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📺 | From Psychopath!Issei Takahashi "Heaven and Hell"

The photo is Issei Takahashi, a female detective – (C) TBS

From Psychopath!Issei Takahashi "Heaven and Hell"

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This work is a fantastic story in which the souls of the detective Ayako Mochizuki (Haruka Ayase) of the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division XNUMX and the murderer Yoto Hidaka (Hidaka Haruto / Takahashi) are replaced.

On the 17th, the first episode of the Sunday Theater "Heaven and Hell-Psycho Two People-" (TBS, every Sunday from 2 pm) was broadcast, and Psycho ... → Continue reading

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Criminal department

Criminal department(Keijibu) is mainlyCriminal lawcrimeTreatJapanThe name of the department.

  1. PrefecturesPolice headquartersInstalled in. Detailed in this article.
  2. Supreme Prosecutor's Office·eachHigh Public Prosecutors Office-TokyoEtc. 11Local prosecutor's officeInstalled in.


Generally against criminal offensesinvestigationI do.Criminal dramaGeneral inPolicemenThe face of "DetectiveThe department to which the staff member called" belongs. There are many configurations as follows.

Investigation Department XNUMX
殺人,robbery,暴行,injury,Kidnapping, Standing up,Sex crime,arsonDealing with heinous crimes such as[1].
Second Department of Investigation
scam,Currency counterfeiting,bribery,breach of trust,tax evasion, Fraudulent transactions and financial crimes,Economic crime,Corporate crimeIt is a department that controls monetary crimes and intelligent crimes.Election violation,Abuse of public servant authorityRegarding other public authoritiescorruptionIs also handled in Section XNUMX[2][3][4][5][6].
Investigation Department XNUMX
Empty nest,Snatch,Pickpocket,ShopliftingAnd so onTheft caseTo handle. However, depending on the size of the prefectural police, there are no three divisions, and one division may be in charge of theft cases. When appointed as a detective, he often starts his career from the third investigation section.[7].
Investigation Section XNUMX
GangsterAnd so on.Metropolitan Police DepartmentFukuoka Prefectural Police TheGeneral managerDirect controlOrganizational crime control department(Metropolitan Police Department) ""Boryokudan Countermeasures Department(Fukuoka Prefectural Police) ”is independent like other departments.
Forensics section
Left at the scene of the incidentfingerprint,Footprint,Blood stain,hair,saliva,Skin piece,body fluid,clothes OffiberEtc.MatchTo do. Requires more advanced technologyAppraisal TheForensic Research InstituteDone in. Even at KakenAppraisalIf is difficultNational Police Agency OfScientific Police Research InstituteDone in.
Mobile investigation team
usuallyMasked police carRegionThePoliceHowever, if an incident occurs, an initial investigation will be conducted. If the case cannot be resolved only by the initial investigation, the investigation will be handed over to the Investigation Division XNUMX and the Investigation Division XNUMX.

JurisdictionPolice stationIn charge of similar workCriminal sectionThere is. The rank of the detective director of the Metropolitan Police Department isPolice officer, The prefectural police headquarters criminal directorPolice commanderOrPolice commanderIs allotted.

Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Department


  • Criminal General Affairs Division
    • General affairs-General affairs (general affairs in the criminal department, criminal general affairs section)
    • Criminal Planning-Criminal Planning 1st, 2nd (General Coordination of Criminal Department), Criminal Department Special Investigation Section (Criminal Department's Special Case Investigation)
    • Criminal Guidance-Criminal Guidance Officer (Practice Guidance of Criminal Police Officer), Legal Guidance No. 1 and No. 2 (Research and Guidance of Law), Criminal Statistics Division (Criminal Statistics)
    • Criminal Education-Criminal Education 1st-3rd (Practice Education for Criminal Police Officers, Training)
  • Investigation Department 1 (Only the Investigation Department XNUMX member has a red circle with a gold frame with "SXNUMXS mpd" and gold characters.badgeIs attached to the collar of the suit. It is a system only for the Metropolitan Police Department and has not been established by other prefectural police headquarters)
    • First Forensic Investigative --- Forensic Investigative Section 1 (General Affairs in the Section), Forensic Investigative Section 2 (Establishment of Investigative Headquarters, Liaison and Coordination), Forensic Investigator (Scientific Investigation)
    • Second Forced Criminal Investigation --Murder Criminal Investigation 1st --3 Section (Investigation of Murder and Injury Cases)
    • Third assault criminal investigation-murder criminal investigation Section 4 and 5 (murder and injury investigation)
    • Fourth Forced Criminal Investigation-Murder Criminal Investigation Sections 6 and 7 (Investigation of Murder and Injury Cases)
    • Fifth Forced Criminal Investigation-Murder Criminal Investigation 8th and 9th Section (Investigation of Murder and Injury Cases)
    • Sixth forcible criminal investigation ―― Robber investigation 1st section (investigation of robbery cases, criminal method materials related to robbery cases), robbery criminal investigation 2nd ―― 6th section (investigation of robbery cases, continuous crime cases of assault / injury cases) (Investigation), Sex Crimes Investigation Section 1 (Sex Crimes Investigation, Collecting and Analyzing Criminal Information Related to Sex Crimes), Sex Crimes Investigation Section 2 (Investigation of Compulsory Sexual Intercourse and Compulsory Indecent Cases)
    • Seventh Forced Criminal Investigation-Fire Criminal Investigation 1st and 2nd Section (Fire / Misfire Case Investigation)
    • First Special Criminal Investigation- Special criminal investigation1st Section (Abduction, Hostage Withdrawal, Aircraft Hijacking Case), Special Criminal Investigation Section 2 (Telephone and Written Blackmail, Intimidation), Special Criminal Investigation Section 3 (Accidents on Aircraft, Trains, Bombing Cases, Explosions) accident,Industrial accidentInvestigating a negligent and fatal accident in business)
    • Second Special Criminal Investigation-Special Criminal Investigation Section 4 (Important Specific Cases Related to Special Crimes)
    • Special Investigation Countermeasures Office --Special Investigation 1st-4th Section (Unsolved caseContinued investigation of <May 2010 for murder casesPrescriptionHas been abolished>, about 40 special investigators involved in forcible criminals have been assigned)
  • Second Department of Investigation
    • Intelligence crime investigation 1st and 2nd section (general affairs in the section, intelligence crime investigation management, document preparation, investigation related to intelligence crime information)
    • Election clerk (investigation of election violation cases, investigation of violation of Political Funds Control Act), information clerk (collection and analysis of important intelligence criminal information)
    • Corporate Crimes Investigation Sections 1 and 2 (Corporate Crimes Investigation), Corporate Crimes Investigation Sections 3-6 (Intelligent Crimes Investigations Related to Financial Institutions)
    • 1st-6th Section (Investigation of important intelligence crimes such as bribery, Investigation of cases of violation of the Government-made Conflict Prevention Law)
    • Special Investigation Section 1 (Adjustment and Investigation of Complaint Cases), Special Investigation Section 2 (Crime Investigation Related to Fraud, Duty, and Improper), Special Investigation Section 3 (Currency and Public Bond Counterfeiting), Special Investigation Section 4 (Real Estate Invasion) , Boundary), Special Investigation Section 5 (honor and credit) Special Investigation Sections 6 to 15 (Special matters, special criminal case investigations, other general intelligence crime investigations)
    • Hearing room[8] Hearing Section 1 (Acceptance of complaints and accusations), Hearing Section 2 (Criminal accusation, command and control of intelligence crime investigation and education)
    • Financial Analysis Center Financial Investigation Section 1-Third Section (Financial Analysis Investigation)
  • Investigation Department XNUMX
    • Section 1 (general affairs in the section), Section 2 (technical materials), Section 3 (car theft, bankbook theft case investigation)
    • 4th-6th Section (Theft Investigation), 7th Section (Scraping, Organizational Theft Case Investigation)
  • Investigative Mutual Aid Division (Wanted nationwide, cooperation with other prefectural police)
    • Arrangement staff (general affairs in the section,Fugitive warrantCoordination of communications), Cooperative Investigator (contact with other prefectural police), Cooperative Assistant for wide area investigation (wide area important case arrangement office)
  • Forensics section (in charge of forensics, autopsy, training of police dogs, etc.)
    • Forensic Management Section (general affairs affairs, management of forensic equipment)
    • On-site forensic 1-5 (on-site forensic), police dog (management and operation of police dogs), autopsy 1-3 (inspection, investigation of corpse handling)
    • On-site fingerprint clerk (on-site fingerprint collection), fingerprint collation clerk (fingerprint verification), fingerprint rationale clerk (fingerprint detection), fingerprint data clerk (fingerprint base paper management), on-site footprint clerk (collection of tire marks, etc.)
    • Site photographer (creating site photos), special photographer (creating montage photos, etc.), photo viewer (viewing suspect photos)
  • Forensic Research Institute(Commonly known as: Kaseiken)
    • First Law Medical Department-General Affairs Section, First Law Doctor (Body fluid, tissue appraisal and examination)
    • Second Legal Department-Second Legal Officer (DNA test
    • Department of Physics-Electrical staff (electrical accidents, fire causes, voice prints, other physical assessments and inspections), mechanical staff (machine accidents, traffic accident causes, firearms and swords assessment, trace assessment)
    • Document Appraiser-Document Appraiser (Document Appraiser, Currency), Psychologist (Polygraph, Intelligence Test, Personality Test, Dialect Appraisal, Other Psychological Appraisal of Linguistic Psychology)
    • Department of Chemistry XNUMX-Chemistry XNUMXst Section (Causes of gas-related accidents, explosives / explosives identification and inspection), Chemistry XNUMXnd Section (Oil, organic solvent identification and inspection)
    • Second Department of Chemistry-Chemistry Third Section (Drug Appraisal and Inspection), Chemistry Fourth Section (Intoxication Appraisal and Inspection, Pollution-related Appraisal and Inspection, Drug Toxic Appraisal and Inspection)
  • Investigation Support Analysis Center Director, Deputy Director, Analyst
    • First investigation support-Support manager (general affairs, investigation support request reception), system first staff (system operation/management), second system staff (guidance and education), development staff (search and research of research support system)
    • Second Investigation Support-Technical Support Section (Information Equipment Analysis / Appraisal and Image Processing / Collation), Information Analysis Section (Crime Information Analysis), Information Support Section (Land Inspection Material), Mobile Analysis Section XNUMX (Investigation Support at Site) , Mobile Analysis Second Section (on-site investigation support)
  • Mobile investigation team(Initial investigation)
    • General Affairs Section, Liaison Section, Teams, Branch Offices (Initial investigation at the scene, police officers)
    • First Mobile Investigation Team (Tokyo WardEast half charge)
    • Second Mobile Investigation Team (in charge of the western half of Tokyo ward)
    • Third Mobile Investigation Team (Tama areaResponsible)
  • Main special investigation headquarters


Criminal chief

If the criminal chief finds it necessary, he/she can issue an order to establish a “special investigation headquarters”. In particular, in the case of a hostage withdrawal case, a criminal general affairs section will be set up as a countermeasure room to take full command. Depending on the incident, he may go directly to the scene to take the spearhead command. The first investigation section managerNon-carrierA police officer of (Metropolitan Police Department proper) is supposed to be hired. In addition, the second section chief of the investigationCareerPolice officers are supposed to work.


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