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🎥 | "Assassination Classroom" Yusei Matsui's new jump series has been decided! "Astra Lost in Space" Kenta Shinohara's new work

Photo "Assassination Classroom" "Neuro" The author's new work is based on historical facts! Announcement of "Wakakun who is good at running away" published in "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 2021, 7 – (C) Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2021, 7 / Shueisha

"Assassination Classroom" Yusei Matsui's jump new serialization decision! "Astra Lost in Space" Kenta Shinohara's new work

Yusei Matsui's new serialization "Weekly Shonen ...", who worked on the popular manga "Assassination Classroom" and "Neuro: Supernatural Detective Brain" → Continue reading

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