of the next-generation ultra-minimally invasive surgical treatment department manager, the next-generation intelligence surgery department manager, and the next-generation cancer genome / tumor internal medicine department manager, which were established by Tange only in the general surgery department and general internal medicine department, were abolished. As before, he returned to the general surgery department and general internal medicine department.Many other medical offices such as the first surgery and the second surgery remain unchanged.In addition, some medical offices and local branch offices that were abolished by Tange have been restored.
Ryunosuke Busujima<68[51] → 70>
Performance- Shiro Ito(1st term / 2nd term final episode / 3rd term 1st episode)
Director / Chief Professor, Department of Second Surgery, Totei University Hospital
→ Dean / Chief Professor, Department of Second Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital (1st episode, 1st episode)
→ Director / Professor of the same hospital / Third hospital (1st term, 2nd episode-final episode)
→ Chairman of Totei University Hospital Medical Advisor (Final episode of the 2nd term)
→ Retirement of medical staff (3rd term)
Hiruma senior[ep 4].
At the same time as the medical college, there are Michiko's fathers Hiroshi Daimon, Dr. Kambara, Shigeru Kubo, and Kagenobu Uchikanda. In 2002, he asked his father, Hiroshi Daimon, to fund the second surgery professor at the University of Tokyo, but Daimon, who saw the quality of Tokushima as a surgeon, refused.Then, when he became the director of the Second Department of Surgery at the University of Tokyo, Tokushima, who had that as a root, struck down the colonial university hospital and other related hospitals and put pressure on him, crushing the Daimon Clinic. ..
After witnessing Michiko's surgical skills, she suspects she is the rumored Doctor-X. In 2011, when Kurumi Murata decided to transfer to Takamatsu by Hiruma and Teshigawara while he was the director of surgery at the Teito Medical College Main Hospital, Kurumi's parents cried.
In the sixth episode, the cancer of Rokusaka, a tofu shop that was abandoned at the Daimon Clinic when he was the director of the Second Department of Surgery at Totei University, was found, and he wouldn't imitate him anymore, right?I was pressured, so I instructed Terayama to invite him to a special hospital room.In the final episode, I heard Terayama saying bad things about Tokushima and the professors of the main hospital, and with that as a root, I secretly ordered Terayama to be dismissed on the day I was ordered to dismiss by Teshigawara and others. It was.
Professor Mabuchi, the director of internal medicine at Teito Medical University, was originally a mistress.For Mabuchi, he is the second mistress after Hiruma.
Family is wife,Haruko.
Issue 1
Although he was preparing for the election of the director of this hospital, Kubo, who was in the same period, collapsed due to illness and was appointed as the director of the third hospital by the order of the upper management.He hid his autographed surgical consent form, which was given to him by Ms. Miko during Torii's surgery, for personal reasons, and hinted at Morimoto who happened to be there for the sake of convenience, but he advised him not to talk about it, but it ended in failure.An article written by Ryo Yagi, a reporter for the weekly magazine, spread the bad publicity of the third hospital due to the strategy of the chief professor of Teito Medical University, Takeshi Teshigawara, and announced that the second surgery would be dismantled.Disciplinary dismissalI will be taken responsibility in the form of leaving the hospital.After that, he visited the Kambara Dr. Kambara introduction office, talked about his memories with Hiroshi Daimon, and asked Michiko to visit his grave with him, but he refused.
Issue 2
Became the chairman of Totei University Hospital, which controls the Teito Medical University Hospital.Michiko Daimon at Takamatsu BranchKurumi MurataHe plans with Kamihara to have the operation performed, and calls his junior Hachiya to have the operation performed at the main hospital of the Teito Medical University Hospital.
Issue 3
Retired healthcare worker.While traveling as a couple, a cruise liner accidents and receives life-saving measures from an unknown child who happened to be on board.After that, a heart tumor was found, and he was admitted to the National Advanced Medical Center for the purpose of giving confidence to his juniors regardless of east or west.He refused to operate Daimon and was planning to receive an operation from the West Wing led by Dangozaka at the discretion of Kurobe, but a preoperative examination brought by Kaji found metastasis to liver S5, and he was asked to transfer to Kurobe. However, in the end, he was to be operated by the east wing and Daimon led by Ebina, and he was completely cured by the world's first technique.When he heard Tendo say Doctor x, he seemed to realize something.
Kiyoshi Mikuri<43>
Performance- Yusuke Itagaki[52](4th episode 1st and final episode)
President of Totei University Hospital (4th episode, 1st episode, final episode)
At the same time that Hiruma became the deputy director at the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Hachiya, he became the director.He used to be a surgeon at Totei University Hospital, local general hospitals, and national / private university hospitals.Born in Totei University.Shigeru Kubo, who was supposed to resign with former director Shigeru Kubo, was supposed to resign at the time, and Shigekatsu Hiruma, who was the deputy director at the time, brought in Toru Kitano, a world authority on surgery. Most of the medical staff were pulled out by Mr. Wang Cho, a millionaire in Shanghai, for a large amount of money, so all the responsibilities were blamed on the director Shigeru Kubo, and then transferred to the Shiretoko branch.In the 5th term, the Japanese Doctors Club did not appear because it had personnel rights, and it has not appeared since then (Note thatYusuke ItagakiAppeared as the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation Department in the 6th term).

