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🤖 | "Girls und Panzer Final Chapter" Episode 3 3/26 Screening Decision!The second movie bonus is "Mule of Chiba Mono ...


"Girls und Panzer Final Chapter" Episode 3 3/26 Screening Decision!The second movie bonus is "Mule of Chiba Mono ...

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The price is 2,400 yen (tax included), and as a bonus, the song "Mule of Chiba Mono (Nishi & Fukuda ver.)" That was sung by the members of Chiba Mono Gakuen in the second episode of the final chapter was recorded. Comes with a cassette tape.

The theater screening date for the third episode of "Girls und Panzer Final Chapter" has been decided on March 3th (Friday).In September last year, "3 ... → Continue reading


It is a site "PHILE WEB" (file web) that delivers daily news, reviews, bargain information, etc. on AV / audio / gadgets. First published in 1999.

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cassette tape

cassette tape (cassette tape) IsMagnetic tapeDepending on the type of media, the tape is exposedOpen reelAgainstカ セ ッ トIt is used in the entered state.

Data recorderThe dedicated standard is not a cassettecartridgeHowever, there is no technical difference.However, audiovisual tape cassettes often have two rotating shafts (reels) around which the tape is wound, and computersTape driveIn many cases, there is only one rotating shaft (take out the end of the tape and wind it around the rotating shaft outside the cartridge to read and write) so that the volume data density is high in the cartridge. The word "cassette tape" is implicitCompact cassetteWhen referring toNot a few.


As an advantage, it is hard to get dirty and easy to handle.The tape itself is housed in a housing called a half (shell outside Japan) along with a hub and slip sheet that are reels.There are generally standard halves with small windows and transparent see-through halves.Generally, it is sold in a case made of paper or plastic together with the cassette body, index sticker, index card, etc., but this is not the case for business use and language use.

The disadvantage isCut and paste editDifficult (TEAC sold a set of splicing tapes called the editor-in-chief of the cassette).

Although not a technically inevitable feature, cassette tapes are basically narrow and short.Therefore, it is compact and easy to carry.On the other hand, recording time or sound quality is sacrificed.

The recording method is not so different between open reels and cassette tapes for audio,For video, it is clearly intended for home use and home use rather than professional use, that is, for business use.[Source required]..Also, later than the open reelspecificationTherefore, advanced technology is incorporated.

The most popular C-cassette for audio was developed by Philips of the Netherlands and opened without applying for a patent, so it was easy to spread, but at that time it was a monaural system, and then it became a stereo system.Even before the Philips C cassette, there were a lot of original standard cassette tapes.

Cassette tapes were established for music in the late 1970s.Until then, open reel tape was widespread.

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