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🎥 | Go Ayano "Homunculus" 20 scene photos released at once!

What you can see in the left eye of the photo is ... – (C) 2021 Hideo Yamamoto / Shogakukan / Avex Pictures

Go Ayano "Homunculus" 20 scene photos released at once!

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The one who took the megaphone was Takashi Shimizu, who is known for his "Ju-on" series.

An experiment to make a hole in the skull-Drawing a man who sees the distortion of the human mind as a variant by undergoing "trepanation" ... → Continue reading

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Takashi Shimizu

Takashi Shimizu(Takashi Shimizu,19727/27 -) is JapaneseFilm director.GunmaMaebashiI'm from. Co., Ltd. from 2018Booster projectBelong to.


  • Gunma Prefectural Chuo High SchoolAfter graduation,Kinki UniversityFaculty of Arts and LettersDropped out even though he entered the school.Of a screenwriter while in collegeYoshiro IshidoTo study under[1].
  • Of the same countryKoguri KoheiDirector's "Sleeping Man",TV drama,V cinemaWhile participating as a staff memberMovie schoolLearn at[1]..A short story of about 3 minutes called "Home Visit", which was shot as a video assignment during this student days, became the prototype of "Ju-on" later.Participated as a photography assistant in "Haruno Sora" (1998) as a graduate production.
  • After graduation, the movie directorKiyoshi KurosawaAt the recommendation ofKansai TVOmnibus horror "School ghost story GI was given the opportunity to produce a short story in.According to his own speech, neither of the two short stories could even be an assistant director, and the schedule creation, casting, and supervision fee were all only 2 yen.
  • In addition, the screenwriter who was a lecturer at the movie beauty schoolHiroshi TakahashiWith the introduction ofTakashige IchinoseI met the video version "Grudge''Ju-on 2] Is produced.The original title was "Ju-on", but with Shimizu's strong hope, it fell into "Ju-on".
  • 2001,Tomie re-birth』Make a movie director debut.In the public hallShinjuku Joy CinemaThen, the role of TomieMiki Sakai, Co-starringKumiko EndoAnd before the breakTsumabuki SatoshiTogether with them, I stood at the stage greeting of the movie theater for the first time.
  • In 2002, the video version of "Ju-on" was made into a movie and became a hit.The following year, "Ju-on 2" was also made into a movie and became a hit. In 2004, with his own hands, "Ju-on"HollywoodRemake version "The Grudge" (Japanese title "The Grudge"THE JUON / Ju-on』), And won the No. 1 national box office record for the first time as a live-action film directed by a Japanese director.He made his first Hollywood debut as a Japanese director.
  • In 2006, the sequel "The Grudge 2" (Japanese title "The Grudge XNUMX"Curse Pandemic』) Also recorded the first appearance in the US box office revenue.However, in Japan, despite the release of the national road show, the result was disappointing that it did not make it into the top 1.
  • In December 2008,Tokyo Girl Nanami Sakuraba』(BS-i), He was the first director of a romance drama in the fourth episode, "Small Love."
  • In 2009, the omnibus movie "Opening and Ending"Non-girls pictorial bookWas released in May 2009.In October of the same year, the 5D movie "Dread Labyrinth 3DIs released.
  • Eiko SuminoChildren's book "Kiki's Delivery Service』Directed a live-action movie, and released a national road show on March 2014, 3.It was the 1rd place in the first week of the box office record.


  • As a child, he liked children's literature and wrote stories himself.[1]..When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, the movie "NAI started to get into the movie in earnest[1]..I've also liked ghost stories since I was a kid, and I fell in love with horror movies because of the horror movie boom that occurred when I was in middle school and high school.[1].
  • When I was a kid, I loved mischievous things, and the idea of ​​"how to surprise people" was later utilized when directing horror movies.[1].
  • Horror cartoonistRensuke OshikiriHave a friendship with.I was asked to appear in the study "Home Visit" that I took when I was a student at Eigabi School.Takako Fuji, Appointed in the 2004 theater work "Marebito"Tomomi MiyashitaEtc. are also actively casting in subsequent works.
  • Perhaps because he directs many horror movies, the name "Takashi" is often mistakenly written as "Haunting" in web articles.



original video

  • Grudge(1999)
  • Ju-on 2 (1999)
  • Junji Ito Horror collection Devil's Theory (2000)
    • True Spirit Video V Really Scary Story ~ Horror Spirit Photo Studio
    • True Spirit Video VI Really Scary Story ~ Horror Talent Experience
  • Kaidan Don't look over here ... (2002)-Softened as "Ghost vs. Alien"
  • Phantom Cat Running Hell (2003) --Softened as "Ghost vs. Alien VOL.2"

TV drama

Music video

Television Animation

  • Dark Play(2014, TV TOKYO) --Episode 6 Screenplay / Storyboard

Supervised / produced


  • "Shouon-I can't see the spirit ..." (2004,Pia)


  • (2009) --Appearance only


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