Comprehensive surgery

In the 4th term, it was a manager system, but from the 5th term, the manager system was abolished.Troika systemThree deputy directors of surgery were appointed. All three are called "3 Takashi" by Hiruma because their names are read as "Takashi".In the 3th term, it will return to the manager system.In addition, a new form was born in which the tide in his 3s stands on top of people in his 6s, such as Kaji and Ebina, as the director of the general surgery department.
Saionji Takeshi<57[53]>
Performance- Kotaro Yoshida[48](Phase 4)
Director / Chief Professor, Department of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital
A rare type of doctor who has never left the medical office of the Totei University School of Medicine / Hospital and has gone straight on the mainstream.He survived as the surroundings collapsed together due to the pulling of his legs.Since he has passed through many shrines, he has a high ability to judge the current situation and detect danger.The surgical skill is not bad.His predecessor, Hiruma, has been the director of the Department of General Surgery since he ran for the chief professor election at Teito Medical College Main Hospital six years ago.In addition, until Ebina became the director of the Department of Surgery, East Wing, National Advanced Medical Center, he also served as that person.
She likes women more than three meals, has a bad habit, has a relationship with Rika Shiramizu, her mistress, and shows a strong interest in the looks of Michiko.[Note 10].
It's a playful play, and the movement of "will" is unique, and I like it between the dragonflies.According to Kachi, "a confusing waist purse".His specialty is "Janken afterwards".
In the third episode, a medical error was discovered that he left the gauze in the body of his former mistress Misae 3 years ago when he went on a business trip to Onarimon Hospital.He bows his head between the squirrels and asks her to work on the mouth-stopping fee, and tries to give her the mouth-stopping fee. Passed[Note 11].
Information on Yuta Yaotome, a special patient who had been hospitalized in the 8th episode, was leaked to Rika despite Kubo and Minami struggling to manage information thoroughly, and it was spread through SNS.I was furious from the south, where I usually don't show my emotions.
When the problem of plagiarism of a treatise occurred, Kitano was forced to resign due to the fact that Kitano performed the operation according to the treatise, and he was about to resign. At one point, he was with Toko Kubo, but he was with him. When he escapes from the predicament, he returns his palm and chooses to follow Kubo again with Huangkawada, and sells his charm until the end.After that, in the final round, he learned that Hiruma would be relegated to the branch hospital, and he asked if he would come with him, but after refusing it, he completely overlooked Hiruma with Huangkawada, and finally he. I left.
Dr. Ebina<50[54] → 51[55] → 53[56] → 54[57] → 55[58]>
Performance- Kenichi Endo(2nd term / 3rd term / special / 4th term 5th and 6th episodes[59] / 5th term / 6th term)
Professor of Second Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital (April 2013-Final episode of the second term)
→ Director and Chief Professor of the Second Department of Surgery at the same hospital (Final 2nd term-immediately before the 3rd term)
→ Director of Surgery, East Wing, National Advanced Medical Center (3rd episode, 1st episode)
→ Director of Strategic Integrated Surgery Department of the same hospital (3rd term 2nd episode-final episode / SP)
→ Deputy President of the hospital (SP)
→ Director of General Surgery Department, Kanazawa Branch of the same hospital (April 2016-4th term)
→ Deputy Director / Professor of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital (5th term, Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 3)
→ Director of General Surgery Department, Chief Professor (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 4)
→ Director / Professor of Lake Mashu 39th Branch, Hokkaido (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 4 or later-Before the 6th episode 1st episode)
→ General Surgeon Staff / Assistant at the same hospital[Note 12](From the 6th episode onwards)
→ Dismissal
Date of Birth June 38, 6
High school = From Tochigi Prefectural Utsunomiya Daiichi High School
University of origin = St. Michael Medical University / Totei University School of Medicine
"Will youThree BrothersThe eldest son[Note 13]..Former Dean of Surgery and Chief Professor.Weak on the top and strong on the bottom, he is the most right arm of Hiruma, who reports directly to him, and faithfully supports him.However, it is described by Hiruma as "a man who is forever sighing."He is not good at reading the air of the place, and is often reprimanded by Hiruma for "reading the air."Synchronized with Inomata and Kusakabe.The professor election was won with Inomata.Ebina became a professor during the time of the Imperial University of Tokyo because Hiruma gave a lot of nemawashi and kissed her, so it is difficult to disobey the instructions of Hiruma.He enrolled in St. Michael's Medical College with a "back door admission" in which his father's father sold all the local rice fields for money.After that, he returned to Japan and obtained a doctor's license at Totei University.
In the early days of his appearance, he had a ruthless humanity, such as leaving the patient behind or trying to kill him if he wanted to succeed, but as he became involved with Michiko, his belief as a doctor became apparent. From the 4th period onward, she no longer conflicts with Michiko, and she fully trusts her, entrusts Michiko with important surgery, and occasionally shows an attitude against power.Despite being a doctor, he is unusually stingy and frugal for spending money.Hiromi Jonouchi is not a little concerned, and in the 5th term he invited him to eat and was concerned about it, and he invited him to become a partner as a doctor, and in the 6th term he showed similar behavior.Also, when he gets drunk, he calls Jonouchi "Hiromi" and throws it away.In episode 5 of the 7th period, we took Joey Wheeler to a business trip and spent the night together.The motto is "CHANGE and CHALLENGE".
I have a daughter named Aya who is aiming for medical school.It seems to be Ebina and two melons.
The field of specialized treatment is the pancreas.I am not good at peeling off adhesions with blood vessels and tissues.
He was the only character to serve as the director of surgery at Teito Medical College Hospital, Totei University Hospital, and National Advanced Medical Center.
Issue 2
Appeared as a strong professor who controls the Hiruma faction.Achieve a career with extraordinary loyalty to Hiruma. In October 2012, it was Hiruma, who succeeded Tokushima and became the director of the Second Department of Surgery, who called Ebina from the University of Tokyo to the Second Department of Surgery at the Imperial University of Medicine.He has had a long relationship with Hiruma since the time of the University of Tokyo, and was also a disciple of Takano during the time of the University of Tokyo.
He was nominated by Daimon as a co-surgeon in the pancreatic field of "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection" because of the success of Shijo's "Celiac artery-combined tail pancreatectomy".
When Kondo abandoned the special illness operation and participated in his father's operation, he decided to operate and the result was successful.However, on that day, it was discovered that Takano would run for the chief professor election, and Hiruma initially intended to call Ebina to the Omiya Sukiyabashi Main Store, but Ebina decided that Takano's opponent would not work and was cut off.After that, I was finally able to go to the main store, but Kondo told me to give my vote to Kondo, and Rodin in Ginza was also taken by Kondo.
Unlike Kondo and Takano, he remained the only one in the election.As a result of thinking about which should be prioritized, operation or career advancement in the bathroom, he tried to participate in the operation, but when he heard that Kameyama and others didn't need any more, he ended up without entering the room.After that, Ms. Miko did not have a press conference at the press conference of "Multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection surgery", so Hiruma set herself as a surgeon and became the chief professor with that momentum.
Issue 3
Hiruma was promoted as a result of the "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection surgery" performed by Michiko.In the 3rd term, he was the director of the Strategic Integrated Surgery Department of the National Advanced Medical Center and belongs to the "Totei University" faction.Therefore, I called Kaji, who worked with me at the main hospital when I was a chief professor, to the east wing.In the confrontation with the former West Wing, he did nothing to Dangozaka, who was the director of the surgery department, and did nothing to Fujikawa, who was appointed as the new director of the surgery department.
Shigekatsu Hiruma, the new president, sent him to the Kanazawa branch for a semi-forced business trip while he was busy with treatises and academic societies. Furthermore, because he was treated as the director at the Kanazawa branch, he visited the hospital and went on a tune.However, because Ms. Miko had performed Himuro's operation at the Cross Medical Center, she was scolded severely by Hiruma, and the deputy president and director of the Strategic Integrated Surgery Department was dismissed, and the transfer to Kanazawa was officially decided.
Issue 4
Because he did nothing from Kachi's mouth, he retired from the position of acting president of the National Advanced Medical Center and was transferred to the Kanazawa branch office, where he was appointed as the director of the general surgery department, but later he rushed to the Totei University Hospital when he learned of the crisis between the dragons.In order to help Hiruma, he solved the problem of theft of the treatise with money, and published a new paper "Resection of giant hepatocellular carcinoma that progresses in the atriosphere without open heart surgery" with Hiruma, but he has the disease described in the treatise. A patient suddenly appears and asks Michiko for surgery with the desire to help the patient, and also asks Hiragana to write a "pledge to prepare a post at Totei University" to obtain permission for surgery.Although the operation was successful, Hiruma pointed out a contradiction in the pledge, and Saizonoji and Huangkawada, who received his orders, ate the pledge and invalidated it, and on the contrary, it was abandoned by Hiruma. He was told that there were no chairs to sit in the university and affiliated universities / branches, and was dismissed from the Totei University affiliate.
Issue 5
He was hired by the new hospital director, Madoka Shimura, and is aiming to become the next director of surgery while working with Torii and Inomata as deputy director of general surgery.In addition, after taking office as the hospital director of Hiruma, he began to follow him again, and at that time he was brought up with the previous betrayal, and he continued to sell his fascination desperately after being told a small word. In episode 6, Jonouchi, who had been expelled from the hospital by Inomata when asking Michiko to operate on a patient, brought up the condition of "returning to the Totei University" and accepted it and returned her. In episode 7, he will be absent due to a business trip, but at that time he will accompany Jonouchi in exchange for a large amount of compensation. In episode 8, Hiruma ordered him to perform an operation on a patient who was initially trying to leave it to Michiko, and although he was hesitant at first, he decided that he could not handle it, and in the end it was almost a threat. The accusation urged her to operate.
After the 5th term, in April when Hiruma became the director again, he overtook Torii and Inomata, and with his loyalty to Hiruma, he got the post of director of general surgery.After the end of summer (after the 4th Doctor Y), he was transferred to Lake Mashu 4th Branch because he did nothing.
Issue 6
Although he was relegated to the director of Lake Mashu 39th Branch in Hokkaido, he was dismissed when it was closed by Nicholas Tange, who became the new deputy director, but eventually he was hired again as Dr. Hira of this hospital by Hiruma.In addition, when Hiruma was re-arrested due to Tange's strategy, he showed actions such as throwing away the wrongdoing and injustice that Hiruma had done in front of the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation Department.After being demoted to Hira, former subordinates such as Kaji asked him about his taste, and he was humiliated that he could be seen with cold eyes in the tide. In episode 4, my wife got angry and stopped drinking. In episode 6, Jonouchi nominated him as a surgeon for a patient, but he suspected that Michiko and Jonouchi had a terrible relationship, and was worried about their relationship.Although he was asked by Jonouchi to perform an operation, he injured the blood vessels when he rushed into the peeling of blood vessel adhesions, which is Ebina's weak point, and at the end of the story, he made a mistake of transfusing the blood stored before hemostasis. The patient's life was so dangerous that Murasaki, who was younger than him, couldn't stand it and yelled at him, but Michiko's participation on the way saved Hexagon Bridge. In episode 7, he started a part-time job because he couldn't eat with Hira alone, but on the other hand, he was ordered to find evidence to drive Tange from Hiruma, and later he had a connection with Tange. When he finds out, he gets definitive evidence to defeat Tange, reports to Hiruma, and succeeds in defeating Tange in his arrest.After that, I felt that the day when I could return to the professor again by selling my favor to Hiruma was coming to my eyes, and I showed a lively appearance.In the final episode, he tried to commit suicide on the roof while holding the treasure he received from his daughter, but was stopped by Kaji and revealed that he might have cancer.After that, I would like Kaji to cure my illness in order to get the money needed to get my daughter into the medical school, and I would like to prevent the operation of Michiko and get the post of deputy director, but the test result is It turned out that he was benign and not cancerous, so he eventually abandoned the post of Deputy Director and participated in the operation of Michiko.After that, because he cooperated with Tange's operation, Hiruma told him to dismiss him.I try to belong to a well-known doctor referral office, but the management fee is high[Note 14]I immediately gave up.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Takashi Torii<48[60] → 53[61]>
Performance- Yasunori Danda(1st term / 5th term)
Director of the Second Department of Surgery, Teito Medical University Third Hospital (Second term)
→ Deputy Director of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital教授(Phase 5)
Born in Totei University School of Medicine.Synchronized with Kaji.One of the few talented professors who has been a professor at Teito Medical University for many years as a doctor and has won awards at international conferences.
On the other hand, because he is a scholar, his technique as a messenger is not good.Therefore, it may be furious when someone points out the poor operation, but Torii himself is aware that "I am not good at operation", and when a difficult operation surgeon is about to be made himself. , Escape the place for some reason.Wife'sNanako"Rough surgical scars" from her appendix surgery before her marriage still remain on her belly.
During the time of the Imperial University of Tokyo before he was assigned to the 3rd branch, he taught Hijikata various things.But whatever the surgical technique, Torii's theory should be praised.
Issue 1
He was nominated as the director of the next 3rd hospital, but when Kubo collapsed due to illness, the wind changed and Tokushima took his place.While Tokushima was sent to the main hospital, he was appointed as the deputy director of the hospital, and the treatise he wrote was presented at an international conference as a candidate for the award, which made him ecstatic.Hepatic hilar cholangiocarcinomaWas found to have developed.He hid the fact that he was ill from hospital officials, but he was spotted by an unknown child.Hijikata, who was called from the main hospital by a new strategy of Tokushima, is decided to be assigned, and he tries to succeed in presenting a treatise at an international conference for fear of threatening his position, but his wife and hospital on the day of departure of the international conference It collapses in front of the people concerned.He himself wrote in the surgery consent form that he wanted Michiko to operate rather than Hijikata, but at the press conference to announce his condition, the surgery consent form written by his wife was used due to Tokushima's speculation.Although the operation was successful thanks to Michiko and Kaji, the second surgery was dismantled by Teshigawara's strategy, and I regret that it was my fault.Since the second surgery was dismantled, he was appointed as the director of the first surgery, and after that, Ebina of this hospital was promoted to the chief professor, so he became the director of the second surgery of this hospital.There, he reunited with Kaji, who became an associate professor at this hospital.
Issue 5
Hired by the new hospital director, Madoka Shimura, he rekindles the once-disappearing "desire for career advancement" and comes from Teito Medical College.Aim for the position of the next director of general surgery.In the second episode, he goes to an academic conference in Yamanashi.In episode 2, he said he didn't trust AI, but in the end he left the diagnosis of Gotanda to AI "Hippocrates".She tried to perform the operation exactly as it was, but when she was diagnosed by Michiko, she learned that the result was wrong, and she was shocked to help her with the operation.After that, when a press conference was held as his credit, he tried to throw everything in front of the media from his conscience, but was disturbed by Ebina and Hara and was expelled from the room.In the sixth episode, due to the previous uproar, he was ordered to be at home.
In April after the 5th term, Ebina took office as the next director of general surgery in the fierce power struggle of the three deputy directors of surgery, and left the Totei University Hospital.
Takashi Inomata<54[62]>
Performance- Takanori Jinnai(Phase 5)
Deputy Director of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital教授(Phase 5)
Synchronized with Ebina and Kusakabe.He has a loud voice, a loud attitude, and a stubborn personality. A man who is ingrained in "doctor supreme principle".Ebina officially dismissed the unification director of the center's main hospital, and at the same time that Hiruma was transferred to the deputy director of the University of Tokyo, he was seconded to the National Advanced Medical Center.Since all of them were born into a family of "Totei University School of Medicine" graduates, they are more concerned about mens and pride, and when the patient who was in charge of the examination offered a second opinion at a hospital other than Totei University Hospital. He pressured other hospitals to refuse to accept patients by pretending that he had been crushed by the patient, and wrote a paper on his credit for the procedure of "thyroid occult cancer" operated by Michiko. When he was pressed by Hiruma to put it out, he said, "I'm not so depressed as to steal the credit of the part-time job."[Note 15].. The most cunning of the three deputy directors.I'm willing to sell Ai if necessary, but sometimes I'm dissatisfied with Hiruma who sells Ai.Basically, she is a big man and a woman, and she loves nurses.She hates female doctors and has a freelance and female doctor Michiko Daimon as her eye enemy, but on the other hand, there is a section that acknowledges her ability, and when entrusting the operation of a patient, "freelance closes her eyes. Let's do it, "he advises Hiruma.He is aiming to become the next director of surgery, and every time he calls himself "I am the next director of surgery".In the fifth episode, he was absent to hold lectures at hospitals nationwide after receiving credit for the thyroid occult cancer of Director Mikamo discovered by Michiko.In the sixth episode, the director, Hiruma, entrusted him to be away from the hospital on a business trip and called himself "acting director" without permission, and the VIP patient who was in charge of the surgery said, "I heard about the postoperative course. When he was complained that it was different from the story, the cause was that "(Inomata) was proud to talk about his own experience during the operation, so the operation time was prolonged." In spite of this, she was blamed on Jonouchi for "the anesthesiologist was inadequate" and she was expelled from the University of Tokyo, but later returned by Ebina.Also, during the patient's surgery, the anesthesiologist repelled the unknown child.Shingo UritaAt the same time, he behaved selfishly, such as abandoning the surgery, and refused to pay the expensive bill that Akira brought to him as a severance fee, but on the contrary, he was given a "500 yen discount" as a severance fee. In addition, he dismissed Urita as a tactic because he was asked, "Will there be a surgeon and anesthesiologist who abandoned the surgery and will be reported to the director?", And then he himself accepted the payment to stop him. did.
In April after the 5th term, Ebina took office as the next director of general surgery in the fierce power struggle of the three deputy directors of surgery, and left the Totei University Hospital.
Performance- Yusuke Santa Maria(Phase 6)
Professor, Harvard Medical University, Boston
→ Director of General Surgery Department, Totei University Hospital (in charge of next-generation intelligence surgery) / Chief教授(Phase 6)
→ Dismissal
Born in Totei University.He was promoted quickly, and at the young age of 31, he became an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, and when he was an assistant professor, he was instructing a trainee doctor, Maria Nakayama.Although he was working at a hospital in Boston, he returned to "Totei University Hospital" with Tange's words.Although the operation technology is high, precise and fast, there is a tendency to prefer cost control over that, and we are promoting operations using the AI ​​system introduced by Tange to thoroughly reduce costs.He has no eyes on power and position, and he is willing to take advantage of Michiko if he wants to gain an advantage.He also tends to escape responsibility, and has declared that "I will not take responsibility even if surgery fails." Often in charge of VIP patients.He flirts with people in the upper position, but on the contrary, he takes a cold attitude toward people in the lower position.
In episode 4 of my motherYoshinoVisits Totei University Hospital. The AI ​​diagnoses that there is a high possibility of Alzheimer's disease, and he holds his head.Kiyoaki YokkaichiHe proposes to remove the tumor extensively and replace it with an artificial joint for the surgery, but Yokkaichi refuses to do so because he will be cut off from the athlete's life.Michiko, who had an operation on Yoshino, told me to "think more with my head", so I read the treatise without the help of AI and proposed an operation that also used autologous cartilage transplantation.The surgery is said to be "there is no problem with the surgical procedure, but your arm is a problem" and is robbed by an unknown child on the way, but Tange is asked to write a case report as the world's first case.
I was teaching in episode 8 when I was an associate professor, and I had been dating for 10 months since I went to the United States together.MariaIs coming.Knowing her trick of throwing the whole thing at the professor in difficult places, she refused to be an assistant, but she became an assistant because she noticed Kaji.During the operation, Maria's mistake is rubbed and she gets angry.Abandon the surgery.After the operation, he told me that it wasn't Maria who operated on Hachimura, but Hachimura knew from hearing from Maria himself.
In the final episode, Hiruma issued a condition that "prepare a post of deputy director to either Ebina-sensei and prevent Michiko Daimon's operation", and ordered to prevent Michiko's operation at a charity concert, but later. Contrary to that order, he participated in Tange's surgery and supported Michiko by having AI learn Tange's surgery in advance.After that, after Tange's operation, he was dismissed like the Ebina who also participated, and his qualification as a professor was taken up.Visit the Kambara Doctor's Office and play mahjong with Ebina, Kaji, and Hara.Also, I try to belong to a well-known doctor referral office, but the management fee is high.[Note 16]I knew that and eventually gave up.
Hideki Kaji<48[64] → 50[65] → 52[66][67] → 54[68]>
Performance- Katsumura Masanobu(1st term / 2nd term 8th episode / 3rd term / special / 4th term / 5th term final episode[69] / 6th term)
Second Surgery, Third Hospital, Teito Medical University lecturer(2010-July 2012)
→ Maebashi 27th Branch Surgeon Business Trip (Summer 2012 * For the operation of Representative Osawa)
→ The same hospital, XNUMXrd hospital, XNUMXnd surgery lecturer (Phase 1)
→ Takamatsu 24th Branch Surgeon, the same hospitallecturer(Phase 2)
→ Associate Professor of Second Surgery at the same hospital (from the second term to just before the third term)
→ Deputy Director of Surgery, East Wing, National Advanced Medical Center (3rd episode, 1st episode) →
→ Deputy Director of Strategic Integrated Surgery, the same hospital (3rd term)
→ Director of General Surgery Department, Kanazawa Branch of the same hospital (SP)
→ Associate Professor of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital (April 2016-Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kachi)
→ Teito Medical University Hospital Oarai Eighth Hospital Surgeon Chief / Business Trip (Doctor Y-Surgeon / Hideki Kachi)
→ Totei University Hospital General Surgery Associate professor(Phase 4 Episode 1-Episode 11)
→ Honokura Hospital One-day limited surgeon (Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kachi 1)
→ Associate Professor of General Surgery, Totei University Hospital (Final episode of the 5th term)
→ Surgeon, Shizuoka 11th Branch, attached to Teito Medical University (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 3)
→ Associate Professor, General Surgery, Totei University Hospital (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 4)
→ Maebashi 27th Branch Surgeon attached to Teito Medical University (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 4)
→ Totei University Hospital Shizuoka Suruga 35th Branch Surgeon (6th term, 1st episode)
→ Director of General Surgery Next Generation Ultra-Minimally Invasive Surgery Treatment教授(Phase 6)
→ Dismissal
→ Visiting Associate Professor, Seikyo University Hospital (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 5)
Born in Nada High School, one of the most prestigious schools in Japan.Born in Totei University School of Medicine.Synchronized with Torii.In front of patients and the media, he plays a "good doctor" who goes to medical care. He is a laparoscopic specialist who has the nickname of "laparoscopic magician", and his arm is recognized by Kamihara and Miko.Throughout the series, she has been the most assistant to Michiko's surgery, and when she abandoned Himuro's surgery in Kanazawa, she nominated Kaji instead of herself and even called her "the surgeon I trust most." ..
Since he was at the main hospital of Teito Medical College, he was known as a laparoscopic magician, and had a good reputation in the world, and he was expected to run for a professor's election. He was removed and sent to the Third Branch.
The last name "Daimon" is used to describe the unknown child.daemon", And he is hostile to him as a dead man, but he is also low on money.Since he chose gold over career advancement and title, his career advancement is slower than the same period.I trust Michiko's skill, and I have asked her to operate the patient she is in charge of.
Issue 1
He was the number one surgeon in the second surgery because of his skill in operation so that he was called a laparoscopic magician, but Daimon, a freelance surgeon, entered the medical office and looked hostile.In the first episode, I wondered if I could have predicted that Kubo, the former director, would collapse. After that, Daimon is called a "demon."
Hear Morimoto's confession and help find Torii's consent form together.After the dismantling of the second surgery due to the wrongdoing of TeshigawaraTakamatsuI was ordered to transfer to the 24th branch office in Tokyo.
Issue 2
Reunited with Michiko at Takamatsu 24th Branch[ep 5]..He nostalgicly says that the chief professor was not a dream at this time.
Issue 3
Ebina, who knew that she was called a laparoscopic magician, called her to the Second Surgery after she became the chief professor, and escaped from the difficult rural life.After that, he was the professor of Ebina, who worked with him, and served as the deputy director of surgery for the "Totei University" faction at the National Advanced Medical Center Strategic Integrated Surgery.Perhaps he has become accustomed to having a long relationship with Michiko, he talks openly during the lunch break and offers cooperation, and the response is softening.As usual, he is not interested in career advancement, and he often inwardly poisons Ebina, who is fluttering between the dragonflies. In episode 9, I was surprised that Kuju, who was in charge of the transfer from the main hospital of Teito Medical College to the 3rd branch, searched for a place at the National Advanced Medical Center.In addition, Kuju fainted because he showed a scar on the laparoscope at the hotel.
At the Kanazawa branch, he will be appointed as the director of the general surgery department.He searched for her disappearance, wondering if a broken right arm would leave a major mental scar on the perfect surgeon, Michiko.I waited for the arrival of Kamihara while eating Kanazawa's specialty, Ebina and Hara, in the department manager's office.After Michiko's return, she was called by Michiko in the middle of the night as usual, and both Hara and Hara were made to act as assistants to the operation of Himuro.After that, he returned to the Imperial University of Tokyo and was immediately transferred to the Oarai XNUMXth Branch of the Imperial University of Medicine, but after a while he returned to the main hospital, but he fell into a situation where no one knew him.
Issue 4
He was the only one to be recalled to Totei University, but since he had no close friends at Totei University who had just returned, he went in and out of the familiar Kambara doctor introduction office and started playing mahjong.After that, when Hara was recalled, he began to act with him again, and at the same time, he did not go in and out of the Kambara doctor referral office.
In the rounds of the director of Totei University Hospital, other general medical staff and general surgeon staff desperately climb the stairs, but he uses an escalator and always goes to the front of the elevator.
In the 4th episode of the 9th term, Saionji, the director of the general surgery department, will be on a business trip, so he will act as the deputy director of the general surgery department and supervise the general surgery.In the final episode, a contract is signed with Wang Cho International Clinic, which is newly established by Wang Cho, the chairman of Shanghai's millionaire Wang Cho Group, for tens of millions of yen. He refuses XNUMX million contracts and works as an assistant to Daimon with Hara.After that, he was transferred to a local branch of the Totei University.
Issue 5
Uchikanda's sword appeared on the condition that he became the director of the department of surgery, and he revived from the branch hospital to the main hospital.After that, he was refused to ask Ms. Miko to operate, but she still served as an assistant when Ms. Miko decided to operate even if she was ill.After that, when Nishiyama performed the operation of the fallen Michiko, he volunteered to help Michiko's operation, and along with Hara and Morimoto who also offered to serve as Nishiyama's assistant.After the operation, he remained at the Totei University Hospital, but in the third installment of Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kachi, he was sent to the Shizuoka 3th Branch Hospital attached to the Teito Medical University by the upper management.Then, thinking that he had returned, he was sent to Maebashi 11th Branch of Teito Medical University by Hiruma who had just been released from the detention center.After that, he was transferred to Totei University Shizuoka Suruga 27th Branch.
Issue 6
At first, he was in the 35th branch of Suruga, Shizuoka, but after helping Samejima with Michiko, he was later recalled to the main hospital by Tange.He was appointed as the director of the next-generation ultra-minimally invasive surgical treatment department and was promoted from an associate professor to a professor.[Note 17].. In episode 7, he was appointed as a XNUMX-Eleven surgeon instead of Michiko, but he was not good at English and his pride was so bad that he went to the surgery without asking enough questions, so he was likely to make a mistake during the surgery. However, she is saved by an unknown child.After that, she bowed to Michiko, but she got angry and yelled at her when she knew the reason why she was about to fail.In the final episode, Hiruma ordered him to stop Tange's operation, but in the end he cooperated with Tange's operation even against the order of Hiruma, and was dismissed with Ebina who also cooperated.After that, he tried to belong to a well-known doctor referral office, but the management fee was high.[Note 18]I knew that, and both Ebina and others gave up.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Haramori<38[70] → 40[71] → 42[72][73] → 43[74] → 44[75]>
Performance- Kosuke Suzuki[76](1st term / 2nd term 1st episode / 3rd term 4th episode-Final episode / Special / 4th term / 5th term / 6th term)
Director / Assistant Professor, Second Surgeon Bureau, Third Hospital, Teito Medical University (Phase 1)
→ Asahikawa Fureai Hospital Surgeon Chief (Phase 2)
→ Chief Surgeon, Russo-Japanese Advanced Medical Center (Before Episode 3 of the 4rd term)
→ National Advanced Medical Center Strategic Integrated Surgeon Chief (3rd term)
→ Deputy Director of General Surgery, Kanazawa Branch of the same hospital, transfer (SP-Phase 4, Episode 3)
→ Totei University Hospital General Surgerylecturer(4th, 5th, 6th period)
→ Dismissal
Before the first period, the timing of the transfer was the same as that of Kaji, and he has been on good terms since the time of the Imperial University of Tokyo.Although he is weak and cannot raise his head to the person above, he is aiming for medical care that is close to the patient's heart, and he is also softly in contact with the patient.Since I was at the main hospital of Teito Medical College, I was in the same medical office as Kaji, and I was wearing a waistcoat.Therefore, when Kaji moved to the Third Branch, he left the main hospital to follow Kaji himself.In the 1th term, he has a rivalry with Kitano, who was in the same period as before, but he has not been dealt with by Kitano at all.Also, I have had a long relationship with Michiko as a colleague since the time of Teito Medical College, but Michiko still does not remember him and is thought to be "Kin-chan, a cake shop (like a childhood friend)" ( (It is called), often pointed out that it is a mistake, and it remains unchanged in the 4th term.On the other hand, it has a good reputation for giving kind and warm guidance to young doctors and nurses these days, and it is highly trusted by young people.
Specializes in thyroid gland and obesity treatment surgery.
I can speak Russian.
Issue 1
At first, he was rebellious against Torii and Kaji, and was reluctant to see Michiko's unmanned attitude, but by witnessing her sword often, she began to recognize her ability.After dismantling the second surgeryAsahikawaIs ordered to transfer to a related hospital.
Issue 2
Injured in a fall accident during a raceJockeyReunited with Michiko at the racetrack he visited for emergency treatment[ep 1].
Issue 3
VladivostokHe was invited to Tendo when he was active as a thyroid cancer specialist at the Russo-Japanese state-of-the-art medical center in Kobe, and initially declared that he did not belong to either the eastern or western faction. He lost his position and was forced to belong to a faction in order to remain at the National Advanced Medical Center, so he became a member of the "Totei University" faction.
He was assigned to the Kanazawa branch office as the deputy director of general surgery along with Ebina and Kaji, and searched for the missing unknown child.After returning to Michiko, he was made to work as an assistant to Himuro's surgery with Kaji.
Issue 4
It was left in the Kanazawa branch hospital, but was recalled from Kanazawa by Toko Kubo, the deputy director of the Totei University Hospital, and was entrusted with the operation of a patient.He told Kaji that the operation was successful with the help of Michiko, and that he was keenly aware of his immaturity and would return to Kanazawa, but due to Kaji's plan, he would eventually remain in the East Emperor.In the final episode, other surgeons and medical staff were headhunted at the Wang Super International Clinic, but they were treated unfortunately, such as not being headhunted.After that, he was persuaded by Daimon to help Jonouchi's operation and act as an assistant to Daimon along with Kaji, but at this time he was replied with Kaji to Saionji and Huangkawada who were complaining to Daimon. Unusually, he showed a rebellious attitude toward his boss.
Issue 5
He will continue to stay at Totei University Hospital from the 4th term and serve as an educator for new surgeons, but he will be stressed every day for those who do not listen.In episode 7, he meets Uchikanda's sister, but he is a former lover who visited Japan to meet himself at that time.NanashaReunited with her and ordered by Hiruma and others who think about their faces to cut off with her.After that, when she learned that Nanasha had a brain tumor, she initially decided not to perform the operation according to her intention to refuse the operation and the speculation between the squirrels, but in the end, she decided not to operate according to her true intentions and unknown child. He decided to operate Nanasha with the intention of resigning because he was moved by the words he hung.The operation was successful due to unknown child, and after the operation, he was supposed to quit according to the intention of Hiruma, but in addition to the achievement that the University of Tokyo saved Nanasha, the daughter of the vice chairman of the American medical club, Uchikanda was in the United States. He escaped dismissal by making a big loan for the University of Tokyo that he had a connection with the doctor's club.[Note 19].. In episode 8, the shock of Nanasha at the end of the last time was great, and I was absent on vacation to go to Mt. Fuji, which I was supposed to go with Nanasha as a traumatic trip.[Note 20].. In episode 9, he avoided being involved without witnessing the operation of Michiko in the form of being entrusted with the rooting of Uchikanda and the secretary of the year-end party, but later complained to Ebina, Torii, and Inomata who succumbed to power, and at the same time. Despite Michiko's hard work, she is ashamed to drink alcohol at the year-end party.In the final episode, he offered to help Michiko's operation and worked as an assistant to Nishiyama along with Kaji and Morimoto.
Issue 6
It remains unchanged from the 4th and 5th term at Totei University Hospital.Allow unknown child "Kin-chan" to be called only during surgery.
In episode 7, she and Kaji were distressed because she couldn't understand the English spoken by Seven, and she was helped by an unknown child during the operation, so she bowed to her after the operation.
Take a vacation to go to Yuji Kudo's live in episode 8. In episode 9, he was ecstatic when he was appointed as the doctor of Kuto, who had been a fan since high school, but it turned out that Kuto had retroperitoneal sarcoma.In the operation, he will show a fine play of preparing a hybrid artificial blood vessel in advance.After the operation, Ms. Miko was entrusted with the operation of Kudo's hemorrhoids.
In the final episode, he was an assistant to Wazu's operation, but the postoperative course of Wazu was not so good and he accused Michiko of "the surgery was a failure", but Wazu played the piano with both hands at the concert. Seeing her, she realizes that Michiko's surgery had not failed.After that, because he cooperated with Tange's operation, he was dismissed and left Totei University and tried to belong to a famous doctor introduction office, but the management fee was high.[Note 21]I gave up because it wasn't worth it.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Hikaru Morimoto<30[77] → 35[78]>
Performance- Kei Tanaka[79](1st term / 5th term)
Second Surgeon Assistant, Second Surgeon, Teito Medical University Third Hospital (Phase 1)
→ Study in the United States (January 2013-December 1)
→ Medical staff at Totei University Hospital (January-March 2015)
→ Totei University Regional Branch (April 2015-4th episode 5 episode)
→ Director General Surgeon, Totei University HospitalTeaching assistant(Phase 5)
→ Totei University Regional Branch
I was transferred to the Third Branch of Teito Medical University at the same timing as Kaji and Hara.Until then, he was a trainee at Totei University.
Issue 1
Novice surgeon.Due to lack of experience, only the third assistant, who does chores such as blood suction, can play a role.My parents' house runs a local general hospital.
I happen to meet an unknown child who has been treated for an emergency that collapsed in a club.At the time of Satoru Yasuda's surgery, she hates Michiko's series of attitudes, but later discovers her true intentions.
Regarding Torii's surgery, Tokushima happened to be present at the scene where he hid his autographed surgery consent form given by Michiko for personal reasons.At that time, the director himself gave him his favorite pen, and he was implicitly forced to hide his convenience for the future from food, but he confessed to his colleague after he was worried.I searched for the consent form with them and even made a copy for media distribution.After the dismantling of the second surgery, he was ordered to transfer to a research facility in Chiba, but he refused and told Kanbara that he would quit the hospital and study abroad to become a doctor like an unknown child without taking over his parents' home.
Issue 5
After returning to Japan, he was sent to a rural area and began to witness the current situation of local medical care, which was unable to provide the minimum medical care, and despite his age at which he could play an active role as a doctor, he had something depressed. However, he later decided to work at "Totei University Hospital" at the behest of Director Shimura.In episode 4, it was thought that he was engaged to Uchikanda's daughter (Shiori), but he was shocked to learn that he was not the chairman's daughter but a bride scam. He was so angry that he was angry, and in the fifth episode, he was absent on vacation to go on a traumatic trip due to the tail of the previous shock.In the 5th episode, Ebina, Torii, Inomata and others are the only ones who avoid the relationship with Michiko, and Nishiyama and the rest of the doctors are the only assistants of Michiko. serve.In the final episode, he offered to help Michiko's operation and worked as an assistant to Nishiyama along with Kaji and Hara.
Ryoji Ito<30>
Performance- Nomura Shohei[80](5th episode 1st and 2nd episode)
A "comfortable generation" doctor who works at Totei University Hospital.
He is always reading research books, has a wealth of surgical knowledge, and proposes a particularly difficult surgical procedure, "simultaneous resection of the liver, pancreas and duodenum," and makes the unknown child agree with "no objection." I answered without making a mistake when I was confirmed.In addition, although it is not accompanied by practical skills, he has a high level of operating skill among young doctors, and therefore has the arrogance of looking down on other young doctors and taking a arrogant attitude toward senior doctors.I enrolled in a third-class private medical university, but later I was able to enroll in my mother, not my own ability.FujikoKnowing that he was admitted to the back door, he dropped out of school in a year because of his regret.After leaving school, he studied hard and entered the "Totei University School of Medicine" on his own, and after graduating, he was assigned to the Totei University Hospital.He changed his mind when he saw the dexterity of an unknown child during the operation of "advanced gallbladder cancer sarcoma" that Fujiko suffered from. He stated that he would quit, and at the same time revealed the truth and the existence of an unknown child in front of the media.After that, Jonouchi said that he had decided to become a musician.The instrument in charge is bass.
Naoyuki Nishiyama<29[81]>
Performance- Nagayama Kento[82](Phase 5)
A new doctor at Totei University Hospital.
The so-called "comfortable generation" doctor.Keep a dry attitude toward the "will" constitution of senior doctors.I feel stumbling due to communication with patients and relationships with senior doctors, and my tension is always low.He also felt bitter about the current situation at Totei University, and later exclaimed to Michiko, "This hospital is rotten."Although I think that I am sorry for the frictional way of life like Michiko, there is also a part that I admire for the craftsmanship, and at the same time, I am gradually inspired by Michiko and act as her assistant, I will not lose to Michiko and the patient's illness On the other hand, he began to show actions such as grasping the surgical technique in advance, and therefore there is a section that is somewhat trusted by unknown children.[Note 22]..Also, in episode 8, he revealed that his mother died of progressive breast cancer immediately after obtaining a doctor's license.Raised by a single mother, she aspired to be a doctor with the support of her mother, and after struggling to become a doctor, she was assigned to the University of Tokyo.In the fifth episode, he served as the first assistant to Daimon's surgery, and by giving an accurate explanation at that time, Jonouchi also commented that he could "listen to one end as a doctor."In the sixth episode, Ms. Miko, who operates another patient, was entrusted with the operation of another patient, and after the operation, she confirmed the progress and praised her for her skill.In the eighth episode, he was enthusiastic about wanting to be a doctor who wouldn't fail like Michiko, and let Uchikanda perform the surgery for the patient who was supposed to be operated by Ebina. In order to obtain approval, he revealed that he was the son of Uchikanda himself in front of him, and allowed him to accept the existence of himself, who was originally intended to leak to the media.After that, the operation was successful by Michiko, and after the operation, she revealed the reason why she wanted to operate on Michiko.[Note 23]..In addition, he was called by Uchikanda, and he was told by Uchikanda that he was the only son among many sons to become a doctor, and that he would be more convenient as a father from now on, but on the contrary, he took measures for power. He struck with anger and sincerity toward his unselected father, and on top of that, he showed a farewell attitude to the parent-child relationship by letting go of the Uchikanda watch he had been wearing.In the 9th episode, Ebina, Torii, and Inomata are the only ones who work as assistants to Michiko along with Morimoto and the rest of the doctors while avoiding the relationship with Michiko by Nemawashi of Uchikanda.In the final episode, he once hoped for Uchikanda's surgery, and eventually he was suffocated at the important point, but Ms. Miko, who arrived late immediately afterwards, succeeded in the operation and gained nothing.After that, Michiko, who had collapsed due to retroperitoneal sarcoma, was appointed as a surgeon directly, and she operated with reference to the "operative method using a hybrid artificial blood vessel" that Michiko had devised in advance, and succeeded in the operation of Michiko safely. ..
Wataru Arima<31[83]>
Performance- Nakabayashi Taiki(Phase 5)
A new doctor at Totei University Hospital.
I'm talking using the Kansai dialect. 2 The age is the oldest of the four newcomers because they are wandering, but they are virtually the same because they are assigned with them.It is also revealed that his parents are practitioners and therefore became doctors.In episode 9, I was once forcibly invited by Ebina to participate in the year-end party, but later I was ashamed of myself not being involved in the operation of Michiko because of my conscience toward the doctor, and at the same time I asked Kurokawa, "Is it a case of drinking alcohol?" I questioned the Ebina.
Shinji Kurokawa<29[84]>
Performance- Uesugi Hiiragi[85](Phase 5)
A new doctor at Totei University Hospital.
Looking for status, I aimed to become a flower-shaped medical school.In episode 9, he participated in the year-end party like Arima, but later he was ashamed of himself not being involved in the operation of Michiko because of his conscience toward the doctor, and at the same time he questioned Ebina and his friends.
Kimihiko Murasaki<35[86]>
Performance- Shingo Fujimori(Phase 6)
Totei University Hospital Medical Staff
→ Boston Harvard Medical College
→ Associate Professor, International University of Health and Welfare, Germany
→ Totei University Hospital General SurgeryAssociate professor
Born in Totei University.He worked at a university hospital in Germany, but returned due to Tange's humor. He argues that "medical care is a business" and that the use of AI systems should be promoted in order to increase the number of patient rotations. I believe in AI information, but I don't listen to humans very much.I like cute girls, I'm immersed in the "Girl's Bar", and when I see the girl I'm looking for, it makes me crazy, "Kimi Kawaii"[Note 24]Shout.Because he is an associate professor from a standpoint, he is higher than Hira's Ebina and lecturer Hara.As an associate professor, I help with my usual treatises and case reports.
In the sixth episode, the older Ebina injured a blood vessel during the operation of Rokukakubashi and started blood transfusion as it was without stopping bleeding, so he yelled at the command tone to stop bleeding as soon as possible.
In episode 8瑠 璃I was drinking together at the bar.When I was in the United States before going to Germany, I was dating Nakayama for a year.In the eighth episode, he knew that Nakayama would throw the operation to his assistant with a color scheme, and revealed that he messed up the doctor at an American hospital and no one was able to get to Nakayama's assistant.Hachimura's surgery was abandoned with the tide.
In the final episode, he was dismissed because he helped Tange's operation.The qualification of an associate professor was taken up.After that, he told Akira that he would marry Ruri and go to Seattle.
Kohei Tako<28[87]>
Performance- Junki Totsuka(Phase 6)
Totei University Hospital General Surgeon
→ Aomori General Hospital Surgeon
Smart and excellent, but without a hungry spirit.The same Hira as Ebina.Observing the work style reforms of doctors and returning on time, it is difficult to grow up[Note 25]..Unlike the University of Tokyo, which discriminates patients based only on good or bad profits, even any patient never discriminates and has a certain conscience as a doctor, such as trying to help to the end.In addition, when the patient's operation relies on Michiko, and when others cite her achievements as her credit, she complains that "it is the credit of Mr. Daimon", and she acknowledges Michiko's skill as it is and gives her There is a section that shows respect.It is called "octopus" by unknown child.
In the final round, Oma was told that he was wondering whether to help Nicholas Tange's surgery in front of the operating room, and decided to enter the operating room, but by helping Nicholas Tange's surgery. He was dismissed from Totei University Hospital and told Akira that he would be a doctor in Aomori with Oma, a nurse.
Maria Nakayama<39>
Performance- Matsumoto Marika[88](Episode 6)
Resident at Totei University Hospital (2005-2007)
→ Medical staff at Totei University Hospital (2008-2009)
→ Boston Harvard Medical College (2010-6th episode 7 episodes)
→ Totei University Hospital General Surgeon (6th episode, 8 episodes)
→ Retirement
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital. Born September 1980, 9.When I was in the third year of collegeMiss Totei University 2001Was chosen for.Go to the United States and go to Boston Harvard Medical CollegePrincess who does not failHas the ability to be called.He has also made a name for himself with world-renowned doctors such as Professor MacArthur, Professor of Nobel Prize in Medicine, Professor Stachill, and Professor Charlin.She is so beautiful that she appears on the covers of many medical journals, and is also called a gravure female doctor.
The arm of the operation was described as "bad shit" by the unknown child who witnessed the operation.When I was a trainee, I was taken care of by the tide.After becoming a medical staff member of the University of Tokyo, he had a mistress relationship with Hiruma, who was the general manager and general surgery manager at the University of Tokyo at that time.When he was in the third year of university, he was selected as Miss Totei University by the plan of Hiruma, the chief professor of Totei University at that time.In March, the second year after joining the medical office, Hiruma ran for the election of chief professor at the main hospital of Teito Medical College, so he broke his mistress relationship.After that, he left Totei University at the same timing as the tide and went to the United States, dating the tide for 2 months, and then dating Murasaki for a year.
However, in reality, it turned out that he established his current position by throwing the difficult part of surgery to the doctor who was attached to his assistant by making full use of his proud facial deviation value and voice quality and stealing the credit.[Note 26]..According to Murasaki, he returned to Japan because he messed up doctors at an American hospital and no one was available as an assistant.I tried to rub my mistake against the tide, but the tide and Murasaki got angry and I got out of the operating room[Note 27].
After Hachimura's surgery, Ms. Miko advised her to quit her doctor and said, "I'm going to marry Hachimura, so I'll quit my doctor."
Tomoya Aso
Performance- [89](Phase 5)
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.
Junichiro Nakahama
Performance- [90][Note 28](Phase 5)
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.
Kanie Shun
Performance- Masato Mitani(Phase 6)
Totei University Hospital General SurgeonTeaching assistant
Ebina is called "Ebi-chan". It's just arrived in October.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Manabu Aoyagi
Performance- Yoshiyuki Hamada[91](Phase 6)
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Shinzo Asari
Performance- Keigo Unohara[92](Phase 6)
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Hirofumi Kajiki
Performance- [93](Phase 6)
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Haruyoshi Akahori
Performance-(3rd / 6th period[94])
National Advanced Medical Center East Wing Surgeon (3rd term)
→ National Advanced Medical Center Strategic Integrated Surgeon (Phase 3)
→ Medical staff at Totei University Hospital (6th term)
In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Yoichi Kurihashi
Performance- Takahide Akimoto(4th term[95] / 6th term[96])
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.
Noriyuki Goto
Performance- Ryoichi Okamoto(5th term[97] / 6th term[94])
Medical staff at Totei University Hospital.In the final round, he will be sent to a remote island in a rural area under joint responsibility.

General Internal Medicine

Many doctors from rural areas, branch hospitals, and local affiliated hospitals are enrolled.
Takayuki Huangkawada<55[98]>
Performance- Katsuhisa Namase(Special / 4th term[48])
Cross Medical Center Internal Medicine Director (Special)
→ Director / Chief of General Internal Medicine Department, Totei University Hospital教授(Phase 4)
→ Totei University Hospital Regional Branch (4th term or later)
Born in Totei University.A senior from the Totei University era on the beach.With a magnificent attitude, he puts his subordinates under control and forms a "will" corps.He has studied abroad at a state-of-the-art cancer center in the United States.The operation has criticized it as a barbaric cure, boasting that the 21st century is the age of medicine and that medicine can cure all illnesses.
He has a missing personality and is often angry at the secretary general of the Cross Medical Center, Aoyagi. If anything, there are many detrimental roles.According to Kachi, "easy-to-understand waist purse".
He looks down on the surgeon, partly because of his own thoughts.
In addition, there was a dirty side to the money, so I took up the care that Michiko had received from the patient and tried to put it in her pocket while saying, "I will return it to the patient."
Aoyagi and Kurosu's waist purse, who is the director of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Cross Medical Center.He treats the surgeon as a helper, develops a new drug, and forcibly treats Himuro.
Issue 4
For the first time, he left the region and struggled every day to become a professor of internal medicine at the Totei University Hospital, which he admired, and to produce results as a doctor.
When the problem of plagiarism of the treatise occurred, it seemed that Ebina would take responsibility for advancing the operation according to the treatise, and once he gave up on the treatise and switched to Toko Kubo, the deputy director, but later Ebina When he escaped from the predicament with the help of Ebina, he chose to follow Saionji again with Saionji to protect himself, and eventually he sold his charm to the end.After that, in the final episode, he learned that Hiruma would be transferred to the branch hospital in the form of taking responsibility, and immediately after that he asked if he would come with him, but after refusing it, he and Saionji completely. After seeing Hiruma, he eventually left him.
Mari Hamaji<54[99]>
Performance- Michiko Shimizu(Phase 6)
Professor, Harvard Medical University, Boston
→ Director, Department of Internal Medicine, Totei University Hospital (in charge of next-generation cancer genome and tumor), chief教授
Worked at Totei University Hospital with the help of Deputy Director Tange.Married and has two children.My husband is a dentist.Born in Gifu prefecture.Junior of Huangkawada.He is a graduate of the Totei University School of Medicine, has studied abroad, and has received awards.He values ​​authority, power, and sontaku, and has the idea that "cutting and stretching surgical treatment" will soon be unnecessary.A physician like a business salesman who recommends medical treatment with expensive medicines to patients.Since there are many boastful stories, Ms. Miko says "Noisy!".
In the eighth episode, he was instructed to support surgery between Hiragana, but he tried to resist it, so he was almost sent to the Deputy Director of the 8th Branch of Takayama.After that, he visited the Kambara Dr. Kambara introduction office, said bad things about Tange and Hiruma, and was drunk and showed an interesting appearance that he usually does not show.
In the 9th episode, it turned out that he was a fan of Yuji Kudo, who is a special illness, and he intended to be a hidden fan, but everyone was confused.Also, when Ms. Miko saved Kudo, she came to Ms. Miko who was in the public bath to express her gratitude and tried to shed her back as a thank-you.
In the final episode, he consented to Tange's operation without permission and opened the operation room with the intention of saving Tange, so he was dismissed like the Ebina who participated in the operation.After being dismissed, he changed jobs to a musician.
Tomio Akai<44[100]>
Performance- Hasegawa Asaharu(Phase 4)
General Internal Medicinelecturer.
Graduated from a local national university.Born in Morioka.Waist purse of Takayuki Huangkawada, general manager of internal medicine.When the problem of plagiarism of a treatise occurred, he was taken responsibility for proposing the plagiarism first, and as a result, he was dismissed by Hiruma, but as a condition to remain in the hospital by Toko Kubo, the deputy director. She was told to obey her orders and accepted it, which managed to avoid her dismissal.After that, he was not headhunted by the king and held a New Year's party with other doctors who were also not headhunted in the final round, but at that time it was like another person's affairs for Hiruma who had been decided to relocate. I said thank you and encouragement so far.
Kojiro Oguro
Performance-Kenshin Ito[101][Note 29](Phase 6)
Physician at Totei University Hospital.
Hiroe Shimizu
Performance- Kumi Masuda[94](Phase 6)
Physician at Totei University Hospital.


Hiroshi Kimoto
Performance- Kitaro(Episode 5)
Orthopedic surgeon at Totei University Hospital.
Haruka KujuDoctor.At the first visit, Haruka's leg pain was misdiagnosed as "painful external tibia", and eventually it was pointed out by an unknown child who found the true cause.

Nursing department

Hakushu Mineda
Performance- Rie Yamashita(6th episode 1st and 5th episodes)
Chief nurse of Totei University Hospital.
Regarding the first episode, he appeared in the director's cut and was cut in the TV broadcast version.Knowing the relationship between Masae Mihara and Michiko, when Masae Mihara refused to operate, she nominated Michiko as a persuasive role, and when she performed Masae's surgery, another nurse tried to stop the operation on the beach. Interfered with us.
Jujo Sakura
Performance- Sato Maki[102](Phase 4)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Akabane Aoi
Performance- Riho Minami[103](Phase 4)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Itabashi Honoka
Performance- Moeko Tsutsui[104](Phase 4)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Nagamori Hina
Performance- Koharu Kusumi[105](Phase 5)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
He dreams of marrying a doctor, but the pretense he shows to Nishiyama suggests that he is interested in him, and in episode 7, he talked to Nishiyama about marriage.In addition, the front and back are used properly, and although he was hitting the secret of Michiko in front of Nishiyama, he conversely made a statement in front of Hara to praise Michiko and hide the element from people other than Nishiyama. There is.
Satomi Kawahara
Performance- Misaki Shibata[106](Phase 5)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Fumina Sugisaki
Performance- Nana Akuzawa[107](Phase 5)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Yumi Arai
Performance- Kondo Shizuka[108](Phase 5)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Masako Oma<24[109]>
Performance- Imada Mio(Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
AomoriBorn in Nursing University affiliated with Totei University.The age at which I started nurses is one year later than other nurses because I lost my time in college entrance exams.Although he is a newcomer, he has to work overtime and night shifts to the extent that he receives attention from Master Shirasu, but all of them are sent to his parents' house in Aomori to support his younger brothers.I also work part-time at night shifts at other hospitals in secret. In episode 1, it turned out that he was working at a girls bar that cosplays as a nurse, and at one point it was seen by Tako and others, and it was made a noise as "dark business", but later he served as an assistant to Michiko in the operation of Masae Mihara. Taking this opportunity, I quit the girls bar and decided to focus on one nurse. After the 5th episode, a good nurse was seen.In the final episode, Tako was wondering whether to help the operation in front of the operating room, and Tako decided to enter the operating room, but he himself participated in Tange's operation as a nurse and was dismissed. It was given.After that, he told Akira that he would return to his hometown of Aomori, where Tako and his doctor weren't there, but at that time he was about to be kissed by Tako in public, so he slapped.
Kana Iino<23[110]>
Performance-(6th term)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Born in the Faculty of Nursing, Totei University.Although he is a serious and excellent newcomer, he is crazy about his thinking and is sensitive to harassment.A type who loves joint parties and works for holidays.
Hitomi Suzuki
Performance- Saya Emori[111](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Kiyoshi Izaki
Performance- [112](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Flounder Yuki
Performance- [113](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Sayori Kuroki
Performance- [113](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Mao Torikai
Performance- [114](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Yui Toda
Performance --Mitsuru Asada[Note 30](4th term[115] / 5th term[116] / 6th term)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Hanako Yono
Performance-Furukawa Izumi[117][Note 31](4th term / 5th term / 6th term)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Mari Ebado
Performance- [94](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.
Sae Matsueda
Performance- [118](Phase 6)
Nurse at Totei University Hospital.

Related person

Performance- Shinji Takeda[Note 32](Phase 6)
Secretary-General of Totei University Hospital.
Secretary of Deputy Director Nicholas Tange.For Nicholas Tange, a mysterious man who worships more than anyone else[Note 33]Although he is a servant, he plays the role of a hospital vault, public relations man, and crisis management as his right arm.Of course, he is faithful to the rules and orders, and he consults Tange about the dismissal of Michiko.[Note 34], KamiharaKazuko IwataWhen Michiko and Jonouchi's salary bill for the surgery was handed over with Melon, Michiko disregarded Tange's instruction to "operate according to AI's instructions", which is a high cost in the name of "contract breach" He has an unforgiving side to those who oppose him, such as scaring him, "I can't pay this (too expensive), so please forgive me with this (melon)."In addition, although I am not happy with the behavior and behavior of Michiko, on the other hand, I admit only her skill as a doctor because of the things described later.
On the way to Tange's villa, he encountered a landslide and his arm was caught in a rock, but he was saved by an unknown child.[Note 35].. In episode 7, he complained of Tange's innocence, which was arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office, and tried to escape him, but failed. In episode 9, he betrayed Tange by returning his palm, and confessed to the detention center interrogator that "the case of Hexagon Bridge was moved according to Tange's instructions" in response to the judicial transaction.In the final round, it is easily attached to the Hiruma side[Note 36], Advised the establishment of the Hiruma Fund, and struggled to establish a fund and organize a charity concert to solicit loans.After that, when Ms. Miko started the operation without permission during the concert, she bowed toward Tange in the observation room because of the guilty feeling of betrayal, watched over the operation, and stroked her chest when it was successful.After the operation, Ebina and other medical staff and nurses were dismissed from Hiruma, who asked him to fill in the gaps, and he invited some excellent medical staff from overseas to the University of Tokyo with his own lips, but after the operation, he had already teamed up with Hiruma. Having given up on what would happen to him, he and McCartney, who became the new director of the University of Tokyo, agreed to dismiss Hiruma and returned his palm.
Rika Shiramizu<26[120]>
Performance- Michiko Tanaka[121](Phase 4)
Secretary of the director of Totei University Hospital.
As a mistress, she is loyal to Hiruma, and she is always flirting in the absence of human eyes, but her true nature is that she loves money and status, and she is a devilish woman who takes advantage of Hiruma.For that reason, he was called a "vulgar secretary" from the south.He also has a mistress relationship with Saionji.
Celebrity while Hiruma is away from the hospitalYuta YaotomeWhen I heard from Saizonoji that he was hospitalized as a special case, he secretly photographed the appearance of Yaotome in the hospital with a smartphone, and despite Kubo's efforts to "thorough information management" without permission. I posted the photo on SNS and caused confusion such as the media rushing to the hospital.After that, in the final episode, he learned that Hiruma would be relegated, and after giving up his affection for him, he cut off his mistress relationship and eventually escaped with the melon that Akira brought as a souvenir. ..
Keiko Nakatani
Performance- Korenaga Hitomi[122](Phase 5)
First Secretary, Director of Totei University Hospital.
Hiruma's mistress.A slender, long-legged woman with a sexy atmosphere.In fact, he is good at karate.When he is alone with Director Hiruma, he sometimes speaks Oita dialect.Inomata may give him a brand-name product and call him "Deputy Director", which may change his attitude.In addition, he didn't like Hiruma, and in episode 2, when Hiruma, who was pointing to Sonta and Shogi, won with his dirty hands, he said he was "not very popular" and poisoned him.
Performance- Nao / sound - Hiroshi Iwasaki[123](Phase 5)
Second secretary of the director of Totei University Hospital.Humanoid robot.
He is placed on the desk in the director's office as the second secretary of Shigekatsu Hiruma, who has returned to the director of Totei University Hospital.It is directly connected to the accounting of the hospital online, and it is possible to distinguish what you see with your eyes, and the expensive invoice that Akira actually brought is called "rip-off", and even "I can not pay". I'm saying back.Also, in the fifth episode, when he pointed to Hiruma and Shogi, he won once, but he did not like it, and he admitted to losing on the dirty hands of Hiruma and Ebina, showing a strange concern. It was.When Hiruma was arrested in the final episode, he said goodbye.
Ruri Ikura<26[124]>
Performance- Mayuko Kawakita(Phase 6)
Secretary of the Director of Totei University Hospital[Note 37].
A returnee child hired by Director Hiruma to "keep up with the wave of globalization" and fluent in English.You can also have a light conversation in English with Murasaki, who is also returning from abroad.I don't really think about Maria. "I don't have a sense (for the fact that I attached an eye to AI)," "You're already done," "Evil's den," and so on, I sometimes say bad things to the face in English.
In episode 7, he acted as an interpreter for Seven, a patient, and also taught English conversation to Kaji, who is not good at English.In the final episode, he quit his secretary and told Akira that he would marry Murasaki and move to Seattle.
Performance- Ryosuke Watanabe[125](Episode 6)
The former secretary-general of Samejima.After Tange and his colleagues arrived, they left Totei University as a responsibility for poor sales.
Kazuko Iwata<64>
Performance- Keiko Matsuzaka[126](6th episode 1st and final episode)
Totei University Hospital Cafeteria Staff (April 2016-)
Aunt in the cafeteria of Totei University Hospital. It's been four years since I retired at 60.And I have been working in the cafeteria of Totei University Hospital for 4 years. He was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism by AI examination and was thought to have been completely cured by undergoing surgery immediately, but as a result of falling down again and rediagnosing, he was diagnosed with pancoast type lung cancer and had an unknown child perform surgery.After the operation, he hands a heavy box with a large amount of money to Michiko as a reward.In the final episode, after returning from a round-the-world trip, handing over souvenirs, visiting the Kambara Dr. Kambara Referral Office, and after reuniting with Michiko, she heard about Tange and his medical condition, and persuaded Tange to undergo surgery. did.
Sachiko Nomura
Performance- Kazuyo Aoki(6th episode 1st and final episode)
One child's colleague.In the final episode, I handed a gold nugget to Michiko as a thank-you for coming to the remote island for medical treatment.
Performance- Masako Ikeda(Voice appearance, 6th term)
AI introduced by Nicholas Tange.The name is Hiruma.It was described by Ikura as "(the name of Hiruma) has no sense."
It seems to be quite high-performance, and Yokkaichi's disease name and standard technique were guessed, and Ms. Miko said, "It's pretty good."
In the final episode, Tide learned Tange's surgical technique and supported the operation.

Mrs. Hiruma and her daughter

According to Akira, the power of the doctor in the hospital and the power of the wife in the women's association are like a mirror copy, and there is a muddy power struggle in the women's association.

Hanako Hiruma
Performance- Mariko Fuji(2nd period 2nd episode 3rd episode 6th episode 8th / 4th period 9th episode / 5th period 1st / 7th episode / 6th period 3rd / 5th episode)
Chairman of the White Rose Association (April 2013-4nd term final episode) → Chairman of the East Emperor Women's Association (2th term, 4th term-5th term)
Shigekatsu HirumaWife of.The child has only one daughter, Yukako.He loves luxury and is very proud, and sometimes talks about accepting patients in the hospital.Since he has a long history of teaching at Hiruma, he has been walking on the royal road in the women's association.

Issue 2
He manages the women's association "Shirobarakai", a professor at Teito Medical University, who is active mainly in Hanako.Received the Medical Volunteer Woman Award.The story is long, and his wife gives him a stern look.Kanie and Mimura secretly heard from the other side of the door that Kanie and Mimura were having a conversation in the hospital room that they would do their best without being particular about internal medicine surgery. Both wives were expelled from the White Rose Society, both professors were expelled from the Teito Medical University affiliate, and they were dismissed from disciplinary action.
Issue 4
He is in an ugly battle with the Keirin University Hospital Women's Association, and was called "Yankee Bancho" by Michiko.I can't stand accepting Emi, who is a human being of Keirin University, at Totei University, so I write the bad reputation of Keirin University on the net with the help of members of the Totei Women's Association to expel Emi.
At the ballroom dance competition with the Keirin University Hospital Women's Association, he asked for a helper from the south, and although he described it as "a woman who does not know what she was thinking," she was very satisfied with the result of winning the championship.
Issue 5
I was bored with living in Shiretoko, Hokkaido.
Mrs. Uchikanda asked her to find a matchmaking partner for her cousin, and introduced Hara, but when his ex-girlfriend appeared, the matchmaking broke and she was furious that she had crushed her face.Until the end, Hara was angry that he refused the matchmaking, but he became ecstatic when he learned that he was able to make a loan to Uchikanda, and even if his wife blamed him again, he did not return at all. Also, even if he was told to eliminate Hara, he said, "I will not do it."
Issue 6
Visiting her husband, Shigekatsu, who is in Tokyo Detention House,Kuniko TakedaIntroducing.
A restaurant that is addicted to SNS and shines on SNS on wedding anniversary from Shigekatsu[Note 38]I was delighted to be taken to.Chairman Mihara is called "Mihara-sama".
Yukako Hiruma
Performance- Sayaka Fujioka[127](2nd episode 4th episode, 6th episode, 8th episode, final episode)
Shigekatsu and Hanako's daughter.
Malignant melanoma that developed in early childhood metastasized, and a tumor 5 cm in size was found in the hepatic caudate lobe.Shinobu KondoAsk for a sword[ep 5]..Since Kondo published a treatise on living-donor small intestine exchange transplant surgery, he has been in a relationship with Kondo, and although he says he will not marry unless he becomes the chief professor, he likes Kondo.Because she is a boxed girl, she is avoided by the men around her.

Teito Medical University Hospital

The prestigious private medical university main hospital in Kanto, which is the stage of the 1st and 2nd series.The popular name is "Teito Medical College Main Hospital".Most of the professors at this hospital are from the Totei University School of Medicine, and are treated as colonies by the Totei University School of Medicine.The third hospital is the opening of the main hospital in Tokyo.It is commonly known as "Teito Medical College Third Branch".

Main hospital

Executives, officials
Hospital director <80>
Performance- Kenji Kodama(Special appearance, final episode of the 1st term)
Director of Teito Medical University Hospital (Final episode of the 1st term)
Seniors of the Totei University School of Medicine Hachiya and Teshigawara during the Totei University era.The oldest hospital executive in this group of works. I have been the director of this hospital for 1 years, so I haven't held a scalpel for more than 20 years.He has the most term of office among all the directors.I hate being asked the same confirmation twice.When Tokushima declared the dismantling of the second surgery of the third branch at the faculty meeting, he gave permission to dismantle the second surgery, saying, "That's the only thing."
The person who finally decided to dismiss Tokushima, which was decided by the professors such as Teshigawara.In addition, because he has more power to see people than others, he spotted the wrongdoing of Teshigawara, removed him from the director's election, took responsibility in the form of disciplinary dismissal, and eliminated him from the medical community.At the end of March, when the year changed three months after Teshigawara retired, he retired from the medical staff due to old age and expiration of his term with the advice of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and entered the pension life.After this person retired, most of the leaders of Teito Medical College (3 years old and over) also retired all at once, and after that, the new system was changed to a new system centered on the new director and the new director of surgery.
Takeshi Teshigawara <72>
Performance- Minoru Kobayashi(Special appearance, 1st episode, 1st episode, 2nd episode, final episode)
Deputy Director / Chief Professor of Teito Medical University Hospital (1st term)
Even Professor Tokushima, who is also a senior of Hiruma, is a person who can not raise his head.A boss who has been in the main hospital of Teito Medical University Hospital for a long time.He has been a professor at this hospital for many years from Showa to Heisei.At Teito Medical College, there is almost no one who opposes because he is the second oldest person after the director.Leaks and squeezing legs reluctantly won.Dozens of times more hungry than Tokushima.Run for the hospital director election of this hospital.In the spring, three years after Kubo was sent from Totei University in 2006 by Hiruma's strategy, he sent Kubo to the 3rd branch of the hospital using a post called the director of surgery, and he was expecting the election of the director in advance. Kawahara made preparations.Also, in April 3, in order to dismiss the junior professor Tokushima, who was the most promising candidate in the election of the director of the hospital, a mysterious document was sent to the board of directors and demoted from the director of surgery to the director of second surgery. , Instead a professor at Totei University (act:Shunsaku Yajima) Was made the general manager.After that, in order to send Professor Tokushima, who was the most promising candidate in the election of the director of this hospital, to the third hospital where Kubo left, he leaked false information to the upper management and put on wet clothes.Fortunately for Teshigawara, Kubo collapsed and the post of director of the Third Branch was vacant, and as a result, Tokushima was successfully transferred to the Third Branch. In 2011, when he was the deputy director, he collaborated with the chief professor, Hiruma, and sent Kurumi Murata, a myofibroblastoma, to a branch office in Takamatsu.
When I carry a cane and get angry, I have a habit of hitting it with a cane.Most dinner is high-class teppanyaki.
During Torii's surgery, he is uncomfortable with Michiko, who is working as a freelance surgeon instead of Hijikata.After the operation, the reporters were invited to the steak shop.I asked Ms. Miko if she liked steak and tried to invite her to teppanyaki, but she refused to do so, and after smiling a little, she slammed her cane and showed her anger.
To stop the interviewers who were watching the whole story, and to crush TokushimaRyo YagiIn the form of disciplinary dismissal to Tokushima by having the hospital write an article about the exposure, causing damage not only to the third branch hospital but also to other branch hospitals and the main hospital, and also damaging the credibility of the hospital and rapidly reducing the number of patients visiting the hospital Let me take responsibility.However, he was later removed from the hospital's director election because he was found to be wrong by the hospital director from a case in Tokushima, and was dismissed from the medical community as well as Tokushima.For three months after Teshigawara retired, the appointment of a chief professor was not done immediately because the personnel changes of executives occurred in quick succession, but since it settled down in March, the election of a chief professor was held there. , Takano was elected as a successor (inauguration is April).In the corridor, he talked with the director of surgery and said that a university hospital in the future might need a person called Doctor X.
Karasumaru Kino<60[128]>
Performance- Sasano Takahashi(Phase 2)
Secretary-General of Teito Medical University Hospital
He was invited by Hiruma when he was promoted to General Manager of Surgery.Since he manages hospital management and aims to reduce costs, he cannot afford the exorbitant rewards of Michiko.Follow Hiruma's policy with a typical "wrap around the long" spirit.Even when I was the secretary-general at Totei University, I was liked by Hiruma.
I don't often attend conferences, probably because I'm busy working as a secretary.
His mouth is light, and as a result of being struck by Kamihara, Michiko, and Hiromi, the name of the special case, Hisae Asai, is leaked.[ep 6]..You can play mahjong.
Shin Uzawa<40[129]>
Performance- Shinji Rokkaku(Phase 2)
Assistant Secretary-General of Teito Medical University Hospital
Yesman in Karasuma's waist purse.It's decided by your will.I came to the main hospital with Karasuma.It's dull, and it takes time to get rid of the unknown child from the conference.In the introduction of the candidate for the election of the second chief professor of the second surgery in the eighth episode, he told Karasuma in a whisper that it could be taken as a complex of Ebina.
Terui Tamao<31[130]>
Performance- Fueki Yuko[131](Phase 2)
Public Secretary, Department of Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital
Hiruma's mistress.He came to our hospital because he was called by Hiruma.Her pride and jealousy are stronger than anyone else, and she is always on the lookout for women approaching the hills.At one point, I dreamed of becoming the secretary of the director of Totei University.He left Teito Medical College after the Hiruma was blown away.
Second surgery
Shichiki Takano<55[132]>
Performance- Kazuyuki Asano(Phase 2 Episodes 1 and 6-Final Episode)
Director / Chief of the Second Department of Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital教授(April 2013-4nd episode 2st episode)
→ Kanazawa 18th Branch Hospital Director / Professor (2nd episode 1-6 episodes)
→ Professor of Second Surgery at the same hospital (2nd episode 6th episode-final episode)
→ Retirement
Born in Totei University School of Medicine.The successor chief professor of Professor Hiruma.He was proud that he contributed to the improvement of management by increasing the number of patients.Hiruma served as the chief chair of the Second Surgery. In March, the new director took office and settled down, so the chief professor was elected there.At that time, in the election of the chief professor, Hiruma's former director of surgery (act:Shunsaku Yajima) Was promoted, and he won the prize.However, in late March, he retired to the former general manager of Hiruma in the form of seeing Takano's inauguration, and in April when the appointment ceremony was held, Hiruma became the new general manager, so he could not do what he wanted to do. I have.After a while, he was in the middle of researching FOLFILINOX, and he became incompatible with the second surgery, which aims to reduce costs and improve turnover.In the middle of the faculty meeting, when Hiruma declared that he would elect the chief professor, he said that the election of the chief professor had just been done half a year ago and the system of the surgeon's office was in place, so it was better not to do it. He was sentenced to the 3th branch.The research paper of FOLFILINOX, which was under study, was nominated for the Kluivert Award at an academic conference in Paris, and he was reappointed as the second professor of surgery at this hospital with the power of Mabuchi, and decided to run for the chief professor election as a piece of Mabuchi who is hostile to Hiruma. Become[ep 7]..Special caseHisae AsaiDuring surgery, he suffered an intestinal obstruction and collapsed, and his life was saved by an unknown child.[ep 6].
The mother of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Asai, was nominated as a co-surgeon in the small intestine field for "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection" because of the success of "pancreaticoduodenectomy with portal vein resection". ..
The doctor in charge when Kurumi Murata was at the main hospital.Murata was transferred to another hospital at the discretion of Hiruma and Teshigawara.I am dissatisfied with this with Tokushima, the general manager.
Like Kondo, he will leave the room during the election and will jointly perform "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection".After that, I left the hospital.
Shinobu Kondo<38[133]>
Performance- Fujiki Naoto[134](Phase 2)
Nara National Medical University Hospital Surgeon (Before the 2nd term)
→ Second Surgery Lecturer, Teito Medical University Hospital (2nd episode 1-6 episodes)
→ Professor of Second Surgery at the same hospital (2nd term 6th episode-final episode)
Born in Nara National Medical University.Since the Nara National Medical University Hospital is a related hospital of Teito Medical University, I have been to the second surgery of this hospital on a business trip since last year (2012), and at that time, Mrs. Ebi and other Mrs. Shirobarakai It was at a glance from.I was liked by Mabuchi on a business trip in Asahikawa and officially came to the second surgery as a lecturer, but due to my educational background and seniority, I could only do simple surgery in the medical office, and I was interested in unknown children to improve my skills. Have.There is an eye to approach Mabuchi and Hiragana and steal unknown child's technique for success.She maintains a physical relationship with the nurse Risa Hashimoto, and is popular with nurses and women of the White Rose Society.
Recognized for the success of the "living kidney small intestine exchange transplant surgery" devised by Michiko, he was promoted to a professor with a marriage with Hiruma's daughter and ran for the chief professor election.[ep 8].
He was nominated by Daimon as a co-surgeon in the liver field of "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection" because he succeeded in the difficult surgery "Codet Lovectomy" for his daughter.
Although he was in an advantageous position with the help of Director Hiruma, he left the room in the middle of the election for the joint operation of "multi-organ extracorporeal tumor resection" performed by Daimon.
Even after that, he remained in the hospital without giving up his dream of taking over the hegemony at Teito Medical University.
Family is fatherRokusuke.
Dr. Kameyama<40[135]>
Performance- Manabu Ino(Phase 2)
Second Surgery, Teito Medical University HospitalAssociate professor
The second son of "Three Brothers".Seconded from Totei University to Teito Medical University with Ebina.I was thinking of getting ahead by following Ebina, but Kondo became a professor first and was disappointed.However, shortly after Ebina became the chief professor, a professor election was held, and he was elected brilliantly there.If he had been defeated, Kaji might have been robbed of his post as an associate professor.
Takumi Tsuruta<38[136]>
Performance- Toru Nomaguchi(Phase 2 / Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kachi 3)
Director of the Second Surgeon Bureau, Teito Medical University HospitalTeaching assistant(After moving to Tokushima)
→ Director / Professor, Department of General Surgery, Shizuoka 11th Branch (Doctor Y-Surgeon, Hideki Kachi 3)
Issue 2
The third son of "Three Brothers".Seconded from Totei University to Teito Medical University with Ebina.Always act with Kameyama and lift Ebina.In charge of greetings for general rounds.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Tsukasa Ayukawa<25[137]>
Performance- Mannosuke Mitsushima(Phase 2)
Second Surgery Resident.
Struggling to become a purely full-fledged doctor.He is still unfamiliar with in-hospital politics, and is infused with various things from senior doctors every day.One of the few graduates of Teito Medical College.
Tatsuya Tanaka
Performance- Kazuki Shimizu[138](Phase 2)
Second Surgery Resident.One of the few graduates of Teito Medical College.
Shigeru Itai
Performance-Takahiro Yamamoto[139](Phase 2)
Ban Khan Pahong Pong Payuhasener
Performance- Shibli Fmad[140](Phase 2)
Second Surgery Thai Resident.One of the few graduates of Teito Medical College.
In the final episode, a friend called a well-known doctor referral office to ask a Thai rich man and Mabudachi to heal his son's leg injury.
Mabuchi Kazuyo<58[141]>
Performance- Yoshiko Mita(Phase 2)
General Manager / Chief Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Teito Medical University Hospital (2nd term)
→ Retired (acquired permanent residence and moved to Paris)
Former chief professor of internal medicine at Teito Medical University, nicknamed "The Empress of the Main Hospital," who has climbed to his current position by all means.About five years after the internship, he left the medical office of Totei University and was seconded to the general internal medicine department of Teito Medical University as a lecturer.I always wear pin heels of 5 cm or more.Tokushima has been a relationship with seniors and juniors since the time of the University of Tokyo.When he was on a business trip to Asahikawa in Hokkaido, he met Kondo and scouted for the main hospital.At the same time, the horse that broke in an accident during a horse racing raceThoroughbredScout to our hospital in anticipation of an unknown child who has completed the surgery[ep 1]..Appointed as his own surgeon and undergoing surgery for femoral osteosarcoma as a "special patient who does not reveal any personal information".At that time, the tentative name "Junko Yamaguchi" was given to Hiragana.After that, Kondo heard from Kondo that Mizuno and Ebina, who had participated in the operation with Michiko, abandoned the operation for fear of pursuing responsibility (when the operation failed), and inspected Mizuno and others. He demanded that Michiko be officially hired as a condition not to be submitted to the committee.At first, he planned to use Ms. Miko as her own hand, and canceled the contract when she witnessed her acting arbitrarily, although she thought she had been tame.The postoperative course was fairly good, and he was acting with a cane until the third episode, but after that he has recovered to the point where he can walk on his own.From episodes 3 to 4, I went to Paris and reappointed former professor Takano to the second surgery as a "harvest" of the trip, and welcomed him as a new horse to crush the hills.There is a rumor that she was the first mistress of Hiruma, although she has a conflict with Hiruma, who is the general manager of surgery, over her career.In the final episode,FranceObtained a regular residence permit and retired,ParisMove to[ep 4].
Yoshio Mizuno
Performance- Hiroo Otaka(Episode 2)
Dean / Chief Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital
The timing of "will" is delayed compared to other medical staff, probably because there is little involvement with the director of the department of surgery, Hiruma.
Nursing department
Lisa Hashimoto<24[142]>
Performance- Elena Mizusawa[143](Phase 2)
Nurse in the operation room / surgical ward.
Born in the Nursing Department of Totei University.It's been 2 years since I worked at Teito Medical College.It has a computationally expensive side, and approaches Kondo, who is expected to advance, and has a physical relationship.Yukako's operation dismisses Kondo's surgery as a surgeon from the middle.
Hoshino Aya
Performance-Kanako Arikawa[144](Phase 2)
Takako Henmi
Performance --Mitsuru Asada[145][Note 39](Phase 2)

Teito Medical University 3rd Hospital

Ikuya Hijikata<37>
Performance- Yamamoto Koji(1th episode 7st and final episode)
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Chicago Medical University (before being assigned to Teito Medical College)
→ Professor of Second Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital (2010-7th episode)
→ Deputy Director / Professor, Department of Surgery, 7rd Hospital, 8rd Hospital (Episode XNUMX-XNUMX)
→ American university hospital / professor (1st term and later)
A colleague of Daimon during his time at Totei University.ExtremeFastidious disease..A student of Professor Torii during the University of Tokyo and has a wealth of overseas experienceLiving liver transplantAuthority.Since his teacher, Torii, was in the second surgery and Hijikata and Daimon were in the first surgery, Hijikata happened to be taught by Professor Torii, who had a different medical office.Called from our hospital with a new strategy of Tokushima.Hijikata, who was in Chicago in the first place, was called to the main hospital of Teito Medical College by Tokushima, who was the director of surgery at that time.Tokushima asked Professor Torii to perform an operation, and he tried to enter the operation room and start, but he knew the "truth" and left the room.After leaving the room, he works to remove the donor's graft.After a series of turmoil, he left for the United States for personal safety.
Keiichiro Soma
Performance- Kenjiro Ishimaru(Episode 1)
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Totei University Hospital
→ Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital (before 2012)
→ Professor, Department of Pediatric Surgery, 2012rd Hospital, 1 (5-Phase XNUMX XNUMX episodes)
→ Teito Medical University Regional Branch (1st term, 5th episode or later)
Promote Kishida, who is the most obedient and easy to handle to his orders, to an associate professor.There is a section that has treated the branch hospital as a colony since the time of the main hospital.Professor Torii, the director of the Second Department of Surgery, is a synchronization between rivals aiming to become the director of the next third hospital, Totei University.
A scholar idiot who is not good at surgery and has become a professor with a treatise and nemawashi.
I was aiming for the position of the next directorSaki GokitaIt is cut off from Tokushima due to a misdiagnosis.
Takuya Kishida
Performance- Seiji Fukushi[146](Episode 1)
Pediatric surgery Associate professor.
Saki's doctor.Hiromi JonouchiMy ex-husbanddanceFather of.TwinkIt is popular with female staff and patients.After Saki Gokita's surgery, I came to see Mai's play party with Professor Soma's assistant.
Nursing department
Sonoko Chiba<42[147]>
Performance- Atsushi Shibuki[148](Phase 1)
Chief nurse.Born in Totei University.
Rie Koike<26[149]>
Performance- Yamamoto Mizuki[150](Phase 1)
Operation room newcomernurse..In charge of putting out instruments and going around.After graduating from the Faculty of Nursing at Totei University, I studied in the Department of Nursing at the graduate school for three years.
Minatsu Kato
Performance- Rumi Yonezawa(Phase 1)
Nurse in the operation room / surgical ward.
Hiromi Takase
Performance- [Note 40](Phase 1)
Nurse in the operation room / surgical ward.
Tomoko Sekino
Performance-(1th term)
Nurse in the operation room / surgical ward.
Related person
Kaneko Terayama<52[151]>
Performance- Shigeru Muroi(Phase 1)
Secretary-General of the Third Hospital attached to Teito Medical University.
ComplianceIt is noisy for cost reduction, but it is weak against push from bosses and superiors. I was troubled by the fact that the three surgeons retired all at once, and I got a long-time acquaintance, Kamihara, to recruit human resources at a low price as a trial period.He said he wanted to say "Zubazuba", hated unknown children who did not keep compliance, and even said that the existence itself violated compliance.In the final episode, if there is no poison island, he will be alert and will be full of real intentions.Therefore, Tokushima had that as a root, and on the day when Tokushima was notified of the dismissal, Tokushima expelled Terayama from the Teito Medical College affiliate and unemployed.
Handa positive<40[152]>
Performance- Taishi Masaoka(Phase 1)
Deputy Secretary-General of the Third Hospital attached to Teito Medical University.
A faithful subordinate of Terayama. He has a habit of saying "will (meaning" as you say ")", and there are few lines other than his will.Leaving the Third Branch and Teito Medical College with Terayama.
Ai Okumura<25[153]>
Performance- Lin Dandan(Phase 1)
Privately established Second Surgery Professor's Office, Third Hospital, Teito Medical Universitysecretary
→ Private Secretary, Professor's Office, Department of Anesthesiology, Teito Medical University Hospital
Torii'smistress..At the first meeting, she misunderstands Michiko as Torii's new mistress and is jealous.
When Torii's cancer was discovered, Michiko refused to donate the liver, but after his surgery, he changed from Torii, whose wife's liver was always watching, to become a private secretary of the anesthesiology professor.
Toru Shiraki<35[154]>
Performance- Kazushige Komatsu(Phase 1)
Noboru NikaidoWhen I was searching the internet for the procedure performed by Michiko during the surgery, I once performed the same procedure in Cuba.Doctor XFind out that there is a mysterious doctor.
He first finds his cancer by looking at Torii's roentgen photo and informs him, but he is asked not to talk about it.In the final episodeDoctor XKnows that there are many people in the world.

National Advanced Medical Center

Set in the "National Advanced Medical Center", the highest national hospital in Japan in Tokyo.The center has an east wing and a west wing, each of which has a clinical department. The east wing medical department has a "Totei University Hospital" and the west wing medical department has a "Saikyo University Hospital".The president's office is on the 3rd floor of the west wing.

Successive presidents

There is no deputy president or deputy director position at this hospital, and the director of the medical department acts as the deputy president.
Tetsuya Kurobe
Performance- Akira Nakao(Episode 3)
President of National Advanced Medical Center
Served as president for 2 terms and 4 years.Naniwa's bun is my favorite.
Taking the post of president, he was hungry by inciting the conflict between the factions of "Toei University" and "Seokyeong University" and adhering to the trader, but he was later dismissed by a resolution of the board of directors.[ep 9]..After graduating from Totei University, I went to a graduate school at Saikyo University, so I don't have any feelings for either.Basically, I will take part in the place where I gave the bun.Prior to serving as president, he was a professor and associate professor at a university hospital in the United States.
Yoshito Tendo<68[155]>
Performance- Kinoji Kitaoji(Phase 3)
Director of National Advanced Medical Center (Episode 1)
→ President of National Advanced Medical Center (End of Episode 1-Final Episode)
→ President of Japanese National Research and Development Agency Japan Medical Industry Organization (final episode)
→ General medical staff / surgeon (end of the final episode)
Former president Kurobe, who was covered in corruption, was dismissed and became president.Declare a major reform of the medical center, which is a national business, and wield a strong arm.In addition, she witnesses the skill of Michiko and welcomes her to the medical center.Born in Totei University.
Its true identity and true spirit are shrouded in mystery, and it often makes mysterious words and deeds.When he became president, he distributed his resignation to all the staff of the Department of Surgery and Nursing, and he said that he could not take a chance after that and that he had ethical problems as a doctor, so he went to Futaba, Ashigara, Dangozaka, and Fujikawa. I have you write a resignation.
JournalistHiroshi ShikataRegarding the reason for dismissing Ashigara and Futaba, we do not think that there is a need for a doctor who cannot provide the best technology to patients at this medical center.
The feeling of thinking about the Japanese medical world is genuine, and Kamihara admits that Tendo "understands the most unknown child of all the doctors I have ever met."
He was supposed to use Tokachi to establish the Japan Medical Industry Organization and become its chairman in order to embody his philosophy, but the Cabinet did not like the fact that a doctor would talk to the medical administration. Chief Cabinet SecretaryMinoru HanyuWill be dismissed by.After that, he witnessed an unknown child who devotes himself to saving the patient in front of him, and decided to start again as a surgeon (effectively hiring as Hira).

Strategic Integrated Surgery (former East Wing Medical Department)

It belongs to the "Totei University School of Medicine / Hospital" faction and is occupied by people from the Second Surgery.

With the integration of West Wing Surgery and East Wing Surgery, the divisional organizational system of West Wing Surgery and East Wing Surgery will be lifted, and a new organizational structure will be started as strategic integrated surgery.
Shintaro Ashigara<39[156]>
Performance- Kazuya Takahashi(Phase 3 Episode 1-Episode 3)
Director of the Second Surgeon Bureau, Totei University Hospitallecturer (Before the first episode)
→ National Advanced Medical Center East Wing Surgeon Chief (Episode 1)
→ National Advanced Medical Center Strategic Integrated Surgeon Chief (Episode 2-3)
Born in Totei University School of Medicine.
He has been in the east wing for eight years since the center was established.He was a beloved wife with a serious personality and was called "Mr. Clean", but it was discovered that he had an affair with the patient, and the courtship email sent to the other party was grabbed by the old west wing and reported to Tendo. Written resignation for being done[ep 10].

Strategic Integrated Surgery (former West Wing Medical Department)

It belongs to the "Seokyeong University School of Medicine / Hospital" faction and is occupied by people from the First Surgery.

Daimon calls the three members of the former surgeon, Dangozaka, and the deputy director, Futaba, and the surgeon, Achi, the three dumpling brothers, and the other West Wing medical staff laugh.
In episode 5, the then director of surgery, Dangozaka, resigned and Ebina completely unified the east and west and merged with the former east wing, but in episode 7, a famous doctor appeared from Seokyeong University Hospital and was born in the former west wing. A savior appears.
Kenji Futaba<45[157]>
Performance- Makita sports(3th episode 1st and 2nd episode)
Department of Neurosurgery, Kyobashi Hospital, Seokyeong University School of MedicineAssociate professor(Before the first episode)
→ Deputy Director of Surgery, West Wing, National Advanced Medical Center (Episode 1)
→ Deputy Director of Strategic Integrated Surgery, the same hospital (Episode 2)
→ Seokyeong University Regional Branch
Born in Seokyeong University School of Medicine.
Only Deputy Director Futaba, a surgeon who can remove brain tumors and perform robotic surgery at Seokyeong University.Since he was regarded as a well-known doctor outside the brain at Dangozaka, he was called in and arrived at the center.
Excellent in surgical skill, but weak.Professor KazamaHe made a mistake during his surgery and was saved by an unknown child as a result, but he was eventually resigned because of the mistake.[ep 11].
Shozo Achi<42[158]>
Performance- Takayuki Kinoshita(Phase 3)
National Kyoto Cancer Genome Research Institute Hospital / Assistant
→ Seokyeong University Hospital Kyoto 4th Branch 2014st Surgeon Bureau Director ・ Assistant Professor (April-July 4)
→ First Surgery of the same hospitallecturer(February-June 2014)
→ National Advanced Medical Center West Wing Surgeon Chief (Episode 1)
→ Chief of the Hospital / Strategic Integrated Surgeon (Episode 2 and later)
→ Seokyeong University Hospital First Surgerylecturer (3rd term and later)
My hometown is Kyoto.Born in Saikyo University.An intermediate executive of the Seokyeong University faction.I arrived at the center as if I was following Dangozaka.Originally from Seokyeong University School of Medicine, he is the only survivor from the former West Wing.However, when Hiruma took office as president, he returned to the main hospital.
Dangozaka Noboru<58[159]>
Performance- Ibu Masato(Phase 3 Episode 1-Episode 5)
Director / Chief Professor, Department of Surgery, Seokyeong University Hospital (before being assigned to the National Advanced Medical Center)
→ Director of Surgery, West Wing, National Advanced Medical Center (Episode 1)
→ Director of Strategic Integrated Surgery Department of the same hospital (Episode 2-5)
→ Seokyeong University Regional Branch
Date of birth July 31, 7
Original high school = Graduated from Seokyeong University Third High School.Born in Seokyeong University School of Medicine.
SpecialtyRespiratorAnd is a leading expert in thoracoscopic surgery.
Arrived at the center at the same timing as Ebina.According to the words of the director of the hospital, Hiruma, who was said when he was the director of the surgery department of Saikyo University Hospital, he is planning to dismiss the medical staff in the former eastern wing.
Like Ebina, he is a person who is vulnerable to superiors and treats his subordinates with a strong attitude.He deliberately concealed the patient's idiosyncratic drug in order to destroy Ebina, but was eventually dismissed when it was discovered that he had weighed the patient's life.[ep 12].
In the 4th and 5th terms, he sent bouquets to Hiragana, who became the new director of Totei University Hospital.
Kiyoshiro Fujikawa<50[160]>
Performance- Shinta Furuta[161](Phase 3 Episode 7-Final Episode)
Director / Chief Professor, Department of Surgery, Seokyeong University Hospital
→ Director of Strategic Integrated Surgery, National Advanced Medical Center (Episode 7-Final)
→ Seokyeong University Regional Branch
The former director of surgery, Dangozaka, is called Dango-sensei.
He will be transferred from Seokyeong University to succeed Dangozaka.Although the surgical skill is excellent[Note 41]
He likes flock, authority, and bondage, and he has excellent fluttering to his subordinates as well as fascination and humor, and his fluttering of money is better than anyone else. Therefore, the people were very popular.
In addition, he has the opposite personality to Michiko, such as not resigning responsibility transfer for his own self-protection.Yoshiko TokachiBefore the surgery, he handed "the only tie to the world" to Kamihara and Tendo (to Kamihara with the "advance payment for surgery"), but during the operation on the day of the surgery, Kamihara and Tendo When I visited, I was upset when I noticed that the "only one tie in the world" that I had given to them was exactly the same in color and pattern, and it was different from what I should have used.SutureHurry Shiraki to hand over.Later, when Tokachi's condition suddenly changed due to that, he said that "surgery failed" because "Shiraki handed a suture different from what he instructed" (actually, Fujikawa himself did so. I rubbed all the responsibilities on Shiraki (despite the fact that I was instructed to do it), and as a result I was mentally cornered just before I resigned[ep 13].
After that, he received a notice of dismissal from Tendo, who found out the "real cause" of Tokachi's surgery failure, and still requested withdrawal of the dismissal with his boss, Seokyeong University Hospital, but suddenly he was dismissed. He was eventually fired for being easily abandoned by betrayal.
Tatsuya Nakamaru
Performance-Daisuke Nishikiori[162](Phase 3)
Strategic Integrated Surgeon.
Yuki Haraguchi
Performance-Koichi Minemoto[163](Phase 3)
Strategic integrated surgeon.
Naoki Hasegawa
Performance- Kosuke Koide[164](Phase 3)
Strategic integrated surgeon.
Secretary of the Director of Seokyeong University Hospital
Performance- Kanade Tsutsui (Phase 3 Episode 1)
Hiruma's secretary.I'm listening to Hiruma next to me at a steak shop, flying a phone call to Dangozaka.

Nursing department

Junko Shiraki<55[165]>
Performance- Junko Takahata(Phase 3)
Chief Nursing Department of Nursing Department, National Advanced Medical Center.
The de facto director of the nursing department who divides the center's nursing department.Of the Japan Nurses AssociationChairman MiharaTomo familiar with the face.Born in the Nursing Department of Totei University.
He has an extremely strict personality that sometimes intimidates doctors, and is highly trusted by other nurses, and is also regarded by Tendo.[Note 42]..Even if he is hostile to the unknown child, he will not cut corners in his work and will provide accurate and perfect support.On holidaysKaraoke alone”, And even though he was not invited by an unknown child, he enjoyed playing mahjong with Kambara and others at the“ Kambara Meikyou Introductory Office ”, showing a different side from the serious attitude in the hospital. ..
Although she was hostile to Michiko, who boasted that she wouldn't fail, that there was no doctor who wouldn't fail, she gradually recognized her abilities as she interacted with her.
Fujikawa was upset when he saw two people wearing the same tie that was given to both Tendo and Kamihara at the same time as "the only tie in the world" in the operation of Representative Tokachi. 6-0 nylon by mistake. Instead, I instructed 4-0 nylon, and although I confirmed it, I handed over 4-0 nylon as instructed.When Tokachi suddenly changed his condition due to hemorrhagic shock after the operation, he was blamed by Fujikawa and resigned by accepting the humiliating treatment as "has defiled the honor of the hospital and President Tendo". He decides to submit his resignation to Tendo, but Tendo returns, "Now, please do your best to support the patient's reoperation."After that, he refused to persuade Michiko, saying, "I have already decided," but the desperate persuasion of the junior nurses stopped me, but later Tendo realized that the real cause was Fujikawa's mistake. The suspicion was cleared by dismissing him, and he did not quit the center completely.After Tendo retired, he left the center with Hashiguchi and others.
Rei Hashiguchi<25[166]>
Performance- Matsushima flower[167](Phase 3)
Nursing department Surgical treatment nurse.
Born in the Nursing Department of Totei University.The most popular in the nursing department.He left the center with Shiraki when the Tendo and Hiragana swapped.A favorite of Kachi and Dangozaka.
Manabe Nozomi
Performance- Kayoko Natsuaki[168](Phase 3)
Chief nurse in charge of surgical treatment in the Nursing Department.
Minagi Yamaga
Performance-Yui Tanahashi[169](Phase 3)
Nursing department Surgical treatment nurse.
Rakumoto Haruka
Performance-Yoshiko Maki[170](Phase 3)
Nursing Department Surgical Treatment Nurse
Yuko Iwasaki
Performance-Naoko Yokochi (3rd term)
Nursing department Surgical treatment nurse.Ebina's favorite.
Mayumi Hirose
Performance- Chizu Lee[171](Phase 3)
Nursing department Surgical treatment nurse.
9th year nurse.In the final episode, Shigekatsu Hiruma was appointed as president while he was in the hospital and was recommended as the public secretary of the new president Hiruma, but he declined by saying "No, no."Achi's favorite.

Related person

Minoji Kato<51[172]>
Performance- Watanabe Ikkei(Phase 3)
Secretary General of the National Advanced Medical Center.
A small-minded person who looks at a person's complexion and acts like a weathercock.He liked melons and was sensitive to the melons that Kamihara brought with his bill.I'm in good spirits with Ebina from my distressed workplace.Immediately after Tendo retired, Kato also moved.
Tomoko Sekigahara<26[173]>
Performance- Risa Naito[174](Phase 3 Episode 2-Final Episode)
National Advanced Medical Center Strategic Integrated Surgery Director's Office Public Secretary
He is a well-informed person in the hospital, and he is enthusiastic about the high-level sights against the east-west faction conflict.My hobby is sitting at the desk at the entrance of both the eastern and western surgical department managers' offices and eavesdropping on secret conversations and collusion between the director and medical staff.I have a physical relationship with Ikawa.After Hiruma became the new president, he became the public secretary of the president's office.
Masumi Ikawa<29[175]>
Performance- Ken Shounozaki[176](Phase 3)
National Advanced Medical Center Director / Public Secretary (Episode 1)
→ President of National Advanced Medical Center / Public Secretary (after the end of Episode 1)
→ Chairman of the Japanese National Research and Development Agency, Public Secretary (final episode)
Tendo's secretary.A secretary who has been close to Tendo since the time of the board of directors.It usually looks quiet and rugged, but behind the scenes, it focuses on gathering information in the hospital.There is a physical relationship with Sekigahara.

Cross Medical Center

General hospital in Kanazawa.It is a national advanced medical development special zone, and mainly focuses on research.Mainly internal medicine.It is in conflict with the National Advanced Medical Center.It has been evaluated nationwide, including being in the top 10 in the hospital ranking of medical journals.


Kurosu Kuntaro
Performance- Beat takeshi(Special)
Director of Cross Medical Center Hospital.
Originally a surgeon, he turned into a physician for some reason and colluded with a local pharmaceutical company.A man who seems calm at first glance, but does not know what he is thinking.Headhunting in anticipation of Michiko Daimon's arm, requesting the operation of figure skater Kojiro Himuro.Behind the scenes, I'm thinking about something wrong.He used a thug to attack an unknown child and injured his right hand.
Dr. Kambara has a history of training in Cuba 30 years ago.It was actually Kurosu's work that stripped Kamihara of his doctor's license.At that time, he betrayed and ran away with a reward, and the owner of the fate who disappeared.
At the beginning, Ms. Miko witnessed her kissing her mistress on the street.
Tadashi Aoyagi
Performance- Hashizume Isao(Special)
Secretary General of Cross Medical Center.
In the shadow of the hospital director, Kurosu Kuntaro, he guides various behind-the-scenes work such as media manipulation.I have known Hiruma for a long time.
I am amazed at the amount of surgery billed by Kamihara in the local dialect.
I like the press conference and am attending the conference with Hiruma from another hospital.
Tomiyo Momoi
Performance- Yuka Kanuma[177](Special)
Secretary of the Cross Medical Center Secretariat.
He wears the same glasses as Secretary-General Aoyagi, but there is a secret hidden in the glasses.


Performance- Shin Saeki(Special)
Cross Medical Center Physician.
Performance- Takashi Kodama(Special)
Cross Medical Center Physician.
Cross Medical Center Physician.

Wang Super International Clinic

A hospital established by the millionaire Wang Cho in China.There are excellent doctors regardless of nationality who have been headhunted by Wang Cho for a high fee.


Wang Chao
Performance- Koji Yano[178](4th episode 10st and final episode)
A Chinese millionaire who is the founder of Wang Cho International Clinic and is buying real estate in Japan.Headhunting the majority of surgeons and physicians at "Totei University Hospital" by Kitano et al.A type that makes money say something.
I will prepare a reasonable price for the person who likes it, but if I am not convinced, I will make a loud voice and try to crush it thoroughly.He had a wide network of contacts, and when his wife and children were saved, he introduced a large number of overseas celebrities to the Totei University Hospital.
Family is wifeTokiko.


Toko Kubo<65[179]>
Performance- Izumi Pinko[180](Phase 4)
→ Director of Gynecology Department, Totei University HospitalChief Professor (2005-2006)
→ New York University Hospital (2006-4th episode 1)
→ Deputy Director of Totei University Hospital (4th term)
→ Director of Wang Cho International Clinic Hospital (Final episode of the 4th term)
Deputy Director of "Totei University Hospital".Former director, who was kicked out by Shigekatsu Hiruma, who became the new hospital directorKubo ShigeruSister of.
Special skill is background check.My hobbies are background checks and mahjong.My favorite food is dumplings.Midwife.
She is in charge of the special S course human dock of Totei University.
At one point, he became the first female gynecologist at Totei University.In the election of the chief professor, he was elected in the same election as Hiruma, and the relationship between the two dogs and monkeys began from there. Ten years ago, in the election of the chief professor, which was held between the direct reports of Hiruma, who was the director of the Second Department of Surgery, Totei University School of Medicine, and Kubo, who was the director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Totei University School of Medicine at that time. Defeated in the battle for supremacy.As a result, Hiruma's subordinates won, and Kubo's subordinates were defeated.After that, he was resigned by Hiruma at the professor's meeting of the University of Tokyo.He went to the United States alone in the form of being hit by a medical office in a male society.Therefore, it burns strong hostility toward the upper layers such as Hiruma.
He is also a person who can act with the idea of ​​being involved in medical care, and in the sense that he despises it, he often conflicts with Hiruma et al.In fact, when he visited the Kamihara office, he complained, "You have to clean up (dirty thoughts) once."
He is suspicious and does not trust others.I don't listen to people, I only say what I want to say.When he first met Michiko in the United States, he said he was a "cleaner", but he fell in love with Michiko's arm and hired him to clean up the Totei University Hospital.However, it frustrates the unknown child who cannot control it as he wishes.In addition, when the problem of plagiarism of a treatise occurs, Saionji and Kikawada are on their side, and the problem of plagiarism is also pushed to Hiruma, and he intends to resign, but Hiruma with the help of Ebina is in a position. It ends in failure by reversing.
In the eighth episode, Yuta Yaotome, a superstar who is a big fan of herself, is hospitalized in secret while she is absent.Although he struggles to manage information thoroughly, Saionji leaks confidential information to Rika, and the information spreads on SNS.I managed to get Yaotome to undergo surgery, but the projection mapping equipment stopped due to a computer virus during the surgery.The operation was successful by the hand of Michiko.After that, he was sentenced to Kubi to Huangkawada and Minami, but he was furious about accepting the patient in his private way to Minami.
In the final round, a medical staff member of the University of Tokyo was asked to join hands from the south when he was raising a sense of crisis about being headhunted by a large number of kings.When Daimon entered the room to perform Shironouchi's surgery while submitting his resignation, he saw Hiruma refusing the operation because of the birth of another patient, saying, "I can't operate Japanese and I'm a foreigner. The national university hospital that operates is strange, "he said, and after canceling the maternity surgery, he delivered spontaneously by himself.After that, he gave up cleaning the Totei University Hospital and retired from the post of Deputy Director, and became the director of the newly established Wang Cho International Clinic in Shanghai.I sent dumplings from Shanghai to Michiko.
Toru Kitano<42[181]>
Performance- Kenichi Takifuji[48](Phase 4)
Totei University Hospital General Surgerylecturer(Phase 4)
→ Wang Cho International Clinic Surgeon Chief (Final episode of the 4th term, Doctor Y 2)
A super doctor pulled out of New York with a noise.Authority of soft tissue tumors.
Although he was from the Faculty of Medicine of Totei University, he was treated coldly by the professors because he was a poor student in the 200s out of 190 when he was a student to a trainee.According to himself, in HokkaidoChomanbe TownI'm from
He acts only with pride as a super doctor, and for that reason he rebels and abuses his boss, director, and patients, and is a rare existence along with unknown child at Totei University Hospital.
He has succeeded in various state-of-the-art operations, but he is weak against pressure and lacks flexibility, and he can throw a spoon when the patient's condition progresses or equipment malfunction occurs.It is often the case that the surgery is done with a great deal of attention, and finally it is left to the unknown child.Some sections have a certain rivalry with unknown children who have different surgical skills and ways of thinking.
Hara is the same as the internship era.English is mixed in some conversations, including during surgery, probably because of his background.[Note 43]..In addition, he has been very fond of Jonouchi as a type, and when Daimon was operating her, he helped with the operation because he did not want to die.
Issue 4
At the Totei University Hospital as a souvenir for the Hiragana.Knowing that Hiruma would resign, he asked the director to leave the story blank.
To tell the truth, I came to the hospital to achieve the purpose of having the professor (Hiruma et al.) At that time, who made the bitter memories of the internship, once do the dogeza.He left the Totei University Hospital because he realized that it would be meaningless to win because the level of the professors was low, and when he resigned, he left the Totei University Hospital and became the King Super International Clinic in Shanghai with a high reward. hired.
Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kaji-
See here.
Kosuke Manda<44[182]>
Performance- Eiji Takigawa(Phase 4)
Totei University Hospital General Surgeon Staff (4th term)
→ Wang Cho International Clinic Surgeon (Final episode of the 4th term)
A subordinate of Takeshi Saionji, the director of the general surgery department.
He is aiming for a career, and he repeats his "will" every day.
He was headhunted in the final episode and started working at the Wang Cho International Clinic, but was shocked because Toko Kubo, the former deputy director of Totei University Hospital, was appointed as the hospital director.
Intermediate Daiki
Performance- Fumitaka Terai(Phase 4)
Totei University Hospital General Surgeon Staff (4th term)
→ Wang Cho International Clinic Surgeon (Final episode of the 4th term)
Taro Qingdao
Performance- Masai Sawai[183](Phase 4)
Totei University Hospital General Internal Medicine Department Staff (4th term)
→ Wang Cho International Clinic Physician (Final episode of the 4th term)

Related person

Ikuko Minami<48[184]>
Performance- Kusakari Tamiyo[48](Phase 4)
Director of Public Relations, Totei University Hospital (4th term)
→ General Manager of Public Relations Department, Wang Cho International Clinic (Final episode of the 4th term)
A branding professional invited by Hiruma to establish the brand of Totei University Hospital.Although he is the director of the public relations department, he also plays the role of a practical secretary, such as giving advice on Hiruma and Kubo.Very capable as a secretary.I always check the behavior of the staff without letting go of the tablet, and even if the evaluation partner is the director, I mercilessly mark it with a cross[Note 44].
A brilliant public relations officer who has rebuilt the management of many hospitals so far, the hospital she was dispatched to is sure to be in the top ten in the national hospital ranking.[Note 45]It is rumored that if she is marked with a cross, she will disappear from the hospital within a month.A mysterious woman who has a wide face not only in the medical world but also in the political and business world[Note 46].
Basically expressionless and does not show a smile[Note 47], There is no intonation in the way he speaks, and he behaves coldly.Even though he is hired, he is familiar with the University of Tokyo, such as advising patients to falsify data when a medical error in Saionji is discovered, and not even dealing with emergency cases if there is no profit.[Note 48].
In episode 8, as the director of the public relations department, he struggles to manage information thoroughly.Yuta YaotomeThe fact that he was hospitalized in secret spread on SNS.Kubo was about to be dismissed from his own selfishness, and he was unusually angry and had a rough tone.
He is good at ballroom dancing, and at the ballroom dance competition of the women's associations of Totei University Hospital and Keirin University Hospital in episode 9, Hanako asked him to participate as a "helper of the women's association of Totei University Hospital".[185]Surprised Michiko and Kamihara who happened to be there[Note 49].
In the final episode, doctors at Totei University Hospital promised to go to a hospital in Shanghai in collusion with Deputy Director Kubo while receiving headhunting by Wang Cho, and later asked for help from Hiruma who received a notice of relegation. But he refused to help because he was "connected to Shanghai."
Performance- Shunsaku Kudo(4th episode 10st and final episode)
Wang Cho's Japanese interpreter.

Japan Nursing Federation

Masae Mihara<73[186]>
Performance- Shima Iwashita[187](Special appearance, 3rd episode, 3rd episode / 6th episode, 5th episode)
Chairman of the Japan Nurses Association (3rd episode, 3rd episode)
→ Honorary Chairman of the Japan Nurses Association (6th episode, 5th episode)
Born in Aomori prefecture.Reigns at the top of 150 million Japanese nurses.Once on a par with the Japan Medical Association, he made efforts to improve the working environment of nurses and won the status improvement.Legendary nurseBecause ordinary doctors have irresistible power and voiceHeisei edition Kasuga stationIt is regarded by the medical community as.When Hiruma was a trainee at the University of Tokyo, he often took care of him.The only doctors she can't resist are seniors from Hiruma such as Hachiya, Tokushima, Kubo and Teshigawara.Re-appeared for the first time in 6 years in the 5th episode of the 5th term.He retired from the chairman and has a cloister rule that fits in with the honorary chairman.Reiwa version of Lady KasugaAs a result, he continues to have the power to speak to the presidential election of the "Japan Doctors Club".
He was a single mother and raised his son Goro with just one woman.According to Goro, he is a strict and stubborn grandmother who is kind to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.There were various rumors about his son's father, such as a famous politician who was hospitalized at that time, but the truth is a mystery.Only to Michiko, the son's father told him that he died before his son was born.[Note 50]..Its name is Goro.
Hit with a cane if you don't like something (such as the clothes of a highly exposed employee or a tattoo).
Issue 3
Beloved grandchildNanakoPlease ask the National Advanced Medical Center for treatment.With a strict personality, he is reluctant to wear Michiko's highly exposed clothes and unwavering self-confidence, and refuses the technique "Pelvic exenteration" proposed by Michiko and tries to protect "dignity as a person".After the operation, he agrees with Tendo's plan of the Japan Medical Industry Organization, but strongly warns that Michiko will eventually become Tendo's cancer (disturber).
Issue 6
The eldest son "Goro, Grandson's "Chiaki, The great-grandson "し ん の す け, Living with his dog "Shiro". Although he held a lecture at "Totei University Hospital", he was repatriated to the beach because he repeated anachronistic remarks.After that, Ebina collapsed when she visited her home to apologize, and the diagnosis of Michiko who saw the CT scan image taken when she visited a private hospital before revealed that she was suffering from "dumbbell-type schwannoma". But,"A secret"I stubbornly refused surgery because I didn't want anyone to know about it.Impressed by the single-mindedness of the new nurse, Masako Oma, she kindly looks at Masako and gives guidance.Furthermore, because they are in Aomori, their hometown, each otherTsugaru dialectTalk at and hit it off.After that, he agreed to the operation by exchanging a "woman-to-woman promise" without talking to anyone with Michiko, and he was completely cured by a top secret operation only by Hiromi and Masako.After the operation, I called Michiko and thanked her for keeping her promise.

Japan Medical Association

Keinobu Uchikanda<70[188]>
Performance- Kusakari Masao[189](Phase 5)
Chairman of the Japan Medical Club.Born in Totei University School of Medicine.His wife is the daughter of a former Totei University School of Medicine and has a high sense of pride.
Became chairman.Prior to serving as chairman, he was active as a member of the Japan Medical Club for six years, and before that he was a professor at the University of Tokyo.He seems to like steak, and he always rents out a steak shop to eat steak at secret meetings, and he tells Hiruma that he wants to eat delicious meat.In addition, it is focusing on maintaining the brand of Totei University Hospital, and is taking various measures through Hiruma. He hated the word "will" and called attention when he said it, and when he was about to say it in front of him, he hurriedly corrected it.He has been divorced repeatedly and has many sons for that reason (Nishiyama, who works for the University of Tokyo, is one of them, but he is a child of a nurse he was dating).
When Madoka Shimura, who was the director of the University of Tokyo, advocated the priority of patient first and the elimination of the bad power posture, he feared that the power of the Japanese Medical Club would be threatened eventually, so he teamed up with Hiruma and forced her to be dismissed. Then, Hiruma is appointed as the hospital director again.At first, he was only wary of Michiko as "a cancer in the medical world who challenges difficult surgery in exchange for a high reward", but "simultaneous resection of the liver, pancreas and duodenum" regarding Ito's mother, a young doctor. When Ito, who was a party to the achievement, revealed the truth in front of the media and the existence of an unknown child who is not a regular medical staff member of the Totei University Hospital, "I have never tasted it before." He gets angry as "humiliation of the humiliation" and aims to eliminate her in earnest by pointing the brunt of that anger at the unknown child.
In episodes 4 and 5, we are considering introducing AI (artificial intelligence) into the medical industry, and we first introduced it to the University of Tokyo and, with the results, introduced it to affiliated hospitals nationwide. I'm trying to keep the rebate in my pocket, but in the process, Akira Kambara, a colleague from the University of Tokyo, asks me not to touch Michiko.
In the 8th episode, he went to Totei University himself and went to Hiruma.Takuya YakumoHe reveals that the ministers who have been accused are his distant friends, and then asks other than Michiko to have Yakumo's surgery.However, after being revealed by Nishiyama that he was his son, he acknowledged Yakumo's operation presented by Nishiyama on the condition that he would not leak this to the media.Still, since he was worried about his son, he sent an unknown child to his assistant through Hiruma and eventually made her operate.In addition, he called Nishiyama at a later date and said that he was grateful that his sons had aspired to become a doctor, and that he would continue to serve as a father, but on the contrary, it was a means for power. Nishiyama, who felt lonely in his appearance, was angry and struck by his true feelings, and when he let go of his wristwatch in front of him, the parent-child relationship was broken.
In the 9th episode, he finally started to eliminate Michiko completely, and he stopped the transaction to Totei University at the Kamihara Meiyo Introductory Office, and also terminated the employment contract of Michiko, and also used Pheasant. Although he is prepared to sue the Kambara Doctor's Office for a large amount of charges, he was called by Akira later, and he begged him to perform the operation of the patient in the unknown child at the University of Tokyo. I acknowledged that and gave permission to operate.After that, it was found that he had stage IVa esophageal cancer, and he confirmed whether it could be resected by surgery, but he refused to be "off label for surgery".[Note 51].
In the final episode, he was hospitalized at Totei University and later managed to recover after being operated by Michiko, but in the end he was arrested by the Tokyo Detention House along with Hiruma on suspicion of being involved in AI bribery, and was imprisoned in Tokyo Detention House. It was decided[Note 52].
Shinnosuke Hagisawa
Performance- Kenichi Yajima(Phase 5)
Auditor of Totei University Hospital.It also serves as the de facto secretary-general of Totei University Hospital.
He is serious and boasted that he will also check the flow of money, and there is a sense of justice enough to see the bribe that the patient brought to Hiruma, but on the other hand, in order to make the achievement of Michiko the achievement of another doctor. There is also a clever side, such as responding to Akira's high-priced bill as a bribe, and when Uchikanda is cornered, he gives up first and runs away.He is also loyal to organized rules and orders, showing a merciless side to those who break them.At the order of Uchikanda, he comes to Totei University Hospital for an unannounced background check, but he conveys Uchikanda's anger to Hiragana due to an event related to "simultaneous resection of the hepatopancreas and duodenum" and requests the elimination of unknown children at the same time.He also said that he would file a criminal complaint after investigating the case of Akira's high-value claim, which he once accepted the payment.In episode 9, Michiko Daimon was banished from the medical community while arranging to sue the Kambara Doctor's Office for a high-priced claim and going to the director's office of the University of Tokyo with a smile on Hiruma, Ebina, Torii and Inomata. "It will be done," he said. "In the future, those who are involved in the actions of Michiko Daimon will be punished accordingly."In the final episode, when he saw Uchikanda arrested for bribery, he shouted "I don't know !!" (actually, "Wow, I don't know"), and immediately after that, Uchikanda I abandoned and escaped from the spot.


Takehiro Oizumi
Performance- Kei Sunaga(Episode 3)
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
He was chased by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of gambling and was admitted to the National Advanced Medical Center for inspection, but he was dismissed and was arrested after retiring from the position of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.The father of Minister Yuzo Oizumi, who was appointed as Minister to succeed Saburo Umezawa, the former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in the third episode of the sixth term.
Yoshiko Tokachi
Performance- Judy Ong(Phase 3 Episode 9-Final Episode)
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare·Member of the House of Representatives.
Appointed Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a candidate to succeed Minister Oizumi, who was ousted due to corruption.
It was difficult for any specialist to cure by surgery. Myocardial infarction was diagnosed.Hepatocellular carcinomaHe suffers from illness and is used by Tendo to establish the Japan Medical Industry Organization.
In a paper written by Ms. Fujikawa, Michiko performed myocardial regeneration using a cell sheet, and later, the failure of Fujikawa was cured by liver regeneration using bone marrow cells, which Daimon performed to wipe her back. He agreed with the establishment of the Japan Medical Industry Organization, which he opposed, and recommended Tendo to the chairman, but he agreed to dismiss Tendo from the chairman because Hanyu used the cabinet.After that, he was appointed as the second president of the Japanese National Research and Development Agencies, where Tendo left.
Minoru Hanyu
Performance- Takeo Nakahara(Final episode of the 3rd term)
Chief Cabinet Secretary.
He didn't like Tendo, who talked to the medical administration, and used the Cabinet to notify the president of the Japan Medical Industry Organization of his dismissal.
Aiko Ichinose
Performance- Kayoko Kishimoto(Special)
Member of the House of Representatives.
A politician based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.Although suffering from lung cancer, his life was saved by the emergency operation "Right lung lower lobe / descending pulmonary artery replacement" of unknown child.He had a mistress relationship with the director of Kurosu Kuntaro Hospital.
Kanemoto Yoji
Performance- Nishioka Tokuma(Episode 4)
Member of the House of Representatives.
A member of parliament with money and power. He was admitted to the "Totei University Hospital" in secret, but immediately after that, black rumors about political funding emerged.
Originally, he was hospitalized as a dummy to escape the pursuit of the media, but he was shocked when a test revealed simultaneous liver metastasis of colorectal cancer.
The operation was scheduled to be performed by Michiko, but when she heard from the nurse that Michiko failed the operation, she changed the surgeon.Instead, Kitano tries to perform "partial colon resection and partial hepatic resection / extended right lobectomy", but the bleeding does not stop and he is replaced by an unknown child, and the operation is successfully completed with two central hepatic segmental resections.
Saburo Umezawa<61>
Performance- Kakuno Takuzo(Episode 6)
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
He repeatedly makes mistakes and moves to "Totei University Hospital" to escape from the media.Although he was once kicked out by Tange, he was hospitalized safely because Hiruma returned to the hospital director with the help of his secretary.After that, he was diagnosed with stage II tongue cancer by the diagnosis of Michiko, and he was hospitalized for a long time by Tange's strategy, and he treats the eel to apologize to Michiko who once asked for surgery.After seeing the suspicious point, the diagnosis of the unknown child revealed choroidal malignant melanoma in the eye, and the operation of the unknown child completely cured it. Resign from the minister in a way that is abandoned by us.
Yuzo Oizumi<40>
Performance- Ryo Segawa(Episode 6)
Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, member of the House of Representatives
Former Minister of State for Work Style Reform.Deputy Director Tange and his golf companion.The successor to Minister Saburo Umezawa, who was virtually replaced by a young ace in the party who repeatedly made mistakes.The son of Takehiro Oizumi, a former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, who was arrested for corruption in episode 3 of the third term.
Masayoshi Hachimura<39>
Performance- Terunosuke Takezai[88](Episode 6)
Prince of politics, nextPrime ministerCandidate.Patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy.At first, he wanted to be hospitalized in secret, but at the suggestion of Maria, a press conference will be held.I heard from Maria himself that it wasn't Maria who performed the surgery, and said, "It's not who helped, but who helped."After surgery, she marries Maria.


Issue 1 / Issue 2 / Issue 3 / スペシャル / Issue 4 / Issue 5 / Issue 6

In the case of multiple episodes or single episodes, it is written in parentheses () next to the performer's name.The names of the characters in the guests basically include the number of episodes (Episode 1 ⇒ "Ichi" Nose, "First" Episode 2 ⇒ "Ni" Kaido).

Phase 1 (2012)

Episode 1
Jiro Ichinose<60>
Performance- Fuwa Mansaku
President of Ichinose Rubber.Gallstones.Kubo ShigeruWas decided to operate and was deeply grateful, but due to laparotomyCholecystectomyKubo collapsed inside, and he himself was due to the latex gloves of the surgical staff.Latex allergybyAnaphylactic shockIs put at risk of life.However, due to Michiko's wit, she succeeded in the operation instead of non-latex gloves and saved her life.
Namiko Ichinose
Performance- Miyako Yamaguchi
Ichinose's wife.
Episode 2
Satoru Yasuda
Performance- Yasuhiro Arai
A patient who complained of back pain and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.Takashi ToriiWas scheduled to operate, but because the operation day was advanced due to the selfishness of Nikaido, Ms. Miko decided to operate.The pancreatic tail removal was originally scheduled for 3 hours, but it can be completed in 1 hour.
Masayo Yasuda
Performance- Kimura Midori
Yasuda's wife.
Noboru Nikaido<50>
Performance- Hankai Kazuaki[190]
President of Nikaido Publishing.VIP patient in a special room.Introduced by a representativePancreatic cancerCome to the hospital to undergo surgery.During Torii's pancreaticoduodenectomy, invasion was also observed in the superior mesenteric artery and portal vein. It can be cured.
Episode 3
Honda Tadashi
Performance- Shinmaru Nakamaru
Mie's corporate lawyer.At the direction of Mie, she tries to sue Michiko for causing dysgeusia due to surgery without consent.
Mie Hanayama
Performance- Hiraiwa Paper
Popular beauty cooking researcher.Esophageal cancerHe was admitted to a special room for surgery to remove.He puts in an original dish to the medical office, but only Michiko honestly concludes that it is "unpleasant" and points out dysgeusia.After hearing from the surgeon Hara that there is a possibility of residual aftereffects such as loss of appetite due to gastric tube reconstruction, he refuses the operation and wishes for medical treatment.However, hematemesis occurred after that, and the unknown child was completely cured by esophagectomy and reconstruction with a gastric function-preserving colon.
After the surgery, he tried to complain to Michiko that he had dysgeusia because of the surgery, but a tongue and pharyngeal tumor was found.

After that, he grabbed the stomach of a doctor named Nakano, who he met while in the hospital, and enrolled in electric shock.

Episode 4
Mariko Yoshinaga
Performance- Tamao Akae[191]
"Actual record! The Super Doctor" caster. Called "laparoscopic magician"Hideki KajiVisit for coverage.
Atsushi Yotsuya <45>
Performance- Tsurumi Tsurumi
Foreign fund manager.duodenumI have a stage I tumor that has formed.I came to the hospital by relying on my classmate Kaji in high school, so that it would not interfere with my work.UK,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,TokyoHe wishes to be discharged by laparoscopic surgery within 49 hours when the three major markets are suspended.To Kaji who was carefulLaparotomyHowever, I was not convinced, and when I was about to move to the hospital, Michiko suggested that surgery would be possible without opening the abdomen if I used a laparoscope and an endoscope together, and Michiko operated a laparoscope / endoscope. Receive combined duodenal local resection.However, Ms. Miko throws an operation on the way and asks Kaji for help (swing?).And Yotsuya's operation was successful due to Kaji's divine work.Yotsuya pays Kaji an exceptional reward, but he is taken over by Kamihara.
Episode 5
Saki Gokita
Performance- Ninomiya star[192]
By falling in a public bath and banging the abdomenliverrupture.A famous doctor at Teito Medical UniversityKeiichiro SomaIn the emergency surgery, the damaged liver is removed, reconstructed, and then restored, which is a very difficult operation to save his life.However, two months later, he complained of pain in his right knee and was hospitalized again.abdomen,femur,chestHe complained of an abnormality that the pain moved to.Of the doctor in chargeTakuya KishidaHowever, no abnormalities were found during the examination, and he could not even deal with it as a mental matter, saying that it was probably due to his mother's lack of love.So Saki asks for help from an unknown child who says, "Stealing expensive money but not failing."At first, she was an unknown child who showed no interest,abdomen,femur,chestI was suspicious that the pain was moving, and said, "Please contact me when it hurts," and verified the sha-mail sent by entrusting my sub-mobile phone in Saki.In a public bathKambara AkiraLooking at the cuts caused by the tile fragments, I suspect that foreign matter has entered the blood vessels and the fragments are moving.And that premonition is perfectly correct.Saki, who complained of pain and fell down, underwent general anesthesia and performed an X-ray examination, and found tile fragments in her body.Unknown child extracted the tile fragments, and Saki survived.However, I think this is a different problem from the "soma surgery failure" pointed out by Michiko.
Episode 6
Motohiko Rosaka<62>
Performance- Naomasa Mutsuhira
The owner of a tofu shop who visited the Kamihara introduction office. 10 years ago at Daimon ClinicLiver cancerHe was diagnosed with the hospital and was introduced to the Imperial Hospital, but at that time he had just become the director of the Second Department of Surgery, Totei University School of Medicine.Ryunosuke BusujimaWhen he was refused hospitalization and surgery and was in trouble because he had nowhere to go, Hiroshi Daimon saved his life by performing surgery, and he is acquainted with Michiko from that one case.One week after this Rokusaka recovered at Daimon Clinic, the clinic collapsed.By the time he had metastasized to his previous cancer and reunited with Michiko, the cancer had already recurred, but any doctor who had been examined told him that it was inoperable and he was prepared to die.Kamihara made a strategy for the current director, Tokushima, so that he could be admitted to the Third Hospital attached to Teito Medical University, but he died suddenly in time for the night before the operation by Michiko.The only patient in the series who died.
Episode 7
Nanako Torii
Performance- Kayoko Kishimoto[Note 53](Appeared in friendship and final episode)
Takashi ToriiWife of.The son of a junior high school studentHigh school examTell Ms. Miko that she shouldn't die from her husband at an important time.Consider the position and order of the husband's medical office, and fill out the surgery consent form as instructed by Tokushima.Torii was the first patient to undergo surgery (cecum) and got married at that edge.
The last episode of
Ryo Yagi<42>
Performance- Kanji Tsuda
A black journalist who writes anything if he gets the money.After showing Michiko an article she wrote and asking if Michiko was Doctor X, she vomited blood due to massive bleeding from a tumor lesion in the stomach and underwent emergency surgery at Teito University Third Hospital.

Phase 2 (2013)

Episode 1
Performance- Toshiya Toyama
Veterinarian in Hokkaido.
Episode 2
Kazunari Ninomiya <65>
Performance- Terada[193]
President of a major real estate company, Ninomiya Real Estate.A large sponsor who makes a large donation to our hospitalShigekatsu HirumaHas a relative relationship with.A few months ago, he had just undergone surgery for ascending colon cancer with a scrotum, but a recurrence is found in the anastomotic site.Hiruma and the second surgeon, who do not want to admit surgical mistakes, put together to explain that it is another early stage cancer rather than a recurrence.Hiruma performed an operation for ascending colon cancer resection using Ebina as the first assistant, Kameyama as the second assistant, Kondo as the third assistant, and Michiko as the fourth assistant, but he noticed peritoneal dissemination on the way, and Hiruma Abandon the operation.Instead, the operation is successfully completed by total peritoneal removal of the unknown child.
Mrs. Ebina
Performance- Funaki Sachi(Appeared in episode 3)
Ebina's wife.The child is Aya.I'm wearing pink clothes.In the second episode, he was hula dancing with another surgical professor's wife and Hanako by the pool at Hiruma's house.I recommend Kondo as the engagement partner of Hiruma's daughter.In the third episode, I heard a statement at the White Rose Society that it was the responsibility of Ebina's wife to be in poor physical condition, and angry and rushed into the internal medicine.According to Ebina, recently she has been keeping an eye out for excessive drinking of Ebina.They sell scents between Hanako and Hiragana so that Ebina can go higher.
Episode 3
Torako Mimura <39>
Performance- Miki Yamamoto
Mrs. Dean and Chief Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Main Hospital, Teito Medical University Hospital.Chronic renal failureHe had been receiving hemodialysis treatment at another hospital for 2 years, but his symptoms worsened and he developed renal infarction due to a thrombus. She undergoes living-donor small intestine exchange transplant surgery to replace her small intestine with the left kidney of Mrs. Kanie, who is a relative of 6th degree, has the same HLA type, and has the same blood type.After that, Mrs. Hiruma was known to have said that she would cooperate with Kanie in the hospital room regardless of medical surgery, and she was expelled from Teito Medical University with her professor's husband.
Kanie Mika
Performance- Mayumi Myosei
Mrs. Dean and Chief Professor, Department of Surgery, Main Hospital, Teito Medical University Hospital. The small intestine, which was necrotic a year ago, was removed, but suffered from short bowel syndrome, and although the condition tended to improve compared to before surgery, it was not completely cured.She undergoes living-donor exchange transplant surgery, which is a donor and recipient, exchanging organs with her relative, Mrs. Mimura.After that, Mrs. Hiruma was known to have said that she would cooperate with Mimura in the hospital room regardless of medical surgery, and she was expelled from Teito Medical University with her professor's husband.
Episode 4
Rumiko Shijo<37>
Performance- Yumiko Shaku[194]
A mama of the high-class club "Nakazono" in Ginza, who is also known as the "empress" in the political and business world.Thanks to myself, Hiruma was able to succeed so far, but since he hadn't greeted him for five years since he was elected as the chief professor of the University of Tokyo, he celebrated his appointment as the general manager with a sarcasm.Stage IVPancreatic cancerIn the situation where the tumor infiltrated the surrounding blood vessels and the abdominal aortic aneurysm was found near the tumor, a surgical approach was impossible, but the bad deeds between the 蛭He threatens to perform surgery with the "technique" as a shield.Hiruma won again in the 5 Totei University chief professor election five years ago because she leaked about Hiruma's enemies using all her connections.This made it easier for him to become the general manager of Hiruma in the near future.Complete cure by celiac artery combined tail pancreatic resection by Daimon and Ebina.
Shaku's appearance was co-starring with Yonekura.Black leather notebookIn a parody project of "Black Leather Notebook", the hero who plays Yonekura in the same drama threatened to use "Black Leather Notebook", but in this work, he was a rival in "Black Leather Notebook", and in the hospital at the beginning Ginza club "Kal"TeThe main character of "Black Leather Notebook" is "Karu"Ne")[195].
Episode 5
Ichiro Gomi <50>
Performance- Hiroshi Okochi
Patients with stage III esophageal cancer undergo Kusakabe's VATS-E & HALS-G (video-assisted esophagectomy & manual assisted laparoscopic gastric tube reconstruction).Postoperatively reconstructed The gastric tube suddenly changed due to impaired blood flow, and mediastinitis due to anastomotic insufficiency developed, gastric tube necrosis progressed, and the condition worsened from before surgery.The unknown child recovers after a colonic reconstruction with an emergency mediastinal drainage supercharge.
Kaori Gomi
Performance- Koshiba Fuka[196]
Ichiro's daughter.
Mitsuhiko Kusakabe
Performance- Tetsuya Bessho
Born in Totei University.Professor at Massachusetts International Medical University.Dr. EbinaFormer Deputy Director of Surgery, Teito Medical University Hospital, in sync with Ya Inomata.Like Michiko, she has a habit of saying "because she doesn't fail" and has never failed in surgery.
Hiruma plans a demonstration operation to be open to hospitals nationwide in order to promote the selection of chief professor, and is invited from the United States.
After the re-operation, the unknown childDoctor XAsk if it is.
Episode 6
Rokusuke Kondo<62>
Performance- Izumiya Shigeru[197]
Shinobu KondoFather of. He likes alcohol and gambling with the idea that "if the day is good, that's fine" and is hated by Kondo.He suffered a flank injury from falling down the stairs a few weeks ago and was found to have mild splenomegaly, but due to the effects of alcoholic hepatitis, which has not progressed to cirrhosis, an accurate diagnosis has not been made so far.Although he wants to undergo Kondo's surgery until the end, he is overwhelmed by Michiko's words, "I will not fail," and loses his words.Total splenectomy was the standard procedure, but at the discretion of the unknown child, the procedure was changed to partial resection.
Secretary General Kataoka
Performance- Akigo Yamada
The elder brother of Representative Kataoka, the secretary general of the ruling party and the private party, was hospitalized as a special case of Hiruma.The surgeon was scheduled to be performed by Shinobu Kondo, but he abandoned the surgeon instead of Professor Dr. Ebina.The operation was successful due to the procedure of Professor Ebina.
Episode 7
Hisae Asai
Performance- Shirakawa Yumi
Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareDirector of Medical Affairs BureauI have a son who has a job.It has medical authority enough to lose the title of a special function hospital in the branch of Teito Medical University.Shichiki TakanoWas transferred from the 18th branch of Kanazawa to be used for the selection of the chief professor.Pancreatic cancerSpecial patient suffering from.She deeply trusts her doctor, Takano, and refuses her surgery request if she cannot trust Ms. Miko, who says she will not fail the surgery 100%.According to Takano's paper, he planned to perform pancreaticoduodenectomy with portal vein resection due to tumor shrinkage with FOLFILINOX, but due to Takano and Mabuchi's measures, he will undergo surgery without the tumor shrinking.During the operation, Takano collapsed due to intestinal obstruction, so he became an in-operation, but the operation succeeded after Takano was discharged.
Episode 8
Kurumi Murata<9>
Performance- Nozomi Honda[198](Appeared in the final episode)
A girl whom Michiko met at a fishing port near the 24th branch of Takamatsu.Dreaming of becoming a fisherman like his father[199]..He is admitted to the hospital because he is malignant.Although it was once undertaken at the main hospital of Teito Medical College, it was returned to his hometown of Takamatsu again when Hiruma and Teshigawara decided that the operation was impossible.
The malignant myofibroblastoma affected by Kurumi has a tumor 15 cm in size just above the abdominal aorta, and the tumor wraps around the roots of the superior mesenteric artery and celiac artery, and subsequent examinations show tumors in the pancreas, liver, and small intestine. Infiltration, and surgical techniques such as temporary blockage of blood flow and temporary bypass method could not be applied.Without surgery, the diagnosis will be 6 months to live.
Mitsuyo Murata
Performance- Kaoru Okunuki(Appeared in the final episode)
Kurumi's mother.When I was refused at our hospital two years ago, I asked my husband to cry at Tokushima, the general manager.He was hesitant to consent to the operation because he was afraid of his daughter's death during the operation, but he decided after hearing the statement of his daughter who said he trusted the words of Michiko who asserted that "the operation will not fail".
Hachisaku Takemoto
Performance- Kenichi Kobayashi
While drinking alcohol with fellow fishermen at Minami Takamatsu Fishing PortGastric perforationHe collapsed due to the symptoms of, and was urgently transported to Takamatsu 24th Branch by the treatment of an unknown child who passed by by chance.
Performance- Tomomi Koyanagi
A nurse in the Nursing Department of Takamatsu 24th Branch, attached to Teito Medical University.

Phase 3 (2014)

Episode 1
Haruko Tokushima
Performance- Naoko Otani
Ryunosuke BusujimaWife of.
Tsukiji Jiro
Performance- Moto fuyuki(Appeared in episode 2)
Michiko and Kanbara's favorite sushi restaurant owner.When he came to the Strategic Integrated Surgeon's Office of the National Advanced Medical Center for delivery, he collapsed due to a brain tumor that was not indicated for surgery and was operated by a subtemporal approach.
Bob first
Performance-Romeo Thomas
Cruise linerThe son of a sailor.
Episode 2
Shoji Kazama
Performance- Naoki Matayoshi[200]
Professor at Harvard Institute of Technology.Near future,Nobel Prize in PhysicsIt is considered to be influential when it receives the award.
Tsukiji Kazuya
Performance-Haruta Hosokawa[201]
Jiroson of.Won a silver medal at the Tokyo Mathematics Olympics.He admires Shoji Kazama and says he wants to become a physicist like Professor Kazama in the future.
Episode 3
Nanako Mihara(25)
Performance- Ayaka Morita[202]
Masae MiharaGrandson.Goro's eldest daughter.Chiaki's older sister.Cervical cancerpatient.Admitted to the "National Advanced Medical Center" with Masae's Tsute.Became a surgeon who is also a mistressShintaro AshigaraTrust him and declare that he will entrust everything to him, including the choice of technique.
Currently, he is married internationally and lives in Germany (6th episode, 5th episode).
Episode 4
Hiroshi Shikata(Hiroshi Yomo)
Performance- Takashi Matsuo[203]
Freelance journalist.In the debate program, he declares that the state-led advanced medical center is functioning properly as a state-of-the-art medical institution with his own body affected by the disease.He has anaplastic thyroid cancer and is admitted to the National Advanced Medical Center.
Alberto Savalotti
Performance-Walter Roberts
An opera singer called "The Voice of God".Thyroid cancerBecause he couldn't make a voice, he was hospitalized in secret at the National Advanced Medical Center.Sing "O sole mio" for Kamihara to thank him for the success of the operation.
Performance- Toshihiro Yashiba
Keiichiro Iiyama
Performance-Shinichiro Uchida
Moderator of the debate program "Gekiron News".
Episode 5
Shingo Tanaka
Performance- Inoue Jun
DangozakaPatients in the general ward in charge.I'm suffering from the right.
Escape the hospital room and make Michiko a kidnapper.
He said that he had enough money to buy a meal for an unknown child and that he was making money by farming shrimp, but his true identity is that he has more power than Igarashi.Minister of International Trade and IndustryでheavenAlso heMrCall.
Hirohisa Igarashi
Performance- Hiroto Yoshimitsu
Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryDirector of Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau..A promoter who exports Japanese medical care overseas.Colon cancerpatient.A bureaucrat with only a title.
Episode 6
Takashi Rokko
Performance- Noboru Kaneko
Takehiro OizumiThe president of an IT company who has been marked by the prosecution for bribery charges against multiple politicians.Hiromi JonouchiHigh school classmate.A 6 cm-sized glioblastoma is found in Broca's area.
Masakazu Uehara
Performance-Kito Nakawaki
Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office
Tatsuya Ichikawa
Performance- Kyusaku Shimada[204]
Prosecutor of the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office.
Episode 7
Nanami Kotozuka
Performance- Silver dust butterfly
She suffers from the same cancer of the body of the stomach as Suita, and complains that she was discharged later than her despite having surgery on the same day.
Shizuko Suita
Performance- Yukiko Takabayashi
The degree of progression of gastric corpus cancer in the same age group as Kotozuka in the same room was the same.But compared to KotozukaprognosisThe technique is not so good, and it changes suddenly at the time of discharge.
Episode 8
Kunio Hatta
Performance- Kazutaka Ishii[205]
Chihiro's father. Abandoned the family 7 years ago and evaporated.The mother told her daughter that she had died in an accident.
Kazumi Hatta
Performance- Keiko Horiuchi
Chihiro's mother.You cannot be a donor because your daughter's blood type does not match.
Chihiro Hatta
Performance- Seiran Kobayashi[206]
Hypoxemia, rightheart failureHe developed pulmonary vein occlusion with pulmonary vein occlusion, and the condition was so progressive that the only way to save his life was by living-donor lung transplantation.
Episode 9
Maya Kuju <27>
Performance- Nanao[207]
Paris CollectionA super model who refrains from appearing.He has a high level of professionalism, and the S-shaped curve is insured for 3 million, and he says that just adding 1 cm of fat to the waist will cut the CM appearance fee by half.
A year agoKidney cancerHe was admitted to the 3rd branch of Teito Medical College.At that time, the left kidney is removed by laparoscopic surgery with Kaji.This time, a new spinal tumor suspected to be bone metastasis of renal cancer will develop.
I wanted to be discharged early to appear in Paris Fashion Week, but the tumor had invaded more than expected and I changed to total removal instead of partial removal.
After the surgery, I swear to invite Kaji to Paris Fashion Week next year.
Episode 11 (final episode)
Performance-Kazuyo Aoki
The hostess of the public bath that Michiko and Kamihara go to.I want Michiko to pick up what Kanbara left in the locker.

Special (2016)

Kojiro Himuro
Performance- Kei Inoo(Hey! Say! JUMP)[208]
Figure skating medalist. Suffering from CTEPH (chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension)[209].
Gen Akagi
Performance- Aoki
Matagi in Kanazawa.
Harumi Kanazawa
Performance- Hashimoto Manami[210]
The landlady of the sushi "Koharu".
Performance- Shoken Kunimoto
Father of the stall.
Performance- Hideki Yamasaki
Matagi in Kanazawa.
Performance- Akihiko Ishizumi
General of sushi "Koharu".
Souta Akagi
Performance- Yoshimura Takamura[211]
The son of the source.

Phase 4 (2016)

Episode 1
Atsushi Ichiki
Performance- Daichi Watanabe[212]
President of IT company "One Wood Cloud".Although he is also from Totei University, he does not care about the IT industry because he is a meritocracy that has nothing to do with his educational background, and he is distrustful of the doctors at Totei University who seem to be walking with his educational background.A live broadcast of the operation will be presented as a condition for surgery, which is the first case in Japan where a chordoma is found and 3D printed parts are used.
Examination on the day of the operation revealed that the tumor had infiltrated earlier than expected, and the 3D printed parts ordered were not enough, and Kitano, a surgeon, refused the operation.Eventually, he was completely cured by the operation of Michiko.
Episode 2
Hideo Nioka
Performance- Kei Yamamoto
YamanashiMayor of Nijikawa Village, Nida-gun.The poorest village mayor in Japan who led the village to the top of the national municipal happiness ranking.There is a selfish side, but the villagers have a strong desire.While being content with poverty, he has worked tirelessly for the villagers.Examination reveals multiple colorectal cancers, but refuses surgery.
Chiyoko Nioka
Performance- Yuriko Hoshi
The wife of Hideo Nioka.A woman who usually has a soft demeanor, but when it comes to this, she says something.I love my husband from the bottom of my heart.She is worried about her husband who has multiple colorectal cancers and tries to have surgery at all costs.
Performance- Hiroo Otaka
Yardmaster of Nijikawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Performance- Koichiro Sakai
Kanemoto YojiSecretary who supports.
Hideo's daughter
Performance- Tamaki Shirai[213]
The daughter of Hideo Nioka's mistress.It seems that he will get married next time.
Episode 3
Misae Suyama
Performance- Yuki Matsushita[214]
Director of General Surgery Department, Totei University HospitalSaionji TakeshiFormer mistress of.Former hostess in Ginza.I had Saionji perform an operation for gastric ulcer surgery, and after that I had a mistress relationship for a while. Twenty years later, when I went to Totei University Hospital to thank Ms. Miko who delivered the dropped wallet to the police box, I happened to see Saionji and received the highest-ranked human dock at Totei University Hospital.SaionjiGossypibomaHowever, a diagnosis of unknown child later revealed that an abdominal aortic aneurysm had been formed under the gossypiboma.
Saionji, who came to give a medical malpractice stop fee on the day of discharge, said, "I'm going to be elected as the governor of Tokyo, so I want you to keep silent about your mistress." ..
Episode 4
Beautiful Yotsuba
Performance- Saki Takaoka[215]
The older sister of the beautiful sister unit "Yoyo Sisters".According to Minami, "VIP patients with wealth and fame".Strong professionalism for beauty and proportion maintenance.It's tough on others, but it's also tough on myself.He said that he chose Totei University Hospital because he liked Totei University Hospital, where Kubo is the deputy director, hoping for the success of women.
I am watching over my sister, Mine's obesity treatment.Before Mine was hospitalized, she had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer at another hospital, but she refused life-prolonging treatment for her sister and kept hiding that.I wanted to have a laparoscopic surgery with as few scars as possible, but the adhesion was so severe that I changed to open surgery at the discretion of Michiko.
Mine Yotsuba
Performance- Kinako Kobayashi
The younger sister of the beautiful sister unit "Yoyo Sisters".In the past, she had a chubby body, but she made her debut as a model after admiring her sister's beauty.Unlike her sister, she is mentally weak.Recently, I suddenly gained weight and was admitted to the Totei University Hospital for obesity treatment, and was proposed to have a stomach operation to lose weight from the original. It turns out to be due to Cushing's disease caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland.
Episode 5
Tetsuo Goto
Performance- Yuichi Tsuchiya[215]
patient.Single father.He suffered from advanced pancreatic cancer and was transferred to Totei University Hospital because he could not handle it at other hospitals.Since he did not know that he had a metal allergy, the stapled area became inflamed and underwent reoperation.Kaji said, "If it was a treatise that some patients couldn't follow the treatise, it might have been the first case in the world."
Shota Goshima
Performance- Yokoyama Ayumu[216]
Tetsuo's son.I was worried about my father, who seemed to be ill after the operation.
Episode 6
Rock shrimp
Performance- Kenji Sakamoto[217]
Professor at Boston University.Starkey's Japanese interpreter and confidant.He suddenly collapsed after meeting with Hiruma, and was diagnosed with intra-atrial extension giant hepatocellular carcinoma by examination.He wrote a paper on resection of giant hepatocellular carcinoma that extends into the atrium without open heart surgery.I wrote it with the expectation that someone who read my treatise would take on the challenge because I had a problem with my kidney function and couldn't use a heart-lung machine during surgery.
Hearing his circumstances, Ebina, who has a similar situation to himself, puts Michiko on his side and is completely cured by Michiko's sword.After the operation, he said he envied Ebina, who caused a coup d'etat to his boss.
John Starkey
Performance- Ian Moore
Professor at Boston University.According to Akira, the American version of Hiruma, who loves money and power.I happened to come to Japan for an academic conference, and because I had a lot of money in Ebina, I solved the problem of plagiarism of papers at Totei University Hospital.
Episode 7
Yuka Nanase
Performance- Kang Ji Young[218]
Nanao's assistant.I can't hear my left ear because of the mumps I had in high school.I arrived at the Kambara doctor's office with the desire to cure Nanao's ears.
When I was in high school, I was aiming for the Olympics in the table tennis club.A brain tumor is found by the diagnosis of an unknown child who has seen deafness and occasional headache-like behavior.
Takashi Nanao
Performance- Shinji Takeda[219]
A world-famous pianist. He has lost hearing in both ears due to meningitis that he suffered at the age of 19, but he can understand the other person's words with the support of lip reading and Yuka.Introduced by Yuka, she meets Michiko and asks for ear treatment.
I was planning to receive an operation by Michiko, but the person in charge changed to Kitano, saying, "I can't leave the operation of a world-famous celebrity to a part-time job."Kitano proposes an operation for an auditory midbrain implant, but refuses the operation because he does not want to undergo the operation because the sounds he hears are limited and the performance of the instrument becomes like a machine.
Kuniharu Yasuhara
Performance- Minosuke
Nanao's manager.He sells Nanao as a deaf pianist and opposes his treatment, saying that if he can hear Nanao, it will lose its commercial value.
Episode 8
Yuta Yaotome
Performance- Ryosei Konishi[220]
A superstar who can sing and play, but never reveals his private appearance.Known as Yu.A big artist who would make a noise all over Japan if it was known that he was hospitalized (a lot of media people rushed to the hospital when he was actually hospitalized).He suffers from serious liver cancer and is admitted to Totei University Hospital in secret, but Saionji leaks information to Rika, which spreads through SNS.Although he tried to leave the hospital, he decided to concentrate on treatment with a word from Michiko.After the surgery, he held a press conference and announced that he would marry his manager, Yumi Kawai.His real name is Daihachi Yamada.
Kawai Yumi
Performance- Miyaji Masako
A manager who protects and supports Yaotome with all his might.After Yaotome's surgery, she married Yaotome.
Episode 9
Emi Kujo <46>
Performance- Shinobu Nakayama[185]
Kujo's wife. A member of the Keirin Women's Association.He is a favorite of the chairman of the Keirin Women's Association because he is good at ballroom dancing.He suddenly collapsed during a ballroom dance and was initially diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, but the diagnosis of an unknown child revealed that the true name of the disease was pulmonary arterial sarcoma.
Taisuke Kujo
Performance- Toshihiro Yashiba[221]
Surgeon and associate professor at Keirin University Hospital.At Keirin University Hospital, he is called a "drop-out surgeon," and his career is slow.However, Ms. Miko, who worked with her, said, "I wasn't so disappointed."
Haruo Samejima
Performance- Danro
Director of "Gyeonglin University Hospital".A man who is not so different from Shigekatsu Hiruma.I didn't expect much from Taisuke's surgery, and the surgeon's husband intended to make a good story trying to save his wife, but it was realized by Michiko's hand, and Akira was charged a high moratorium to maintain brand power. pay.
Ritsuko Samejima
Performance- Hitomi Takahashi[185]
Samejima's wife. Chairman of "Keirin Women's Association".Looking down on Totei University Hospital, where the brand power has declined, he treats Hanako Hiruma in a rude tone.At first, he was trying to treat Emi at Totei University Hospital, but Hanako made a rumor about Emi and brought him back to Keirin University Hospital.
At the ballroom dance competition, he seemed to be able to afford it, but he was upset by the skill of the ballroom dance in the south, which appeared as a helper.
Episode 10
Tokiko Wang
Performance- Kuroki Meisa[222]
Wang ChaoWife of.I feel lonely when I find out that the people around me are prone to the enormous financial resources of my husband.
She is pregnant with a child born to the king, but turns out to have suffered from mitral valve stenosis.Still, he wants to give birth for the king, even if he wants to give birth to his own life.In addition, the examination revealed that a tumor was found in the fetal body, and this time she trusted the unknown child and asked her to help her child.
The last episode of
home delivery trader
Performance- Kosaka Daimaou(Pico Taro)[223]
He said "I have a pen." At the Kambara doctor's office and collapsed due to myocardial infarction.
Leonardo scoop
Performance- Charles Glover
President-elect candidate and hotel king.He suffers from pancreatic cancer and is admitted to Totei University Hospital in secret.With Kitano as a surgeon, he undergoes surgery using an IRE knife.
ダ イ ア ナ
Performance- Jenny Skidmore
Scoop's wife.Former model.Admitted to Totei University Hospital for childbirth.I like the unique cheering song of Totei University.Since she is vulnerable to pain, she wanted a completely painless delivery, but finally she gave birth by spontaneous delivery by Deputy Director Kubo.

Phase 5 (2017)

Episode 1
Kazuhisa Kurumada
Performance- Kazuyuki Matsuzawa[224]
The driver of the route bus on which Michiko boarded.He suffers from myocardial infarction with coronary aneurysm and cardiac tamponade.
Tatsuo Isshiki
Performance- 寇毅[224]
Medical journalist.He collapses at a pork cutlet shop visited by an unknown child and is taken to Totei University.Madoka ShimuraAffair partner.
Ebisu Nozomi
Performance- Ebisu Nozomi[225]
A mysterious person whom Daimon met while traveling.
One color
Performance- Mariko Akama[226]
Tatsuo Isshiki's wife.Slap on Shimura, her husband's affair partner.
Jaikel Maxon
Performance- Break crawford[227]
Professor at Boston Harvard Medical College Hospital.Authority of cardiac surgery.
Episode 2
Fujiko Ito
Performance- Nakata Yoshiko[228]
Ryoji ItoMother.I have advanced gallbladder cancer sarcoma.Received "Simultaneous hepatopancreatic duodenal resection" proposed by Ryoji Ito.
Episode 3
Hisashi Mikamo
Performance- Mitsuru Hirata[229]
Director of the XNUMXth kindergarten attached to Totei University.I have lung adenocarcinomaInomataI am receiving chemotherapy under.Suspecting that his cancer would not improve with chemotherapy, he offered to ask Inomata for a second opinion at another hospital, but he couldn't get a second opinion because he put pressure on other hospitals. ..During surgery, an unknown child discovers occult cancer of the thyroid gland.
Performance- [230]
Performance- [231]
Performance- [232]
The above three are children of the 3th kindergarten attached to Totei University.
Episode 4
Uchikanda Shiori
Performance- Riisa Naka[233]
Chairman of the Japan Doctors ClubKeinobu UchikandaI call myself the daughter of my ex-wife.I have severe liver cancer.Morimoto's engagement partner wants to be sworded, and Hiruma and the three deputy directors disagree, but Morimoto eventually swords.Daimon becomes an assistant and succeeds in leaving a residual liver by performing the second operation.After the surgery, he confessed that he was a marriage scammer and that Uchikanda of the Japanese Doctors Club was a red stranger, and asked Morimoto to call the police.
Episode 5
Gotanda Goro <22>
Performance- Shotaro Mamiya[234]
A genius professional shogi player who continues to improve the record of consecutive wins. He collapsed during a game with the AI ​​"Mongoose" and was transported to Totei University.Disease diagnosis AI "Hypocrates" diagnoses "brain abscess", but in fact, because he was ingesting raw pork (which he ate not only in Japan but also overseas), Daimon said that it was a symptom of pork tapeworm. Was diagnosed.
Episode 6
Yoshio Mutsuura
Performance- Naru Hiraizumi[235]
The owner of the Chinese restaurant "Mikawaya" where Daimon and Jonouchi go. I have IPMN.
Atsuko Mutsuura
Performance- Yoneko Matsukane[235]
Yoshio's wife.He developed renal cancer during long-term dialysis.
Shingo Urita
Performance- Hiroki Konno
Anesthesiologist.It seems that he is so good that he is appointed as an anesthesiologist directly by Inomata instead of Jonouchi, and he is called "Uribo" by Inomata.In addition, he has a high pride as an anesthesiologist and looks down on Jonouchi as a "part-time job".He is planning to walk along the path of success by snuggling up to Inomata, and he makes a mistake of abandoning the patient's surgery with him because he followed Inomata, but later put it on the shelf and Jonouchi in front of Kamihara. Inomata was blamed for being angry at Kamihara for saying bad things about him, and he gave priority to stopping him under the threat of "Will the surgeon and anesthesiologist who abandoned the surgery be reported to the director?" Was cut off from the hospital and was fired from Totei University.
Performance- Ninety-nine
A politician who underwent Inomata's surgery.
Episode 7
Nanasha Nazinski
Performance- Charlotte kate fox[236]
Former American professor of surgery and former lover of Hara.He is also the daughter of the Vice President of the American Medical Club.He came to Japan to meet Hara, but the diagnosis of Michiko, who learned that he had witnessed hand tremor and made a simple medical error before quitting the surgeon, revealed that he had a brain tumor in the motor cortex. To do.
Sayuri Uchikanda
Performance- Naho Toda
Uchikanda's wife.My father is a former director of the Faculty of Medicine, Totei University.Ask Michiko to operate on her pet dog through Totei University.At a later date, he visits Totei University and tells him that he wants him to introduce a good partner while showing a matchmaking photo of Hiruma and his wife Hanako's sister Moehana.
Uchikanda's pet.French bulldog female.My favorite food is steak.He suffers from liver cancer and is completely cured by the operation of an unknown child.
Performance- Kiyoe Koizuka
Sayuri Uchikanda's sister.He meets Hara who was introduced to him, but as soon as he sees him reuniting with his ex-girlfriend, he begins to cry.
Episode 8
Takuya Yakumo
Performance- Hayashiya Shozo[237]
Former Secretary of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.He suffers from extrahepatic hepatocellular carcinoma, which is said to be impossible to undergo radical surgery.He accused the media of turning the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare into an enemy before he died, but as soon as the surgery was successful, he missed his life and apologized that the accused was a misunderstanding.
Episode 9
Haruka Kuju<13>
Performance- Ayaka Imoto[238]
A student in a ballet class that Hiromi's daughter also attended.I was suffering from foot pain as I was about to attend the screening, and at first I was told by my doctor.Hiroshi KimotoThe cause was diagnosed as a painful external tibia in which extra bone is inflamed, but the diagnosis of Michiko who thought it suspicious revealed that the real cause was a scaphoid fracture.Originally, I had to decline the selection because it would require two surgeries until it was completely cured, but I proposed a method of finishing with one surgery using screws made from my own bones from Michiko. Will be done.
Kuju Hisako
Performance- Sachie Hara
Haruka's mother.Joey Wheeler's mom friend.In the past, his father (Haruka's grandfather) Setsuro opposed a dream and marriage to a certain person (Haruka's father, a painter who couldn't sell and disappeared before Haruka was born). I was at a distance.
Setsuro Kuju
Performance- Kohei Otomo
Hisako's father, Haruka's grandfather.He is the president of the Motomachi factory and is currently retired and living on a pension.Although he was repelled by his daughter, Hisako, from the past troubles, he was still worried about the pain in his granddaughter, Haruka's leg, and he sent Haruka to the University of Tokyo without permission.
Originally, I was planning to have another university or company make bone screws, but Uchikanda put pressure on me and refused to do anything, so I was asked by Ms. Miko to make bone screws in the operating room.
Episode 10
Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office
Performance- Hidekazu Nagae
He came to the headquarters of the Japanese Medical Club and arrested Kagenobu Uchikanda on suspicion of being involved in the bribery of AI.
Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office
Performance- Seto Saki
He came to Totei University Hospital and arrested Shigekatsu Hiruma on suspicion of being involved in AI bribery.

Phase 6 (2019)

Episode 1
Mt. Ooyama Kimihiko
Performance-Yusuke Itagaki[52](Appeared in episodes 6 and 7 of the 9th period)
Prosecutor of the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office.
In the first episode, Shigekatsu Hiruma was arrested for the leak of Nicholas Tange, and in the seventh episode, Tange was arrested for the leak of Hiruma who had already been released without acquittal.
Episode 2
Toshiro Niiro <60>
Performance- Moro Shika[239]
CEO of Nishiki Group.He is in need of a liver transplant and relies on his daughter Yuri as a donor.As a condition for becoming a donor, Yuri was told to donate his liver to Furusawa, and he reluctantly signed a consent form to save his life.
Yuri Niiro <23>
Performance- Meng Song of Shangbaishi[239]
Furusawa's lover.The youngest daughter of two colors.He was opposed to his father, Toshiro, and refused to cooperate with his father as a donor, while hoping to become a donor for Furusawa who needed a liver transplant, but was rejected because no one else could do a liver transplant. To.Finally, at the suggestion from Michiko, he sought to provide his father with the removed liver instead of becoming a donor.
Kenji Furusawa <28>
Performance- Kiyohara Sho[239]
Domino teacher.Yuri's lover.Tall handsome guy.He has stage III liver cancer and is admitted to the University of Tokyo because he needs a living-donor liver transplant, but he has been removed from the University of Tokyo because no donor has been found and he has not been able to pay for the treatment. Be forced.However, he underwent an operation on Michiko by transplanting the liver removed from Juro into himself.
Miyako Niiro
Performance- Kataoka Reiko
Toshiro's wife.Yuri's mother.The couple's relationship with her husband, Juro, has been cold for the time being, and she is currently separated from her family on the premise of divorce.I married my husband, Juro, for the purpose of property.
Episode 3
Kuniko Takeda
Performance- Aki Nishihara
Saburo UmezawaSecretary.Former lawyer.In order to arrange to hide Umezawa at the hospital, Hiruma is brought in without charge.
Customer H
Performance- Shinichi Hatori[240]
Customer T
Performance- Toru Tamagawa[240]
The above two people are customers of Okonomiyaki Monja "Monjaemon".
Episode 4
Shio Yoshino<71>
Performance- Double Award Mitsuko[241]
ShioichimaMother.It is called "Mom" because of the tide. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease by AI, but later the diagnosis of unknown child revealed that the real name of the disease was "idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus", and she underwent surgery.When the tide is operating in Yokkaichi, he watches the tide from the observation room, and although he is deprived of the operation by an unknown child and sheds tears, he is pleased to be informed by Tange that the surgical procedure devised by his son was the first case in the world.After that, a large amount of green onions and coupons for the Gunma restaurant will be given to the doctor's office.
Kiyoaki Yokkaichi<23>
Performance- Takeshi Okada[242]
The ace of the Japanese track and field world that set a world record.He suffers from stage III synovial sarcoma on his right knee and is offered a surgical procedure to transplant an artificial joint from the tide, but he refused surgery because he would lose his life, and he is preparing for the tournament six months later. If I can't run in half a year, I'll be discharged. "However, he agreed to the operation because he proposed a surgical method using autologous cultured cartilage transplantation from the tide inspired by the unknown child, and the tide seemed to fail on the way, so in the end, the operation of the unknown child replaced the operation. It will be cured (note that Nicholas's speculation made the credit a tide).
Episode 5
Goro Mihara
Performance- Kenji Anan
Masae Miharason of.Nanako and Chiaki's father.I can't think of my mother who raised me with just one woman.There were various rumors about his father, but it was a hell.He doesn't know about his father.
Chiaki Mihara
Grandson of Masae Mihara.Goro's second daughter.Nanako's younger sister.
Yankee couple
Performance- Oshidake[243],Shibata Ohata[243]
Watch out for fashionable tattoos by Masae Mihara.
Performance-Him / Herself
Famous and popular YouTuber.He appeared as a special guest for only a few seconds, and had an unknown child's operation in the early stages.
Performance- Yuni Akino[244]
Performance- Umino Kawamura[245]
The above two are nurses from the girls bar "Nurse Station".
Mihara Shinnosuke
Performance- [246]
Great-grandson of Masae Mihara.Nanako's son.With Shiro described laterCrayon Shin-chanAs part of a collaboration with Shinnosuke, he appeared for only a few seconds, pretending to be his ass like the original Shinnosuke, and annoying his aunt Chiaki.
The dog of the Mihara family.He appeared for only a few seconds as part of a collaboration with Crayon Shin-chan with Shinnosuke mentioned above.
Episode 6
Shota Rokukakubashi <37>
Performance- Yuta Hiraoka[247]
President of Hexagon Bridge.A young businessman who has achieved great success in the kids business and owns 12 billion personal assets.I asked Ms. Miko to have an operation on Mutsumi Minazuki for her name.I didn't even remember the name of Mutsumi, and I was drawn from Oma.After that, he invited Jonouchi to a meal, but after the meal he complained of abdominal pain and collapsed. As a result of the diagnosis, he was diagnosed with stage III hepatocellular carcinoma, and a tumor XNUMX cm in size was found in the right lobe of the liver.Before the surgery, he appointed Jonouchi as an anesthesiologist and asked her to decide on a surgeon.
Mutsumi Minazuki <7>
Performance- [247]
A patient who was to undergo surgery for an unknown child at the request of Rokukakubashi.Although he was diagnosed with a primary embryonic cell tumor of the retroperitoneum, he was brought to Totei University by Hexagon Bridge after seeing his mother's post on SNS because he could not be treated with radiation therapy or anticancer drug treatment.He had multiple lung metastases when he was admitted to Totei University, but he was completely cured by the operation of Michiko.
Performance- Rieko Kimura[248]
Mutsumi's mother.Post the medical condition of Mutsumi on SNS.
Episode 7
Natalie Goldberg
Performance- [249]
Seven's wife.He told Michiko that he liked okonomiyaki when he visited Asakusa with Michiko's guidance, and that Seven's father died of high fever after the operation, which made him afraid of the operation.After that, when Seven collapses, he thinks of him first, trusting Michiko who said he can never die, and asks her for Seven's surgery.
Seven Goldberg <45>
Performance- [249]
Global banker. I came to "Totei University Hospital" to ask Michiko of "God Hand" for the most advanced "hair follicle transplantation", but she was furious at Michiko's rude words.Immediately after, he complained of pain, and as a result of the diagnosis, he was diagnosed with stage IB gastric cancer, but due to the above, he refused to operate Michiko and underwent laparoscopic surgery in Kaji.He was afraid of surgery because of his father's death, and was thinking of refusing the surgery and returning to Japan with Natalie.The diagnosis of the unknown child revealed that he had malignant hyperthermia, that he was the cause of death of his father, and that he had suffered from the same malignant hyperthermia due to his father's inheritance.After the operation, I visited the Kambara doctor's office with Natalie and ate okonomiyaki, and thanked Ms. Miko who performed not only surgery for gastric cancer but also hair follicle transplantation.
Former closing of the second job part-time job of Ebina
Performance- Bobby Ologon
A foreign man who is working as a part-time job at Asakusa Shrine, which he started after Ebina was hired by Hira and suffered financially.An acquaintance had a deep connection with Nicholas Tange, and the photographs shown to Ebina and Daimon became part of the evidence, leading to the arrest of Nicholas Tange.
Episode 9
Yuji Kudo <69>
Performance- Ryudo Uzaki[250](Appeared in Episode 8 <Photo>)
rock star.Nickname isYu Chan.Eikichi YazawaSeems to be a model.He was supposed to have hemorrhoid surgery at first, but he collapsed at a press conference, and an examination revealed that he had the same retroperitoneal sarcoma stage 3 as the unknown child two years ago.Thinking that he would not die in the middle of his dream, he asked her to operate when he was told that he had the same illness, and he was completely cured by the technique using the hybrid artificial blood vessel that Michiko once devised, and hemorrhoids are also Hara. He was cured by receiving the sword.After the operation, he will hold a press conference, introduce Kazuju Yoshiyuki, a genius pianist who will have a session at a charity concert, tell him that he is seriously ill, and announce that he will be operated on by an unknown child.
Kyoko Kudo
Performance- Mariko Tsutsui
Kudo's wife.Although he is separated from Yuji, he cares about his husband and was crying when Yuji disappeared.
Kyuya Niitsuta
Performance- Kawane Eon[250]
A singer-songwriter whose debut song has been played more than 9 million times.It sells better than Kudo.He is hospitalized for hemorrhoids like Kuto.The doctor in charge is the tide.
Kazuju Yoshiyuki
Performance- Castle clerk[251](Episode 7 <photo>, also appeared in the final episode)
A seriously ill patient Yuji asks Michiko to have surgery at a press conference.With the support of Tange, he went to the Juilliard School and became a genius pianist.
The last episode of
Aya <18> (name only)
Daughter of Ebina.According to Kachi, Ebina and her face are two melons.I am thinking of enrolling in the Totei University School of Medicine.Unlike Ebina, he is smart and has a good sense as a doctor.I'm in a bad mood because I'm preparing for the university entrance exam, and when I get into a quarrel, I get sick when I say, "Daddy should die."The words of change and challenge, which is the motto of Ebina, are included in the sewing work.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Screenplay- Nakazono Miho / Makoto Hayashi(Second stage - ),Toshio Terada(2nd term-5th term) / Aya Takei (2nd term) / Takafumi Kosaka (4th term-) / Uda Manabu(Phase 4)
  • musics - Sawada Kan
  • Director --Naomi Tamura,Hidetomo Matsuda / Hayato Yamada (3rd and 5th term)
  • Narration - Tomorrow Taguchi[252]
  • Assistant Director-Takashi Matsukawa
  • Assistant Director-Hayato Yamada / Hidefumi Shibuya, Miki Kurokawa, Shun Ueda (Phase 1)
  • Song selection-Masuaki Tsukada (1st period-4th period, 6th period) / Hidekazu Takagi (5th period)
  • Recording Mixing Engineer- Nobuyuki Aoyagi
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  • Surgical Guidance / Surgical Cooperation-Taishi Masuhara (2nd and 3rd term)
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  • Case supervision- Tomoaki Kato[253](Phase 2)
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  • Planning cooperation- Seiichi Koga(Oscar promotion)
  • executive producer - Seiko Uchiyama[Note 54]
  • Production cooperation- The Works
  • Production work- TV Asahi

Theme song

Issue 1
Lyrics- Ochi Shiho, Composition- Koichi Tabo, Arrangement- Good position of Tsutaya
Issue 2
SuperflyBi-Li-Li Emotion'
Lyrics-Shiho Ochi / Composition- Koichi Tabo / Arrangement-Koichi Tsutaya
Issue 3
SuperflyBlowing love into the body'
Lyrics- Junji Ishiwata / Composition-Tomoya.S, Shiho Ochi / Arrangement-Koichi Tsutaya
Issue 4
Lyrics --jam / Composition --Tomoya.S / Arrangement --Koichi Tsutaya
Issue 5
SuperflyForce -Orchestra Ver.-'
Lyrics-Shiho Ochi, Composition-Koichi Tabo
Issue 6
P! NK"So what'[254]

Broadcast schedule

Issue 1

  • 201210/18 - 12/13, All 8 episodes.
  • The first and last rounds will be expanded by 15 minutes (21: 00-22: 09).
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[255]
ope.I2012/10/18Don't touch it with those gloves!Everyone hold up!Nakazono MihoNaomi Tamura18.6%
ope.II10/25I can't die.I won't failHidetomo Matsuda17.6%
ope.III1108 DayI do not need it.The naming is strange and badNaomi Tamura17.4%
ope.IV11/15Surgery is a priceless lifework for meHidetomo Matsuda17.1%
ope.V11/22Didn't your surgery fail?17.7%
ope.VI11/29I cut and help!Naomi Tamura18.6%
ope.VII1206 DayIsn't it the doctor's duty to tell you the truth?Hidetomo Matsuda20.1%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/13There is no need for familiarity, mutual help, or will in the operating room.
There are only sick people who have to help
Naomi Tamura24.4%
Average audience rating 19.1%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating was 18.6%, which was the highest audience rating at that time for the drama starring Yonekura in the same frame, and the highest instantaneous audience rating was 24.6% (Video Research survey, Kanto area, household, real time).[256].
  • August 11Konami Japan Series 2012・ Round 5 Nippon Ham×巨人』\ Pause for relay.
  • The final audience rating was 2012%, which was the highest in the 24.4 commercial TV drama, and the instantaneous maximum audience rating was 29.8% (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time).Also, in the same frame, "Divorce』The final record (21.4% <Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time>) was overtaken and became the highest ever[257]..This final episode is in 201212/31Broadcast of "Please! Ranking』\ Year straddle special (21: 00- 20131/11:30) But in the program, Daimon and Director Busujima appeared as CG animation characters (voices are in charge of Yonekura and Ito, respectively) and explained.
  • It was well received in Taiwan, and among the 2012 Japanese drama titles broadcast in Taiwan in 45, it won first place in both average and highest ratings.[258].

Issue 2

  • 201310/17 - 12/19, All 9 episodes.
  • The first time is expanded by 15 minutes (21: 00-22: 09).
  • 最終回は30分拡大(21:00 - 22:24)の上、前座番組『ドクターX最終回直前特別編』(20:51 - 21:00。テレビ朝日他一部地域を除き、20:54飛び乗り)も別途放送。
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[259]
ope.I2013/10/17If you close it like this, you will die within three months.Nakazono MihoNaomi Tamura22.8%
ope.II10/24I can cut it.I can't die.I will never failHidetomo Matsuda23.1%
ope.III10/31Living kidney small intestine exchange transplant, I can do it!Aya Takei18.4%
ope.IV1107 DayIf successful, I will give you a notebook.
That notebook full of secrets between the dragons ...
Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura21.3%
ope.V11/14There is no doctor who won't fail.Besides meHidetomo Matsuda23.7%
ope.VI11/21There are no unnecessary organs! There are no unnecessary organs in the body!Toshio TeradaNaomi Tamura22.1%
ope.VII11/28I used surgery for the election ...
Using the patient as a tool.Don't lick the surgery!
Makoto HayashiHidetomo Matsuda23.9%
ope.VIII12/12Is it okay for a doctor to allow failure in this world?
I don't want to fail, so cut it myself
Toshio TeradaNaomi Tamura22.5%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/19For patients, surgery is their last chance.
So keep winning it.That is my dream.
Average audience rating 23.0%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating is 22.8%, which is the first time for a serial drama broadcast in 2013.Galileo 2nd seriesIt became the highest audience rating by overtaking (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time)[260]..In addition, the initial audience rating of the same frame was also the highest ever.[261].
  • December 2013, 12 will be suspended due to the broadcast of "Figure Skating Grand Prix Final".
  • The final audience rating was 26.9%, and the highest instantaneous audience rating was 31.4%, surpassing the 2012% of the final episode of the previous work, which was acquired in the 24.4 commercial TV drama series, to the highest ever.The average audience rating was 23.0%, which was higher than the 19.1% in the previous work (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time).[262].

Issue 3

  • 201410/9 - 12/18, All 11 episodes.
  • 初回・第2話は15分拡大(21:00 - 22:09)。最終回は30分拡大(21:00 - 22:24)。
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[263]
ope.I2014/1009 DayUse your life for yourselfMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura21.3%
ope.II10/16Because my hands are more perfect and reliable than robotsHidetomo Matsuda20.9%
ope.III10/23There is no rooting or sickness in front of lifeNaomi Tamura20.8%
ope.IV10/30Shall I cut it?I can cure it perfectlyHidetomo Matsuda23.7%
ope.V1106 DayIt doesn't matter if the doctor wins or loses.
It doesn't make sense if the patient doesn't win
Naomi Tamura22.2%
ope.VI11/13I can't cut any moreHayato Yamada23.6%
ope.VII11/20I'm not competingHidetomo Matsuda22.8%
ope.VIII11/27…waitToshio Terada21.8%
ope.IX1204 DayThere is only one doctor for the patient.You are also a professional!Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura21.6%
ope.X12/11I don't want to have dirty surgeryNakazono MihoHidetomo Matsuda24.8%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/18I want to operate only one loved one!Naomi Tamura27.4%
Average audience rating 22.9%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The final audience rating was 2014%, the highest in a commercial TV drama in 27.4, and the highest instantaneous audience rating was 31.3% (according to Video Research, Kanto area, households, real time).[263]..The audience rating of the same frame became the highest ever[264].
  • Miho Nakazono, who has the same average audience rating, was in charge of the scriptNHKContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne』Over the average period of 22.6%, won the first place in all dramas broadcast in 2014[263].


  • Sunday, July 2016, 7 3:21 --00:23 ("Sunday entertainment』Broadcast in the frame).This special is also the time that recorded the highest audience rating ever (Video Research survey, Kanto area, household, real time) in the same frame. TV Asahi version "Doctor X" (4 series)Thursday drama』, A cross-net station with the Japan TV series, which is a delayed net stationFukui BroadcastingThen, due to the simultaneous net priority of the original series of programs, "Sunday Entertainment" is not broadcast because it is non-net.
  • Sunday, July 2018, 9 30:21 --00:23 ("Sunday Prime』Frame) reprint broadcast.In the reprint, only a few scenes that were cut at the time of the first broadcast were added.
AirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating
2016/7/3Resurrection !!!! Haken no Hinkaku woman who won't fail!The strongest enemy that appeared in the black tower ...!?
Kanazawa-Noto ... 4 million emergency operations for a four-and-a-half-turn medalist !!
Nakazono MihoNaomi Tamura22.0%[265]
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Issue 4

  • 201610/13 - 12/22, All 11 episodes.
  • The first, second, and final episodes are expanded by 2 minutes (15: 21-00: 22).
  • Episode 3 is "SMBC Japan Series 2016・ Round 5 ”broadcast (18:03 21:50, extended by 53 minutes)[Note 55], 50 minutes deferred (21:50-22:44).
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[267]
ope.I2016/10/13Resurrection !!!! Haken's Woman Live Broadcast Operation 1000 Million That Will Not Fail !!Nakazono MihoNaomi Tamura20.4%
ope.II10/20Poor village mayor vs sensible parliamentary operation ... Because it doesn't fail in WMakoto Hayashi19.7%
ope.III10/27Medical error 20 years ago !? The secret of the belly of an affair partnerToshio TeradaHidetomo Matsuda24.3%
ope.IV1103 DayBeautiful sisters operating at the same time !! The secret of fat illness !?Takafumi Kosaka21.3%
ope.V11/10Faction fighting power harassment surgery will not fail !!Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura20.4%
ope.VI11/17Coup d'etat of your will !! Heart surgery without a scalpel !?Hidetomo Matsuda21.5%
ope.VII11/24The life and pride of a pianist who lost the soundToshio TeradaNaomi Tamura22.2%
ope.VIII1201 DayVirus infection ...!Closed room that cannot be operated !?Uda Manabu
[Note 56]
Hidetomo Matsuda20.7%
ope.IX1208 DayA patient trap sent by Don of the Professor Women's Association !?Takafumi KosakaNaomi Tamura22.6%
ope.X12/15Simultaneous operation of mother and child !? Life of only 25 cmNakazono MihoHidetomo Matsuda20.5%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/22Farewell to Michiko Daimon !! Farewell to my friends ... Because the operation of the Holy Night will not failNaomi Tamura22.8%
Average audience rating 21.5%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating of 20.4%, the highest audience rating of 3% recorded in episode 24.3, and the average audience rating of 21.5% were the highest in the commercial TV series broadcast in 2016 (all according to Video Research). , Kanto area / household / real time).

Issue 5

  • 201710/12 - 12/14, All 10 episodes.
  • The first, second, and ninth episodes are expanded by 2 minutes (9: 15-21: 00).
  • The final round will be expanded by 20 minutes (21: 00-22: 14).
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[268]
ope.I2017/10/12Resurrection !!!! Haken no Hinkaku Woman Who Doesn't Fail World Crossing Operation 2000 MillionMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura20.9%
ope.II10/19VS Clear Hospital Voyeur !? Overprotective Patient SecretsToshio TeradaHidetomo Matsuda19.6%
ope.III10/26VS Kireru Professor !? Because the second opinion will not failMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura19.0%
ope.IV1102 DayThe secret of a super VIP patient raising a surgeon !?Takafumi KosakaHidetomo Matsuda19.1%
ope.V1109 DayDiagnosis 1 second Artificial intelligence VS Wild intuition that does not fail !?Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura20.8%
ope.VI11/16Emergency W operation of a mandarin duck couple !? Because I can also anesthetizeTakafumi KosakaHidetomo Matsuda20.7%
ope.VII11/23Japan-US Female Doctor Showdown !! Screaming Love in the Center of Operation RoomHayato Yamada20.1%
ope.VIII11/30A life-threatening whistleblower !? The secret of the strongest mastermind ...Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura20.6%
ope.IX1207 DayThe final chapter-The woman of Haken who does not fail collapses ...!?Toshio TeradaHidetomo Matsuda21.2%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/14Farewell to Michiko Daimon !!!! The last operation of the shock is ... 35 billion !? Because it will never failMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura25.3%
Average audience rating 20.9%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating of 20.9%, the highest audience rating of 25.3% recorded in the final episode, and the average audience rating of 20.9% were the highest in the commercial TV series broadcast in 2017 (all according to Video Research). Kanto area, households, real time).

Issue 6

  • 201910/17 - 12/19, All 10 episodes.
  • The first and second episodes are expanded by 2 minutes (15: 21-00: 22).
  • The final round will be expanded by 20 minutes (21: 00-22: 14).
Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[269]
ope.I2019/10/17Resurrection !!!! Haken no Hinkaku Woman vs 300 Billion AI OperationsNakazono MihoNaomi Tamura20.3%
ope.II10/24Poor patient vs 5000 billion lives !? Domino doesn't fail eitherHidetomo Matsuda19.0%
ope.III10/31Cut the tongue of the Minister of Gossip !? Because I will not fail or make a mistake !!Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura18.1%
ope.IV1107 DayEmergency operation of 85% dementia !? Diagnosis that does not fail than AI!Hidetomo Matsuda17.8%
ope.V11/14Nurse Don !! Late-night closed room operation Because I will keep the secret of the womanNakazono MihoNaomi Tamura 15.9%
ope.VI11/211000 billion brand name operation !? Because it will not fail even if blood transfusion is insufficient !!Takafumi KosakaHayato Yamada19.3%
ope.VII11/28The Secret of Allergies to Hair Transplant Patients ...!? Forbidden Operation $ 5 MillionNakazono MihoHidetomo Matsuda18.6%
ope.VIII1205 DayShuraba's operating room ...!? Spell tricks that won't failMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura17.4%
ope.IX12/12Everyone is scared to die ... That's why I won't failNakazono MihoHayato Yamada18.2%
Last ope
(Final episode)
12/19Farewell to Michiko Daimon !! Farewell to Totei University ... Because the last operation will never fail !!Makoto HayashiNaomi Tamura19.3%
Average audience rating 18.5%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating (even as the highest audience rating) of 20.3% and the average audience rating of 18.5% were the highest in the commercial TV series broadcast in 2019 (both according to Video Research, Kanto area, households, real time).


  • Yonekura's idea is to put his hand on the patient's shoulder after the operation, which is a unique way of receiving medical scissors.Also, drinking a glass of gum syrup at once after the operation is based on the story of Dr. Yonekura, who wants something sweet after the operation.[12].
  • In the actual operation, smoke is emitted when using an electric knife, so Yonekura reveals the secret story of actually baking pork and chicken in order to pursue reality.[12].
  • The hands of the operation scene are usually dubbed by experts, but in this drama, Yonekura plays.[12].
  • "Drama is fiction, but never in fantasy," said Seiko Uchiyama, general producer.Also, serve as medical supervisionYutaka Morita"Because it's a drama, it doesn't have to be completely real, but absolutely impossible things should never happen. We will thoroughly examine the treatises and scripts on possible cases, treatments, and surgical procedures. "It has said[270].
  • 2019January 11 broadcastCrayon Shin-chanThen, in collaboration with this program, the subtitle is "I will not fail.-Sister Sue Tomoko Daimon appears in animation!" Doctor-X Dazo "", and at the end of the program, Professor Daimon wrote in the animation. There is a line that talks to the director and asks the director to operate on the face familiar to the children, and Sue Tomoko Daimon says, "Leave it to me. I will not fail."In addition, Michiko Daimon appeared with Shin-chan when the sponsor credit was written.[271][272].
  • 2019In the 11th episode of season 14 broadcast on November 6, the name of the patient's great-grandson boy is mentioned as a collaboration with Crayon Shin-chan.し ん の す け, His dog is white.At this time, there was no interaction between Daimon and Shinnosuke.Also, in Crayon Shin-chan, Shinnosuke is in love with Nanako Ohara, and it is set that Shinnosuke was born from the patient's daughter, Nanako Mihara.It is estimated that Shinnosuke Mihara was born from an egg cryopreserved during the operation by Sue Tomoko Daimon in the third period.[273].

About sequels and movies

During the second seriesTV AsahiIn an interview, Seiko Uchiyama, the general producer, was asked about the third sequel to this popular drama and made it into a movie.[274].

However, the third series was later decided to be broadcast, and Yonekura said, "Since I am not good at repeating series in the drama in which I appear," Doctor X "is actually going to end in the second series last year. "Thank you, I received a lot of voices saying," I want you to do it again. "" "This time (3rd series) is the final battle for Michiko.I will do my best with the intention that I will not do the 2th series. "[275].

2017Broadcast the 10th series from October.It was also announced that the 5th series broadcast this time and all 5 series broadcasted in the past will be distributed in more than 4 countries and regions around the world excluding Japan.In addition, distribution started in September (latest work is after mid-October)[276].

In June 5, two years after the 2th series broadcast, the 2019th series broadcast was announced from October as a program commemorating the 6th anniversary of the opening of TV Asahi.

After the 6th series, some reports of Yonekura's disembarkation were reported, but after that, the TV Asahi side strongly stayed, and it was reported that the story was settled for this time only.But,2020The new series was scheduled to be broadcast in October,New coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, it is not possible to shoot at hospitals etc. and it is likely to be carried over to 2021, officials said[277].


Olive Related Products

DVD, Blu-ray

  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-" DVD-BOX, released on March 2013, 3.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-2" DVD-BOX released on March 2014, 3.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-3" DVD-BOX released on March 2015, 3.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-Special" DVD, released on September 2016, 9.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-Special" Blu-rayReleased on June 2016, 9.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-4" DVD-BOX released on March 2017, 3.
* Includes all 6 episodes distributed in "Doctor Y-Surgeon Hideki Kachi-Complete Edition".
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-5" DVD-BOX released on March 2018, 3.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-5" Blu-ray-BOX, released on March 2018, 3.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-6" DVD-BOX, released on April 2020, 4.
  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-6" Blu-ray-BOX, released on April 2020, 4.


  • "TV Asahi Thursday Drama Doctor-X-Surgeon Michiko Daimon Original Soundtrack"
Label: Nippon Columbia, Released: March 2014, 3
  • Program
  1. Doctor X Theme
  2. Teito Medical University Hospital
  3. Holiday Worker
  4. Will
  5. Emergency Call
  6. ICU
  7. Unpredictable
  8. I won't fail
  9. Countdown To Heaven
  10. Prologue
  11. cantaloupe
  12. Events in Cuba
  13. Power Game
  14. X-ray photograph
  15. conference
  16. Open The Way
  17. trap
  18. Nocturne Op.2 in Mouth Minor
  19. This Is Home
  20. Pandora's Box
  21. Out Of Time
  22. Morning Glow
  23. Last choice
  24. Doctor X's lullaby

  • "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-Original Soundtrack 2"
Label: Nippon Columbia, Released: March 2016, 12
  2. 陰謀
  3. Theme of Chief Nurse Shiraki
  4. The Beast
  5. Wolf in hand
  6. Rumors
  7. Dangerous trap
  8. Fair Game
  9. Michiko Daimon In NY
  10. The Accident
  11. Dangerous operation
  12. Doctor X's Theme (Remastering Recording)
  13. I won't fail (remastering recording)


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Related works

  • Haken's dignity --Same as this workNakazono MihoScreenplay by.The confrontational structure between regular employees and temporary employees is the workMedical office doctorとFreelanceSimilar to the structure of confrontation with doctors, the story also solves the pinch and trouble of the employer who is in a strong position in the employment relationship with the high skill of the employee in the weak position, and the power relationship of the master and slave is reversed. It has a similar structure.The main character, Haruko OmaecharacterHas a wide range of knowledge and skills regarding duties, refuses work other than contracts, high compensation, non-regular staff, does not be afraid to give opinions to the boss, etc.Daimon MikoThere are many parts in common with.Also, the narration is the same as this workTomorrow TaguchiSo, the working environment of the characters is explained at the beginning of the drama with the same narrative as this work.

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